New Fabrics

Today is a fun day for me – I get to introduce my next fabric line!  It’s called Home for Harvest.  I have wanted to do a fall fabric line for a long time.  I love fall quilts, as you may have already seen on my blog in the past (click here).  Many of my fall quilts look too dark for my house now, so I really need to make a whole new batch of fall quilts.  The problem was, I could never find any fall fabric lines in the brighter colors.  I ended up just pulling things from my stash when I made this quilt last year:

harvest time final cover


These colors became the inspiration for that fall fabric line I had been wanting to do.  I also wanted the line to work for both traditional and modern quilters, just like this quilt does.

DSC_7958 adj


I worked on the line early this summer and my design director Karen got it into production right away so we could show it at Fall Quilt Market.  With market this weekend, I now have permission to share a sneak peek at the prints from the line.  This is what the cover of the sales card looks like

Home for Harvest Pg 1B


Inside that cover are the images of the CAD drawings of all the prints

Home for Harvest Pg 2 Home for Harvest Pg 3

Home for Harvest Pg 4

There is also a panel print with the line.  This is something that Henry Glass has encouraged me to add to my lines.  Honestly, my first thought was, I don’t usually use panels.   My design director took the artwork from my Here Fishy line and made a panel for me, just to show me how it would work.  It ended up being my favorite part of the line!   (you can see that panel here).  Since then I have been trying to work one in.  It helps them sell the line and shows how all the prints can be used together.

Home for Harvest Pg 1 psd

The free project shows how I envision using the panel.  (The free project is on the cover of the sales card, which is a few images above)

Home for Harvest Pg 3B

I received the first set of strike-offs, which gives me a little glimpse of what it will look like on fabric.  At this stage, there are still a lot of changes to be made and the colors all have to be tweaked, but I thought I would share a peek at them anyways.

DSC_3279 adj


DSC_3278 adj

The line is previewing at Quilt Market this weekend.  If you are a shop owner, please stop by the Henry Glass booth to preview the line!  Click here to view the images on Henry Glass’s website or to download the free project.  The line will be available in shops next May.

Thanks for stopping by!



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The Winners and Friday Flashback

Yes, I know that says Flashback Friday and it is Saturday.  I remembered last night at about 10 pm that I said I was going to announce the winners that day.  I had from 12 until 2 yesterday to get my work done and I got so distracted with a new design that I totally forgot to write this post!  So, without further a due, here are the winners from the last two posts:

Linda V, who commented on Oct 7th at 5:20 pm

treadle music, who commented on Oct 7th at 4:05 pm

Susan F, who commented on Oct 2nd, at 7:36 pm

westcoastauntie, who commented on Oct 2 at 5:33 pm


Please email me at to claim your prize.  You will each get a complete set of new patterns, either in paper form or as a PDF.


I have been really bad about keeping up with doing the Flashback Fridays that I said I was going to do.  My intention was do feature an older design with a sale on that pattern in my shop.  Today I want to feature the Harvest Time pattern – perfect for this time of year!

harvest time final cover


DSC_7957 adj


I just love the swirl quilting design.  That was fun!

DSC_7958 adj


The pattern lends itself to a more traditional look, as you can see in my original version.   I made this quilt about 10 years ago.


The pattern has two sizes

DSC_7952 adj


You can make the design look more Halloween-ish by making the background black and adding a Jack-O-Lantern face.

The pattern is just $5 this weekend.  You can purchase the paper pattern or the PDF for that price.

Have a great weekend!





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More New Patterns

Before I get to the new patterns, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to comment and share their favorites from my previous post.  It helps me know what people are interested in when it comes to design and colors.  I also want to say thanks for all the Max love and the funny captions.  I knew I could count on you guys to come up with something funny!  In the future, I will look back on that post and enjoy reading those comments.

