Summer Days

The summer has just been flying by.  We haven’t had very warm weather here in Minnesota, so we’ve had a shortage of good lake days.  However, I have still managed to get a few pictures and thought I would share those today.

 Here are my brother’s kids, all dressed up for the 4th of July.


Gavin’s shirt says “No pinching allowed”.  My DH  saw this and then taught him to pinch.  Bad idea.  (I’ll admit, it was kinda cute though)


Here’s the rest of us, hanging by the beach



Making Sandcasltes  (Boys will be boys!)



Addi saying – “Oooooh no – dirty!”



Catching minnows-


and caterpillars





 and Hunting for Tree Frogs



Comparing Belly Buttons.  (This can also be done in the winter, but in Minnesota, it’s a little drafty)



Napping with Grandpa



Enjoying the Sunshine



Posing for Auntie’s camera


By the way – when did this one get so big?  She’s going to be in Kindergarden soon.  She used to ride around in her Mommy’s Dodge Da Rainbow (Durango) she no longer gets hit in the fourth head (forehead), she might still be scared of tormadoes (tornadoes), and she no longer needs training wheels.  When she first started riding her bike, I asked her if she had training wheels.  She said no, she just had two two big wheels and two little wheels on her bike. 

Now she’s so busy, playing until the sun goes down (sorry for going off on a tangent there)



and  (last two, I promise )  settling for the sprinkler, if it’s just too cold to be by the lake.





Summer is going way too fast!  Better get out there and enjoy it while you can. 

Soon, we’ll be back to this-




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20 Responses to Summer Days

  1. Too adorable! Lucky you!

  2. V says:

    Lovely photos! Everyone is having such a nice time!
    let’s not think about winter just yet. I have one more trip to MN before the snow flies! Hi to all!

  3. Tara says:

    Wow–it’s like you’re threatening us with winter! Really put some perspective on it! Beautiful babies! The camera(and their aunt) obviously love them!

  4. Tiffany says:

    We must have your weather here in WA. It’s been too hot for us! 90 – 100 days is very unusual here.

    I have family in MN so I’ve spent summers there 🙂

    Let’s do a weather swap!

  5. Jackie says:

    This is just the best post!! I love the photos of the kids and the little snippets of kid talk. This brought back memories of my kids. My son used to call tornadoes… tomatoes! Plus other various words that occasionally come to mind. They bring such a smile to my face just like this post. But the smile quickly vanished upon seeing the last photo. Brrrrr and yuck!

  6. mariajhmom says:

    Amazing photos!!! I need some lessons!

  7. Beth says:

    These are really wonderful pictures. I think you need to add scrapbooking to your talents of quilting and knitting! They are truly scrapbook worthy 🙂

  8. Yes, our summer days on the lake here in MN have been too few. Enjoyed your photo log of some good ones.

  9. Kathleen says:

    Oh, to be a kid again….eyes wide open, with the whole world to explore!

    Would gladly send you some of our HOT (100+) weather if I could (so unusual for Washington state).

  10. Love your pictures. And thanks for the reminder that winter will be here again. I almost forgot.

  11. What darling discoveries they found….too sweet.

  12. Nicole says:

    I know I have said this before, but the kids in your family are just the cutest ever! Your post reminded me of summers spent at my Aunt Donnie’s house on Grass Lake in Michigan.

  13. Marie says:

    Wow what beautiful pictures, It looks so lush and green where you are. Thank you for taking those pictures! I enjoy your post very much and love your sweaters, just amazing.

    Here in Albuquerque, NM it is 90°F
    It feels like 100°F to me! We’ve had a few cool days due to the rain with a lovely 68°F for three days during the morning and late evenings of last week. Unusual weather, the cool evenings are usually during the NM State Fair in September, it is a little early.

  14. Susan says:

    Wow, you really took me back to our annual summer vacations at Spider Lake up near Grand Rapids in Minnesota. My dad looked forward to it so much that he started stacking up his fishing equipment in the corner of the dining room about 2 months in advance of our leaving…lol. We loved our freedom up there away from the city, our forts in the woods, our own aluminum boat to paddle around in, and our days laying on the floating raft off the beach when we got old enough to swim out there. Huge mosquitos though!

  15. wendysquilting says:

    I love your pictures! We haven’t had any better weather up here either we, but at least its not snowing.

  16. amber says:

    My husband is from MN. but I have never been. Thanks for sharing those pictures. Your kids are darling! Love the froggy!

  17. Esteemarlu says:

    Wow what cute kids. It’s great seeing kids having fun especially with water. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  18. bevb says:

    It seems so repetitive-you are amazing Heather! The colors and photos are great. Can’t wait to use some of the fabrics!
    That Miss Addi steals your heart-those warm brown eyes!
    Josh and Allison’s kids are adorable. It sure appears that you enjoy them!

  19. Treasa says:

    Please count me in on the giveaway. I would love to add one of these quilts to my collection. Thanks!!

  20. Treasa says:

    OOps forgot you are already on my blogroll. 🙂

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