Introducing my new patterns

I introduced you to my new book last week, but I have also been working on some new single patterns.  The first one is Little Charmers 5-

I mentioned in my last post that I have been busy finishing up lots of projects – I’ve finished a few colors options for these runners, as you know by now that I LOVE color options!

Here’s a close-up of the first runner, done with my Cottage Charm fabric.

Here’s aclose-up of the second item – I love these fabrics – They are designed by Fig Tree Quilts and the fabric line is called Fig and Plum.  Here’s my color option of that one:

This is, of course, another Moda line called Hemming House

I had a little trouble with the third runner.  First I made this one:

It was cute, but too dark for the pattern front.  So I made this one:

I loved this one, but it was too bright from the pattern front.  (Aren’t those fabrics yummy???  The line is called Farmer’s Market  and it’s designed by Sandi Henderson.  I got the charm pack here:  Hi Kimberly!)

Then I made this one, and it was just right.  The fabrics are a combination of Gypsy Rose (not out yet) and Fig and Plum, both by Fig Tree Quilts.



The next pattern is called Little Charmers 6  – Again with 3 projects, all designed for Charm Packs.  For those of you who don’t know what a charm pack is, it’s one of my favorite quilting inventions of the past few years.  Moda came up with the concept – it’s a pack of 5″ squares and contains a square of every piece in the entire fabric line.  I love them because I can now afford to collect EVERY fabric line that Moda comes out with!  I think part of the fun of quilting is collecting and charm packs fit right in with that philosophy.  Each of the runners in these patterns uses 1 charm pack.  (Each charm pack contains a different number of squares, depending on the size of the fabric line).  Anyways, if you haven’t tried them, I highly recomment it!

The fabric lines I used are:  Top:  1974 by Urban Chicks,   Middle:  Nest by Tula Pink,  Bottom:  Tranqulity by Sandy Gervais, all from Moda.  I haven’t had a chance to make any color options of this one yet.  Gesh, what’s wrong with me?!?

The next pattern is called Double Takes 3.  It’s called double takes because there are two size options in the pattern – one using a Layer Cake and a smaller project using a Charm Pack.  For those of you who don’t know what a Layer Cake is – they are also made by Moda and they are similar to a Charm Pack , just bigger.  You get 42 – 10″ squares.  I’m addicted to these also.  It’s just more fabric than a Charm Pack, so what’s not to love!  I’ll stop preaching about Moda precuts now.  I also list fat quarter options in case you fall in love with some fabrics that aren’t available in 10″ squares.  I also included 4 size options for the large quilt – throw (shown), twin, double and a queen. 

Here’s a close up of the runner:


The two fabric lines used in this pattern front are:   A Reciepie for Friendship by Mary Englebreight and Fresh Squeezed by Sandy Gervais.

I’ve had time to get one color option done for this quilt:


It’s done using my Cottage Charm line (available now).  The wind would not cooperate and kept blowing my quilt all over, including onto the ground, so I gave up on trying to get a better pictures.

The last pattern I designed with my Mom.  It’s called the Birthday Collection

It’s an autograph quilt, designed to help celebrate those special birthdays.  As a grandma, my Mom is making one of these quilts for each of her grandchildren.  The quilt is brought to the party in the TOTE, and eveyone at the party signs a block (there are nine numbered blocks in the quilt – look close and you will see the numbers).    Here’s a close up of the signed block.

and a close-up of the Party Tote and Bib with Cake-Catcher (the stripe band along the bottom is open at the top to catch those falling birthday cake crumbs)

The girlie quilt is made with a line designed by Me and My Sister called Butterfly Fling.  The boy option is made with a combination of cowboy prints.  (To see the lucky recipients of these quilt see the previous post.)

Now, for those of you who sat through this long post, you will have a chance to win a pattern.  I will be giving away a copy of each pattern to four lucky winners.  Just leave a comment to be eligable to win!!!!!  I’ll announce the winners sometime next week.

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141 Responses to Introducing my new patterns

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness! I love the little charmers patterns! I too love the charm packs – its a good way to see the entire fabric line, and in my case, decide if I wanted to invest a bunch of money in a fat quarter bundle (which I did, of course!). Pick me!

