I’ve Been Tagged

I’ve been a little busy getting my new books and patterns ready for spring quilt market and many other things in my life have been on hold – including reading all my favorite blogs.  Last night I was out on the web playing a bit of catch up and noticed that Camille had tagged me a few weeks back.   That means I’m supposed to give you 6 or 7 random facts about me that you don’t already know (I say 6 or 7 because I don’t exactly know the rules).  So, here goes –

1.  I was the most feared player on my high school softball team.  See   –   This is the award I received at the Athletic Banquet that year.


It was handmade by my coach.  It sounds like a great award – like maybe pitchers were scared to go up against me at the plate or maybe I had a wicked throwing arm.  But no -I was given this award because I was strong enough (NOT) to break an aluminum bat while taking batting practice.   It really was just a fluke, but it was my tiny moment of glory for all the time I spent playing sports.  I pretty much sucked at sports (and should have been at home sewing or something)  but – hey, it sounds good, right?  My brother and sister actually were local sports stars, so they got their sports glory the old-fashioned way.  I had to break a bat, as my athletic skills left much to be desired.


2.  I was home-schooled from third grade through eight grade.  Please don’t let my writing skills and typos negatively influence your views on homeschoolers!  I’ve had many years since then to forget what I learned in English class.  I loved being home-schooled and we had a great support group in our area.  We were always going on field trips and learning  interesting things outside the classroom.  I give my homeschooling years partial credit the career path that I have chosen.  While other kids were spending a couple hours a day riding the bus or having play dates with their friends, I was at home learning to sew.  I spent many hours with my Mom in Home EC. class.  In fact, I think it was almost every afternoon!  We got to pursue more advanced sewing projects than other kids my age, as there was one teacher per kid.  In fact, I was surprised when I went back to public school and found out how many girls grew up without a sewing machine.  


3.  As a young gal, when I wasn’t busy sewing, I was usually doing some other art project.  I loved to paint and draw.  I took many art classed in high school and college and they were always the highlight of my day.  Here’s a  few of my projects from high school –




After my freshman year in college, I kind of gave up on my art.  I really struggled with how to make my art marketable.  I thought there was no way I could make a living doing anything like this.  It just wasn’t practical.  Shortly after that, I discovered quilting and have been using some form of my art ever since.  Several years ago, I got the chance to paint and draw again, as Henry Glass Fabrics asked me to join their team and start designing fabric.   If only I knew then, what I know now!  I would have been focusing on my art and taking lots of other classes that would have helped me become better at what I do now – like some classes in graphic arts, design, photography, etc.


3.  I’m a travel channel junkie.  Sounds boring to most of you, I’m sure.  I just love seeing all the beautiful places in the world.  I know I will never have the time, money, or bravery that it takes to see them all, so I have to live vicariously through the travel channel hosts.  I’m starting to get out and see more of the world  – though so far, it’s been mostly in the US.  Here’s a few shots of one of my favorite places to far – The Oregon Coast.  We were there after Quilt Market last spring.  We only had one day, so I didn’t get to see nearly as much of Oregon as I would have liked, but I still managed to take a few hundred pictures of what I did see!




4.  I’m not a morning person.   I’m getting a little better though.  When I was single, I would stay up until 2:00 am working and sewing (are you reading this Camille?).  I would then sleep in until . . . . well never mind.  Even though I slept in, I got so much done every night!   Then I met Joel, and everything kind of went downhill from there changed.  He was  an early riser, so we have compromised and both changed our schedule a bit so we can spend some time together.  I have to tell you, he is so darn perky in the morning and it drives me CRAZY.  He actually wakes up feeling good!  I can’t image –  I wake up feeling like I got hit by a truck and my brain doesn’t really start working properly until at least about 10:00 am.


5.  My husband has me in training to be a “coffee snob”, as he calls it.  The first date I had with Joel was at a coffee shop.  He ordered a latte – I ordered a smoothie.  But, you can’t be a part of the Peterson family without drinking coffee.  They started me off with mochas (coffee with mostly chocolate), and after about seven years of training, I am drinking coffee every morning – with creamer.  Maybe by the time I’m 50, I’ll be drinking it black and will have graduated to french roast.  I saw a sign once, that I think should hang in the kitchen at our house –  “Coffee – Do stupid things faster and with more energy! ”  I thought that was pretty cute.  When I’m not drinking coffee, I’m drinking Diet Coke, so either way I should have the energy part covered.


