Winners of the Gifts for all Reasons book

I bet you are all thinking I forgot about you – since it’s been almost two weeks since my last post and I haven’t announced the winners of the free book.  I haven’t forgotten about you, it just that I have hardly been home in the last two weeks!  I have been gone teaching for much of that time.  I got home Sunday night, but I’ve been busy unpacking and catching up on some sleep.  I’ve also come home rather burned out and brain dead.  Not a good combination.  I had a hard time even getting my brain going to come up with a blog post.  I can at least announce the winners from the last post to get started. . . . .

By the way, I really enjoyed reading all of your comments.  There were so many who suggested keeping the original look for fall and winter, and switching to the brighter quilt for spring and summer.  I may seriously have to consider that.  I think Joel would appreciate that too – As I’m getting the new look put together, it is starting to look more and more girly, and I am starting to feel sorry for him for having to sleep in a room with pink!  He may need the fall and winter look just to recover some of his lost masculinity!!!  Anyways, on to the winners of the drawing:

Janet T – posted on 11-9-08 at10:32 pm

Sue Cahill – posted on 11 – 7 08 at 1:17 pm

Please e-mail me your shipping address and I’ll get you a book right away.


Here are some pictures of one of the projects I was teaching while I was gone:

The Kitchen Collection, which I designed with my Mom Deb.


I told the gals at the retreat that the reason I picked this pattern, was because I thought these items would make great Christmas gifts.  Christmas will be here before we know it – Yikes!  Thanksgiving is already next week!! 

The pattern requires a charm pack and a couple coordinating prints for the borders and apron.  Depending on how many charms you have in your pack, you may be able to use the scraps to make the hot pads.

Here’s one of the color options for this pattern:


The apron is a great place to display that large floral that you just don’t want to cut up, like this poppy print.  I have a whole stash of large-scale prints that would be great for aprons!


This one is done out of my Serenity collection.  My picture isn’t great, so you will have to use your imagination.


One of the other things that I wanted to mention is that I have added a couple new links to my side bar.  The first one is Lissa Alexander.  She is the market director at Moda fabrics, and you know how I love Moda!!  She has just started a blog a few weeks ago and I thought you all might be interested in checking it out.  Plus, she has a really cool blog name – The Moda Lissa. 

Moda Lissa

Also, for all you Miss Rosie fans, Carrie Nelson has just started blogging.  You may remember me talking about her here.  She is lots of fun, so I’m sure you will enjoy reading about her and what she is up to.  I wasn’t able to copy her blog pic, but here’s the link:



To help get me back on track, I thought I would make a list of what I should blog about – just to help get me back on track:

1.  My next fabric line, due out in Feb ’09

2.  My favorite quilting tools

3.  Binding inside corners and how to hand stitch a quilt faster (a queen size in the time it takes to watch Price and Prejudice)

4.  Remodeling.  Everyone seems to like to see pics of quilts in my house, but the house didn’t start out this way.  If you don’t already think I’m crazy, seeing the before pictures will definitely confirm it.

5.  Guide to our new and updated website (we have to finish this first, so don’t look now!)

6.  Survey to help me get started with my new book (s)

7.  Anything else you would like me to post on?  I’m always looking for ideas. 

If you would like to share any ideas, I’d be happy to enter you into a drawing for a Kitchen Collection pattern.  It can be this week’s “Pattern of the Week” –   You know the drill 🙂






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30 Responses to Winners of the Gifts for all Reasons book

  1. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations to the winners. Can I just answer “all of the above”…Perhaps you could share what sewing machine you use. I just went from a Pfaff to a Janome. But I am interested in what the “pros” use :o) and what you like about your machine.

  2. Michelle says:

    Any other crafty bloggers who would like to point us too 😉

    Any other tips/tricks you find helpful when crafting…

  3. Paula says:

    How about a photo gallery or slide show of some of your quilts???

  4. karen says:

    I love the large scale poppy apron! Those pinwheels make the apron. What a great idea for gifts! Curious about the new fabric line…….

  5. Nancy E says:

    It would interesting to know how you decide what quilting designs you put on your quilts, plus, what thread & batting you use. Where do you get quilt inspirations?

  6. Carrie P. says:

    Congratulations to the winners. The aprons and runners are beautiful. I would like to know how you get your ideas? Do you look around at things, do you have a sketch book, etc.

  7. Barbara S says:

    First, congrats to the winners. What I would like to know is how to work with colors and contrast with colors. Sometimes my combinations just don’t work like I would like.

  8. Kathie says:

    Congrats to those that won. I’ll keep trying because I LOVE your patterns. As for what we would like to see/know from you. How bout when we can expect those large print patterns and when they are gonna be out. I’m waiting 🙂 Kathie

  9. Sherri says:

    I’m for “all of the above”! I’m also curious as to HOW you get your ideas…do you just think of designs, or do you have to be working with fabric to think of them. I’m always looking for ideas for projects for gifts as well!

