I Love Puppies has Arrived!

I’m just popping in quickly to tell you the new Puppy fabrics have finally arrived and are arriving in stores now!

087 adj


I always give away the first fat quarter pack – so if you are interested in this pack and want to be entered into the drawing, please leave me a comment!  I will draw a name later on this week, so be sure to stop back and see if you are the winner.



I am working on getting the kits cut up and shipped out, for those of you who have already ordered.  If you missed the posts with the kits, here is what I have made up with the fabrics, cut to show you how the fabrics look made up into a quilt.

Sweet Dreams – link here.



Oh Baby – link here.



Puppy Love – link here.



Building Blocks – link here.



The free pattern offered by Henry Glass – link here to the download and link here to the kit.

Puppies 1 600


And lastly, the link to the yardage and fat quarter packs.  We also want to encourage you to support your local quilt shop by purchasing the fabric from them, if they have it.  We offer a very limited number of kits and packs, just for those who can’t find it at their local shop or favorite online store.

091 adj taller


In the meantime, don’t forget to enter your name into the drawing for the fat quarter pack.  Any comment will do – or feel free to tell me what you would make with it or who the quilt would be for.


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Patchwork Mosiac Runner

I finished up a runner for my dining room.  I started it 2 or 3 years ago and the top has been sitting in my closet since then.  I found it the other day and was reminded how much I love this fabric line, and I was so close to being done, so why not finish it?



I quickly got the quilting and binding done, so it’s ready for its close up.



Seriously, what took me so long?  I love these fabrics, though I can’t remember the name of the fabric line.  I am assuming it was done by Basic Grey, as it contains a few of their “Grunge” prints.  If anybody remembers the name of the line, please leave it in the comments . . . .



This runner was published in my “On the Run” book, quite a few years ago.  It was when hexagons were first starting to surface, along with a technique for assembling them that didn’t require y-seams.  In the photo below, you can see the runner is assembled using half-hexagon blocks, which are sewn into rows.  It’s so much easier that way!



This runner is cut from a Charm Pack and does not require a special ruler.  You will also need a bit of background and some binding fabric.



Below are the original runners from the “On the Run” book  (not to be confused with our new “On the Run Again” book.)

DSC_9387 adj1


I could easily make a few more of these.  I need to go check my Charm pack stash . . . . . .

DSC_8683 ADJ

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The Last of the Puppy Quilts

I just finished the binding last night on the last of the puppy quilts.  It’s my favorite of the bunch.  Eventually it will go on Carter’s big boy bed, which hopefully won’t be happening anytime too soon.  He’s growing up fast, but I can find other uses for the quilt without having to move him into a twin bed!  In fact, I plan to take his 2 year pictures with the quilt on Thursday.  I have an orange sweater that I just knit him, so hopefully it will match well enough for some cute pictures ;-)



The pattern is a very old one of mine – In fact I designed it 9 years ago and it’s called Sweet Dreams.

108 adj


The original pattern looks like this –   Very soft and feminine.



As you can see, it works well for boys too.  The reason that I wanted to use the pattern is that it has a good place to show off the argyle from the I Love Puppies fabric line.

114 adj





This is available as a kit here.   The size is 71″ x 84″ – so roughly a twin size.




Lastly, there is a free pattern that Henry Glass is offering to go with the fabrics.  You can click here to download the free pattern!  (Also available as a kit here).

Puppies 1 600



I know it’s been a bit of a puppy overload over here lately, but I have been waiting a year for the fabric to arrive and it’s fun to share when it does.  I hope you like the line – Please look for it at your local quilt shop in the next couple weeks!  You can view all of the projects I have made from the line here.

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More Puppy Quilts

The wind cooperated today and I was able to get a few photos of two more finished quilts featuring my fabric line “I Love Puppies.”

The first one is called Building Blocks and can be found in our “Little Quilts for Little Kids” book.

DSC_1143 crop


This pattern is designed to show off large pieces of a feature fabric – in this case, the aqua puppy print.



I am having some trouble with my camera lately – My photos are so blurry and washed out.  The cad shows the fabric much better.  (I think it’s time to send the camera in to be looked at – These photos are not good!!!)

aqua puppies




The argyle print pulls everything together and frames the quilt so nicely.  Plus, it’s so boyish -



I fussy cut a few of the puppies inside the pieced blocks.  (which would work great for this pattern  also, which you may remember I did with the Fishy panel from my last boy fabric line.)

DSC_1141 crop 600


The second quilt is also from the kids book and is called “Oh Baby”.  I plan to decorate Carter’s new room with this line, so he needed another quilt with his name on it for that room (the new baby will be getting his room and all his previous quilts were made with the Fishy fabrics)



This one is also framed in the argyle print – which I can’t seem to stop using!  It works so well with the line.  It was inspired by the argyle I painted on the walls in his room.  (Click here to see his room)



I used the panel-style print from the line for the backing.