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness! Pick me, pick me! I love the little charmers – what a great use for the charms I’ve been hording…and will be swapping!

  3. mariajhmom says:

    Hey, wonder designer! I bow to your greatness. These are amazing. I’m coming over some day to bask in your creativity!!! I think I should win these because I have 5 of my own “little charmers”. Or should I call them little stinkers?

  4. Jane says:

    Pick Me Pick me !!!!! OH My I love Charms and I love your Patterns. I am lookin for your Charmed and Dangerous book but have had no luck in finding it.

  5. Laurie says:

    Wow! You’ve been busy! Love all the patterns – and find especially fascinating how you progress to the color grouping you like the best. I really enjoy your work and would love to win a pattern! Looks like you’ve got some leaving falling!

  6. Karen says:

    How cool is this! I love the Doulbe Takes with 2 sizes to the patterns. Great Idea!!

  7. Audrey P says:

    Wow! You have been really busy Heather! What great new patterns and fun color combinations 🙂

  8. Moneik S says:

    Love the new patterns! I think Charm Packs are a great way to use a variety of fabrics without the huge cost of yardage. Thanks for all these great ideas on how to use them.

  9. Evelyn says:

    Oh my goodness, I *LOVE* the runner made with the Fig Tree fabrics. Wish I could make something that gorgeous…

  10. Jackie says:

    I love all your new patterns! I will have to have one of each for sure!! I have some of the same charm packs that you used. Thank you for the opportunity to win your patterns, you are so talented and inspiring!

  11. Amy says:

    I love all of your samples, especially the Little Charmers pattern. Too cute. If I don’t win, I’ll be watching for them in the stores!!!

  12. Shannon says:

    How beautiful!! I wish I had to time to sew as much as you do. It’s inspirational! I’ll be looking for the patterns and your new book.

  13. Linda says:

    What adorable patterns and yes, I love the runner you made that was too bright, gorgeous fabrics. My gosh you have been super busy.

  14. Nancy says:

    My charms are sitting here staring at me!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed. All the patterns are KOOT!!!

  15. Sara says:

    I love your patterns and I also love the charm square packs. Sometimes though, I get stingy with them and don’t want to use them!! Please enter me in your giveaway. I’ve never won anything in my life.

  16. Marlene says:

    Oh my goodness I wouldn’t even know which pattern to pick – I loved every one of them. I have several charm packs I’ve bought because, well I love Moda…what can I say! And they just sit there waiting on me to find a pattern. I hope I get one of them! blessings, marlene

  17. Sinta says:

    My oh my, you have been busy! Those are really fun patterns. I have a basket of assorted charm groups I have collected. I really like the pinwheels in Charmer 5. I had been thinking that it would be nice to have a charmer sampler or different size option… and there, you did it!

  18. Janet says:

    I love your patterns and have a couple of the books. I just wish I had the time to make them all! But it would be wonderful to win the new patterns too!

  19. Heather says:

    Adorable! I love the “too bright” runner 🙂 Add me to your drawing, these are all too cute.

  20. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    The fabric choices for Little Charmers 5 are ALL perfect, but the third one especially. I also love the idea of being able to get all the fabrics in the line with the Charm Packs.

  21. Amber@MMM says:

    They are all fabulous! I love the fabric choices for the Double Takes 3!

  22. Mary-Kay says:

    I really love your quilt patterns. I purchased 2 of your books in May and have completed both quilts and now they are off to be quilted.

  23. annie says:

    it is always a joy to read your posts and I anxiously await them as they come. One of these days I will win, but even if I don’t I still LOVE your blog. XXX Annelies

  24. Carol says:

    Wow! I love all of the quilts. Please enter me in your contest.
    Carol at

  25. Carrie P. says:

    Wow! You are a busy person. Do you ever sleep? I just love the orange table runner made from the Double Takes 3 Pattern.

  26. Kathy says:

    I saw a previous post and it must be so much fun to get all the Moda stuff in the mail! I think from this post, my favorites are the Little Charmers 5 Hemming House project and the Double Takes 3 quilt. I love using the layer cakes!

    Thanks again for your creativity! And generosity!

  27. Sue Cahill says:

    What wonderful patterns…I love them all! I have a layer cake and matching charm squares that I haven’y quite figured out what to do with. I think your patterns would all be great.
    Hope I win one!

