More Finishing

Another week has flown by.   Can you believe Christmas is next week?  I’ve got almost all my Christmas shopping done…… now just have to finish wrapping.  I’ve also got some more projects finished, which will probably be the theme of most of my posts this month.  December is the month where I get a chance to be like any other quilter.  I don’t do any traveling and speaking.  I don’t have any book, pattern, or fabric deadlines this month.  I’m still really busy and working on a lots of things, but nothing is because I have a deadline.  I get to work on finishing up whatever I want.  If it weren’t for the cold and snow, I’d say I just love December!  So, here are just a few things I wrapped up this past week or so . . .

This pattern is the Cable Luxe Tunic from Lion Brand Yarns.  I used a different brand of yarn and did a few changes to the pattern.  I used one of my favorite yarns – Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo.  It blocks beautiful and has wonderful shine and drape.  The pattern is supposed to have long sleeves, but I really wanted to get done sooner, so I made it short-sleeved.  That way I can wear it in the summer too.

Can you tell I love cables?

I did run into a few problems though ………  see my neck?  I’ve redone it three times and it’s still not right.  It needs to be smaller and it really bothers me that you can see all my decreases.  I will need to take it off and redo it, but I need some advice first.

Does anyone know how to hide decreases in garter stitching?  Any other suggestions to make the neck look better?

Maybe I will just have to lay it on the bed and just look at it.  Not wear it.  Maybe pretend it’s a quilt and supposed to just lay there on the bed and look pretty.

That would be too bad, so I really hope someone has some suggestions for me!

The next project has been in the works since last January.  It has taken me that long to finish!  It’s the Apres Surf Hoodie from the Summer 2008 Interweave Knits magazine.

It is one of my first sweaters without cables!

I think the neck line is pretty, but I have to admit I made a mistake on it.  I was supposed to decrease along the neck edge and I forgot!  I had to do some creative blocking to make it wearable, but that is how I roll.  I wouldn’t want to break with my tradition of every knitting project having a mistake!  See, there  is a reason that I am a quilt pattern designer, not a knit wear designer.  I screw up a lot less when it comes to quilting!

Speaking of quilting, several of you asked about one of the quilts in my last post – the 4-Patch Fusion pattern.

It’s from my book Charmed and Dangerous. 

This is a better picture, showing the entire quilt.

The fabrics are from the line Roman Holiday from 3-Sisters (Moda).  The fabrics are a few years old right now, so they are a bit hard to find. The pattern is perfect for Charm squares or Layer Cakes.  Just add a background fabric and borders.

My mom made the quilt with our line Rebel Roses, and that turned out nice as well.

I’ve also made one out of my Serenity line, but did a planned scrappy color arrangement.

Over the weekend, I was at a retreat and almost made this pattern again out of Figgy Pudding.  I have been waiting for December to come around so I could dig into my delicious stash of Figgy Pudding.  Stop back in later in the week to see what I ended up making out of it . . .

But before you go, how about a chance to win a copy of the Charmed and Dangerous book?  I haven’t done a give-away in a little while, and I think it would be fun to spread some Christmas cheer.  Just leave me a comment saying what fabric you would use to make the 4-Patch Fusion quilt or just leave some knitting advice!

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167 Responses to More Finishing

  1. karen w says:

    I think the quilt would be stunning using the material Rouennerias from the French General line of Moda.

  2. Sequana says:

    I have some Basic Grey Sulty charms here that I’d use.

    Sorry, no knitting advice. I’m a crocheter.

  3. Dianne says:

    I think that this would be a great design to use with some Paula Prass fabric…

  4. I think it would look great in Moda’s Essence fabric.

  5. kelly says:

    I’d love to see that pattern done in the Authentic line from Sweetwater for Moda… 🙂 YUM! Thanks for the chance. What a cool pattern!

  6. Jo says:

    Newbie knitter here – I’ve only done a few scarves and now my third pair of socks.

    I have a stack of Maison Noel from Moda that I think would look great – in the full photo, the fabrics resemble wreaths!


  7. Marcy says:

    I have been stepping out of the box by not sticking to a particular fabric line and pulling from an assortment. I find that one tends to get “lazy” and loses that confidence of picking their own fabrics especially with all the kits that are available as well. I enjoy the fact that you share your knitting talent as well and think your sweaters are beautiful. I have since passed your blog site off to my daughter as she is a big knitter.
    Merry Christmas.

  8. Your knitting looks fabulous! Sorry, no advice for the decreases on garter, but from my perspective, I couldn’ see your decreases! The lacey hoodie is stunning! Seeing as it is Christmas, and all my thoughts are revolving around it, I would ake the 4-Patch Fusion up in Figgy Pudding

  9. Angela says:

    I can’t afford your beautiful lines of fabric, so I have to use scraps from my sewing projects for any quilting projects I do.

  10. Kelly O. says:

    Like I said on the last post–I’m LOVING this pattern! I would definately like to try it in Figgy Pudding!

  11. Mary says:

    I would make it out of my stash, I love the colours in your quilts.

