Baby Max’s 3-7 week Pictures

Max turns 7 weeks old tomorrow.   It seems like he was just born yesterday, and already I am behind with sharing pictures.  So, get ready for picture overload!



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181 bw


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(These are just a few notes to help me remember.  I’m not the best at filling out baby books, but I love to look back on my blog posts of the kids and read what they were doing at different ages.)

As you can see, he is changing fast and has really filled out.  Those cheeks are so big that they just rest on his chest.  Sometimes I think it looks like he can barely hold them up!  He gets that double chin from me – It looks just like the one on my baby pictures.  I love his little Michelin man arms – with the little roll every inch and a half.  He is just starting to smile with regularity.  We had a few in the past, but most have come in the last week.  He also rolled over this week, but it’s kind of early so that just might be a fluke.  We shall see.  He is sleeping good so far.  He gets up twice a night but goes back to sleep.  His fussy time is in the evening, so he gets held a lot them.  We do the circuit – first we try the bouncy chair, then rocking, then the swing, then tummy time, then the floor, then holding him a different way, all until we find just the right thing and he finally falls asleep.  He is getting much more alert during the day, when he is up between naps.  He takes the best naps in the swing, which is exactly what Carter did.  Carter is still adjusting to having a little brother.  Most of the time it goes well and he is excited to see him.  He still asks for me to put the baby away when he wants more attention, but the other night he said “I wub you Max” all on his own and then blew him kisses.


And one last picture – just because he is almost naked and I thought some of you might be able to come up with a good caption for this one ;-)

143 adj

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Knitting Update

Where has the last month gone?  Somehow it has flown by way too quickly.  It might have something to do with that new baby and finishing up 6 patterns for fall market.  I just turned the files for those 6 new patterns in to the printer yesterday, so I can breathe a sigh of relief (and have time to do a blog post).  I am working on photos of the new projects so I can share them with you.  In the meantime, I have a few things I knit for the new baby to share.

First up is this little cabled hat that I made to use in the hospital.  The hospital gives you a pink and blue hat, but I wanted something more neutral.


Plus, I just love hats with ears.


As you can see, Max doesn’t feel the same way about hats as I do.


The hat fit him for about 8 days – literally.



He is about twice that size now, so I made him this little pumpkin hat.  I have made this pattern several times, as I just love this simple design.


I also made Max a little sweater.  I have already made two sweaters out of this yarn (here and here) and I still had some leftover.  It was just enough to make this little number.


I don’t have any nice pictures of him wearing it yet, so this one will have to do.


The yarn matches his navy blue eyes so nicely.



I have made this cardigan once before, but it is such an easy pattern that it will be my go-to pattern for a newborn sweater.


Here is the link to the first one I made (for Carter).

By the way, alternating colors is a great way to use up yarn scraps.  I think I had about 100 yards of the darker blue yarn above, so it would take even less if you have two colors.  Just a thought for those of you who can’t throw away a small ball of yarn because you never know when you might need it (myself included.)

Hopefully I will be back with a new blog post a little sooner next time.  Life should slow down a bit now that the new patterns are done.  Now I hope to enjoy a little more knitting and baby time . . . .



Click here to see my projects page on Ravelry for details on these projects.


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Meet Baby Max

The new baby has arrived!  (Get ready for picture overload . . . )

His full name is Maxwell Joel Peterson and he weighed in at 7 lbs, 6 oz and was 20 1/2 ” long.  My water broke at 12:45 am and the he was born at 2:14 am so the delivery was a little quicker than we anticipated.

We have a 20 minute drive into town, and although my water broke, I just couldn’t really think straight.  Thank goodness the bags were packed and Joel was there to help get me and everything else into the car.  I only had 2 or 3 small contractions on the way into town.  Our plan was to drop Carter off at my parent’s house before heading to the hospital.  Then, in a matter of a few minutes, I had several more contractions.  Again nothing that I thought was big, considering I had been having worse contractions for the last 6 weeks.  (You may remember that I was already dilated to a 4 and I had also been having lots of pressure, so I didn’t feel alarmed until those 3 came more quickly.)  We decided to head back towards the hospital – but were immediately pulled over by the cops for speeding!  As one of my friends said, you hear of this happening, but have never met anyone that was actually pulled over on the way to the hospital.  He let us go with a warning to slow down (we were going 40 in a 30).  Joel dropped me off at the hospital to get checked in and then ran Carter over to my parents.  By the time Joel got back, I was at a 9 and ready to push.  Max was born 20 minutes later.  It was an intense 45 minutes or so, but we are so happy we made it to the hospital and Max was healthy.  I’ve been telling people it was either a quick delivery, or a long delivery, depending on how you look at.  Considering that I had been feeling miserable for the last 4-6 weeks and was dilated, it could be looked at as a slow, 40 day delivery ;-)

So, that’s our birth story.  Here are a few pictures from the hospital -


Only a few hours old . . .




