Boys Will Be Boys

So what do boys do on a Saturday afternoon for fun?

Knock down trees.

Doesn’t sound like much fun to me.  In fact, I’m a huge chicken when it comes to things like this.   My begging and pleading couldn’t stop these boys.  My DH and his friend Mr. B said it had to be done. 


Here’s Mr. B. putting on his special tree climbing equipment.



The shoes have 5″ long spikes on the bottom and the get-up includes a belt/harness type thing for looping around the tree trunk.  I suppose this is to help keep the climber from falling.  That belt isn’t enough reassurance to get me to try it.



Joel maintains a safe distance.  I’m an even safer distance away. 

The object is to get high enough to tie a large cable around the trunk so you can control where the tree falls.  See that 500 gallon gas tank behind Joel?  Yeah.  We don’t want it falling on that.



Have I mentioned I’m afraid of heights too?  Mr. B must not be.



Now that the cable is around the tree, Joel can start cutting.  I have now hidden behind the house.  The house will protect me from the falling tree.



Down it comes!   What you can’t really see is the large cable hooked around the falling tree, then across the yard around another tree, then to the back of red truck in the driveway.    After Joel cut the notch in the trunk of the tree, Mr. B would hop into the red truck and begin pulling on the tree until it cracked and started to fall.



The tree was so dead that it shattered into a million pieces when it hit the ground.  You should see Joel’s face in this shot – he is tickled pink.  He and his buddy are exclaiming  –Awesome!, Cool!, etc.  They seem to have turned back into teenagers.   I’m waiting for them to take out the gas can and start the wood on fire.  There’s nothing that Joel loves better than to light things on fire.  By the way, I’m also a chicken when it comes to fires. 



Luckily, they pass on the fire and start consulting about how to take down the next tree.



Joel begins cutting again.  This time I move inside the house and shoot the photos from the safety of my studio window.



I can’t help zooming in on this. 


I think Joel needs help holding his pants up.  I can certainly help him with this!  I have the yin to his yang in this department


Here’s comes the second tree, and much to my relief, it falls without hitting anything.




All the trees are down and I can now rest peacefully.  No more loud cracking sounds, followed by a large crash.  Maybe this is why I am a quilter.  I can sit safely in the house, with both feet planted on the ground, and no large falling object anywhere near me.  In fact, I think the four accidents that can happen to a quilter, have already happen to me. 

1.  Pin buried in the bottom of my foot – No big deal right?  I mean this is practically a daily occurence at our house!

2.  Needle buried in my finger – Mainly a hazard when sewing binding.

3.  Hit finger with industrial quilting machine, while sewing at a high speed.  The needle broke off in my finger and was easily pulled out with a tweezers.  It all happened so fast, I hardly felt it.  Until later that night, when laying in bed.  Let the throbbing begin!

4.  Buried rotary cutter in the tip of my pinky.  Resulted in a trip to Urgent Care and 7 stitches.  Pinky and fingernail saved.


Of course, I survived all four incidents without too much drama.  In fact, I don’t need any more drama, which is why I am going to stick to quilting, and not knocking over trees.


So, I’ve shared my quilting accidents –

What are yours?

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20 Responses to Boys Will Be Boys

  1. Sara says:

    Knock on wood – I’ve kept quilting accidents to a minimum.

    Was really excited when I went to my quilt shop and found that she is carrying your patterns and some books!!!! YES!

  2. V says:

    oowwwww!!! OOH, it’s hard to hear stuff like that, needles through fingers etc…
    no! I haven’t done that yet! did i just jinx myself? besides sticking my self with a pin or needle once in a while… no biggies… Looks like the boys were working hard!!

  3. rachel says:

    yayyy to sucessful tree removal.

    i think we’ve all done the “needle in foot thing”

  4. Jana says:

    I sliced off the side of my index finger with a new rotary cutter blade. It was a clean cut, but took a long time to heal. My husband really wanted to have it sewn back on, but the ER staff assured him that was neither possible nor necessary.

  5. Very adventurous boys indeed ! I’m very impressed. Wonderful pictures too. While quilting I stuck my fingers many times with pins and once just forgot my machine was still running as I talked to my son. Oh, the pain of the needle right through my finger 😦

  6. Impresive work on the boys part! I’ve been pretty lucky – knock on wood! – so far in terms of sewing/quilting accidents. The odd sticking the needle in my finger while sewing – you’re right – usually binding! but that’s it! Hope to keep it that way!