  12. Janet B says:

    I’m not sure what fabric I’d use, but it would mean a trip to the quilt store so I could browse and choose–how nice would that be?!!!

  13. rachel says:

    yayyy for december being deadline free!!!
    merry christmas to you!!!

    wish i could help on the knitting front…SO not my forte. lol.
    i think that both sweaters are stunning though.

    now if i was making the 4 patch fusion quilt i would make it in either simple abundance or verna.
    {or maybe make life or rouenneries.}
    okay…obviously i’d like one of each. HA.

  14. Amy says:

    I would make 4 patch fusion in civil war fabrics – not sure which line, but they all mix and match just fine 🙂 As far as your knitting goes, it looks great to me! I’m much more of a beginner knitter, but have several sweaters worth of yarn here – just need to get the nerve to jump in and start. Thanks for sharing – your sweaters are lovely!

  15. amandah says:

    I have a stash of Vienna Nights fabric, also by 3 sisters, I think. I have been searching for just the right pattern for it, and I think I may have found it. Lovely as always. I’m sorry I have no knitting advice, I have never leaped into that pool.

  16. Sandi says:

    I can’t offer any knitting advice because I never mastered knitting needles! I think the hooded sweater is lovely and if there is a mistake in it, I’m not one who could find it. For the 4 Patch fusion, I think I would pick shades of spring pink and a sweet green on white. 🙂

  17. uinda says:

    wow I really love your sweaters!!! and I know the feeling, when you finished something and you just want to lay it out to look at it 🙂
    and btw I didn’t see any decreases on the neck 🙂

  18. Sarah Vee says:

    I love your sweaters. Sorry I gave up knitting long ago and never even got to making sweaters:( Lots of good suggestions for fabrics to make the quilt with so far. I would also suggest Pat Sloan’s Arabella or Sandy Gervais’ Gobble Gobble. My quilt would need orange in it! Thanks for the chance. Enjoy your deadline free fun finishing up time

  19. Kris Bair says:

    Oh I think I’d have to use my civil war repro. fabric stash for this one. And your knitting is lovely – although I have no clue on how to hide your decreases in garter stitch…..

  20. uinda says:

    just an addition: did you us k2tog? because that’s the best way to decrease garter stitch in my opinion …

  21. Kristy says:

    I want the book so badly, however, I can’t say exactly which fabric line I would use to make it. I have asked for all kinds of charm packs and layer cakes for Christmas, and if I am lucky enough to find something under our tree…then I would probably use those. I would send the pix when it is done. Thanks for the chance. Kristy in Ohio

  22. PB from MN says:

    I have knitted very few sweaters so I am not much help. Though mine always seem to have “creative” changes too.

    I think the 4 patch fusion quilt would look charming in Kona cotton solids as an amish look with dark blue or black background and bright colors for the patches.

  23. Sami says:

    Honestly, I’ve never been able to make anything garter stitch look good! The rest of that sweater looks fabulous, so it’s definitely worth it to figure out what to do with the neckline. I would scrap the garter stitch altogether, and either:

    1. Leave it as a wider-neck sweater, and let it just end before the garter stitch starts – do a few rows of stockinette stitch for a nice rolled finish, or
    2. Replace the garter with K1, P1 ribbing – although you may have to experiment to figure out the rate of decreases. Decreases in ribbing look decorative, so as long as they’re spaced evenly it’ll look great.

    You could also knit an edging for the neck separately and then sew it on. One of those braided cables from the body of the sweater would work. If you don’t want to graft the ends of the cable together, you could put in a single buttonhole that would go at the nape of the neck.

  24. susan says:

    I wonder how it would look in 30’s prints or batiks? I have lots of those in my stash. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  25. Jenny says:

    oh…4 patch fustion might look lovely with my new Hope Valley…you are so creative! and so generous. thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Sara says:

    I have no clue as to what fabric I would use – I’m one of those that goes to the store with the pattern in hand and then picks fabric.

    On the knitting – does it have to be garter stitch? I was wondering if you could hide the decreases better (not that I can see them) using a seed stitch?

    It is a gorgeous sweater!!!

  27. Kathy says:

    I think it would look great in my stash of Kansas Troubles – dark and cozy.

  28. Anya says:

    I think it would look great in red/green/white for Christmas! Thanks for the chance.

  29. Casey says:

    I wish I had knitting advice, I wish I could knit!! I don’t even see the problem with the sweater, I think it’s absolutely gorgeous!

    as for the fabric I would use, I have no clue! I really like that Roman Holiday fabric, it’s very pretty

  30. Jocelyn says:

    Your knitting is so fabulous. I would love to see the four patch made up in Wiscasset or Blessing. I think it would look so beautiful in one of those lines.

  31. Dj says:

    I think the neckline of your sweater looks great. I can’t see the decreases. Wear and be proud! Thanks for the chance to win your book.

