Merry Christmas

I just wanted to pop in quick and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  Here in MN we are having a white Christmas.  In fact we are under a winter storm warning, with 9-20 inches expected. 


 So far, it doesn’t look that serious, but it sure is pretty.

I also want to say congratulations to the winner from my last post.  I wanted to spread a little Christmas cheer by giving away a copy of my Livin’ Large book. 

The winner is:  Kim D or

(posted on Dec 19, 2009 at 5:10)

Kim, please e-mail your shipping address to and I will ship out your Christmas gift.


The writing of this post was interrupted by the sound of a diesel truck in the drive way.  I looked out the window to see this large box being delivered:


I wasn’t expecting any deliveries on Christmas Eve, but this gift from Henry Glass Fabrics was in that box:


It’s my new Wildflowers line!  It is laid out in my studio, looking all cheerful and sassy. 


So, I’d like to continue to spread a little Christmas cheer, by giving away a fat quarter pack of the fabric.  It’s really my last chance to spread a little Christmas cheer, as I will be out celebrating with family the next few days and blogging will be the last thing on my mind!  I would assume that many of you are the same, so I will leave the contest open until next week, so you have plenty of time to enter. 

All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered to win.  (One entry per person please).


That fat quarter pack will give you a good start toward making this –

This –




Or this !!!!

 (That’s all I’ve gotten made out of the fabric yet, but there will be more to come soon!)


Now, back to what I had started blogging about . . . . .

I wanted to show you these cute little Christmas mice my niece and I made yesterday.


I found the recipe at and they are made from a chocolate covered cherry and a Hershey’s kiss.  The kicker is those almond ears!


We had fun with it and it was something different.  Now, to get them to Christmas dinner without breaking off all their ears . . . .



We also made a ginger bread house, which was a gift from my printer.


Bella is like me – very serious about her crafting!


Don’t you almost get a tummy ache just looking at it? 

 But hey, it’s Chrimstmas and tummy aches are a big part of what Christmas is about!


Wishing you a safe and Happy Holidays, and only “good” tummy aches . . .

 Don’t forget to leave me a comment for the fabric  😉

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355 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Karen Holland says:

    That fabric looks wonderful! So do all the goodies, I just know I am going to have to get bigger pants after Christmas!

  2. mary p smith says:

    You have snow…. I live in Southern California and we just don’t get snow. I like your blog, as it is always positive and up beat. Merry Christmas…

  3. Denise says:

    Your new fabric line is great. Love the colors. Will definitely have to get some and make that runner. Looks so pretty.
    Merry Christmas to you and all your family and also a wonderful New Year.

  4. Treasa says:

    Love the fabric. Also going to go find the recipe for the christmas mice. I would love to win the fat quarters. Merry Christmas.


  5. Amy says:

    I love your Wildflower collection and I’d love to win! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!


  6. Carol Lewis says:

    How awesome to get this bright cheery fabric on a cold winter day. I love your new fabric and would very much like to win the fat quarter bundle. Your mice are the cutest. Love the gingerbread house too. Merry Christmas.

  7. Janelle J says:

    Your fabric looks beautiful. So do the pics of the snow, although I know it may not be convenient for many it does make for great pics!

  8. Dianne says:

    I love this new fabric and certainly could find MANY wonderful things to make with it! I particularly love that runner…just BEAUTIFUL!

  9. DianeY says:

    Your fabric is so beautiful-what a nice Christmas present! The snow looks beautiful out your window-I don’t know what I would do if I had to go out in it! Mele Kalikimaka from sunny Hawaii!

  10. Jill says:

    Your fabric is beautiful! Love the colors! Merry Christmas!

  11. Sally says:

    I just received your table runner book from the Fat Quarter Shop today! Your fabric would be a great way to start the patterns for the new year. Merry Christmas!

  12. Karen says:

    I would love a fat quarter pack of your fabrics!

    Merry Christmas.

  13. Yael says:

    merry christmas! the fabric is gorgeous and your picture of the snow looks like a postcard…

  14. Jennifer says:

    What a cute cookie! Looks like you and your niece had a great time. That fabric is simply beautiful…hope I am the lucky one this time! Merry Christmas – hope you have a great holiday with your family.

  15. Rita says:

    Beautiful fabrics! Merry Christmas to you and to yours!

  16. Jenny says:

    oh Merry Christmas to you. What fantastic timing to recieve your fabric on Christmas Eve. How fun is that!!
    Here is wishing you lots of joy and merriment during the Christmas holiday and lots of good tummy aches! Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  17. Wendy says:

    Oh, Oh, I am so happy I get another chance to win some of your GORGEOUS fabric!!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas 🙂

  18. Missy Ann says:

    Congrats on another beautiful line!