  28. Julianna says:

    Oh, I love projects with charm packs. I think I’d pick Little Charmers 6. I was born in 1974 so I feel that I really ought to do a project with the fabric line. I also love the Double Takes 3 quilt.

    I’m so glad you have design talent.

  29. Christina says:

    I love looking at your new patterns! Your takes on color are gorgeous.

  30. Tina Dillon says:

    I just ADORE your new patterns and they’re sew easy with Charm packs. I can’t decide which is my favourite because they are all gorgeous. I’d love to win one. Please include me in your giveaway. Here’s hoping.
    Tina D.

  31. Bloom says:

    Wow, what a visual feast! Thank you for such a wonderful post. Your photos are so inspiring, I just want to forget the housework today & go sewing!

  32. Cindy Lammon says:

    Thanks for sharing all your great new patterns. I’d love to win any one of them!

  33. Carol Lewis says:

    The post was long but I enjoyed reading it. I love your new patterns and would be so happy to win one of them.

  34. Anne says:

    Hi Heather, You continue to outdo yourself. Wonderful patterns. We’re really gonna miss you next week. Won’t feel right not having you next to us!

  35. Linda in NC says:

    Ooh, what fun! All of the patterns are great.

    I do love to see your color options – really gets the creative juices flowing – all sorts of possibilities!

  36. Tracy says:

    Great patterns! Thanks

  37. Shauna says:

    I love your new patterns!! And I too, love charm packs. They are just great for small projects.

  38. Carol Broughton says:

    Oh Heather, these new patterns are gorgeous! I love the fabrics you chose and the quilting designs are wonderful. I sure would love to win a pattern. Thanks for a great blog.

  39. Penny says:

    Your new patterns are fabulous and I love all the fabrics you have used. I’m going to have to make the birthday quilt. Good job Heather!!

  40. Cyndi Hodges says:

    Beautiful! I love your color combinations. Patterns are wonderful.

  41. Sue says:

    Your patterns are great! Love charm packs as they are always fun 🙂 I relly like the bright quilts as they are perky and fun.

  42. ROBIN C says:

    what pretty patterns. please add me to the drawing


  43. Colleen says:

    Would Love to be entered in your drawing! I have the perfect charm packs for these :o)

  44. Christine says:

    Thanks for sharing all your lovely new patterns. They are all great. I am a big fan of charm packs so your charm square patterns really appeal to me.

  45. Jodi says:

    I LOVE all these! Oh my. The table runner with the Farmers Market is so cute! Yummy indeed. The Fig and Plum quilt is scrumptious! Thanks for sharing! Loving your posts.

  46. Laurie Rae says:

    How beautiful all of them are! I especially like the Little Charmers 5 set – each of the 3 are different enough from each other to offer tons of opportunities to use those charm sets I pick up everywhere – just for later- like when I see your new patterns. You are really blessed with talent – and that wonderful studio to work in must make things go smoothly – I would love to recieve any of the new patterns you have shared with us.

  47. Priscilla says:

    Wow, you have been busy! I especially love the new tablerunner patterns, they are all delightful!
    I hope to try making a tablerunner soon.

  48. Julia says:

    Hello Heather!
    Wow, I LOVE your patterns – and if I don’t win {chances are very high that I don’t as your patterns are obviously so popular (and they deserve it!)}, I HAVE to buy them…ah, my “quilting money” for the next month is already spent ;o).
    It’s such a great thing that you offer those beautiful color options. I finally managed to look at a pattern and imagine how it would look like with my fabrics…but this is so much easier…and your color choices are inspirational, too…!
    Thanks for sharing your adorable design, again…
    Hugs, Julia
    P.S.: I think I now know what to do with my Fig&Plum Layer Cake….;o)

  49. Ellen Easter says:

    I want them all – too gorgeous.

  50. Ellen says:

    Love the Little Charmers idea. I have seen them in the fabric shops and didn’t know the background on them! Guess that will be my next project…I am an “instant gratification” person and love quick projects so these books will be perfect for people like me!

  51. Mari says:

    When I grow-up I want to be you. You get so many projects finished. Do you have UFO’s.