  32. Gladys says:

    Hola, Heather! Lástima que no puedo ayudarla con el tema de su cuello, yo de tejido: nada!!! Me encantó su patrón y el libro y tenerlo sería un magnífico regalo de Navidad. De estar en mis manos, me animaría a pedir la nueva colección Rounneries, de French General para Moda. Es hermosa y creo que le vendría genial a su diseño! Que tenga una maravillosa semana! Abrazos!!!

  33. Sarahe4e says:

    I think your knitting is beautiful! No advice as I don’t knit, learned in the 4th gr. at school but could never get anything done, so I switched to crochet, same result, so now I quilt. I would make this quilt of the scraps I have collected over the years. I realy like this 4 patch fusion.

  34. Amy says:

    I loooove that pattern! I think I would do it with the Peace on Earth charm squares that I have right now.

  35. Nichole says:

    I would love to make the 4 patch fusion from some wee play I’ve had sitting around for far too long. I’m not a knitter, so no tips there…but your sweaters look amazing to me! I’d wear them in a heartbeat! Thanks for sharing what you’ve been up to, and I’m glad you get some time this month to do what you want to do. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. V says:

    Heather, your knitting is fantastic!!! good golly girl you rock!

  37. Sorry I can’t offer any knitting hits, both pieces look great though!

    With the pattern I think I would do peace on earth, the quilt you did with Roman holiday reminds me of wreaths so it’s kind of a sutle Christmas quilt. Thanks.

  38. Melissa says:

    Right now I would say Eva or Mill House Inn. I am finding myself really pulled to those two line. Thanks for the chance.

  39. Debbie says:

    Happy holidays, Heather! I think I would use some of the batiks that I’ve been collecting. Thanks for counting me in.

  40. Jane Weston says:

    Ahhh you knitting is just stunning! I’m lucky if I can manage a dishcloth!! Just so beautiful! Well Done!

  41. bruinbr says:

    I would love to try it in Figgy Pudding or Simple Abundance! Thanks fir the giveaway!

  42. Margaret says:

    Sorry, no knitting advice! lol! But I think I’d love to make that 4 patch fusion quilt using Simple Abundance or Mill House Inn — anyway, that sort of color palette. I love that quilt! Thanks for the chance to win it. I’m going to have to find it so I know where to buy it — in case I don’t win. lol!

  43. Tara says:

    I just bout 5 jelly rolls of Wonderland by Momo and was thinking that I could do something like this with them. don’t know if the pattern would work with the strips, but I’m willing to play with it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. Karen says:

    I love it in your Rebel Roses but how about Roses de Noel by Robin Pandolph??? (hope that’s the name of the line-I have some waiting to be made into a table topper for my sister for Christmas!)

  45. Denita says:

    It is beautiful no matter what fabric you use. I especially like it out of the Serenity Line. I can’t give any advice on the knitting either as I am a crocheter.

  46. Rita says:

    I would make this quilt with the Blessings fabric line! Great quilt!

  47. Patty says:

    I think your short sleeved grey sweater with the cables is stunning and I love the neckline. At least from your photos , I wouldn’t change a thing!!

    I love the Charmed and Dangerous quilts… I think it would look beautiful with your new upcoming line, Wildflowers.

  48. patty says:

    I think your sweaters are stunning – from a non-knitter persepective.
    There’s a new line of Fabric from Basic Grey coming out soon called Blush that I think would look fabulous in the 4 Patch Fusion pattern.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and pictures they are inspiring. Can’t wait to see what you did in Figgy Pudding!

  49. Carolina says:

    Love to do this fantastic quilt in Modas Portobello Market. Not a very new line of fabric, but I love it!

  50. Heather says:

    Your knitting blows my mind, I can’t even wrap my head around how you do it. It’s beautiful! I especially like the surf hoodie! I’m afraid I can’t help you with tips on knitting, I can’t even tell that the neckline on the gray sweater is wrong? It looks great to me! 😀

    I am picturing your quilt pattern in the new Heather Bailey line, Nicey Jane. Mmmm….

  51. stacey lyons says:

    I would love to try this pattern using Astor Manor by 3 Sisters. I know what you mean about mistakes in your projects.

  52. Carol T says:

    I would make it out of Wildflowers. I am patiently waiting for the FatQuarter Shop to get it in. I am thinking that your new fabric will be so much fun to look at during the dreary winter that has already arrived in Michigan.

  53. Alexandra Wellington says:

    Beautiful knitwear Heather, I am very jealous of your dexterity with knitting needles.
    I am thinking Authentic would look good in that quilt pattern to give it a masculine feel. Alternatively with a kona cottons charm pack for the kids with lots of different colours.
    love your work Heather enjoy the holidays.

  54. Jolene says:

    I just love you sweaters!

    I would make my quilt out of red, white & blue.

  55. jo says:

    I am needing to use up some things I have so…I would definately use my 30’s prints. Those scraps need some attention.

  56. Christine Thomas says:

    Ooohh, Charmed and Dangerous would be fun to have. Alas and alack, I have no knitting advice. I think the sweater looks just fine but that will tell you what I (don’t) know about kitting.
    I just bought some Crazy Eight from Sandy Gervais for Moda. Maybe that would look great.

