Deadlines Done – (Almost!)

Thanks to everyone who left such nice comments about our biggest mistake ever –  I always enjoy reading about your take on things.   Several of you asked if I would share my paint colors.  I would, if I could.  I always start by picking a color off of those little swatches you get at the paint store.  I put some up on the wall, hoping optimistically that this time I will find a color I like  – straight out of the can.  Never happens – I always end up trying to custom mix just the right color.  It drives my husband crazy!  I will have four or five swatches painted on the wall, then ask him which one he likes better.  As if he cares!  Then I’ll start painting the room, often times remixing my color shade as I am working.  By the time I’m done,  the color is totally different than the swatch on the card.  Please don’t ask my how many times I have repainted my living room since we’ve been here.  Okay – it’s just four.  Sounds normal, right?  Not obsessive at all.  Several of you also asked about the quilt hanging over the couch in the living room – It’s Pinwheel Chain, from the book Fat Quarter Cottage.  You can view the cover under the books tab.


I just turned in the books, patterns, and brochure to the printer.  That means that most of the work is now behind me.  I just have to wait, patiently, for the printed copies to arrive.   I’m so happy to be free again!  So, on Wednesday I took the day off.  What did I do on my day off?

Well, regular things.  Things I haven’t done in a while – Like clean the house.  I hate to tell you this, but time for cleaning becomes a luxury when there are book deadlines.  Please don’t try to come over and visit me just before a book deadline.  I can write my To-Do lists in the dust.  It’s that bad.


I also babysat my little niece.  We played Peek-A-Boo



We spent time outside.  It was finally nice out, with temperatures in the mid-sixties.



It was Joel’s Birthday, so he got some extra attention – from Addi – of course.



I cut down my flowers and raked the leaves out of the flower beds.  Addi helped by sitting on my lap and picking up leaves.  Then we put out the lawn furniture and watched the ice melt.


I am almost as excited about the ice melting, as I am about finishing the books.  It means that winter is finally over!   This is early in the day and there are a few birds on the edge of the ice – which you can’t see in this photo.



By the afternoon, it looked like all of the birds in the area had gotten the memo for the free buffet over on Nest Lake.  The edge of the ice was just lined with birds.  They were quite noisy, but I don’t mind.  Just another sound of spring.



The next morning, I woke up to this – the ice had just disappeared.  Amazing!




I’m getting ahead of myself.  Back to my day off –  I also finished up a new fabric line that I need to have turned into my design director at Henry Glass and Co (by Thursday).


It all started with a few sketches –



Then I mixed up some paint colors –   You guessed it – Lots of mixing!



This time I did my painting on canvas.


I used my new quilting pencil by Sewline to draw on the canvas.  If I didn’t like my sketching, I simply got it wet, and it disappeared.  It it works this well with marking fabric, I’m gonna love it!



I’ll  share more later, when I get the cads back from Henry Glass.  By the way, I didn’t do all the painting on my day off.  I just put the package together for my design director.  Now, all I need is a name.  Any suggestions?  I could really use some help with this.  I absolutely hate naming things.  My mind just goes  _________   blank.   If only I had a name, my day off would be complete. . . . . . .   (I’m certainly willing to offer up some quilting related items for the name that’s chosen)

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73 Responses to Deadlines Done – (Almost!)

  1. Anita says:

    I love the painting. How about signs of spring?

  2. Nicole says:

    Your little niece is just precious!
    Isn’t it wonderful when the ice disappears and you feel your first inkling of spring? It has been chilly and windy here in California, and we all are hoping for a warm up this weekend.
    I have been working on your Around the Block pattern and am so happy with the results. What a great pattern that is for jelly rolls. I know when I find a really good pattern, because while I am working on my project, my head is spinning with ideas on how to use it again!

  3. Stephanie says:

    How about Twitter? Lovely design and fresh yummy colors.

  4. Michelle says:

    “Simple Blooms” – the design is fairly minimal, but the colors just make it pop!

  5. Karen says:

    “Spring has Come”/”Spring is Here!”
    Sorry, I think your pictures influenced me!

  6. Shari says:

    “Tapestry” That is what I’m reminded of with the lovely floral/bird design and colors.

  7. Tara says:

    How about “Summer Love”? What ever you call it I want some! Any idea when it might come out? The colors are so now.

