Day 7 of the CCCBH

Welcome to Day 7 of the Cross Country Christmas Blog Hop!

Our theme for today is a favorite Christmas decoration or ornament.   When I found out that this was going to be our topic today, I knew right away what I was going to share.  During this blog hop, I have already talked about my Aunt Lynn a few times, but today I am going to make her ears burn!   Back when I was really little, she started giving each of her nieces and nephews a Christmas ornament each year.  Here’s a picture of one of the early ones – it’s one of my favorites.


Here is another of my favorites –


In fact, they are all favorites.

They are all so pretty and have special meaning to me.  I love unpacking them every year and looking at each one.  When I had my first Christmas after moving out of Mom’s and Dad’s house, these were the only Christmas decorations I had!



My very favorites are the ones that she hand painted or designed  – like the ones below:


As a little girl, I was just fascinated that she could paint these herself.

Each one was dated and signed with her special signature and “xxoo”.   To this day, I have to still remind myself to call her “my Aunt Lynn”, when in my thoughts she is still Auntie Lynn.

There are many more in my collection from “Auntie”, but I don’t want to make this post too long by showing them all!  I just wanted to tell you about how thoughtful and caring my Aunt is.  She is also the one that gave each of us a key chain on our 16th birthday, a collection of photos that she had taken of us over the years for our 18th birthday, and she even remembers to send a card for everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries.  I can’t really express in words what all of those things have meant to me over the years, but someday I would love to be able to give her something back that would mean as much to her.


The computer screen is now a little blurry, so I better wrap this up!

Thanks for stopping and don’t forget to visit our featured designer today – Kari from New Leaf Stitches.  She is another MN gal and has prepared a fun project for you today!  Be sure to leave her a comment to be eligible for our grand prize.  Continue on the hop by visiting the other designers and read about some more of their Christmas memories:  Gudrun from GE Designs,  Sandy from Pieces from my Heart,  Terry from Atkinson Designs,  Pat from Pat Sloan and Co,  Pam from Pam Kitty Morning,  Kari from New Leaf Stitches,  Terri from Whimsicals,  Sherri from This and That Pattern Co,   Carrie from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co,  Roseann from Rosebud’s Cottage and  Linda Lum DeBono

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46 Responses to Day 7 of the CCCBH

  1. Margi Borck says:

    Love all the decorations. My favorite, and it still sits at the top of the tree, is the one my Auntie had made for me for my first Christmas,,,,44 years strong now! WOWSER!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I recognized the first ornament right away…Joan Walsh Anglund…my aunt loves her style and since she’s my godmother I used to give her one of her new little books each year as a gift. Although she’s still alive she gave me the little book collection. Inside of each book is my sister’s and my signature. I love seeing your ornaments.

  3. Monica says:

    What wonderful memories of your beautiful Auntie….they really touched my heart. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jean Burke says:

    What a lovely tribute to your Aunt. She’s very special and you are lucky to have her – enjoy your ornaments – that’s my favorite part of decorating – hanging them on the tree and remembering where or who they came from. Thanks for sharing…..piece.

  5. Your aunt is special and the ornaments are darling!

  6. Linda says:

    I think just writing about her and sharing her with us, she is thrilled and is one of the best compliments you could give her. I can tell how very special she is to your entire family. Thanks for sharing your ornaments, you are very special also!!

  7. We always collect special ornaments, too. Yours are very nice.

  8. Cindy says:

    Aunt Lynn sure sounds like a special blessing.

    I think we all might like an “Auntie Lynn”. LOL

    Do you share?

  9. SewLindaAnn says:

    Thank you for the lovely pictures and memories. I’ve really been enjoying everyone’s stories. It’s making me get into a holiday mode little by little.

  10. Carol Tice says:

    As always, your pictures are so much fun to look at.

  11. Mary says:

    What precious memories! It is so wonderful that you still have them and cherish them so.

  12. Thank you for sharing, Your “Auntie Lynn” really is a special person. My sister did the same for my children.

  13. Jenny says:

    What a neat, creative Aunt you had! I’m glad she had you to share with and you got to experience her loving generosity.

  14. Mary Ann Scanlon says:

    Is there anything better than to be loved in such a special way! One of my dear friends has Alzheimer’s and I am trying to be “Auntie Lynn” for her 2 baby grandchildren, it gives me more pleasure then the kids I think and its the best way to honor my dear friend.

  15. Amy says:

    Heather – thank you so much for sharing what is obviously a very important collection. My grandma did the same thing for us that your aunt did – and I treasure each one of those ornaments!! Now my mom is doing the same thing for my kids. Thanks for all your hard work on the blog hop!

  16. marta says:

    Gracias por compartir, su tia Lynn, maravillosa persona.
    Bellos adornos.

  17. Linda says:

    Love your ornaments and know your tree is beautiful!!! When you look in the store windows and see the trees that they’ve decorated they are beautiful but they just lack that personal touch. A Christmas tree isn’t a Christmas tree unless it had at least one homemade “dough” ornament, a popsicle ornament of some kind, and a picture of a small child in a round frame. Love them all!!!