  57. Cindi says:

    It’s hard to think which of the many great new fabric lines I’d want to start with. I keep collecting charm pack and layer cakes (really into layer cakes) thinking that I’d make something out of them, then once I have them I can not bring myself to cut into them. So for now I’d make the quilt design out of French General.

    The quilting on your quilt is wonderful. Love it!

    I also enjoy the knitting projects that you model ever so often.

  58. Kathie Laposata says:

    I love your 4 patch fusion pattern, and seeing that Christmas is right around the corner, I think the layout reminds me of a Christmas wreath. I’d try it out with the greens/reds/golds in my stash because I like the scrappier look rather than the planned one. Terrific pattern. Thanks for showing it.
    Kathie L from Allentown

  59. Nancy Anne says:

    Your knitting is exquisite! I wish I was even half as good. I’ve finally learned that I’m better off sticking with scarves and mittens, where my uneven stitches don’t shout out their existence. I’d love to try the 4-patch fusion quilt. Not sure what fabric I’d use, but I’ve got a huge stash so I’m sure I’d find something!

  60. Jane Eilderts says:

    I took have a collection of Figgy Pudding so I’m thinking that would be a great choice!

    LOVE your knitting!! I stick with quilting and scrapbooking so I’m no help!

  61. Pam E. - Las Vegas says:

    Beautiful sweaters! Makes me want to take up knitting again!

    Anyway, since I’m trying to use fabrics from my stash, I would pull from there. No particular line. Just mix-n-match.

    Hope I win!

  62. Tracy says:

    my knitting advice: keep on knitting, you’re fabulous at it! I don’t knit so that’s all I know! As for the fabric line to use in the quilt, I’m not sure of that either. I’ve been browsing several websites and all the stuff I’ve seen is all jumbled up in my mind!LOL! But I do like that pattern and hope to win the book!

  63. Barb Colvin says:

    Without looking at my stash of charms, I’d have to say Dandelion Girl. But wandering thru my stash might lead to an even better idea! Hmmmm, let’s see……

  64. Karen Rabadan says:

    I would use Moda Fresh to make this pattern

  65. Kimberly says:

    I noticed on a previous post what you were doing with the Fresh line by Deb Strain. I had never noticed the line before but it just popped in your photos. I went online and ordered all of the blues and greens that I could find! I didn’t have a quilt in mind but it would be cute if I used your Fusion pattern.

  66. Sandie says:

    If I can only choose one it would probably be “Aviary” by 3 Sisters for Moda, But if I could do what I really want, I would make at least 2 – one out of my thirties repros, and one out of my 400 piece Kansas Troubles collection.(Make that “Kansas Troubles Obsession”!)

  67. Ruth B says:

    Your knitting is amazing Heather! If you made any mistakes, I didn’t see them. I love your quilts. If I won the book I would love to use Roman Holiday (I have some in my stash) or the wonderful Rebel Roses (if I could find any). I am a big fan of Simple Abundance as well but any fabrics would look great in this design!

  68. Sue says:

    I’m not a knitter, so I’m no help there, but I think it looks great!
    As for what fabric line I would use, I like Sandy Gervais a lot and I thought maybe her L’Amour line in the reds/browns.

  69. Rosemarie says:

    I would love to make that quilt in Rebel Roses! I just love that line.

  70. Junglewife says:

    I’ve got some April Cornell Nature’s Chorus laying around, just begging to be made into a quilt. i’d love to make your pattern with it!

  71. Nancy E says:

    I would make it with Kansas Troubles ….. need to use some of KT stash.

  72. JoAnne says:

    I wish I could solve you knitting problem, but I am not expert enough in that department. The quilt is good. I’m in the mood for a Christmas quilt, so that is the type of fabric I would choose today.

  73. Pamela says:

    No knitting advice from me, but I think it looks just fine as is (I know that if it bothers you, you will have to fix it though!).

    My current favorite is Patisserie, so I would make it with that.

  74. Sharon says:

    Sorry, no knitting from me. I can knit and purl, that’s it.
    I would like to make the quilt out of 30’s or civil war.
    Thanks for having the give away.

  75. Jennifer says:

    Ooohhh, I would love to make it with Figgy Pudding too, or I could use up some of my Mary Englebreit fabric stash. Either way, I would love to have another one of your books! And if it helps at all, I can’t even see the mistakes in your knitting!

  76. Cathie in UT says:

    Sorry I am not a knitter so no advice there but as for the fabrics for my version of the quilt…it would be scrappy civil war fabrics with a lovely floral fusion background!

  77. Karen44 says:

    Your knitting is drop-dead beautiful. I can’t give advice…I’m just learning to knit.
    I would do the quilt in a palette of red and aqua…no particular line..just the FUN of selecting my own fabrics. I love that part of the quilting process.

  78. Randee says:

    I would make 4 Patch Fusion out of either Civil War or Kansas Trouble. I have a stash of both and it would be fun to make and also use up some of my stash!

