New Book Update . . and other assorted tidbits

Well, my week and weekend didn’t go exactly as planned so I haven’t gotten around to getting this blog post finished.   I had it started on Friday, but ran out of time before I had to leave for the weekend.  I had to go up to Walker, MN to present a trunk show at their guild’s annual quilt show.  It was a beautiful drive.  I didn’t even mind the 3 hour trip – I had my i-pod going and the colors were beautiful.  Fall in MN is really beautiful.  Right now the Sumac is a brilliant red.  I’m sure all of the other trees just think the sumac are big show-offs, but I don’t mind.  I plan to enjoy it while it lasts, as another long winter is sure to follow.  Anyways, when I got to my hotel on Friday night, I planned to finish my blog post.  Unfortunately their Internet was down.  Delayed again!!!  I seem to be full of excuses, but we are really busy here.  I just finished up the color pages for the new book and 4 single patterns.  I am turning in the text of the new book today.  That means I am almost done.  Here’s a sneak peak at the new book:

It’s called “Livin’ Large”.  This is just the cover, but I’ll show you more later as I have more finished.  The book will contain 11 projects, all designed for large-scale prints.  I’ve been busy collecting large-scale prints (as you may have noticed in my past blog posts), so it wasn’t hard for me to come up with a theme for this book.  I’ve been collecting these prints for a while now and wondering what to do with them.  I figured if I’m thinking this, the rest of you might be too!  I think these large-scale prints require a special pattern, one that will enhance the beauty of the prints, while not taking away from them by cutting them into tiny pieces.  More to come soon . . . .

I’ve finally gotten a chance to cut up some of my new fabric.  I’ve been so busy with the book and patterns, that I haven’t even been able to touch it yet.  It’s just been sitting there for the last month, just waiting for me to have time to come over and play.  Here’s what I’ve started – Stop back in later this week to see the finished quilt.  It’s something from the new book.  In this case, my prints aren’t that large in scale, but the pattern will still work for these traditional/regular fabrics.

 This isn’t nearly enough pictures to make up a blog post, so I thought I would show you something that I like to do when I’m not busy quilting – knitting!  My love for knitting started a couple years ago.  I began to get frustrated with the fact that my hobby became my job and I had no creative outlet that was just for fun, with no deadlines.  I can’t wait for my deadlines to be over so I can get back to my projects.  The items are a few things that I finished earlier this year.

  The yard is Classic Elite’s Waterlilly – the pattern is found in Tahki Yarns 2007 Spring/Summer Collection

   The pattern is Wicked by Zephyr Style.  I don’t remember the yarn. . .

  This pattern was from a magazine – one of the latest editions of Interweave Knits.  See that tiny ball of yarn?  That’s what I had left of this yarn!  That’s cutting it a little too close for my comfort.  The yarn is bam boo and has wonderful drape and weight.

  This is for my niece Addi.  This was knit from the top down – so again No Seams. 

  Here is Addi modeling the sweater, while being fed a chocolate chip cookie by her naughty grandma (my Mom).  That’s my sister (Addi’s mom) in the background.

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9 Responses to New Book Update . . and other assorted tidbits

  1. Lisa D. says:

    I’m excited to see your new Livin’ Large book! The cover pattern looks fabulous!

  2. Kathy says:

    Heather, I can’t wait till the new book is out! I have been drawn to the new larger prints but didn’t know what to make with them. You are way ahead of some of the other designers. Sometimes I just like to do a quilt that full of color and BIG pieces…not just tiny pieces and tiny prints.

    Wow…I will keep my eyes on your website for the time I can order the new book!

    Kathy in PA

  3. Nanette says:

    What lovely projects and colors. I love Sumac. It isn’t really native to Utah but being from Pennsylvania – it was everywhere growing up. So when we planted Sumac in our yard people thought we were crazy. But I Love it.

  4. Kathy says:

    Oops…I was so excited to see your new book, I forgot to mention that I love your knitting! How do you find the time to do all the designing, sewing, travelling…and still knit such intricate designs???? I’m lucky to be able to knit a dishcloth or a mitten now and then!

    You are so very talented!

    Kathy in PA

  5. You just keep amazing me!!! You are so talented. The sweaters are awesome and so beautiful!!

    I can hardly wait to see your new books/patterns…please be sure to send me your flyers.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Oh and you knit too!!! Amazing talent. Can’t wait to see more projects from you new book. The cover quilt is wonderful.

  7. Heather…I am so excited about your new book as I was just having a discussion the other day about all of these great large scale fabrics and how I don’t want to lose the pattern to the chopping block. I see that I won your giveaway last week, thank you! However, I cannot seem to find your email address to send my mail address. Please email me back as I have left you my email. 🙂

  8. Evelyn Davis says:

    I love your quilt Round About, in the October issue of American Patchwork and quilting. Will you share the fabric names or is there a kit that can be purchased?

  9. Kristina Wilberg says:

    what a great cover-I cannot wait to see the insides! I am working on the cover quilt right now for our shop sample so we’re ready when your book is ready! We’re using the “nest” fabrics by tula pink for moda…I’ll e-mail you a picture when it’s finished! I really like your new fabrics also, SO cheery! I cannot believe you have time to KNIT! Those are the cutest sweaters, I kinda wanna learn how now, so thank you for adding another hobby to my list!;) p.s. Mary started blogging this week, there’s a link on the QT website!

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