Meeting big brother Carter

074 adj bw


My 3 boys

064 bw


A full body shot –  and his first fist pump

097 adj


And one with Mom

117 bw adj


The next shots are taken on our first and second days home

161 adj


177 adj


He isn’t quite as alert as his big brother Carter was the first week home (see photos here), but considering that Max arrived 2 weeks early, that might have something to do with it.  I think you can definitely tell they are brothers in these next few shots.

180 adj crop


195 adj


184 adj

185 adj


This picture was taken this morning.  I already think he looks bigger!


I guess you forget just how tiny they are when they first arrive.  Carter just seems huge in comparison.  So far Carter is adjusting pretty well, all things considered.  This morning he said “Momma put the baby away.  Momma play with Carter,” so he is noticing the lack of attention for sure.   Luckily Joel has been around to help, so we are each taking time being with him alone – it just might not be exactly when he wants it.  Max has been a really good baby so far and is sleeping well, which I am grateful for.  I am not a good sleeper, so it sure helps that he is.  He has also been a good eater, so that helps as well.  I think I forgot how relaxing having a newborn is – well in comparison to a busy 2-year-old.  In fact, I was a little alarmed that he was sleeping so much.  My sister said to enjoy it while it lasts – and I am.  There has been lots of cuddling and snuggling.  I feel like Carter was only a newborn for 2 weeks, so I don’t want to miss it!  And with that – I will sign off and go back to my baby holding.


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Knitting Update

After all the promotion of the puppy fabric and quilts lately, it is fun to be able to post about something else!  I have been getting a little knitting done – mostly while I follow Carter around outside as he is exploring.  He doesn’t really like to sit still and play at something with me.  He prefers to go from one thing another, always so interested in what is around the next corner.  To keep from getting bored, I carry around a small knitting project and work on it here and there.  Sometimes it is only a row or two, but every little bit can build up when the projects are small.  I am focusing on enjoying these last few days with just the two of us and spending lots of time with him.  He has been in a really good mood, so I am really enjoying how happy he is.  (I think that molar that was bugging him is now all the way through.  What a difference that makes!)

The first knitting project I am going to share, is a sweater vest that I knit for Carter’s 2 year pictures.  I mentioned that he wouldn’t sit still or smile for the pictures, but you can check out the vest anyways.

Heather-11 crop


Heather-1 my adj and crop

Heather-16 crop and sharpen



In this post (and my last one), the professional shots were taken by Laura Jill Photograph.  (See her Facebook page here)


The pattern is Pembroke Vest, by Kirsten Kapur.

I have already made one of these for Carter (link here),   but he was really little and I used one of the other cable options.  I can hardly remember him being this small!

I have decided that I prefer the cable on the second Pembroke, so I am glad I changed that.


The yarn is Cascade’s Ultra Pima in the color tangerine.  The yarn is very soft and has a nice sheen to it.  My only complaint would be that it doesn’t bloom (not sure if that is the right word) and fill in the cables.  I feel like you see the individual stitches, rather than the cables.



I think you can see what I mean when you compare it to the yarn on the first one – I really don’t notice the individual stitches on the green one.


Once it is on Carter, I don’t really notice it all that much.  You mostly notice the punch of color!  Love that tangerine . .



If you need any more info, you can find my Ravelry link to the project here.  I’ll be back with a few new baby knits shortly. . . . well, depending on when this baby decides to make an appearance.



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Carter’s 2 Year Pictures

The first order of business is announcing the winner of this fat quarter pack from my last post -

091 adj taller

The randomly selected winner is:

Deborah A Manning, who commented on July 28th at 8:01 pm

Please email your shipping address to me at: and I will ship your fat quarter pack out right away!


I am so behind on blogging that I have yet to share Carter’s 2 year pictures or even show a baby bump picture!  Carter is already 25 1/2 months, so we will start with that first.  A few of you have been asking for an update and I am more than happy to oblige!  (I will also make a few comments here and there – just so I can refer back and remember what he was all up to at this age).

DSC_0804 crop


Carter turned 2 on June 13th.  I was so busy thinking about planning a party for each side of the family that I totally forgot it was also our Anniversary!



One of Carter’s favorite things to do is be outside.



Much of the time outside includes water.  Early this summer, we just had the water table to play in, but that didn’t stop him from getting completely drenched each time we went outside.  I think we average about 2-3 outfits per day.



Now that the lake has warmed up and the water levels are down, he is spending a lot of time in the lake.  (We had the coldest winter in 30 years, followed by the second wettest June on record.  That meant that lake season really didn’t start until July)

100 098 081

(BTW – did you see how huge Romy has gotten?)


He also loves boat rides – especially sitting in Dad’s lap and trying to drive.



