A Good Weekend

I’d like to start off by thanking everyone for their great suggestions of topics for me to blog about.  I feel like I’m set for the next 6 months.  Maybe next May I’ll have to ask for more ideas again!  Anyways, I really appreciate all your help with my “blogger’s block” – it was just what I needed!  The winning suggestion, chosen at random was:  Linda, posted on Nov 19 at 12:28 a.m.  Please email your shipping address (hmulder@wecnet.com) and I’ll get your pattern out in time to start those Christmas gifts!

I’d like to tell you about my fun weekend.  Joel decided to have a father-son hunting retreat at his place in North Dakota.  Several years back, he and five other guys chipped in and bought a house for $6,000.  Can you believe that???  I didn’t know you could buy a house so cheap.  He says it’s not a total dump. . . I’m just going to take his word on that one.  I don’t need to go out there and see it.  Several times a year he takes a group of guys out there to go hunting.  This time he took his Dad, My Dad, my sister’s husband and his Dad.  That left my Mom, my sister, her Addi and myself home alone for the weekend.  We decided to have our own little retreat, sewing, watching movies, hanging out, and snacking. 

We started Friday morning, when I woke up to find the lake frozen over.  This always makes me sad 😦


Living at the lake in Minnesota is great for 3 months out of the year – but there is 5 months out of the year that you stare at a huge block of ice.  It makes me cold just looking at it.   We finally got some sun though –  We had about two weeks straight with only 2 minutes 33 seconds of sunshine (according to the news).  At least our weekend started out sunny!

This is the first project I worked on:


It’s my Square Peg pattern from the new book “Livin’ Large“.  The fabrics are by Joel Dewberry.

Later that afternoon, a box arrived from my favorite fabric company, Moda.  Moda has generously contributed fabric to my books for the past couple years.  It’s great for me because I am able to get the yardage early, so when the book comes out, the fabric is still available.  I hope it works out great for the customers who are looking for those fabrics, and I also hope that Moda sells lots of fabric because of it!!!  So thanks Lissa, for helping out again.  I can’t wait to get started!  I mentioned my niece Addi was here over the weekend.  She loved the new Moda fabrics too – see?


She spent quite a while just playing with the charm packs and stacking up the jelly rolls.


And look – even she was drooling (literally) over these great fabrics!



I got a shower curtain made out of this fabric.  I’m working on a wall hanging out of the other two swatches in the picture.  When I get it done, I’ll show you the finished project and the bathroom it’s going in – it’s part of my mission to introduce large scale prints into my house.


I love this fabric.  It’s one of Amy Butler’s decorator weight prints.  I got it here.


I also worked on the pillow shams for my bedroom. 


They are to coordinate with this runner that I made a while back

and this quilt that is going on my bed.  The fabrics are by Heather Bailey  (I think I mentioned that before)



That concludes my weekend.  I wanted to get my curtains made too, but I ran out of time.  I guess I shouldn’t have spent so much time playing with that baby!  Joel and our dog Daisy arrived home safe, but tired.  She’s hardly moved from her bed since she got home.  Oh, home-sweet-home.


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17 Responses to A Good Weekend

  1. Sherri says:

    Great projects…and what fun to get random, new fabric from Moda…I can only dream!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Great Joel quilt. I do love his fabric. I see a future quilter playing with fabric. That’s how it starts!!!

  3. Christine says:

    I love the fabrics for the table runner and pillow shams, also for the bed quilt. Ha ha…the dog picture was really funny. My daughter’s dog is a lab mix and will curl up in my dog’s bed…my dog is a 10# Shih Tzu…looks just like that…all legs and no room.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Your bed quilt/shams look great 🙂

  5. Linda says:

    Isn’t it amazing the things we can accomplish and get done with the guys gone??!! I don’t think I could have gotten as much done tho with such a cutie as Addi – I would have played and of course drooled along with her. What a nice haul to show up at your door!! Loved the pic of Daisy, she looked as tho she had a wonderful week end too!! L. xo

  6. Lissa says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

    I need that picture of Addi for a moda ad. Way to get her started early.

  7. cindratee says:

    I’m drooling right along side your niece.

  8. Addi is so super cute. I wish she lived near me so she could play with Emma. She is too cute!

  9. Toni says:

    Hi, I love your patterns and books and own quilte a few but need to get a copy of A gift for all Reasons, I love that quilt on your bed and would like to make it. I checked out your books and patterns on your website and dont see that book so can you please let me know where to get it.

    I too have a hard time with our lake freezing over. We have snow on the ground but still have open water. Living in the UP is tough in the winter but quilting keeps me busy…I wish moda would come and bring me some boxes full of fabric to fondle…love you pics…

    Thanks in advance…Toni

  10. krista says:

    Well aren’t you just the cutest little thing?!
    I’m coming over from Jane’s blog! You are so inspiring! I’m adding you to my blogroll! Come check out our little family!

  11. Julia says:

    Hi Heather,
    oh – I’d love to trade places with your niece {aA = adorable Addy ;o) } – playing with moda frabrics in front of gorgeous quilts, stacked one above the other…*sigh*… *dream*…
    The new pillow shams are gorgeous…nearly too precious to use them…and perfect for the quilt.
    Hugs, Julia
    P.S.: Give that tired & sweet dog some belly-rubbing from me ;o)

  12. Nicole says:

    Addi is adorable! And so is all that wonderful new fabric! I spent a “girl’s weekend” with my daughter. We sat at the kitchen table with our Featherweights and chatted and stitched away the hours.

  13. Carrie P. says:

    Everything is so pretty even the icey lake and the puppy dog.

  14. Kate says:

    So many gorgeous fabrics! And your niece too; good to get her interested in fabrics as early as possible 🙂

    Love the quilt/tablerunner/pillow combo, nice and bright and funky!

  15. Look at all of that good stuff.

  16. Christine says:

    Love your color choices. You are so inspiring! I loved the pillow shams too! Is the pattern in one of your books or is it going to be a new one coming out?
    Can’t wait to make one..it will be perfect for my daughters bedroom. I made her quilt out of Heather Bailey fabrics too!

    Love all your designs! Christine

  17. Karen C says:

    Love the table runner, is it one of your patterns for sale and if so how can i purchase a copy.

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