  19. Lauren says:

    I don’t think that I could handle the Minnesota winters, but would love to have your winter weather for Christmas only. Here in Mississippi they are predicting thunderstorms — NOT very Christmasy! I love your new fabric line — please put my name in the hat for the drawing for fat quarters of the same. Merry Christmas! Now off to get the turkeys ready for the oven!

  20. Larry says:

    Your little mice are sweet! I am gonna make those as there are several cherry lovers in my house! Please enter me in your giveaway for those beautiful prints of yours! What a neat delivery on Christmas!

  21. ~Michelle~ says:

    Loving the matchy matchy yarn behind the bolts, lol. Hope you have a great holiday and a happy new year! 🙂

  22. Well since I have all your books and patterns I NEED this fabulous fabric. Have a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday.

  23. Ginger says:

    Merry Christmas!
    I LOVE this new line of yours. It’s so pretty and cheery… perfect to chase away the winter blues.
    I am in process of binding a quilt made from your Kaleidoscope pattern. I love it!

  24. Audrey says:

    I love the new fabric. The colours are just as cheerful as can be.

  25. Gloria says:

    Oh, my goodness, what a beautiful sight!!! I love each and every one of those fabrics. So bright and fun to watch create a wonderful project. I’d love a batch of fat quarters just to get started…Have a great holiday and thanks for the give-away! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  26. Paula Bohan says:

    Lovely fabric! And I love the table runner – as I commented on earlier post – it’s very sophisticated. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Merry Christmas!

  27. Rosalie says:

    Love love the fabric! Would love to have some! We’re under a blizzard warning here in OK (how crazy is that??). It’s been years since we’ve had a white Christmas, so my kids are ecstatic! Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

  28. Christina says:

    I love that table runner!

  29. JoAnne says:

    The fabric is beautiful and so are the quilts.
    Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing so many things with us.

  30. Marlena says:

    Wow your new line is beautiful! I love that runner and how great would it be to make something for myself after all these Christmas projects. Thanks for the great giveaway and Happy Holidays!!!!

  31. Ruth B says:

    How exciting to get your fabrics today! Merry Christmas to you!! Your fabrics are always gorgeous and bright and happy. Love them!

  32. Sue says:

    I love your fabric! I would be thrilled to win the fat quarters! Enjoy your blog – check it every day. Have a wonderful Christmas – I’m here in Minnesota, too – should be interesting!

  33. Margaret says:

    Happy Christmas to you and yours. Thanks so much for the chance to win a fat quarter pack of your yummy fabric! I love those cute mice that you and your niece made — so cute!

  34. Mary says:

    What a wonderful delivery!! That is a great fabric line.

    I love the little mice….so cute!

    Yes, a tummy ache for sure, but what fun to decorate it together.

  35. Angela says:

    Lovely fabric and those mice are so cute!!!

  36. Anita says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Beautiful fabric – what a nice a Christmas gift!

  37. Lynn Osborne says:

    The fabrics are amazing! The mice are very cute too! Thanks for the chance to win. Merry Christmas.

  38. Michele says:

    The new fabric line is beautiful. Merry christmas to you and yours. Off to make a mice or two…

  39. Patty says:

    Love all the new Wildflower fabrics (and your projects using it are over the top!) Have a wonderfully warm and safe Holiday Season. Peace and Love to you and your family!

  40. Lotta says:

    Very beautiful fabric!! I love it!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Lotta in Sweden

  41. Kathleen says:

    What a happy Christmas Eve delivery! Love the fabric line. AND….love those mice!! How cute are they????
    Merry Christmas to you and yours~~~looking forward to another year of inspiration and beautiful fabric from you!

  42. Mary Flynn says:

    Merry ChristMOUSE….those are adorable!! Thank you for sharing the link. I think you’ve received an awesome present this Christmas Eve with all those gorgeous bolts having been delivered….gosh I’d be stroking them, feeling them and just hugging on them! Gorgeous!!
    Who wouldn’t want a lovely FQ of each?!! Please include me in your drawing….gosh I’d even love just a 2.5″ strip of each!!

  43. Leslie says:

    What a great surprise for Christmas! Beautiful.

  44. Melissa C says:

    The mice are so cute. I would love to receive some of that fabric, thanks for the chance. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  45. dawn says:

    Love the new line. It looks spectacular in your studio. Happy Holidays!!!!!!

  46. Jan says:

    Your new Wildflowers line is fabulous. I’ve love to win the fat quarters. Thanks.

  47. Heather says:

    Merry Christmas to you too! The girls are too adorable 🙂 I really like the mice cookies, I may have to try those out with my kids.

