Carter’s 21 Month Pictures

Every few months I have been posting a few pictures of Carter.  The problem this time, was when I went to look in his folder of 21 month pictures, there weren’t any!  When he was younger,  I had a folder full for each month.  I guess blogging isn’t the only thing that has gone by the way side with my work deadlines.  Time to start getting the camera out again!  Now, if only I could get him to sit still!  Most of the ones I have taken have turned out too blurry to keep :-(


Here are the few I had  -  Along with a few notes to help me remember this stage in his life:

He still likes to sit and play with dice.  He also likes to color, paint, and do puzzles, though each thing only lasts about 10 minutes.


He still looks handsome in blue -

DSC_9429 adj

Though he is looking less like his Daddy  (and a little more like me.)

DSC_9414 adj


He loves to wear his boots and “po” pants.  His favorite things to do outside are play bubbles and dig in the dirt.  He actually prefers this over riding his battery operated 4-wheeler !?!?

4-16-14 014


I think his favorite thing in the world is still the washing machine.  He loves to help put clothes in the machine and push the buttons.  In fact, we were at a home show the other week and I could hardly keep him out of one of the appliance booths.  He even got his shirt off before I could stop him, and was trying to get the door open so he could start a load of laundry.  He also prefers the laundry soap section at Target to the toy section.  I’m not sure if I should be alarmed by that, or think it’s funny.

4-16-14 008

He has never been big on traditional toys, but he loves machines.  We heard a story the other day from a guy who buys an old washing machine or something when his grandsons are coming over.  They get to take the whole thing apart, and then he just throws it away.  So I guess Carter isn’t the only one!   It makes it a challenge for me to keep him entertained, as we don’t have a lot of machine laying around here.  He still loves drills and playing with my sewing machine.  He loves stacking up bobbins, and as I discovered yesterday, sticking pins into any opening in the machine that he can get them in.  Oh crap, right?  Which is exactly what he said.   Yes, he is repeating everything we say, whether we want him to or not.  He knows he isn’t supposed to say that, so he follows it up with, “Oh, funny.”   He says the “Oh Crap,” with such conviction, that we find it hard to hide our smirks, and apparently he knows it.   We just can’t get by with anything!   I’m sure many of you have similar stories.


All for now -  I will try to get some more pictures soon!


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Flashback Friday

Before I start my post, I just want to thank everyone for the nice comments and emails on my last post.  We really appreciate all the prayers and support.   A couple of you voiced concern about Carter being disappointed that the baby wasn’t a puppy (see the video), but a new puppy is arriving in May.  That gives us just a couple months to have it trained before the baby comes.  Good luck with that, right?


Today I wanted to share this little article that showed up in my favorite quilting magazine  – American Patchwork and Quilting.  The article is called Favorite Finds.


Look what they happen to feature?  My book “Angles with Ease” and the companion ruler, the Triangler.  I was super excited to have them feature it in the article, along with a nice picture from the book.



This article got me thinking.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have Flashback Friday every so often and revisit a few of my favorite quilts from the past??  And wouldn’t it be even more fun if that item was on sale in my shop?


So here goes – A few of my favorite projects from the Angles with Ease book, featured in the APQ article.


DSC_3349 adj best 600


Calypso (made with the scraps from Cosmo)

DSC_4318 adj 2


Spin Cycle

DSC_3387 adj


Winter Solstice

DSC_3834 adj600


Baby Juiper

DSC_3363 adj best 600


Honeycomb Bloomers


Rising Star Topper

DSC_4291 adj



DSC_3439 adj best


There are many more projects from the book, so for those of you who aren’t familiar with the book, you can see the rest of the projects here and here.

Click to see the sale on the book and ruler in my shop.


Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend!


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Hellooooooo . . . . . ????

Anybody still here?

It’s been well over a month since I have done a post.  I’m hoping that I still have a few followers!  I have been so behind that I just haven’t taken time to do a blog post.  Every spare minute that Carter is napping has been spent sewing projects for a new book.  The projects in the book are all small – in fact they are all runners or toppers – as that is all I can seem to get done!  (Well, that isn’t the only reason.  I happen to LOVE everything about runners and toppers.)

So are you wondering why I am so behind?  I am usually really motivated when it comes to quilting and love getting lots of projects done . . . . So what happened?  Let’s just say I’ve had a couple of things that have set me behind schedule in January and February.

First of all, I took way too many naps in January and February.  And I hate naps!  I didn’t even take naps when Carter was a newborn.  I just couldn’t kick feeling soooo tired.  I also wasn’t feeling well.  I felt like I had the stomach flu (or certain parts of it).  No throwing up, but just dizzy and nauseous.    It really affected my creativity at a time when I was supposed to be coming up with new ideas.  I am feeling much better now.  Let’s just say it’s something that about 13 weeks or so couldn’t fix.

Yep.  You guessed it.  Baby # 2 is on the way!  Carter is going to be a big brother.