6.  My husband says I have an over-motivational disorder.  I have to be busy at all times.  I have never understood the concept of being bored.  I figure you only get to live once and there are so many fun hobbies and people to enjoy in that time!  So, when I’m not working or quilting, you will find me knitting, repainting my house, reading books or blogs, taking pictures, spending time with family and friends, and hopefully traveling a bit.  Sounds like I need some more coffee!


7.  You’ve all heard me say lots of good things about my husband Joel – but I have to throw him under the bus for minute.  He once stabbed me in the foot with a pitchfork,  (Accidentally, of course)  and I forgave him.  We also remodeled a house together, and I forgave him.  Hopefully, he forgave me too!  Can you tell I have run out of anything else to tell you about myself????


As part of being tagged, I’m supposed to tag a few more people.  Again, I don’t know the exact rules.   Now here is where I have a slight problem – I follow a few blogs and the people I know have already been tagged.  So what to do?  How about this – I’m asking for people who haven’t already been tagged to volunteer.  For the first FIVE people who volunteer to be tagged, you will each get a copy of my new Jelly Roll book – Called Stop, Drop and Roll.  See –



So, just let me know right away that you want to be tagged by leaving me a comment.  Then I’ll watch for your post or you can e-mail me when it’s up (hmulder@wecnet.com)  You have until next Tuesday to put the post up, as that’s when the books will be ready to ship out.  I will then get you a copy before anyone else has theirs!!!!  Yeah!  I think this is going to be fun.

(This contest is now closed.  Please do not tag yourself!)

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32 Responses to I’ve Been Tagged

  1. sherri says:

    Woo hoo…I want to be tagged!!! And I’ll e-mail again when my post is up!!! I’m so excited…I’m pretty sure I’m the first comment!!!

  2. Ginger says:

    I want to be tagged! I would love a copy of your latest book! 🙂 I’ll let you know when I post the meme. Thanks!

  3. Kari says:

    I want to be tagged! I’ve never been tagged, but I really just want your book!!! 🙂

    My birthday present to myself this year was Livin’ Large.

  4. Vickie E says:

    I want to be tagged!

  5. Gina says:

    I’ve been reading your site for a while but I haven’t commented, if I’m in the top 5 I’d love to participate! I really enjoyed looking at your art from high school, you are talented and it shows in all that you’ve shown on your blog! =)

  6. Elaine says:

    I want to be tagged. I would love a copy of your new book. Just love your inspiration, Heather.

  7. midmainecustomcabinetry says:

    I just emailed you my link, just posted it on my blog

  8. Jessica says:

    I see I’m not in the top 5, but I’d like to play anyway! My blog has been a little boring lately since my puppy chewed my cord to my foot pedal 😦
    Reading your list, I think we could have been separated at birth! I gotta run my son to school (and ironically, we’ve decided to homeschool starting next year) but I’ll be back later and update my blog! 🙂

  9. Jen says:

    See what happens when you don’t get a chance to read blogs while working! Shoot! Looks like I’ll have to wait for the book it out. Bummer.

  10. Jen says:

    I am SO taking my chances here. I did my post!
    Am I one of the five??

    I’m going to email you too just in case!

  11. rachel says:

    oh oh oh i wanna be tagged.
    seeing as i’m number 10 on the list, my chances are slim, but it’s all gravy.
    {that means my chances will be higher another day & time.}

    it was great reading your 7 things!!!
    i giggled quite a few times.

  12. Ginger says:

    Mine is posted! http://paisleyandpolkadots.blogspot.com/2009/04/tagged-kind-of.html

    And in my rush to go get my meme done, I forgot to say that I love all your random things. My husband and I are opposites as far as morning and night go too. It made for an interesting honeymoon! 🙂

    Thanks again!

  13. Casey says:

    darn! WAY too late 😦 *sigh* it was fun reading your 7 random facts though 🙂

  14. Jana says:

    Shoot! I’m too late. Dang. Cute book. I can’t wait to see it in person.