  18. Kimberly says:

    What a wonderful, thoughtful auntie! I have lots of favorite ornaments but one that comes to mind is a little Hallmark elf that some ladies at work gave to my father. He hooks up to the lights and has a little wrench making sure all the lights are in working order. He even has real lights in a pack on his back!

  19. Jewel says:

    Wow your Aunt sounds wonderful! There are ornaments my mother has that I love seeing every year some of which are older than me. And the little paper ones my daughter made that are my favorites.

  20. Wendy says:

    Just beautiful!
    The ornaments, the sentiments behind them, the fact that it makes you teary-eyed… Just beautiful.

  21. Kristi says:

    What a great “Auntie” you have – such beautiful ornaments!

  22. Jayne says:

    How special! I know you will treasure these for a lifetime!

  23. Sheila says:

    Thank you for sharing your story about Auntie Lynn. I can see why all of her ornaments are special to you, she is one special lady.


  24. Ruby says:

    Love your story about your Aunt Lynn. What a truly special person. I’ve got tears in my eyes, thanks for sharing!

  25. Heather, your ornament collection is so much fun since many of the same or similar ones are in my collection! You are lucky to have Auntie Lynn!

  26. Mary A Hentschell says:

    What a wonderful story about your Aunt Lynn. By reading these blogs I can tell that family is #1 with you and your husband. That is so wonderful. I have a beautiful nativity set that a friend made for me in the 80’s when she was taking a ceramics class. I treasure that every time I put it out and think of her.

  27. Mary-Kay says:

    Your Auntie Lynn sounds great. I have the same house ornament from a friend when I was in high school. I had a lot of really nice ornaments but one year my dog chewed up a whole box of them while I was at work. Bad dog!

  28. Heather, I loved looking at your ornaments- We were given a few dated ornaments that we also treasure. They are real memory makers that always make me smile. Thanks for the smiles.


  29. quilting chick says:

    Some wonderful memories all of you have shared. Projects are so much fun. These blogs have reminded me of things I had not thought of in a lot of years. I am going to write down some of these things so I won’t forget again. Thanks for all you have shared.

  30. arlette says:

    Love your story from today, I’m in tears, she’s a sweetheart :), love her ornaments!, I have the bear in the drum ornament and the other one with the toys you showed us in one of your pics, yay yay

  31. Carol says:

    Your ornaments are great, especially the ones from your Auntie Lynn! I don’t have a favorite ornament but a wallhanging I made when I was in the fourth grade.

  32. Becca says:

    Wow! I think my mother has that 1981 ornament. Does that bring back memories!

  33. Cindi C says:

    What wonderful memories you have of your “Auntie Lynn” Thanks for sharing a bit of her with us.

  34. Darlis says:

    Thank you for sharing your ornament story. Each year I make a new ornament for my kids. Have done this since they were small. Now 3 of them are married and have children so I have quite a few ornaments to make each year. Such fun.

  35. Sandy says:

    How very, very special for you! You definitely have a special Auntie Lynn! Thanks for sharing your ornaments….so great that they got saved.

  36. Marianne says:

    What a sweet and special Aunt you have. And the ornaments are very special, too. How lucky you are!

  37. Julie in WA says:

    My daughter gets an ornament every year, usually something that represents what was important to her at that time. She has a variety from American Girl to Star Wars! This is she chose a cat…she is deeply into the Warrior’s series of books by Erin Hunter!

  38. Judy says:

    My mother started the tradition of giving the grandchildren an ornament each year. So when I bacame a grandmother, I continued on the tradition. Most years I make the ornaments. Cross-stitched before I was hit with the quilting bug. I make all the ornaments different and let the kids draw numbers (we’re up to 21!!) and when their number is drawn, they get to choose the ornament they would like. (I make extras so the last one will still have a choice.) I’m hoping they will have memories like yours when they get grown and have their own trees to decorate.

  39. Jocelyn says:

    You have got a most awesome auntie!! Not many families have relatives that are that thoughtful!

  40. jane says:

    We always remeber fondly past family members especially more so at Christmastime. Last year, I purchsed little frames and did photos of great grandparents and parents of family members we’ve lost along the way. I also wrote little tidbits about their lives written on the backs. Hopefully a new family tradition has been set with these. We still have our children’s and grandchiildren’s homemade ornaments.
    We love the Holidays.

  41. Iva says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories.

  42. Laura M says:

    I love your ornaments. I have one almost exactly like your 1978 ornament. Mine is from 1976 and has a very similar Precious Moments scene on it.

  43. Leslie says:

    its all about the love express, your Auntie Lynn does it very well.

  44. Vickie says:

    My mom started the same sort of collection for the kids, I really need to get organized with Christmas things and put them all in their own boxes so they can have them in their own homes. Thanks for sharing!
    Vic z

  45. Nancy B says:

    We don’t do Christmas any more, but I do miss my ornaments the kids made, for sentimental reasons. We lost them all in Katrina. I recognize one of the dated ornaments you had – I had one just like it, I think it was from KMart. LOL!

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