  10. Sue Cahill says:

    I am so excited to win but I can’t seem to get your email to send you my address, I keep getting an error. Could you drop me an email at so I can reply?
    I can’t wait to get the book but I don’t know how to get you my info.

    Thanks so much – Sue Cahill

  11. Cindy says:

    I’d also like to know how you design? Do you start with a fabric line or a pattern sketch? Also I’d love to know how you manage your day and seem to get do much done?!

  12. Linda says:

    Heather, here’s another for all the above blogs and tips and tricks… How about blogging about your preps for the holidays. Do you do a lot of baking, give quilted gifts????
    Congrats to the winners!!
    Love the kitchen collection – will have to do that for several gifts in the coming year – congrats also on your fabric line due to come out – Feb will be here before you know it!!!
    Thanks – you were missed!!! Linda xo

  13. shauna says:

    I also am for all of the above, but would also like to know your ideas on color selection when not using a collection. That part seems to be the most difficult for many of us.

  14. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    I would like to know more about which is your favorite part of what you do and why? Maybe it would give perspective on how you do so well at many things!
    I would love to work with my mom – tell us more about how that came about.

  15. Ellen says:

    I am just finishing up two table runners using this pattern. It goes together like a dream! I used Peace on Earth and was able to get both runners out of one charm pack by adding a few stash that matched. The runner is so very quick! So, if you happen to pick my name, put it back in the pot for someone else since I already have it! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Priscilla says:

    Do you have any pets? it seems that most quilters blogs I read have either a cat or dog or both! Personally I have an adorable although rather naughty little jack russell dog, named Mister!

  17. Lissa says:

    I am so honored to have been mentioned! Why don;t you blog about your staff of 25 and how they do all the work for you while you are at the spa through the Holidays? Pics of this would be nice also.


  18. Jenny says:

    Quilting is only my second favorite hobby next to cooking. I would love to win the kitchen collection book. I could merge my favs together! I would love to see more pictures of your house during the remodeling phase. My husband and I are currently building and I need major decorating ideas…especially for the kitchen! Do you any quilts deplayed in your kitchen?

  19. annie says:

    I would love to see more ideas of how to display quilts in the home….other than the expected “on the bed”. Love your books. Annie

  20. Christine says:

    To the winners as Napoleon Dynamite would say, “Lucky.” Congrats. For more blog ideas…I would really like to hear what you have to say about your favorite quilting tools and why, #3 about binding inside corners and hand stitching…I love hand stitching but maybe it could be more efficient. And I would be interested in a survey for your new book.

  21. Tammy says:

    Heather, I was going through some of your archieved posts and found the binding tips from August 13. What a great idea and so simple! I am new to quilting and just did a baby quilt for a gift. This was the first quilt I did the binding on (only 2nd quilt completed) and your tip came in so handy! As a newby, I would love to hear more of your tricks of the trade! Thanks again, Tammy

  22. Sandy says:

    I agree with Stephanie, I too would like to know what type of machines the Pros use. Looking forward to your tips and topics you have listed.

  23. Robin says:

    I like Annie’s idea about displaying quilts. Also maybe ” a day in the life”…I think we all wonder how you get so much done….so much beautiful stuff.

  24. Sharon says:

    It would be interesting to understand how you manage your fabric stash. What is the smallest amount of fabric you buy, what is the largest amount you buy, colors etc. What do you do with all the scraps after you have cut out a quilt. You get the idea. Thanks

  25. Brenda says:

    I’m new to quilting so I’m always interested in what tools other quilters use. Tips regarding color selection would be great!

  26. A Betty says:

    I liked all the blogging ideas- yours and the readers. How about a question and answer blog- like answers posted to the first 10 questions. Such as- what features do you like best for your sewing machine?

  27. Lisa says:

    I’d love to hear about how you organize your fabric and your sewing room. What about a more detailed trip through your sewing room with tips you’ve picked up in organizing/sorting fabric and scraps. I live overseas and am not able to have the sewing room of my dreams…yet…but I’d love to see yours and get ideas for my future sewing room.

  28. Cari says:

    You are one of my favs…keep up the great work!

  29. Nicole says:

    I need to get your pattern immediately and start working on my Christmas gifts! I want to make an apron for every woman in my family! Love it! It is so funny, I am just now in the process of changing out my master bedroom with a new quilt and accessories too. Don’t you love doing that? It gives everything such a fresh new look.

  30. Heather says:

    I need a cute, new apron! The pattern is adorable… I’ve looked at it often, but haven’t been able to purchase it, yet, ’cause I have too many other projects I need to complete first! Maybe if I could win it it could become a higher priority project?!?

    One thing I’d like to learn about is if you have any “rules” you follow, or suggestions you have, on how to scale a large quilt down to a smaller size.


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