Winter in Minnesota

Here in Minnesota, we are having  more snow than we’ve had in few years.  It brings back memories of my childhood, where there was enough snow to make snow forts and go sledding.    I remember one winter when I was in college, we had a big snow storm every Thursday for a couple months in a row.  It was great, as once a week, I got off from school or work.  I can’t use that excuse anymore, as I work at home 🙂 .  No more snow days for me!



With all this snowing, my husband Joel has been busy plowing with his 4-wheeler.  I have to show you some of the pictures of him plowing.  Try not be jealous girls – of the camo and eyelashes, that is.




By the way, he’s a hunter so his favorite color is camo.



 Here’s a close-up of that picture.  Joel has such long, thick eyelashes, that they catch so much snow that he can hardly see.  Such a problem to have!   Some night when he’s sleeping, I plan to have his eyelashes removed and surgically reattached to my eyes.  I don’t think he will miss them and I ‘m sure I will enjoy them more than he does. 



Here’s a picture of the driveway that he has to plow.




It can actually be quite pretty, but the UPS driver hates us.  I don’t blame him – the truck he has to drive is not made for winter in MN!





I’m sure many of you think that we Minnesotans are crazy for living here.  Most of the time, I have to agree with you.  But, if I didn’t live in Minnesota, I wouldn’t have memories like this,




or this




or this.


(We also have a huge hill in the backyard too that is good for sledding.  Here’s my Mom’s first try.  She obviously wiped out, but at least she looks good while doing it!)




This is the winter view from my studio.




My niece and nephew in their winter garb.




Our woods in the winter




Me with my birthday present from Joel




Now it looks like Mr and Mrs Bigfoot live here – and Littlefoot (our dog Daisy)




 Joel loves to ice fish.  We’ve been snowshoeing out to the islands on our lake to get the fishing report.  Have you seen the movie Grumpier Old Men?  That will be Joel in about 30 years.



You can’t see the fish houses in this picture, but they are just to the left of the island.  What you can see is the snow and how it blurs out details of the world around it.



Here’s another shot of the islands, just as the lake is freezing over.



As you can see, winter can be kind of fun and pretty.  Don’t get me wrong.  Living in Minnesota still pretty much sucks  (would you like to know the temperature as I finish up this post?  When we drove home from my sister’s house last night, my truck read -37 below).  We’re  just trying to make the best of it.  It requires lots of quilting, knitting, and chocolate therapy to survive it.  Lots and lots.



One last shot or two of the eyelashes.  No Fair.



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19 Responses to Winter in Minnesota

  1. Sinta says:

    I spent a couple of years in Minnesota… very memorable! I moved there from Huntington Beach CA. I was in shock! The summers are sweltering and the winters are… well you took the pictures! Just as I remember:) I wish I would have known how to quilt back then! I live in the mountains just outside of Yosemite now. A happy medium. Hope you get spring weather very soon!

  2. jo says:

    Heather, if the eyelashes were on you, you would only see them if you looked in the mirror. This way, you can see they every time you look at him….

  3. Susan says:

    Our daughter just took a job in Minneapolis, so we spent this weekend looking for a place to live. When we woke up Sunday morning to those huge snow flakes with the sun shining through, she knew she was in the right place. She loves snow! It helps you really enjoy the spring that follows.

  4. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    Don’t forget to mention not to be jealous of the color of his eyes in addition to the eyelashes!

    I a Minnesotan too, and love the season (and luckily missed the cold by luckily scheduling a trip to sunny, warm – 80 degrees) Arizona.

  5. Mary-Kay says:

    Okay so he has great eyelashes and eye colour. And I like the idea of removing them while he is sleeping and attaching them to your eyes.
    Some of your pictures are amazing. The one of the 2 children is awesome. The colour and clarity is fantastic. I don’t care for snow and don’t envy that part of your homelife at all but the scenery is beautiful to look at. It must be beautiful during the rest of the year also.

  6. Auntie Pami says:

    At least your UPS man will come down your road-our’s won’t! I can’t believe his eyes are so blue-just like ice.(And Daniel Craig…)

  7. Camille says:

    Amazing pictures, but the snow? Not as much. 😉 I can say that, it took me 23 years to get out of the snow and I’ve never looked back.

    I’d kill for those eyelashes….

  8. Carrie P. says:

    Wow you are getting a ton of snow compared to our little bit. I really like the snow fishing picture. Besides great eyelashes your hubby has some beautiful blue eyes too. It seems like guys always get the long eyelashes.

  9. Beth says:

    Just remember: EVERY climate has an indoor season! You have yours in winter…and we have ours in summer! Our only selling point? We dont’ have to shovel anything to get to the car…but then again we STICK to the seat…(hear the sizzle?!) Your pictures are lovely!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing, even sharing those eyes! OMG!
    We once in a blue moon get to ice fish in central Missouri. the fish taste so great couaght from the icy water.
    Keep warm.

  11. Leslie L says:

    Wow. We’ve been getting lots of snow here in RI, but we can’t hold a candle to MN. That’s some serious gear your husband has! Doesn’t the snow just make you want to hole up inside and quilt?

  12. PattyF says:

    I grew up in Chicago and went to college in MN. Now that I have lived in Arizona for 13 years and it is unseasonably warm here this week (high 70’s), you tend to forget that the rest of the country is really experiencing winter. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and stay warm!!

  13. Meg from Ohio says:

    I visited Minnesota this summer because I was infatuated with Waconia, MN (a southwest suburb of Minneapolis). I loved the experience – it was beautiful (in July!), the people were amazing, and the quilting stores were great (we have nothing like that in Ohio, where I’m from). I actually thought about moving up there, but I’m not sure I can swallow the winters 😦 I do envy you though!!!

  14. amandajean says:

    this has been a REAL winter, hasn’t it??? i love the view out of your studio window. you lucky duck!

  15. Victoria says:

    wow. I wish I was snuggled up in my cabin…. thanks for the great pictures!

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  17. Carla says:

    Gorgeous photos. That last one would also look great in black and white with just the blue eye in color. Called selective color.

  18. Mary Jo Martin says:

    I loved reading about your use of jelly rolls. Several girlfriends and I spent a weekend using jellyroll cuts to make quilts. Before we went for the weekend we sprayed quilting adhesive on our backings and then laid our batting on top of that. Then we drew a marker line halfway down the batting horizontally. When we started quilting we put two pieces of the jelly roll right sides together on the marker line. We then sewed those two pieces with a 1/4 inch seam. then we pressed the seam open. We continued to sew a strip on the top and one on the bottom of the quilt and press them open. We worked until the jellyroll was used up. And our quilt was finished and quilted. All we needed to do was bind it when we got home.
    The only problem we had was that we all wanted twin side quilts and so it became bulky to move to press and we did need to add more 2 1/2 ” strips to make it twin size. But it is a great idea for making a babyquilt all in one operation. We even had time for fun and some fabric shopping.

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