  52. Julie says:

    Lovely quilts and a lovely surprise at the bottom of the post too. I’d love to go into your draw. I’m having a giveaway at the moment too, if you like pink things have a look.
    Your photos are great too.

  53. Stephanie says:

    Boy have you been a busy lady! They are all truly beautiful. I love that you are doing patterns to use those wonderful charm packs. The birthday presents caught my eye because my Dad will be 90 next July. Hmmm…I can’t imagine making 90 presents but maybe if I get started now!

  54. Cara says:

    Love your new patterns!!! I especially love the colors of the fabrics you choose- just beautiful!

  55. diane says:

    I love it all and WANT it all! MMMM nice eye candy. I’d LOVE to get my hands on one (or more) of your patterns! Thanks. Here’s hoping for a win from Idaho!

  56. Tracy P says:

    I’m lovin these latest patterns! I think my favoriteat the moment would be the Little Charmers 6! I have enjoyed everyone of the Little Charmer tablerunner patterns! Thanks for doing such a great job!

  57. Leslie L says:

    Charm packs and layer cakes are such a great idea, and your patterns are gorgeous! I especially like the table runners (almost-instant gratification!).

  58. Kathie says:

    You’ve done it again!! All of your patterns have uses that anyone would like to try !! And it truly is wonderful to have a few quick projects in between the large ones!!! Charm Packs are a weakness for me and these would certainly help with my addiction!!!! Kathie

  59. A Betty says:

    It’s nice to have options for smaller projects. I really like the Little Charmers V group. I have 2 charm packs of Peace On Earth waiting to speak to me.

  60. CHelton says:

    Your work is so inspirational! I’m very, very motivated to carve out time in my sewing room! I hope I win!!!! 🙂

  61. Gretchen says:

    I love your new Little Charmers patterns. These are fabulous and fun to make.

  62. Sandra McNease says:

    As always the patterns look great. I just got your last new book from today. Now to decide which pattern to do first.I love all of them.

  63. chmiller says:

    These are so cute! I love them…in fact, I need them! 🙂

  64. Lisa says:

    Once again…..WOW. I love the way these patterns can be used with a variety of fabrics, whether a quilter tends to collect asian, folk, modern, novelty fabrics, these patterns could be used with all of them..I can’t wait to try one of these patterns!!! I think I’d just have to try it with two or three different types of fabric. Could be addictive…..

  65. I’m loving them all and look at all of those colorways for those of us who need inspiration! Thanks, thanks, thanks, and I will be watching my local quilt shop for the patterns.

  66. Kay says:

    The gypsy rose runner is my favorite, I just bought a charm pack. I’m inspired to get at it. Please put me in for the drawing.

  67. Lissa says:

    I love the Charmers. I want to make them all. I will start hoarding charm packs.Opps! too late I have already been hoarding them.

  68. Kristan says:

    I love the Little Charmers 6 with Nest the best! I have a pack of Nest waiting for a project right now, though I also love the larger quilt you posted recently in that line too. I just finished another of your Crayon Box quilts last night. Hooked on that pattern too. Thanks!

  69. Wendy says:

    Please count me in for the patterns give-away! I love them all.

  70. Roseann says:

    I just love your little charmer patterns. I have two and have made a number of the runners. I also love your jelly roll books and have also made a few quilts from the On a Roll book. I agree with collecting charms as they are inexpensive and create such wonderful projects. Love your new fabric line and all the great new patterns.

  71. Jolene says:


    As usual, you have come up with some beautiful patterns and color combinations. I LOVE the Double Takes 3 patterns!!! I look forward to reading and seeing what you come up with next. I also learn something new every time I read your posts. I didn’t know what charmer packs were.

  72. Patricia says:

    Love it all! I had picked up a couple of charm packs, but really didn’t know how to use them. I will be picking up these patterns for sure!

  73. donna says:

    I am trying to find your pattern Autumn Days. Can you tell me where I can find it.

  74. Hi Heather! Please put my name in for the giveaway. I just love how you show several colourways for your patterns. I now admit to my addiction to charm squares and I’ll have to buy more of your patterns!

  75. diane says:

    Heather: Even tho’ I viewed your glimpse of Cottage Charm on your blog, I saw you over at Jolly Jabber too! I’m loving your new fabric! I asked for it at Quilt Taffy, my “local” on line fabric store! The picture of you standing by the bolts piled high is great!

