The Hunt

I’ve still been busy finishing up lots of projects this past week, but before I show you, I want to show you something different that I did this weekend.  I went hunting!  But I wasn’t hunting for pheasants like my husband and FIL, I was “hunting” for some good pictures of them working.  Joel has been asking for my to come with for years.  I always find an excuse not to go, but it turned out to be pretty fun.    

For those of you who don’t have high-speed internet, please forgive me for all the pictures.  In fact, if you came here for quilting pictures, this post doesn’t have any and I will understand if you want to skip it.  Although, like me, you might find it kind of fun!    

Here I am all bundled up and ready to head out.  I look more like I’m about to rob a bank than go hunting – but it’s cold in Minnesota right now!    


For those of you who haven’t been hunting before, here’s how it works.  Joel walked to my right.    


Joel’s Dad walked to my left.  Our dog Daisy runs ahead of them, going right, then left, then right again, over and over.    

Guns are carried, always point up with the safety on.  It’s unsettling to me to have the guns around, but to the guys in my family, it’s as natural to them as holding a needle is to me.    


The grasses in the Minnesota prairies are so pretty –    


I was also admiring this scenery.  As Posie gets Cozy says,  “Do marry a hottie.  If you can swing it.”   The sunset is pretty too.    


Once Daisy locates a bird, she locks up on point.  She is very focused and doesn’t move.  She holds the bird there until the hunters come within shooting range.    


Then the bird flushes.  That’s pheasant hunters talk for “tries to fly away”.  The bird is then shot down and the dog retrieves it.    



Daisy comes back with the prize and is praised for her good work.    

That’s one happy dog.    


I don’t have that many good pictures or Daisy, as she is always on the move and hard to capture    

Like this shot –    


and this shot –    



It’s so funny to just see her ears flopping and that big doggie smile on her face.    


I like the old barns scattered across the county.  My dad actually worked in this old barn when he was in high school.  Joel’s friend’s cousin owns it now.   That statement right there should tell you I don’t live in the city.  Joel’s family knows almost everyone around here.  They are related to many of them.    


At sunset, the hunt is over.    


This is probably my favorite shot of the day.  There is something about a father and son playing, talking, and smiling together.    


In case you are from the city and are wondering what a pheasant looks like, here’s John’s take for the day.  They really are beautiful birds, full of vibrant colors.    


Just like the sunset.    


I’m glad I relented and went with the guys that day.  It helped me understand why they love to go out and hunt – Being outside is refreshing, the exercise is invigorating, the scenery is beautiful, it’s fun to watch the dog work, it’s exciting when a bird flushes, and it’s fun to hang out and talk when the hunt is over.  The only thing it’s missing is chocolate.

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26 Responses to The Hunt

  1. Dj says:

    That is one gorgeous working dog! She truly looks happy hunting birds.

  2. I actually enjoyed that little trip with you, Heather. I’m not a hunting fan either but I do understand how things like that are just natural to a person, as you said, as natural as a needle is to you. There is a skill (if you will) involved and I think an inate sense and your husband and his dad seemed to be perfectly suited to it.
    The pictures were gorgeous. I’ll be passing this post on to my husband. Thanks.

  3. V says:

    Heather, amazing photographs… I felt like I was seeing the sunrise for my very own.. And I could see my breath as I looked at some of those CHilly pictures!

  4. PB from MN says:

    If it helps I totally understood the reference to …Joel’s friend’s cousin… When you live in a rural area you also understand how neighbors can be 2-5 miles away as the crow flies. You also are given directions from land marks that you never knew existed, but others remember..such as Smith’s corner. You are also very careful at church because almost everyone is related to someone else. Won’t dream of living anywhere else!

    Great pictures, I am glad you enjoyed the day and shared it with us.

  5. Kelly O. says:

    THis was a really interesting post–surprisingly as I’m not much for hunting but the dog part is fascinating!

  6. Love the photos… I’ve seen it many times, but next time might have to tag along with a camera myself.

  7. corinnea says:

    Thanks for sharing your day! Your photos are beautiful and being with family is great. Loved seeing your happy dog.