  8. Nichole says:

    How about “Provence Picnic” – the red, yellow and aqua reminds me of the typical French or provence color scheme, but updated. The flowers and bird remind me of a picnic! Another suggestion would be “Posy Picnic” or “Picnic at the Lake” because I think of your beautiful house on the lake! Ohh,.. maybe “Sunday in the Park”? I’m thinking of sunshine, blue sky and beautiful flowers.

  9. Sequana says:

    Not quite like the first suggestions, but close – Sounds of Spring….

  10. Barbara says:

    Your niece is such a beautiful little girl! You are really going to love the sewline pencil on fabric, it is truly wonderful. Believe it or not, I’ve found the green lead can be used on just about any color and still comes off nicely. Now for a name, those colors look like summer to me, how about Summer Escape?

  11. Jana says:

    I think you should call it Lake Garden

  12. rachel says:

    sounds like a great day.
    your niece is SO cute!!!

    here are a few name suggestions:
    addi’s garden. {or addison’s garden.}
    flowers by the lake.
    les fleurs.
    blooms & blossoms.
    lake breeze.
    bright & cheery.

    that’s all i have for right now, but if something else hits me, i’ll be back. lol.

    p.s. i think it’s going to be a beautiful, no matter what you name it.

  13. sherri says:

    Love the flowers…how about “Medley of Flowers”! So happy that the ice has melted!

  14. Tracey says:

    Oooo, those colors say summer to me……the green grass, aqua sky, and the red and yellow representing the warmth of the season. How about “Summer Serenade”?

    Or if the fabric line is due out later than summer, I like “Wildflower Whimsy” or “Winsome Wildflowers”.

  15. anne Dease says:

    How about “Sew Fleur”…….love the drawings, and know I will love the fabric too!!! XX Annie

  16. Nancy says:

    How about Spring Has Sprung!

  17. Jo Anne says:

    The new fabric line will be gorgeous. The colors, the flowers, the bird–all come together to create a mood of warmth, beauty, peace, happiness. I think an appropriate name would be “MULDER’S MEADOW.” I have a few other suggestions also:
    Lazy Days of Summer
    Mountain Meadow
    Merry Meadow
    Bliss (or Summer Bliss of Blissful Meadow)
    Heather’s Boquet
    Or, you could name it after a beloved relative.

  18. diane says:

    How about Free and Easy?! my first thoughts when seeing those free floating flowers. Lovely. Addi is darling, that cute dimple in her chin…mmm.

  19. pam says:

    Sweet Adylinn or however you spell Addi’s full name. Because she is so sweet and could inspire anyone.

  20. Carol Lewis says:

    Nice designs. How about: Garden Whimsy

  21. Christy says:

    so pretty! What sprung to mind immediately for me was “Pocketful of Posies.”

  22. Blogless me says:

    Very pleasant colour palette – bright and yet not in your face. It sings to me, hence

    Summer song / Summer notes

  23. Jennifer says:

    I like Spring Fever!!!

    Hope you enjoy your de-stress time!!!

  24. Jolene says:

    Heather, you are so talented. Every time I read your blog I am more and more amazed at what all you create!

    I am sooooo happy to finally be able to open the windows and let the fresh air in (and the stale furnace air out)!!

    Love the new drawings for future fabric.

  25. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    It must be a relief to have your book finished. My suggestion for the new fabric is “Morning Glorious”! The colors are amazing.

  26. Jocelyn says:

    I wish I knew some French, but what comes to my mind is something like Provincial French Market. Your fabric just seems like it would be a tapestry in a french home.

  27. Karen J says:

    Windflower Meadow?

  28. Priscilla says:

    What a gorgeous niece you have! She is adorable.

    I think some names for your new fabric could be:
    Simply Summer
    Bright Blooms
    flirty flora


  29. Christiane says:

    When I see the painting, I first thought of my holidays in Spain. So that´s why I would call ist “Mediterranean spring” or “Mediterranean summer”

    Have a nice day off.
    Lovely Greetings from Germany

  30. Kritta22 says:

    Your niece is so stinking cute!!

    Some names:

    Spring Awakenings
    Tweed la da
    Sassy Tweet

  31. Linda says:

    Not so sure I’m good at naming either, Heather, but the design looks so happy and alive, I might go with “Bright and Sassy” or “New Awaking” or “Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed”…. seeing the lake come alive inspired my thoughts. Whatever it becomes, looks like another great line to me!!