  76. Sherri says:

    WOW! I’m already addicted to your patterns…and now there are more! I would love to win one! I used to feel guilty about buying all the charm packs I buy…but now that I’ve found your patterns…no more guilt…I’m using all my charm packs! Have a great day!

  77. Jana says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Those are such great projects.

  78. Cory says:

    These are all lovely quilts and patterns. Thank you for offering to share with us. Take care and God bless, Cory

  79. doki says:

    i love your patterns!

  80. Love all of your patterns! Charm packs are so fun to buy – but I often have to figure out a new way to use them 🙂

  81. Katie says:

    I love the patterns for the charm packs! They are very quick.

  82. Brenda says:

    Love your new patterns. My favorite is the third runner on Little Charmers. I love the bright colors!

  83. Jane says:

    Hi, I just found your blog and Love it so much!! Hope you do not mind that I added you to my side bar, your work, your patterns, your home, I love it all!! Sorry, but I WILL BE BACK!!!

  84. Ruth says:

    Your new patterns are wonderful! And the new fabric lines are exciting too. Can’t wait to find them in the stores. I know to buy a pattern or 2 also now that I’ve seen how beautiful they are. Best wishes.

  85. maria says:

    Hi, these quilts are beautiful. I love the bold designs, Maria x

  86. Ineke says:

    Wow, these are WONDERFUL – great patterns and lovely fabrics. Would love to win one.
    Hope I am not too late.
    Thanks for the giveaway and have a nice day.

  87. Lucy says:

    More great patterns Heather. I just bought your Anka’s Treasures book – I know you are moving towards the lighter colors, but the darker ones appeal to me a lot. Probably an age thing…ha ha. I love how you offer alternative fabrics/color choices – that’s very helpful.

  88. Sharon Dimberg says:

    Your patterns are fantastic. One of my daughters is getting into quilting as time permits, she is a senior in college. But she loves to make tablerunners since they are quick and take only a little fabric investment. Keep the great patterns coming.

    Sharon D.

  89. Olga says:

    I love your patterns, and the great color choices that you show with them. So many neat ideas!!

  90. Dorrie says:

    It all looks wonderful! I’m especially fond of the runner in Farmer’s Market fabrics. I also love your new fabric line–those “cottage” colors are some of my favorites.

  91. Janice says:

    Just found your blog and will check back often! I love your patterns and books. I just finished Double Take and also made the table runner. The pattern was great and so easy to follow. I am also in a swap with some gals making blocks from Anka’s Treasures book. We all love your patterns and fabric lines! Keep up the great work!

  92. Jenny says:

    I just started quilting about a year ago. I love to use charm packs. I really enjoy ready your blog and I love your patterns. Keep up the great work!!!

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  94. These patterns rock! I posted a link to your blog this morning. I hope it brings you a few extra clicks.


  95. Connie says:

    I just loved your tip about hand binding quilts. That is the part I like the most, but I have often had problems with the thread tangling, making a little knot then I have to fiddle around with fixing it. I’ve used straw needles for hand applique, never occured to me to try them for binding. Really enjoy your blog and your patterns, etc. Fantastic studio by the way. Happy New Year!

  96. Jolyn says:

    Always look forward to your new patterns! The new book on Sixties is already on my list to get!! I love working with 60 degree triangles!!!

  97. Barbara Mars says:

    Your patterns are so vibrant and colorful – just love tham. Especially like the ‘Doubles Takes 3’ pattern. So pretty!
    Barbara in TN

  98. Jewell says:

    Beautifully designed and wonderful color choices. Your creative work is greatly to be desired. Yes I would love to win one of your designs. I work as a novice embroiderer and love to create and give my work to those I love. Thanks so much for giving us a wonderfull choice in patterns and designs.

  99. I love the bright colors, you know, the ones you thought were to bright! Bright colors bring joy to my heart.

  100. Sue Robidoux says:

    Love love love this blog and all of your table runners!!!!! 😉 I have been out of quilting for awhile and all these beautiful projects give me great incentive to sew again!!! I would love to win one of these patterns!!!

  101. The Quilting Squares and Knit Emporium says:

    Love your patterns. Good directions

  102. Cherie Berry says:

    Truly a “charmer”. Would love to try my hand at one.