  8. mariajhmom says:

    That was fun! Thanks! I still think hunting in a quilt shop is more fun, but you sure don’t see sunsets like that! Or cute guys, unless you bring your own!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous photos! My hubby’s been deer hunting lately. I just got you “Sizzilin Sixties” book in the mail today! Can’t wait to make up on of the quilts!

  10. Diane Ruby says:

    Heather…thanks for sharing your experience. I feel the same as you about guns, but when I shared your post with my husband who grew up hunting pheasant in the corn fields of NW Iowa, he said your pics immediately took him back to those days in the early 60’s…temp in the teens, light snow flurries, listening as hard as one could for a bird to be running between the rows of a freshly picked field just before it took flight. What a rush of memories to trigger in one’s mind. I grew up in Minnesota, and I’m always homesick at this time of year. California just doesn’t cut it during Christmas!

  11. Becky says:

    My favorite shot is Daisy retreiving! As for hunting, I sort of did that during Turkey weekend too (there’s a post on my blog a couple posts back) You should go check it out. I have a Vizsla and a Vizsla lab that have me eager to start bringing birds out of the sky after their hard work to get the point and flush.

  12. A Betty says:

    Wow you are brave. I would have agreed to a whole hour. You are sure a good sport and your pictures show your eye for beauty. I liked the one of the lacy grass.

  13. stampinwithbeth says:

    Heather, thanks for the hunting trip, from your viewpoint!

  14. Chris Davis says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have never been hunting but it is a fairly common past time where we live. I enjoyed the pictures of the dog most of all 0 he’s doing what she loves best – earning her master’s praise 🙂

  15. I have shotgun and can’t wait to try hunting. Daisy looked like she had fun… Thanks for sharing and enjoy that pheasant!

  16. Andy says:

    wow – gorgeous photos! It almost makes me want to take up hunting. Almost.

  17. Connie says:

    Thanks for posting this. My husband loves to hunt; you’ve inspired me to join him one of these times instead of hibernating in my sewing room. And I’ll bring my camera too.

  18. Beverly says:

    Hi Heather,
    Enjoyed your photos! I grew up in the country where pheasants were always around. They are definitely a beautiful bird. My Dad was a hunter. Now my grown son is a bird hunter. I was reading some of your blogs from November and noticed you were married on Friday the 13th! My husband and I were engaged (by surprise) on a Friday the 13th and then married 6 months later on a Friday the 13th. We are approaching our 35th wedding anniversary in 2010. So, no problems with the Friday the 13th issue. 🙂
    Enjoy your quilt work immensely. Thank you.

  19. Amy says:

    Beautiful pictures, Heather. You are such a talented photographer! My 13 yo son took the hunter/gun safety class last year and this is the second fall he has gone deer hunting. I think it has really grown on him because he said he really missed being out in the woods when the season was done. I can totally relate to the picture of you all bundled up – looks like me most days when my dear hubby drags me to the barn (we’re in Minnesota too, just further south than you). We’re under a blizzard warning right now, so these shots were welcome reminders of what it will look like again in about four months LOL!!

  20. Carol says:

    This brought back lovely memories of my Dad, our German Shorthair Brandy, and playing with pheasant feathers when I was a little girl. Dad was a North Dakota boy so he hunted in the same kind of country. Thanks.

  21. bevb says:

    What wonderful photos–you are such a good sport to participate in their special day–it is apparent that it is special to you tooo! Helpful to understand their thinking–you continue to amaze me!

  22. Jan says:

    Your hubby actually let you wear tennis shoes hunting? Did your feet not freeze? Mine would have had me in boots from get go, and we don’t even live up north! (know these things from motorcycle riding with hubby where temps feel often 20 cooler and feet have absolutely frozen off with 2 and 3 layers of wool and fleece socks)

    Great photos! Gorgeous Daisy, Gorgeous sunset, and yep, Gorgeous man!!! I feel the same about mine~marrying a hottie is great advice! lol

  23. Kim H says:

    Loved your pictures of “the hunt”. My first husband was an avid pheasant hunter but I never went out hunting with him. Thank You for the trip down memory lane and showing me how beautiful the hunt is.
    Kim H

  24. Terri says:

    What a treasure you have in those photos!!! Love them!

  25. Kelly Fulton says:


    Your pictures are just as breathtaking as your quilts and book. Keep up the great work.

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