    Your knitting is wonderful!

  79. Jessica says:

    Love your Rebel Roses fabrics, AND your lovely knitting. Always wanted to knit too……just haven’t yet made time to learn. Your sweaters make me want to learn every time you post more pictures. ; )

    I would try the quilt in on of the Kansas Troubles collections. LOVE their colors too!

  80. Hannah says:

    I would love to make this out of your new line or Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey.

    I love both of the sweaters, by the way. I’m a very good seamstress, but strictly a scarf and blanket knitter. I hope to move to sweaters one day.

  81. Riann says:

    I would really like to make this pattern out of the Simple Abundance fabric line or Kate Spain’s new line, Verna. I think it would be so cool in either one. I have a lot of your books already, but I really would love this one. And I think your knitting is amazing….knitting is definitely NOT one of my talents.

  82. Katie B says:

    OOh, I think I’d make it out of Simple Abundance.

    I think you’re being too critical of your neckline! It looks fantastic to me.

  83. Erica says:

    I would love to learn to knit and seeing your sweaters just makes me yearn to do that all the more! So pretty, but I’ve no advice as I don’t know how to knit at all!

  84. Alissa says:

    I think I might like to try it with some of Amy Butler’s lines.

  85. Michelle F. says:

    I would make the quilt out of 30’s repro’s as I have tons of them! I have no knitting advice for you as I can only knit little dishcloths. I think that your sweater looks awesome but I am not an expert knitter as you are.

  86. Shaun says:

    I would probably do this quilt in Shangrila, (if I could find it) I love that fabric! I’m in awe of your knitting abilities and can’t see your mistakes at all. Merry Christmas!

  87. Rachel Hayes says:

    I loved your sweaters. You are so talented! I already have your Charmed and Dangerous book and made the 4 patch fusion for my best friend. It turned out beautiful. I can’t remember the fabric line I used but if you go to my blog you’ll see it. Thanks for designed great patterns!

  88. Sheila says:

    I love the grey sweater!! And since I am not a knitter I would never have known there was a mistake! Hope someone can help you out…

    I love the new Wild Thyme fabric line and would love to make your quilt with them!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Lynn Osborne says:

    I really like this pattern and would love to win! Thanks for the generous gift!

  90. Danielle says:

    I have started and restarted the same sweater 4 times, and it’s wrong again! Good luck with fixing the neck, though you should know, you can’t tell there is anything wrong with it!

    Figgy Pudding or Hope Valley would be my picks for fabrics right now! Thanks for the giveaway:-)

  91. I would love to make Charmed and Dangerous out of Authentic. I think it would be a great quilt. Love all the versions you have in this post!

  92. Penny says:

    Your sweaters are gorgeous. The yarn you used for the gray sweater has a wonderful feel to it! The advise Sami gave you above for fixing the neck of your sweater sounds right on the money. Perhaps you are being too critical of that neck line?!?

    The quilt you have draped over the chair in your studio is beautiful! The colors are striking. What a great resource your book with that pattern will be for someone.

    Have a wonderful holiday season!!

  93. Deb says:

    Oooh, i would SO love to win the pattern book. And guess what?! I actually have a Roman Holiday jelly roll that’s just been sitting and sitting waiting for me to use it! I think that line would be perfect for this quilt.

  94. Debbie Wagner says:

    There have been some great fabirc lines noted: Simple Abundance and Authentic would be my faves, but I think I would go scrappy and definitely use a red border! I love this quilt and would love to win “charmed and dangerous” even more!!

    Alas, I am not a knitter but I do have the same haircut as you!

    Thanks, Debbie

  95. Zarina says:

    Those are beautiful sweaters – both long and short sleeves. I don’t think I will ever knit one – even that one pair of socks its almost ready to be cast off but still indulging in my quilting.

  96. Kim says:

    I am taking my first knitting class after the new year; scarves will be a challange! I love figgy pudding and have used it for 3 holiday quilts using “Serendipity” pattern found in Fons and Porter Easy Quilts. I have LOTS of left overs! But also am anxious to for your new line

  97. Darlene B says:

    I have a lot of scraps of Kansas Troubles fabric – or maybe I should step out of my box and try something really wild – like batiks or brights!!

    I sure wish I could give you knitting advice, but I’ve never made a sweater (or anything knitted for that matter – I’m a crocheter and a knitter “wannabe.”)

  98. SewLindaAnn says:

    Your knitting expertise is way beyond me, no advice there. Your sweaters are beautiful. I’m better at crochet, but still trying to get the knitting tension more even. I love those borders, the Roman Holiday and Rebel Roses. I would love to win the book, that pattern is really cool! I’m thinking I would make it in some of the Christmas fat quarters I bought in the limey/pinkish/bluish line along with some polka dots.

  99. Leslie Schmidt says:

    I love your sweaters. You do a fantastic job. I like cables and lace knitting, too, but I’m not as adventurous as you.
    For 4 patch fusion, I’d like to make it in Glace or, for something completely different, Have a Sheri Berry Holiday.