  32. A Betty says:

    I was thinking about my happy fabrics Soiree and Swanky this morning and when I read your blog I immediately thought, “0 Happy Day”. So that’s my suggestion. The little and various designs are so pretty. I am finishing up your PRETTY IN PINK and it has been so much fun to make. If I can quilt it nicely it’s definitely a keeper. A Betty

  33. jo says:

    I’ve always wondered how fabric gets designed…
    How about “Floral Affair”. I actually liked someone’s earlies post that said Heather’s bouquet…or the one after your grandma. I hate picking names so best of luck with that! When I was pregnant it was constantly on my brain for nine months…My husband HATED picking names so it took forever.

  34. Nancy Aydlett says:

    Spring is very wonderful! What a wonderful new line of Fabric. I’m not good at names either. I take naming things to personal!!! But I like “Heather’s Spring” or “Color’s of Heather” Heartfelt wishes to you as being your travel on a new exciting journey!!!

  35. A Betty says:

    Or… Sweet Escape, (since quilting with beautiful fabric is that), or Along MY Path… (as in garden). Way too much thinking. A Betty

  36. Kathleen says:

    How about “Serendipity”….is this a spring line? Summer? Serendipity Spring (or summer).
    I’m liking some of the other suggestions….

  37. Erica says:

    Your flowers and colours remind me of the paintings on the gable ends of houses in Bavaria or of the embroidery on the traditional wear that is everywhere during Oktoberfest. Depends when your line is coming out, but maybe you could call it “Alpen Haus” for spring or “Oktoberfest” for fall? Whatever you end up naming your line, it is veyr pretty.

  38. Ice out on our lakes in NH is a big event so how about “Spring Ice Out” or something along the ice out idea. I made a quilt last year after another horrible winter and called it “Finally Spring” so that’s another name.

  39. Tina says:

    Lake House Florals is a nice name

  40. Dawn says:

    How about just “Addilyn”?

  41. Ellen says:

    Love it! How about “Springtime Serenade?”

  42. Shelly says:

    I enjoy your magnificent talents-quilting and home decor.

    Your little niece is just precious.

    I also thought of the name Spring fever, though someone else already mentioned that.

    What about Spring Twitter.
    Enjoy your time off. You’ve done a lot of hard work. Good job!

  43. Kathy Jewell says:

    So nice to see that the warmer weather is heading your way (we’ve already started with the cold stuff here in Australia and its doing to get worse!)
    Your new range is looking beautiful. I really like Anne Dease’s suggestion of “Sew Fleur”.
    My suggestion is “Spring it on!”

  44. Jen says:

    Love the new collection! How about Spring has sprung? Or Oops a daisy?

  45. Leslie L says:

    Your fabric designs are beautiful! I love the red with delicate blue star flowers, and the aqua with tiny red flowers and squares.

    The designs remind me of Pennsylvania German folk art, so how about “Folk Flowers” or “Folk Garden”? Also, the blue looks like a robin’s egg, so how about “Robin’s Nest” or “Round Robin”?

    Maybe when you get farther along in the design process, you could blog about how you go from paintings like these to finished fabric designs. I’m curious. Does another designer take it from here, or do you do more work?

    Thanks for sharing, as always. Happy spring!

  46. Jennifer says:

    Great post – enjoyed seeing how you spent your day off, the ice melting, and the painting…what about Spring Promises?

  47. Danielle says:

    Springy Anticipation – been in the middle of a snowstorm all day and that is how I felt when I saw your drawings

  48. Julie says:

    I love all of the new colors of these fabrics. The floral prints remind me of growing up and drawing flowers on my notepads at school. What came to my mind for a name is “Summer’s Surprise” or “Summer Surprise”. I love your patterns and love your designs for fabric. Thanks for blogging for us, I love to follow along.

  49. Fresh Blooms
    Blooming Promises
    Sunshine in Abundance
    Sunshine Promises

    Pretty…any name you pick!

  50. Shelly says:

    Dilly Dallie

    I love the Rebel Roses and can’t wait to see more of your creations!

  51. Lucy says:

    I love the colors. The brown sketch made me think of wood and I think there is a city in MN called Woodbury — which led me to Woodbury Blooms.

    Whatever you decide, it will be gorgeous and a big seller I’m sure.