Like my last post, I want to share my inspiration for this next set of patterns.   I am joining many other designers in the current “Mini” craze.  The funny thing is, several years back I made up a few of my favorite patterns in mini sizes, just for myself.  I should have started publishing them – I would have been ahead of the craze!  For those of you who have been quilting a while, you may remember the first mini craze.  In fact, when I started quilting 19 years ago, Little Quilts had lots of patterns for Mini Quilts.  Does anyone remember this very popular book?


I certainly do as it was my first introduction to mini quilts and I still remember how addicting they were.  After that, several other designers did minis as well.   What’s old is new again and it has been fun to see the resurgence in mini patterns over the last year or two.  When I put out my table runner book this spring, I joked about my time being so limited now with raising two little boys, that pretty soon I would be down to making pot holders.  I guess I just wasn’t ready to resort to pot holders yet and for me, making mini quilts was a way to still be able to quilt with my limited time.

I was just going to do two mini patterns, but somehow I ended up with 4.  Oops!  A creative mind does that sometimes – somehow without the control of the “operator” (?) of the creative mind.  I know my friend Maria understands completely.  She posted something on her blog that mirrors my inner monologue.   (I’ll wait here while you go read her post.  Click here, then scroll to the bottom of her post.)   I have this same problem, though now I have a 2-year-old dumping out the flour in the pantry and a newborn distracting me with his cute smiles.  My poor brain hardly knows what to tackle first.

See, I can’t even do a blog post without going off on a tangent!  Back from that little detour, and time to show the new patterns.

First up, Pretty in Pink.

pretty in pink mini cover 500

This design was first published in our Living Large book and used 10″ squares.  The Mini uses 5″ squares (perfect for charm packs).  The finished size is 24″ x 27″.  Here is the size comparison to the original.


The featured fabric line is Rambling Rose by Sandy Gervais.

362 adj crop

134 adj


The second mini is “Gypsy Girl”.

gypsy girl mini cover 500


The original pattern is one of our most popular on Pinterest.  Here is a shot of the size comparison to the original size – (though the original pattern was published without the applique and had a scrappy border).


The featured fabric in the Mini pattern is “Fancy” by Lily Ashbury for Moda fabrics.

029 adj

The finished size is 24.75″ x 28.75″

173 adj


The third Mini pattern is Moroccan Tiles

moroccan tiles 500

Again, the size comparison to the original


I also love this design with a light background (see blog post here)


The featured fabric on the mini is Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott, also for Moda fabrics.

299 adj


Lastly, I have a seasonal mini – Harvest Time.  This has been one of my all-time favorite quilts, as I love decorating for fall.

harvest time mini cover 500

Here is the size comparison to the original -

025 pumpkin mini comparison

The size of the mini is 14.5″ x 18.75″.  The fabrics are from my stash.



184 adj crop


All of the mini patterns are Charm Pack friendly.  Once again, I will be giving away a set of new patterns to a few lucky quilters.  Please leave a comment to be entered to win.  You can purchase the new patterns (paper and PDF) here.

The winners from both blog posts on the new patterns will be posted this Friday, so be sure to stop back then.

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New Patterns!!!

The new patterns have just arrived from the printer so I get to share what I’ve been working on over the last 4 months.  I have lots of photos, so I will break it down into a couple of posts over the next week or so.


First of all, I want to talk about my latest inspiration.  Many of you know that I am a HUGE fan of precuts and have done many patterns and books around my love of precuts.  The newest precut from Moda is the Mini Charm pack (sometimes known as Moda Candy.)  I’ll be honest – When I first saw these, I thought they were probably a little bit too small to be very useful.  The picture below doesn’t show the scale very well, but they are 2 1/2″ squares.



I bought a few packs to play with and see if that thought was accurate.  As it turns out, I had lots of fun playing with these small squares!

Not only were they fun to sew with, but the price point is really good – under $5.  Who knew you could buy an entire fabric line for the price of a latte!!!  And trust me, the fabric is way more fun than drinking a latte and lasts a lot longer too.  I love coffee, so that is saying something.  I’ll admit, that my day always starts with coffee first, and then fabric (if I’m lucky), but the coffee just helps provide the fuel to play with the fabric in a more energetic and inspired way ;-)


So I’m just wondering – has anyone else been collecting the Mini Charm packs?  And are you wondering what to do with them?