  103. Darleen Araujo says:

    Your table runners are wonderful. Love how easy they would be to whip up. I usually do a table runner in between my bigger quilt projects.

  104. Crystal says:

    I just saw your Double Take 3 runner pinned on Pinterest – so I had to come over and explore! I love the patterns and will definitely be looking for them at my quilt shops. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  105. Carol says:

    Love seeing the color differences – they are very nice and would love to have the patterns! so darn cute!

  106. Jayne says:

    How do a get the patterns please, where do i buy them from…

  107. Kay says:

    What wonderful patterns I love using the charm packs and making small projects especially liked the birthday quilt what a great idea. It is hard to find a variety of patterns to use the charm packs. Thanks again for great designs

  108. Sharon Clark says:

    My goodness, everyone is so beautiful and what a blessing to be able to be so creative.
    I would love to quilt so I can make lapquilts for my grandchildren.
    You are deffinitely an inspiration.
    God Bless,
    Sharon Clark

  109. Sharon Clark says:

    I meant to type everything instead of everyone as I was referring to all your beautiful quilted table runners.
    God Bless,
    Sharon Clark

  110. Gisele Bartolf says:

    Loved all of it, beautiful

  111. Marilyn Brennan says:

    What a beautiful layout. Wonderful colors AND patterns with the pre-cuts. Way smart.

  112. jo says:

    love your patterns where can i buy them

  113. Rebecca Kemp says:

    I Really love the colors you chose!

  114. Betty Hendricks says:

    I would love the pattern for the table runner

  115. Gloria Laube says:

    I’m just getting back to sewing after nearly 35 years, and loving all the inspiration and choices available online. Thanks for getting me excited about trying new things (I’ll be 72 next week)!

  116. kunafarmgirl says:

    Wonderful combinations, I’m a newbie on here, so please choose me.

  117. Marilyn Brennan says:

    I have not sewed for a couple of years now, but your birthday quilt just may swing me back. That is so adorable; just lovely. Thank you so much!

  118. Julie Kemp says:

    very creative use of bright colors. It’s pulling me out of conservative thinking in making quilts. Yours are more fun. Thanks

  119. love your patterns, especially the colors y ou choose

  120. Gail white says:

    Wow, what beautiful colors. I love your color options.

  121. I love Little Charmers 6. It like the colors in the second and third ones. So Pretty!

  122. Ansie Anthonissen says:

    I love the little charmers and it looks quite exciting, as a beginner it can be a great challenge.

  123. Marlene Taylor says:

    Just beginning to quilt and I love table runners. This pattern is not only beautiful it is something I believe even if can do. 😀

  124. Lorraine says:

    Love the “Fig and Plum” one. They are all beautiful, including the quilting. 🙂

  125. Holly says:

    I liked all of the versions. As a beginner, I am very cautious about color choices and mostly just follow what I have seen. thanks for the great patterns! Are they easy for beginners?

  126. Maggie Carter says:

    I loved the brighter runner. All of the patterns are ones that I would like to try so if I dont win one please order me one.. Thanks ,Maggie

  127. Mary Quinn says:

    Jealous of your ability to combine colors. You have a great eye.

  128. Judy says:

    Great designs and yet so simple. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Looking forward to seeing my name selected. Happy new year too!

  129. Jennie Rader says:

    I would love to win any of your pattern s but if I don’t win where can I buy one of your books? I would love to have the book Little Charmers 6 I have lots of charm packs and would love to make something out of them. Thank you

  130. Dixie Haefner says:

    Love the bright colors. Very pretty!

  131. Stephanie Sumner says:

    Your color combos are fabulous. I want to have that skill installed in me somehow. Beautiful brights but very addicting in all colors. Table runners are my favs😍

  132. Patricia Evans says:

    How do I get these patterns?

  133. linda byrd says:

    luv all these patterns …. especially the farmers market pattern.

  134. Linda says:

    I also love seeing the same pattern made up in different fabrics and like them all. Thank you for the opportunity to receive a free pattern!

  135. Linda says:


  136. Beatrice Mohsinger says:

    I love the runner in the bright colors. I’ve been looking for patterns for a spring table runner. This does it for me.

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