I’m sure many of you are wondering if we had to go through as much as we did to have Carter (read about this here).   We were so fortunate that we didn’t have to do IVF this time around.  After all the doctoring that we did with Carter, plus my age, our OB recommended not waiting long before trying, giving it a few tries, then going straight to IVF.  No pressure huh?

We followed his advice and used some routine fertility treatments.  We had some ups and downs in this process, including some early successes, and some disappointments.  After about 8 months, I called the IVF clinic to reserve a spot.  They said there wasn’t a waiting list and they wouldn’t set up an appointment until I knew for sure that the last round of treatment hadn’t worked.   I felt for sure that I didn’t feel anything and wasn’t pregnant.

Turned out I was wrong!  An ultrasound at 5 weeks revealed a normal pregnancy (just one, and in the right place).  A second one showed things were still good.  The third one showed the same, along with a heartbeat.  At this point we told just a few people.  Blood work and genetic tests at 11 weeks showed that everything was normal.   We were so grateful to learn that everything was good!   Unlike the tests of old that weren’t nearly as accurate, this test is like 99% accurate.  (This test is for high risk patients or people over 35).  The test also tells you the sex of the baby – Yes all from a simple blood test!  No more waiting for the ultrasound at 20 weeks.   My way of telling Joel what we were having was to tell him we were getting a permanent fish house, not a sewing machine.  In other words, Carter is getting a baby brother.  I had been joking with Joel, that I was eventually going to have to take up ice fishing if I wanted to see my boys in the winter.  Now we are going to have to get once for sure!

We are now at 18 weeks and I am finally ready to share with everyone.  I have been so nervous to tell people too soon.  I know we have a long way to go yet, but everything is looking good and we are well through the miscarriage window.   I am starting to fill out my maternity clothes, so I am no longer able to hide it.  I felt movement at about 14 weeks and since then, the little guy has been really active.  I love the reassurance that movement brings.  My due date is August 26th.

Here is a short video that we sent to our nieces and nephews to announce our addition –

(It isn’t the most creative announcement, but we still thought it was kinda cute.  Especially when Carter’s first guess of the ultrasound picture was a puppy.)

So, now you know what’s been happening around here!  Was anyone suspicious?  I shared the news with my quilting group at our last meeting.  I told them I wasn’t making any big quilts, but have been busy making runners because that is all I can get done.  We joked that after this baby, I will be doing a book on pot holders.  I have been laughing about it ever since.  I sure hope there is a market for pot holders, because I hate to give up time with my precious boys and it’s really hard to break the quilting addiction!


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I Love Puppies Strike-Offs

A few weeks ago I shared a sneak peek at my new fabric line “I Love Puppies”.

I%20LOVE%20PUPPIES%20Page%201B 500 image

At that point, I only had the cad drawings and have been anxiously awaiting the strike-offs (where the designs are printed on actual fabrics).  The second set of strike-offs have arrived and I have gone through them and made some notes on a few more tweaks.

DSC_9555 adj

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this process, the plant does a few practice runs on fabric before they print the real goods.  This way we have a chance to get the colors just right.  I compare the strike-offs to my artwork or the cads and make notes on what I want changed.  I email these changes to my design director at Henry Glass and Co, who then sends them to the plant overseas.   This is where I imagine some interpreter trying to explain my notes – such as “The designer wants the pink to be a little less mauve in tone, and a little more coral.”   I often wonder if those colors mean the same thing to me, as they do to the person running the ink mixing machine???  I need to ask my design director  about this sometime.  It sounds like a challenging process!


My list is usually long and detailed, as I am trying to get things just right, if possible.  Then when the fabric comes, I often have to let a few of the details slide.  I remind myself that I notice things that other people won’t and they won’t have the original to compare it to.  It’s hard not to be critical of your own work, but usually within a few days, I am playing away with the new fabrics, minor differences forgotten.

I am getting off track – so back to the point of this blog post!  Here is the sneak peek at those strike-offs:

The brown and orange prints -


The grey prints, including the panel -


The aquas and the cream background print-


The navy and green prints -


And one last shot of how nicely the grey and aquas play together.


It will be a few more months before I get the actual fabric.  In the meantime, I already have a quilt pattern picked out that I want to make with the fabric.  It’s always such a long wait!

So what are you playing with today?

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Carter’s Christmas Sweater

Yes, I am that behind in blogging!  I am just getting to sharing this knitting project, even though I finished it on December 22nd.  I am behind on everything around here work-wise, though I have quite a few things started.  I also put the finishing touches on a new fabric line and sent off the details this morning.  These are all things I can’t share yet, so I appreciate all of you who keep checking in one me, despite my lack of quilting related (or anything, for that matter) posts!