  100. Heather,your sweaters are beautiful.I love cables too but can’t knit. I crochet. I like to make pink and green quilts. Bonnie

  101. OK I don’t know the first thing about knitting (honestly, I didn’t know if that was knitted or crocheted- ha!) but they are absolutely beautiful. I think you should definitely wear the grey one. I love everything about it. And, if I were to make the charmed and dangerous quilt then I might have to do it in the French General fabrics, because I love that line and haven’t bought any yet! I actually need to get off the computer right now and go finish up my Buttercup quilt. Someone is quilting it for me tomorrow! Funny huh? I just need to do the applique. I’m loving it! Such a cute quilt. I’m doing it out of Riley Blake’s Sublime line. I’ll send pictures when I’m done. Fabulous sweaters though. You’re amazing!

  102. Carol says:

    Amazingly enough I don’t own this book, but I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and get it. More projects for the new year. At least I don’t knit….yet.

  103. Nicole says:

    I have a nest layer cake just waiting to be played with, and I think this might be the perfect pattern!!

  104. Karen N says:

    Your knitting finishes look great. I think I would make the quilt out of Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane range. I am particularly drawn to the cool colours. Maybe because it is so darn hot lately hear in Sydney.

  105. Sue says:

    Love seeing your knitting, your work is beautiful. If you don’t point out your mistakes/problems, then no one will notice! The 4-patch Fusion would be pretty out of most lines, or even scrappy. I love Kaffe’s new Liberty of London line, or, like some many others, French General. Or Pat Sloan’s Georgia. It’s fun to dream. 🙂

  106. Linda T says:

    Your mother’s quilt with Rebel Roses is very pretty. I would love to try it with Figgy Pudding – love that stuff!

    As for knitting advice? Sorry, I don’t have any. Your sweaters are beautiful – I love your new short sleeved one.

  107. Jane says:

    I can’t knit a stitch, so I wont leave you any knitting advice. Your sweaters look gorgeous to me. As for the quilt, I have a vast supply of charms I have been swapping and saving over the years and I think they would love to be made into a quilt. For the four-patch fusion, I have a Mary Englebright layer cake that I think would be adorable.

  108. Karen Sikes says:

    I actually have Roman Holiday, or I have Chocolate, decisions, decisions. I wish I could knit as well as you can, I do well to make a scarf. Wishing you, Joel and Daisy a Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  109. A Betty says:

    I have that wonderful book so don’t need to be in the contest. I just wanted to say that I recently bought some nicey Jane, and a bit of Panache. Anything in Simple Abundance is fun too. I’m thinking rural jardin will be great.

  110. Gail Lopes says:

    I love that quilt in Figgy Pudding! Thanks for the opportunity to win and happy holidays!
    Gail (

  111. Gloria Lundblad says:

    I should probably use my stash and make a Christmas quilt, but I really like the quilt you made from your Serenity line. Thanks for sharing.

  112. Liz Arbaugh says:

    Your Rebel Roses line appeals to me, or, I just might dig into my scrap basket….

    As for the sweater, I have no idea but I have a friend who would probably know. I’ll ask her.

  113. Anne Simonot says:

    I would use my Neptune layer cake which has been waiting for inspiration to strike! Or maybe some fat quarters from the Crazy Eight line which I also have. Knitting – you are a much more advanced knitter than me! I haven’t moved past scarves & toques yet!

  114. Julie in WA says:

    oooooh, wouldn’t Rouenneries by French General made up lovely! Of course, I would have to break my fabric diet and go buy some, but what a buy for a great project!

  115. Barbara says:

    I think that quilt would look just beautiful in the Kansas Winter line.

  116. Deborah Hawkins says:

    Just found your website and love, love, love your patterns and fabric. I’ve already ordered your Stop, Drop and Roll book. I think I would use my Nest by Tula Pink layer cake for the 4 patch Fusion.

  117. Darlis says:

    Your knitting is so pretty. You are one talented lady.

    As for the quilt I think something from my scrappy collection.

  118. Dawn Stephens says:

    The sweaters you knit are absolutely gorgeous. I don’t knit but you’ve inspired me to learn how. As far as the material I’d use for the quilt, it would probably come out of my stash. We are planning on moving in the near future and I don’t think my husband would think it’s funny that half the boxes we’d move to our new home would be filled with material. 🙂

  119. sewstylish says:

    I would use something from the Moda line because after all you can’t go wrong with there colors. As for the knitting your sweaters are great and I would need to know what for of decrease you used in order to help. Usually I would k2tog since that seems to show the least in garter stitch but honestly it’s not really noticable and everyone will be admiring your cables.

  120. Janelle J says:

    Maybe some Kaffe Fasset prints with one of the pretty shot cottons for a background. Your knitting looks amazing.

  121. Jolyn says:

    When I used to knit and made a mistake – I cried. Didn’t help the project — just me! I would use civil war fabric for the project!