I have a few ideas . . .

First up – Mini Charmers 1

mini charmers 1 front cropped 500

The pattern includes instructions for all three runners – just like my “Little Charmers”  series.  (Click here to see those patterns, if you aren’t familiar with them).




Woven Squares – featuring the line PB and J by Basic Grey.







Yarn Over – Featuring the fabric line Somerset by Fig Tree









Ziggy – featuring the fabric line Persimmon by Basic Grey







079 adj




The second pattern is Mini Charmers 2

mini charmers 2 cover option 500




Winding Road – featuring the fabric line best Day Ever by April Rosenthal


314 adj


066 adj


Reflections – featuring the fabric line LOL by Me and My Sister



054 adj

147 adj


Flower Girl – featuring the fabric line Fancy by Lily Ashbury

213 adj


212 adj

(Zinnias happen to be my favorite flower.  And my shoes rarely ever match the photo shoot ;-)  )

211 adj


Whew!  That was a lot of photos to get through.  I hope you enjoyed the new Mini Charmers.

To celebrate the new patterns, I will be giving away a few complete sets of the new patterns (there are 6 new patterns total).  Please leave a comment to be entered to win.  If you are looking for ideas of what to say in your comment, I always like hearing which one is your favorite.  I will announce the winners next week, so be sure to start back.

If you would like a pattern sooner than that, you can order the paper patterns here or the PDF patterns here.

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Baby Max’s 3-7 week Pictures

Max turns 7 weeks old tomorrow.   It seems like he was just born yesterday, and already I am behind with sharing pictures.  So, get ready for picture overload!



189 adj bw


181 bw


175 adj bw


202 adj




251 adj




064 bw




162 adj





116 crop




(These are just a few notes to help me remember.  I’m not the best at filling out baby books, but I love to look back on my blog posts of the kids and read what they were doing at different ages.)

As you can see, he is changing fast and has really filled out.  Those cheeks are so big that they just rest on his chest.  Sometimes I think it looks like he can barely hold them up!  He gets that double chin from me – It looks just like the one on my baby pictures.  I love his little Michelin man arms – with the little roll every inch and a half.  He is just starting to smile with regularity.  We had a few in the past, but most have come in the last week.  He also rolled over this week, but it’s kind of early so that just might be a fluke.  We shall see.  He is sleeping good so far.  He gets up twice a night but goes back to sleep.  His fussy time is in the evening, so he gets held a lot them.  We do the circuit – first we try the bouncy chair, then rocking, then the swing, then tummy time, then the floor, then holding him a different way, all until we find just the right thing and he finally falls asleep.  He is getting much more alert during the day, when he is up between naps.  He takes the best naps in the swing, which is exactly what Carter did.  Carter is still adjusting to having a little brother.  Most of the time it goes well and he is excited to see him.  He still asks for me to put the baby away when he wants more attention, but the other night he said “I wub you Max” all on his own and then blew him kisses.


And one last picture – just because he is almost naked and I thought some of you might be able to come up with a good caption for this one ;-)

143 adj

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Knitting Update

Where has the last month gone?  Somehow it has flown by way too quickly.  It might have something to do with that new baby and finishing up 6 patterns for fall market.  I just turned the files for those 6 new patterns in to the printer yesterday, so I can breathe a sigh of relief (and have time to do a blog post).  I am working on photos of the new projects so I can share them with you.  In the meantime, I have a few things I knit for the new baby to share.

First up is this little cabled hat that I made to use in the hospital.  The hospital gives you a pink and blue hat, but I wanted something more neutral.


Plus, I just love hats with ears.


As you can see, Max doesn’t feel the same way about hats as I do.


The hat fit him for about 8 days – literally.



He is about twice that size now, so I made him this little pumpkin hat.  I have made this pattern several times, as I just love this simple design.