  7. I loved the cutting down the trees stories. I would have been right outside very close by.

    Well, not quilting accidents but a couple of times I’ve caught my finger under the needle of my sewing maching…had it go through my fingernail once. That was weird. Also, when binding or hemming something, I’ve had the needle go through the skin so that it just sort of “hangs there”. That usually freaks the kids or DH out.

  8. Kris says:

    Oh my…that tree really did need to come down!! I agree with you….I am afraid of heights. And to think I used to be a spring board diver!!!!! I even went off the platforms!! Ugh…..not anymore!!
    No quilting accidents here, thankfully. Yours made me wince!!

  9. Karen says:

    I’m afraid I’ve sewn my finger too. Didn’t lose the nail but not something I want to repeat.

  10. Nancy E says:

    I’m afraid of heights, too. Like you it always scares me when DH decides to take down a tree. After some strong winds one of our large trees was leaning onto another tree. When it didn’t fall, DH cut the tree about 4 feet from the bottom, he was hoping it would fall. All that happened was that the top was hanging in mid air. Finally he did get it down …. it was scary.

    I haven’t had any bad sewing accidents …. have cut my nails with the rotary cutter.

  11. Andy says:

    Now those are some sewing accidents – ouch! 99% of the time my accidents are burns in the kitchen!

  12. Jackie says:

    This post so reminds me of my hubs. It seems that when he gets around trees/shrubs/plants, he feels the need to cut them down. They do really turn into teenagers, don’t they? Glad everything went well. However, it sounds like you had many a sewing incident. Hmmmm… I have to say the worst (knock on wood) for me was a needle in the finger when binding.

  13. Also afraid of heights and chain saws.
    Just today I was adjusting my sewing machine in the cabinet while it was turned on and in a second burned my finger to a half inch blister on the light on the machine!! This blister is AFTER soaking it in ice water for 10 minutes! I had no idea the bulb in my machine was that HOT!

  14. Karen Jurovcik says:

    Just wait till you run your finger through a serger knife. That hurts pretty bad. I had 5 stitches in my finger the first time and after that I just put a bandaid on it and went back to sewing. Usually don’t hurt much untill you go to bed at night then it starts to throb.

  15. Janelle says:

    Nice to know that deep down many men are all the same. The pictures could have been my husband and brother in law a few months ago. And nothing at that time could have been more exciting!
    Definitely done the needle in foot, rotary cutter in finger, but my oops I have turned in to advice is to close your cutter when you aren’t using it. I didn’t, knocked it off my table and it sliced my toe.

  16. A Betty says:

    Remember the pin hanging from my lip at quilt retreat? Didn’t hurt, but was funny.

    • Nancy L says:

      Ah yes, boys and trees and chain saws and fires. I can identify. We usually have a tractor with a loader and possibly a log splitter in the picture too.

      Quilting accidents: of course the needle in the foot has happened a time or two. My most memorable was getting my right index finger and nail stuck between the screw that holds the needle in place and the sewing machine. The Bernina stopped and jammed with my finger stuck. I had to take my left hand and turn the hand wheel to loosen my finger so I could remove it. My finger was flat–less than 1/4″ thick for quite some time, and the throbbing began immediately and lasted for quite a while. I try to avoid that situation now.

  17. Carrie says:

    “My” worst quilting-related accident happened to someone in one of my classes. Before class, she was getting set up and moving her “stuff” back into place from the day before. Since class hadn’t started… since she had turned off the power strip the night before… and since she had also turned off her iron the night before, she picked up her iron with her hand around the soleplate. Except that “others” must have used the iron and turned on the power strip at some point because the iron was on High. She went to an Urgent Care facility and came back a couple hours later with a fully bandaged hand and 3rd degree burns. It took about a month for her thumb and index finger to fully heal. It was one of those “I should have known better” kind of accidents and I think that was the worst part for everyone.

    If it makes you feel any better, I think I’ve done all four of yours. Needle in the foot… check. Sewing machine needle through the finger… check. Rotary cutting accident and while I didn’t get stitches, I still have a half-moon scar on my finger almost 20 years later. And my middle finger is just starting to heal after I turned it into hamburger while stitching closed some pincushions. We sacrifice for our art!

  18. Linda G O says:

    I have done all of the above–I am scared to death of rotary cutters now that don’t retract—in fact–they made them for people like me who would never always close the blade….oh well………….

  19. Mrs. B says:

    I’m sure that all the hard work of cutting down trees was followed by a relaxing fishing excursion. After 18 years of marriage, it looks like Mr. B’s still got it!

    And no, I haven’t had any sewing mishaps, but I have stepped on a nail before-twice!

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