He is obsessed with driving and keys.  Not fake keys, only the real ones and not play cars, but real ones.  We spend hours and hours every week sitting in the car while Carter pretends to drive to Grandma’s, the zoo, or go grocery shopping.  Did you know that you don’t have to start the car to be able to put it in neutral?  All you need is a 2-year-old, sitting in a truck, playing with the keys.  It all seems pretty harmless until you see the trunk with your precious 2-year-old in it roll a few feet into the garage door.  Somehow he had gotten the correct key in the ignition, depressed the brake pedal, while pulling the truck into neutral.   We were standing right there and no one was hurt, so we were lucky.  All the keys are now kept on top of the fridge.  He asks for them constantly and knows which keys go with which of our vehicles.   Lord help me.


He is also obsessed with this hat, as you can see in many of his pictures.  Substitutions with that have also failed.  Have I mentioned that he really, really, really, really knows what he wants?



He also loves rough housing with Dad.  Everything is Dad’s.  Dad’s boat, Dad’s truck, Dad’s this and Dad’s that.  The main thing Carter and I have in common is our love of chocolate.  I’m just kidding – but not about the loving chocolate part.  We both really love chocolate.  (I read yesterday that what a woman eats a lot of in her third trimester is often a food the kid loves.  Let’s just say this next baby might have an even stronger chocolate addiction than Carter).



His other favorite thing is still letters.  Now he is obsessed with all the sounds.  many times a day, I hear him say “Yetters make sounds”.  We are constantly drawing him letters or rolling his Play-Doh into letter shapes so he can tell us what sound it makes and what words start with that sound.   As my husband says, “I think he is going to be a nerd.”  (He’s definitely not going to be an athlete.  When you ask him to jump, the only thing that goes up are his arms).

DSC_9437 ADJ


Two things that Carter hates are: not getting his way and cameras. We tried having family pictures a week ago and I am still recovering.  He wouldn’t smile at all or even sit still for the pictures.  There were so many bratty moments that I just didn’t even know what to do with him.  Despite all his cute moments, he can be quite the challenge.  I will show you a couple of those pictures anyways -



And a bigger bump shot for you -

Heather-160 crop2


And the only one with Carter smiling -

Heather-135 crop

I am about 3 1/2 weeks from my due date.  So far everything is going well, though I am definitely feeling my age and being pregnant.  On Wednesday I had a check up and found that I am already dilated to a 4 and thought – “Well that explains a few things”.  Maybe it’s not just my age after all ;-)  So do ya think I better get that hospital bag packed?








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I Love Puppies has Arrived!

I’m just popping in quickly to tell you the new Puppy fabrics have finally arrived and are arriving in stores now!

087 adj


I always give away the first fat quarter pack – so if you are interested in this pack and want to be entered into the drawing, please leave me a comment!  I will draw a name later on this week, so be sure to stop back and see if you are the winner.



I am working on getting the kits cut up and shipped out, for those of you who have already ordered.  If you missed the posts with the kits, here is what I have made up with the fabrics, cut to show you how the fabrics look made up into a quilt.

Sweet Dreams – link here.



Oh Baby – link here.



Puppy Love – link here.



Building Blocks – link here.



The free pattern offered by Henry Glass – link here to the download and link here to the kit.

Puppies 1 600


And lastly, the link to the yardage and fat quarter packs.  We also want to encourage you to support your local quilt shop by purchasing the fabric from them, if they have it.  We offer a very limited number of kits and packs, just for those who can’t find it at their local shop or favorite online store.

091 adj taller


In the meantime, don’t forget to enter your name into the drawing for the fat quarter pack.  Any comment will do – or feel free to tell me what you would make with it or who the quilt would be for.


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Patchwork Mosiac Runner

I finished up a runner for my dining room.  I started it 2 or 3 years ago and the top has been sitting in my closet since then.  I found it the other day and was reminded how much I love this fabric line, and I was so close to being done, so why not finish it?



I quickly got the quilting and binding done, so it’s ready for its close up.



Seriously, what took me so long?  I love these fabrics, though I can’t remember the name of the fabric line.  I am assuming it was done by Basic Grey, as it contains a few of their “Grunge” prints.  If anybody remembers the name of the line, please leave it in the comments . . . .



This runner was published in my “On the Run” book, quite a few years ago.  It was when hexagons were first starting to surface, along with a technique for assembling them that didn’t require y-seams.  In the photo below, you can see the runner is assembled using half-hexagon blocks, which are sewn into rows.  It’s so much easier that way!



This runner is cut from a Charm Pack and does not require a special ruler.  You will also need a bit of background and some binding fabric.



Below are the original runners from the “On the Run” book  (not to be confused with our new “On the Run Again” book.)

DSC_9387 adj1


I could easily make a few more of these.  I need to go check my Charm pack stash . . . . . .

DSC_8683 ADJ

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