I also made Max a little sweater.  I have already made two sweaters out of this yarn (here and here) and I still had some leftover.  It was just enough to make this little number.


I don’t have any nice pictures of him wearing it yet, so this one will have to do.


The yarn matches his navy blue eyes so nicely.



I have made this cardigan once before, but it is such an easy pattern that it will be my go-to pattern for a newborn sweater.


Here is the link to the first one I made (for Carter).

By the way, alternating colors is a great way to use up yarn scraps.  I think I had about 100 yards of the darker blue yarn above, so it would take even less if you have two colors.  Just a thought for those of you who can’t throw away a small ball of yarn because you never know when you might need it (myself included.)

Hopefully I will be back with a new blog post a little sooner next time.  Life should slow down a bit now that the new patterns are done.  Now I hope to enjoy a little more knitting and baby time . . . .



Click here to see my projects page on Ravelry for details on these projects.


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Meet Baby Max

The new baby has arrived!  (Get ready for picture overload . . . )

His full name is Maxwell Joel Peterson and he weighed in at 7 lbs, 6 oz and was 20 1/2 ” long.  My water broke at 12:45 am and the he was born at 2:14 am so the delivery was a little quicker than we anticipated.

We have a 20 minute drive into town, and although my water broke, I just couldn’t really think straight.  Thank goodness the bags were packed and Joel was there to help get me and everything else into the car.  I only had 2 or 3 small contractions on the way into town.  Our plan was to drop Carter off at my parent’s house before heading to the hospital.  Then, in a matter of a few minutes, I had several more contractions.  Again nothing that I thought was big, considering I had been having worse contractions for the last 6 weeks.  (You may remember that I was already dilated to a 4 and I had also been having lots of pressure, so I didn’t feel alarmed until those 3 came more quickly.)  We decided to head back towards the hospital – but were immediately pulled over by the cops for speeding!  As one of my friends said, you hear of this happening, but have never met anyone that was actually pulled over on the way to the hospital.  He let us go with a warning to slow down (we were going 40 in a 30).  Joel dropped me off at the hospital to get checked in and then ran Carter over to my parents.  By the time Joel got back, I was at a 9 and ready to push.  Max was born 20 minutes later.  It was an intense 45 minutes or so, but we are so happy we made it to the hospital and Max was healthy.  I’ve been telling people it was either a quick delivery, or a long delivery, depending on how you look at.  Considering that I had been feeling miserable for the last 4-6 weeks and was dilated, it could be looked at as a slow, 40 day delivery ;-)

So, that’s our birth story.  Here are a few pictures from the hospital -


Only a few hours old . . .




Meeting big brother Carter

074 adj bw


My 3 boys

064 bw


A full body shot –  and his first fist pump

097 adj


And one with Mom

117 bw adj


The next shots are taken on our first and second days home

161 adj


177 adj


He isn’t quite as alert as his big brother Carter was the first week home (see photos here), but considering that Max arrived 2 weeks early, that might have something to do with it.  I think you can definitely tell they are brothers in these next few shots.

180 adj crop


195 adj


184 adj

185 adj


This picture was taken this morning.  I already think he looks bigger!


I guess you forget just how tiny they are when they first arrive.  Carter just seems huge in comparison.  So far Carter is adjusting pretty well, all things considered.  This morning he said “Momma put the baby away.  Momma play with Carter,” so he is noticing the lack of attention for sure.   Luckily Joel has been around to help, so we are each taking time being with him alone – it just might not be exactly when he wants it.  Max has been a really good baby so far and is sleeping well, which I am grateful for.  I am not a good sleeper, so it sure helps that he is.  He has also been a good eater, so that helps as well.  I think I forgot how relaxing having a newborn is – well in comparison to a busy 2-year-old.  In fact, I was a little alarmed that he was sleeping so much.  My sister said to enjoy it while it lasts – and I am.  There has been lots of cuddling and snuggling.  I feel like Carter was only a newborn for 2 weeks, so I don’t want to miss it!  And with that – I will sign off and go back to my baby holding.


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