  122. Wish that I could share some knitting advice. I’m in awe of your “wearable” knit projects. I’m working on scarves and dreaming of knitting socks. I have some “aged” charm packs of Moda’s Maison de Noel. I even have some border fabric that would look fabulous in your pattern. Take care!

  123. Debbie H. in Canada says:

    Your knitting is beautiful- I want to learn to do cables soon. I would love to make your quilt out of my Maison de Noel. I have been saving it for something special. Thanks

  124. stampinwithbeth says:

    I love your Serenity line! I am using it to make a quilt for our master bedroom!

    If I were to win the book, I would have fabrics from the 2008 Minnesota Quilt Shop Hop that would be perfect. So perfect that I may have to buy the book if I don’t win….

  125. Kelly Ann says:

    I’m thinking something really scrappy…even going scrappy where the “white” part is…I’m loving some scrappy quilts right now..

  126. sndy1 says:

    Sorry don’t have any knitting advice. I never have been able to ‘get’ into that. Thanks for the giveaway–maybe Simple Abundance line.

  127. Joyce says:

    It would be hard to improve upon what I saw with the Rebel Roses….I love reds, maybe just switch it up and use the border as the main background.
    Sorry my knitting experience would not teach you anything frustration….

  128. Cindi says:

    I think I’d use Vine Creek by Kansas Troubles.

  129. Deb C says:

    Hi Heather,
    I love love LOVE cables in sweaters & fingerless mitts as well. Can’t offer any suggestions tho as that appears to be an “experienced” pattern and that’s definitely not me. It is just gorgeous and I am dying to make your Hoodie. It’s awesome!!!!!
    Hmm, what fabric would I use for Charmed and Dangeous? I have multiple packs Arcadia that would look awswome in your pattern.
    PS Tell hubby I have an 8 mo male GSP who also has a solid chocolate head like your Daisy. Aren’t they awesome dogs!

  130. Cindy C. says:

    You are a very special talent. My admiration and respect for you reach to the sky.

    Special hugs and blessings to you.

  131. Diane Ruby says:

    You do such beautiful work, Heather — I’d love to be able to knit like that — I stick pretty much to scarves! I have been admiring Anne Sutton’s Petit Maison fabric and think it would look great with your Charmed and Dangerous pattern. It’s so much fun using the precuts!

  132. Dania Kinney says:

    I would make it out of the Wiscasset collection by Minnick and Simpson! Love it and the pattern!

  133. Val says:

    I’ve been hanging on to a couple or three charm packs of Shangri-La by Three Sisters for Moda that I would LOVE to use to make the Charmed and Dangerous quilt! I just finished your Pretty in Pink Quilt for my grandmother for Christmas. I used Bonnie and Camille’s fabric Cotton Blossoms for that quilt…I will have to email you a picture. I LOVED your pattern and am so ready to make a few more quilts using your patterns!

  134. Alisa says:

    I can’t give you any knitting advice, but the sweaters are WOW!! One day…

    Enjoy your little break for December. My December looks to be busy with my kids home for 2 weeks break.

    I’d love to win your book.

  135. Rhonda Perez says:

    I have 2 Time for Tea charm packs that I would use. I could use a cup of tea with the cold weather.

  136. Linda says:

    Before I read your complete post I was sitting here figuring out how to use my I spy frabics in for this pattern. All inside colored squares and rectangles would be the I spy blocks. I would use a calm white print for the inside background, a black and white print for the outer border. Then add a touch of red with an small red border or piping. Or do it up in French General’s Rouennerias. Either way it would be relaxing to sew it up.

    I loved the pattern the first time I saw it. Oh and your grey sweater is adorable – I wish I could knit.

  137. kiki says:

    I would love to see this quilt done in bright scraps of amish type solids (or maybe batiks?) with maybe a black background?

  138. Colleen Gander says:

    Oh, Heather, I have a collection of Moda’s Glace that I have been reluctant to cut into however, when I see the fabric made into a quilt, I love it. I think it would work ideally in your pattern if not for this Christmas, next year for sure. Your studio looks like such an inviting place to work and draw inspiration from.

  139. Carmen says:

    I’ve been collecting all shades of grey and orange and waiting to see what to do with them, and this pattern might work. Also, love the sweater! I haven’t tried sweaters yet because I’m a cautious knitter and I’m not used to patterns yet, but you inspire me to try!

  140. Tammy Lewis says:

    Oh my goodness, your knitting questions are way over my head! Not being a knitter, I LOVE your sweater! I don’t see the mistake–this is the reason I gave all my first quilting projects to non-quilting friends. They love them, and they aren’t critical of anything! I am a Kansas Troubles lover, so anything you make out of that would be my choice! I am doing a nursery for a nerw grandchild and I just picked up the Birdie line by Me & My Sister. I think it would be perfect for this line!

