More Knitting . . . .

Hey!  I’m back again with the rest of my knitting projects.  It’s been kind of fun to revisit some of these projects.  Sometimes knitting can be so slow that I feel like I’m not getting anything done, but this is a reminder that I do!     I guess you don’t have to wonder what I’ve been doing in my free time for the past year 😉

This pattern was fun and easy and uses a beautiful yarn from Noro called Cash Iroha.  I got it on our trip up to Larsmont Cottage, as the yarn shop is just a few miles down the road from the resort.


Here’s the close-up:



This is the Feathers and Fan Cardigan from the Make it Modern book.  I loved the cardigan in the picture, but . .


This sweater almost got the best of me.  I had a hard time with understanding the pattern, plus I kept making mistakes.  Then I gave up knitting for a week.  Then I started up again.  I just can’t help myself.


 Here’s one of my major mistakes.  I counted wrong so my back center seam ended up in the wrong place – as in it’s not in the center.  Unfortunately I didn’t notice it until I had already picked up all the stitches for the bottom and completed the knitting.


Oh the devastation!   So, I quit knitting once again.  Then I saw this pattern and had to start up again:


It’s another download from Ravelry, but I changed the cable a little bit.


Here’s the front view:


I loved this yarn – I used Plymouth Yarn Royal Llama Silk and it’s soft and has beautiful texture.  Speaking of fun yarns – this next yarn is by Berrocco and it’s called Seduce.


It’s very forgiving and easy to work with.  It also has a beautiful shine and slubby texture which gives it a dressy, upscale look.


It wouldn’t work with cables or lots of detail, but it works for this simple, almost lacy pattern that is used in this tank.


 Lasty, if you are looking for a simple project to start and finish (!) this weekend – you might want to try this pattern


This is a top down sweater, so again you have minimal seaming. 


This pattern has minimal detail, so it’s the perfect chance to show off a beautiful hand dyed yarn – like this one from Chile.


 I made a second one using a self-striping yarn from Noro.




Well, I am finally out of finished projects.  I will try to post my knitting projects more regularly from now on, so I don’t get so behind.  If you would like to find out any more details on the projects, you can now find me on Ravelry at HeatherMPeterson.  Please stop by, see my page, or add me as a friend.  I only have 4 so far, so I am looking to meet some new people on Ravelry!  I’m still working my way through understanding this extensive site, but I love what I’ve seen so far.  I just wish there was a quilting site like this!  If only I had mad computer skills, I’d start one myself!

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19 Responses to More Knitting . . . .

  1. Anne says:

    Your knitting projects are wonderful, but I just wanted to tell you that you are too darn cute! It’s just not fair! LOL See you at Market? Hope so.

  2. adrienne says:

    I love that first top and the green tank? What is the name of those patterns? I read the entry twice and still didn’t see it lol. What is your Raverly name? I am 3kids1036

  3. Amy says:

    Wow, those are all just gorgeous. You’re making me want to learn how to knit. I have such a difficult time shopping for clothes….maybe I need to MAKE my own. I look forward to seeing future pictures of your knitting.

  4. SusanC says:

    I dropped by your Ravelry projects page and WOW I love your stuff! I think I may attempt the great little cardigan, but I may try making it long sleeve. I’m sure by the time I get it done it will be cold – probably the winter of 2012. LOL! Thanks so much for sharing your great knitting projects, so inspiring!

  5. Jennie says:

    I really like all these items – I’m just about to find you on Ravelry and add you, simply so that I can steal all of these pattern ideas!

  6. Kristina Wilberg says:

    I am SERIOUSLY impressed:) All are super cute, love ’em. Knitting and Crocheting scare me, maybe someday I’ll give it a shot, but I have a bad habit of acquiring more new hobbies than I have time for-yikes! awesome job:)

  7. mariajhmom says:

    Amazing! And I thought all you did was sit around eating bonbons!

  8. So impressive! All of the knitted projects are so cute and the colors and texture make me want to learn to knit again.

  9. Dawn says:

    Beautiful! I am so impressed with people who can knit!

  10. Christine Thomas says:

    Hi Heather. Your knitting looks so nice. As for me and what I know…I wouldn’t have thought anything about the misplaced seam…looks okay to me.

    I’m curious…if you had to keep only one skill, what would it be? Quilting or knitting? No fair, I know.

  11. maree watt says:

    Your Knitting Heather is just Beautiful…Especially love the shorter ones on you…the wool looks lovely…Great Colours too…
    where do you find the time.?
    cheers from OZ.

  12. Tammy says:

    Wow…you amaze me…a talented of my favorite designers, I love your books, and you knit beautifully too? I really love that blue and green short one. I keep trying to knit but I just always end up goofing up some part, get discouraged and go back to sewing lol!

  13. Is there anything you don’t do well? Your knitting is perfect…nothing like mine but it gives me something to aspire to!

  14. bev beckman says:

    Your work is beautiful. What, no more unfinished projects? The models are exceptional too!

  15. jessicamauk says:

    I’ve only recently taken up knitting, but I’m finding I don’t have the patience for it. But then again, I thought the same thing about quilting when I first started that, too!!

    Good News, there IS a quilting site similiar to Ravelry. Its fairly new: my screen name is “jessicaquilts” See you there!! 🙂

  16. Linda says:

    Wow!!! I am so inspired – tried knitting and did actually finish a shrug type vest. I love it, but still quite a beginner – thanks for soooo many wonderful pics. Beautiful work!!!

  17. Mary Ann Dove says:

    I started knitting again about 3 years ago and am really getting back into it. Have also taught my my granddaughter how to knit, she is at the scarf and dishcloth stage but can quilt up a storm. She will be 12 next month and also loves to embroider, all things that by passed her mother (my daughter). Your posting has really inspired me and I even went on Ravelry. I have a blank page because I have to get my almost 14 year grandson to show me how to input pictures and set the whole thing up. I’m in a technology gap here. Love your dual site as I both quilt and knit too. My granddaughter really loves your site because of your bright fabric colors. Keep up the great work work!!

  18. Jan says:

    Wonderful projects. Funny, you have the same coloring as I do, and pick the same color yarns as I do~ aquas, corals, and greens.

  19. Zahra says:

    Hello there,
    I am thankful for the good patterns you shared in your blog. I do enjoy them all. I wished i could see more of such models here. 🙂

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