I framed the panel print in orange, making the border just slightly wider than the border on the front side of the quilt.  I think it’s cuter this way, than using just the panel print.  It probably only took me an extra 10 minutes, so it was totally worth it.



(Again – a cad image to give you a more accurate image of what the fabric actually looks like.)

grey puppy panel

For those of you who have asked – we will be offering kits of the puppy quilts on a first come-first serve basis.  The fabric won’t be here until July, but you can pre-order here.


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Puppy Love

My sample yardage of “I Love Puppies” arrived a couple of weeks back and I’ve been busy planning projects to make out of it.



So far I have three quilts finished and bound and one more that is waiting for border fabric before I can go any further.  This is the one that I have photos of –  The rest will have to wait for a day when it’s not so windy.

DSC_0557 crop


Here’s a shot of the entire quilt.  It’s called Puppy Love and can be found in our Little Quilts for Little Kids book.



This one goes together really fast.  I had it pretty much put together during one of Carter’s naps – Which is usually about 2 hrs.  That includes the applique, which I do my machine.  I love when something comes together quickly!

DSC_0559 adj


Some of you have asked, and the fabric will be in stores in July.  I will also be offering some bundles and kits on my website.  I will keep you updated on when they are available.


All for now!  I’ll be back with my puppy quilts shortly.




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Clear Creek Pullover

Finally!  A finished knit project.  I really got out of the knitting mode for a while.  I’m not sure what happened, but it was very unlike me not to have a knitting project always at hand.  Not to worry, the obsession is back and once again I am wondering when I get to start a new project!  I just finished a sweater for myself and one for Carter, so now there is another one for me started, and one for the new baby.


Here are a few shots and details of the one I finished for myself.  You will just have to image the fit, as my big pregnant belly doesn’t currently fit very well in it.  I can get it on, but the front gets completely stretched out and it rises up about 3″ in the front.  You can’t help but laugh when you see it, it looks so ridiculous.


The pattern is the Clear Creek Pullover, from Interweave Knits.  It’s a very quick, easy knit and I really enjoyed working on it.  I love that there are short rows across the back of the neck, so that it doesn’t hang down in the back (which is something I have complained about here in the past when I have made top-down sweaters).



You can see the short-rows a bit in this picture.  The top band is a bit thicker in the back.  It’s only a few rows, but it’s just enough.  This photo also shows the sleeve detail.  I love Raglan sleeves – again something I have mentioned in the past.



The yarn is made by Claudia Hand Painted Yarn.  It is hand dyed linen, so it has wonderful color variations and beautiful drape.  In person, it’s actually a darker, richer color, but I had trouble capturing its true color with my camera.  I was really impressed with the linen – which I am having to switch to for my summer sweaters, as I am running a little hotter since having Carter and being pregnant.  The linen is much cooler than cotton and way cooler than wool, my preferred fiber.  It feels almost crusty in the skein, but after washing and drying this, it is much softer and has beautiful drape.  I didn’t even block it, just pulled it out of the dryer and laid it flat to finish drying.


The bottom hem here looks a bit ruffled, but it goes away once it’s on.  I did notice that for some of the projects on Ravelry, this did not go away.  Something you could easily adjust for by using smaller needles for that part of the sweater.


You can find more details on my mods by checking my Ravelry page here.   My next project for myself is using another linen yarn, that claims to be the softest.  Will report on that as soon as I am finished.   Does anyone else have a prefered linen?  If so, please share in the comments.

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More Runners . . .

I mentioned a couple of blog posts ago that I was working on finishing up a bunch of runners from the new book, “On the Run Again”.    I’ve got the photos ready on two more that I will share today.

This one is called Fresh Connection.


It only takes 12 Charm squares, and a little bit of background and contrast fabric.  It’s perfect for those random Charms squares that are leftover from previous projects  –  Or you can get three runners from one Charm back.


The fabric is from Bonnie and Camille’s April Showers fabric line.  It’s looks so cheerful on this beautiful summer day!  The original runner in the book is below, just to refresh your memory.  It would work nicely with many different fabric lines – the key is to make sure that the contrast fabric (shown in red or navy) is a really strong contrast so you don’t lose the pattern.

DSC_0043 adj bluer crop


The second color option today is of the Divine runner.


It works perfectly in my dining room – though I have had to send it off on the trunk show circuit and won’t see it for another 6 months ;-(   At least I got to have it out for a week before I had to ship it out.

DSC_0635 adj


The fabrics are again from Bonnie and Camille – though this is an older line called Modern Vintage.


This close-up shows the quilting a little bitter.  As I was working on it, I was worried I was ruining it, as the quilting wasn’t looking right to me.  Somehow it looks much better a few days later!


And a shot of the original from the book -

DSC_0004 adj less ripples 600

This runner takes just 16 – 10″ squares and a bit of yardage in cream and grey.   This pattern also takes this ruler.


That’s all for today – Click here if you are interested in seeing more from this book.  Thanks for stopping by!

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