  15. Prudence says:

    I know I didn’t make the top five, but was fun reading your post! I love your books and have them all…..Next time you come to Oregon – try to get over to the Sisters area where I live. You would be most welcome! I would love to see you at our annual Quilt Show.

  16. sherri says:

    Okay, the post is up…this was a lot of fun!!!

  17. wendysquilting says:

    oh darn, and there I was all afternoon trying to stay awake during a meeting by drawing a new quilt design out in my head. I can’t wait to see your newest book.

  18. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    Your seven things are well worth reading. Thanks for sharing.

  19. mariajhmom says:

    I’m always late for the party. Can I have a book anyway?

    This was a fun post! Nice sense of humor. And I thought you were shy!

  20. Jocelyn says:

    What fun. Thanks for sharing more about yourself. I have homeschooled my children and it has been a very rewarding time. At least for me, not sure what they think yet 🙂 Sorry I missed being tagged, but sounds like fun anyway. I am always late reading everybody’s blogs.

  21. Linda says:

    Well, bummer! I’m not first five, or am I very interesting, but it was my birthday, for real yesterday, so isnt that a good excuse for being late to the party??!! Just kidding, I am always happy for winners, I have been blessed in so many ways and I am happy to be reading this. I’ll get this one anyway, it looks great and after all we are part of it now, if we follow this blog regularly!!! I have been part of a breakfast club that used 2 1/2″ strips so I figure this patter book wil help with a few more reasons to use those!!! Good Luck, Heather – but you won’t need it!! xo

  22. Sinta says:

    I wanna play to even though I am way late! I had just doing a post on my blog with a photo of one of your quilts. I came over to see the name of the book that it came from and read about your newest book. It looks like a good one. The next best thing to winning one would to be able to purchase one from you.. singed:) I edited my post now so I could add your link! http://pinkpincushion.blogspot.com/

  23. Vickie says:

    I’m sad … I wanna be tagged. But I don’t think I know how to play the game, I don’t have a blog spot, I wouldn’t know how to start a blog spot, and heck, you’d all be so bored with what I have to say. So if I was fast enough, I would have been so happy to have been tagged. But a greater talent has blessed us with yet another tidbit of where the talent emerged.

  24. Nance Allen says:

    OH, being this far so down the list is awful! I so want to be tagged! I’m with Vickie on the blog spot, but am going to learn tomorrow how to do it! Did I say I love jelly rolls! Wish I had read this sooner in the week, but here I am at 1:42 in the am. Quilter’s never sleep on schedule. And I agree, I need about 2 hours to get that bus off my pj’s and get out of bed.

  25. Leslie L says:

    I have a feeling I’m too late to be one of the top five, but I want to comment anyway–I love the cover quilt on your new book! I will have to get a copy, if not by winning it then by ordering it online. By the way, I totally understand your “moment of glory” in sports. The only hand-eye coordination I ever had was with needle and thread!

  26. Elaine says:

    I think I was tied for the 5th spot, but I don’t have a blog, so guess I can’t play. Kind of embarrassed to say that I didn’t know that you had to have a blog to be tagged…..oh well, will know next time. Learning all the time. Heather, looking forward to getting your new book. Such inspiration and you really have IT!

  27. Molly Culley says:

    Hi Heather! I’m lucky enough to live on the Oregon coast, so I loved seeing your pics! I’m with Prudence…come to the Sisters Quilt Show! It’s a 5 hour drive for me, but SOOOO worth it! Can’t wait for your new book! 🙂

  28. Marcia Willey says:

    Heather, you are FUN! I think Joel has his hands full! Keep going on the coffee thing, your loyal fan

  29. Carol Radcliffe says:

    I wish I had a website or a blog, but I don’t. I just read your blogs and love your work. You inspire many people and myself included. Thank you!

  30. Camille says:

    I could swear I left a comment on here… weird. I’m SO glad you did it, it is so fun to read more about you. And I learned one thing, I will never rob your house! That bat is insane! Thanks for playing along, you are such a good sport.

    See you SOON!

  31. maria says:

    I know what you mean about not being a morning person. My mother-in-law recently bought me a fridge magnet which says “All the coffee on Columbia will never make me a morning person”, that’s very true especially as I very rarely drink coffee. My husband,like yours, is on top form in the mornings.

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