    Thanks for sharing how you do this — it’s fun to see that part of the process.

  52. Kris says:

    LOVE it….
    How about:
    Spring Fling, or Tiskit a Tasket……
    May Day, or Willow Woods…..
    Petals and Branches,
    Whispering Woods

  53. Kris says:

    Oops…my last one was Twiddly Dee!

  54. Kris says:

    Saffron Sunsets….
    Oh, I always wanted to name PAINT!!!!
    Singapore Sunset Saffron……

  55. Lesley says:

    I must admit I never look at the names of fabric, but my first thought for your is:
    The colours you have used just portray that feeling.

  56. Carol Radcliffe says:

    I don’t have the slightest idea why this name came to me, but here it is………..

  57. Kelly O. says:

    Hi there Heather,
    how about something like:
    on the breeze
    spring breeze
    breeze of whimsy
    fresh air
    fresh breeze
    le printemps

    Good luck!
    Kelly O.

  58. Kelly O. says:

    thought of another one
    “wildflower posy”
    have a good day!

  59. Jocey says:

    Luv it!! How about Essence of Spring (or summer) depending on release date.

  60. Karen W says:

    The fabrics you use in your quilts are always so bright and full of life. Here are some names you could use:

    Spring Sensation
    Floral Enchantment
    Spring Enjoyment
    Backyard Delight

    Thanks. Karen

  61. Nancy says:

    Your niece is too adorable for words. Now as for naming the line…could be ‘Garden Slendor’ or ‘Suddenly Spring’. Lots of good suggestions to choose from.

  62. amber says:

    Wow. Those are great drawings for your new line. It’s going to be beautiful! Well, the two that came to me right away are “Whimsy” and “Dainty Delights.” There are a lot of great ideas so far though!

  63. Kari says:

    Spring Sweetie
    Buttercup Blossoms
    Buttercup Blooms
    Posh Poseys
    Sunshine and Vines

  64. Kelly O. says:

    I just thought of some more:
    spring up
    spring ahead

    Happy naming!

  65. quiltermom says:

    Thank you for sharing how you start a new line of fabric. It’s amazing to see just a small portion of what it all takes. I have read all the suggestions, and I don’t envy you for having to choose.

    I enjoyed our class together last weekend, I am no longer fearful of 60 degree angles 🙂

  66. Ginger says:

    Your home is beautiful and so are your fabrics! I just received two of your books I ordered and can’t wait to put them to use. I already have decided which pattern will be used to make matching quilts for my girls’ beds.
    My name suggestion is “Wallflowers”
    Happy Quilting! And thank you for all the beautiful inspiration!

  67. Vickie says:

    How about Sweet Adeline or Sweet Addison … something in honor of the Addi? Or Addi’s Fresh Picked Posies or Memories of Grandma Anka. Just a few thoughts … those of us who follow you so closely, we’d love to have a memory of yours as the beginning of a memory for our own. Hmmmm “Making Memories”.
    Thanks the gifts you share with us all.

  68. Erica says:

    So many name ideas to choose from already! I’m thinking you should pick a dozen or so and have us all vote. I have to admit that I really like the idea of naming the line after your niece. It’s such a beautiful name and the sketches are georgeous . . . it’s been my experience that when I like and order fabric on line, I love it even more in person – I’m sure it’ll be the same with this one!!

  69. Sandy G says:

    I agree with Erica, to pick several and then we vote. I like the suggestions named after you niece. you received many other nice titles also. It is going to be very hard to pick I just love your website and have one of your books and can’t wait till I get the time to make the quilt I picked out.

  70. Beverly says:

    Addi’s Bouquet—might be a fun name. Or Bluebird’s Spring Song!
    I am with you about the Oregon Coast. We honeymooned there in 1975 and have gone back almost every year since. It is wonderful!
    I love your work. Keep it up!!

  71. Holly C says:

    Such a cute niece!! This is going to be a beautiful fabric line. Love the colors. How about the name “Addi’s Delight” or “Addi’s Garden”? Hope I am not too late to enter. Thanks.

  72. Sarah Vee says:

    You have had some great suggestions already! You have such an inspiring home -you have definitely blossomed from the ‘mistake’ and found great promise… My suggestion “Addi’s Promise”. Provokes fresh, new, hope, potential. I really liked seeing how you design fabric. Thanks for sharing.

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