Now, back to that sweater -

I decided Carter should have a hand-knit sweater for Christmas. I selected this pattern.  I stuck with green for the yarn, though mine is a bit brighter.  (Somehow, I resisted the urge to once again knit something in blue).  I finished the sweater the night before our get-together with Joel’s family.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any good Christmas pictures of him in the sweater, as they all look like this.  He didn’t seem to want his picture taken that day (and this time I couldn’t blame it on the Minion, like I did at Halloween.)  Don’t you love Abi, with her hands over her ears?  That’s how loud his crying is.

Christmas 2013 074


This weekend, I finally got a few more pictures of him in the sweater.  He won’t sit still, so they aren’t great, but they will have to do.


The yarn is Weekend, by Berroco.  It’s not my favorite yarn, but it appears to be holding up well.  That can be a hard quality to find sometimes – especially for little kids sweater.  For that reason, I would use it again.  It’s a little hard on the hands, as it doesn’t stretch much, so that’s why I say it’s not my favorite.


The back of the sweater is plain, so you get a little break from all the cabling.  I normally like some detail on the back of my sweaters, but in this case I think it would have been overkill.

DSC_9517 ADJ


I followed the pattern as much as I could – though the smallest size is a 3/4 and I wanted it to be a size 2.  I didn’t really run into trouble until I got to the neck.  I ended up taking it off and making it smaller.  It’s still plenty big and I’m not totally pleased with it.  As you can see in this picture, the bound off edge wiggles back and forth.  I bound off in pattern (k2,p2), as instructed by the pattern, but I don’t care for how that looks.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the wobble out of the edge, please leave it in the comments.  Maybe I shouldn’t have bound off in pattern as instructed?

DSC_9509 adj

One last picture, with an “I’m up to no good” expression.

Christmas 2013 027

You can find my Ravelry link here.

Carter is just waking up, so I finished this post just in time!  Off to go get some snuggles ;-)


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I Love Puppies

Happy New Year!

A little late -  I know.   It’s only day 17 and I am already behind!   January is just flying by and I am not getting nearly enough done.  I haven’t blogged for a month and a few of you have nicely emailed to find out if all is okay.    Everything is going fine, but I didn’t have any help with Carter over Christmas break and now the babysitter has been in Hawaii for 2 weeks (lucky girl!).  When she is here, it is the only time I get to be in the studio.  Carter has gotten too busy and bent on destruction to even bring him in the studio.  It is pretty cute when he tries to come in though.  He yells “Sew!,  Sew!,  Sew!” and immediately started emptying the cutting table of all the rulers.  I’m sure all the drawers in the sewing cabinet would be next.   Carter is napping now, so instead of answering emails and shipping orders like I usually do when he naps, I am getting a blog post done first!

I have something new to share that I started last summer.  It’s a fabric line for all the puppy loving little boys out there.

I%20LOVE%20PUPPIES%20Page%201B 500 image


The line is a nice mix of dots, geometric and puppy themed prints.   (The following images of the prints are taken from the sales card)

I%20LOVE%20PUPPIES%20Page%203 500

I%20LOVE%20PUPPIES%20Page%202 500

I%20LOVE%20PUPPIES%20Page%204 500

There is also a panel-type print that would work well as a focal print or a cute backing.

I%20LOVE%20PUPPIES%20Page%201 500

As soon as I get some strike-offs I will share those as well, as the sales card never quite does the fabric justice.  There is something about holding the actual fabric in your hand, that just brings everything it to life.

Henry Glass also had a free pattern designed for the line – to help give you an idea of how the line works up.  I love the little paw prints running across the quilt.  Nothing says puppy like paw prints across your floor (or quilt).

Puppies 1 500


The fabric line is hitting the ground with the sales reps this month – so shop owners – I hope you will ask your reps to see the sales card!  For all you non-shop owners, the fabric will be in stores this summer.  It always feels like a long wait, but it helps brighten this cold winter day to know that something fun is in the works for summer.




This line is in memory of our dog Daisy - and in hopes that Carter will love his own little puppy again some day soon.

daisy crop



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Red Loop

Another little project finished.


I am enjoying making little things lately – though I have mostly been a sweater maker in the past.  How nice to finish something in a couple of weeks instead of a couple of months.


You can see the stitch pattern easier in the flat shot.


I got the yarn last spring in Portland when we were there for quilt market.  I don’t remember the name of the shop, but the yarns there were beautiful.  This is hand dyed with little red metallic threads woven in.  It’s hard to capture with the camera – It’s much sparklier in  person.


You can find my Ravely link here.

The pattern is called Grey Loop

The yarn is by Knitted Wit – It’s called Bling.


Anyone else working on any fun cowls?  I am debating on what to start next?  I just finished the Herringbone cowl  and I am working on the Honey Cowl.  Everyone is probably far too busy thinking about Christmas to be thinking about knitting, but I like to have something with to work on during the all the family gatherings.  I just cannot sit around for two days with my hands idle!  Even with the good food and good company, I still need to have my project at hand ;-)


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