  141. Christy Q says:

    I’d use Figgy Pudding as I have a little stash of it that would be perfect for that quilt (and I’m partial to Figgy Pudding!). LOL

  142. Shelly says:

    Your knitting is wonderful. I don’t knit but I do quilt and think we are more critical of our own work. I can spot a mistake on my own quilts from a mile away but a not quilter sees the overall beauty of the quilt.
    Any Moda collection would made a beautiful 4 patch fusion. quilt.

  143. I love your quilting pattern. It would work with so many colors. I would like to try it with a black background and brights.

    No help with your knitting…

  144. Linda G O says:

    Hi-I would look into the Kaffe Fawcett fabrics—but who knows what I would choose once I got into the fabric store…….

  145. Laura says:

    I also have some figgy pudding and would love to make something from your book with that fabric line! I would have Susan Anderson (a wonderful knitter take a look at your neckline and offer some suggestions)
    . Cute sweaters and I love cables also!
    Laura T

  146. Joy P says:

    I recently purchased a fat quarter bundle of Moda’s Sorbet. I think it would be perfect to make the 4-Patch Fusion quilt.

  147. Mary says:

    I love your knitting. It looks absolutely perfect to me. I would make the quilt out of the line by Moda “Simple Abundance” love the colors and the harmony of that fabric line.

  148. Deb C says:

    Oh Heather I forgot in my previous post to ask what yarn you used for your Hoodie? I love the texture it gives.

  149. Kathy Savage says:

    I would make the quilt using either the new line coming out soon from Jan Patek (the re-releases of some older prints) or Butterfly Garden from Kansas Troubles. I like the darker colors for my decor.

    As far as knitting…can’t help you…I’m lucky to do a dishcloth! Your knitting is wonderful! My goal is a pair of MATCHING socks or mittens (same size, length, etc.) someday!

  150. Connie says:

    I just bought some Moda Happy Campers fabric. And I think that it would look good.

  151. Mary Durham says:

    I have some charm packs of the Roman Holiday, and had been wondering what to make with it – this would be perfect – as your picture show!
    I think your knitting projects are wonderful.

  152. Lauren says:

    Hmmm — I’m just dying to make something out of the Rouenneries fabrics by French General — wonder how they would look in your pattern? As for knitting advice, you are far more advanced than I am! Hope that someone else can give you the advice that you need!

  153. Linda P. says:

    Wish I had enough knowledge to give knitting advice, I’m a wanna be!! I absolutely love all your sweaters and even this one, I can tell what you are talking about, but only because you pointed it out. It’s beautiful!! Love that Charmed and Dangerous, I would make it out of one the Minick and Simpson fabrics, as I love Americana!!

  154. Kristan says:

    I’d love to make this pattern in the upcoming Whimsy by Fig Tree Quilts! Thanks and Merry Christmas. You blow me away with your knitting.

  155. Monika says:

    I think Four Patch Fusion would be fabulous in Frosted Memories by Holly Taylor for Moda or Eden by Lila Tueller for Moda. It would probably be just fabulous in anything!

  156. Linda says:

    I’m not a knitter, so can’t offer any suggestions. I just think the sweaters are gorgeous. I can say that reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air! Thanks so much and Merry Christmas

  157. Kay says:

    I have the Figgy Pudding charm pack & some other pieces of that line of fabric that I would love to make up with that pattern. I love all of your knitting, but don’t know how you have time to do that too!

  158. Janelle J says:

    Maybe Moda’s new group Oz. It looks cute and tempting. I love your version out of Serenity though!

  159. Esther says:

    I think the quilt would be beautiful made out of Rouennerias from the French General line of Moda.

  160. Angie says:

    I really love figgy pudding as well and think it would look lovely in that pattern.

  161. Katie says:

    So I’m a far better knitter than I am a quilter, so here’s my advice – check out “yarn marking loops” as a method of keeping tracking of cables, decreases, etc. You basically knot waste yarn at intervals that leave enough room for your needle, tying the same number of knots as the “thing” you are doing – six rows between cabling – six knots. Each time you encounter the loop, you transfer it to the next loop down. Here’s the link I used –
    Changed my knitting life!

  162. Chris says:

    Heather the sweater is really well done. The only suggestion I have is did you knit two together or slip a stitch over a knitted stitch. One might be less cumbersome. My Grandmother always said it would never be seen on a galloping horse. I looked at the finished sweater on the Lion Brand Website and it looks the same at the neck line on yours. Sami’s post suggested knitting it from the necks edge and sewing it onto the body of the sweater which maybe would work .

  163. julie says:

    Love your patterns! I would make it out of Mill House Inn or any Moda fabric.

  164. Karen Lowrance says:

    Just finished making my first quilt for my second grand baby. Had a great. I’m inspired to take up knitting again. I gave all of my knitting needles to my daughter, but I think these grand daughters my need some great sweaters. Love you sight!

  165. Karen says:

    What a great pattern. Love your new fabrics too! Merry Christmas!

  166. Vickie says:

    It’s amazing how a simple 4 patch can be so fun. We always forget the roots of quilting and try to make everything so hard. Thanks and I hope you holidays were amazing, filled with laughter, love, friends and family.

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