  48. Eunice says:

    You certainly must get the “favorite auntie of the year” award. The fabric looks so cheerful for a long winter.

  49. Heather your fabric is beautiful. Love to see you with the little ones in your family. Looks like you both had so much fun. Bonnie in Tx.

  50. Christine C says:

    I love the new line! The colors are so sunny and warm, perfect inspiration for when it so cold and gray outside. (Good thing Santa had that big truck). Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and have fun being snowed in with all of that new fabric!

  51. Michelle says:

    Merry Christmas! I just finished my first quilt (YAY) and I don’t have much of a fabric stash yet, so the fat quarters would be wonderful! Congratulations on your new line.

  52. Nancy L says:

    I’d love to win the FQ of your new fabric! I have lots of ideas for it already! Very cute mice too!
    Merry Christmas to you all!


  53. Marj says:

    I love your new Wildflowers line and would like to make the table runner. What a great Christmas surprise it would be to win the fat quarters.Thanks for the chance to win, Merry Christmas! Oh! Don’t eat to many mice, they are very cute.

  54. Susan says:

    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas with your family. Looking forward to all your creative inspirations in the New Year!

  55. karen w says:

    Beautiful fabric. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  56. Kristy says:

    Wildflowers is FABULOUS…I NEED (want) to make the first quilt you photographed…well that is where I will begin! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us throughout the year. Merry Christmas to your and yours. Kristy in Ohio

  57. Rachel says:

    Oh wow – what a great delivery. Can you send that big diesel truck my way next?

    I can’t remember the last time we made a gingerbread house. What fun! And I love the mice… so cute. Definitely something to keep in mind for next year.

    Merry Christmas Heather!

  58. Gene Black says:

    Your new fabric is lovely. What a joy to get bolts delivered on Christmas Eve.

    Peace and Joy to you and your family at Christmas.

  59. Trudi says:

    Those little mice are the cutest! As are the fabrics, definately worthy of much stroking and admiring, musing and mulling of more ideas! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Quilty New Year!

  60. Kristen says:

    In Southern MN we have 3-1/2 inches of snow and lots of RAIN….blah..would rather have snow…The fabric line is wonderful! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  61. Margie Crewse says:

    Such pretty fabric and the projects you have made with it are very pretty. I love the runner!!

  62. just beautiful fabric, have a nice holiday!

  63. Stacey says:

    that fabric is so pretty, and a merry christmas you are going to have, family, love, and new fabric. i am so jealous!! enjoy it!!

  64. Laura says:

    Your new line of fabric is so beautiful and I would love to win a fat quarter bundle! Cute mice and I love making gingerbread houses! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
    Laura T

  65. Tressa says:

    Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance to win.

  66. Christy Q says:

    Those Christmas mice sure are cute! as is your new line – a fat quarter pack of it would be absolutely delightful to anyone. Merry Christmas!

  67. jane says:

    I do so hope I win. What a pleasure to see those beautiful colors! Thank you for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!

  68. Linda W. says:

    What a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve day; looking out the window of my sewing room watching the snow fall, listening to music from my Charlie Brown Christmas CD, and looking at your beautiful new Wildflowers fabric line. Making a quilt out of this fabric would be a great way to spend the remainder of the winter, and welcome spring back to Minnesota.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  69. KIM ARTH says:

    I am just waiting for the kids to arrive and had some spare time here on Christmas Eve and found your new beautiful fabric! I love it Heather. Merry Christmas!

  70. susan says:

    I love the new fabric line. Those Christams treats are cute as can be. I made your Peppermint dazzle dessert for my family this year. It looks festive and delicious.

  71. Katie says:

    Merry Christmas. Thanks for the fun giveaways! I love the fabric line.

  72. Evelyn says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I’d love to use those fabrics to make the table runner (and more!).

    Your gingerbread house looks nice! We just made ours today, and it looks exactly like what it is – like a toddler with a serious sweet tooth decorated it. 🙂

  73. megan z says:

    I love the fabric and already know what I want to do with it!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

    Thanks for the post – the mice are adorable, I bet your niece had a lot of fun – and the gingerbread house is gorgeous!

    Have a Merry Christmas! – Megan

  74. corinnea says:

    Yummy fabrics. Yummy baking. Lovely time together.

  75. Bari says:

    Wow, what beautiful, bright fabrics! Those are gorgeous! I would love to make a quilt with those…..

    What a wonderful way to make Christmas memories! May you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

  76. Penny says:

    Merry Christmas Heather!

    Thank you for sharing your new line of fabric … what a great surprise that must have been for you. It is colorful & bright … just what will be needed in the upcoming winter months to make a quilt from.

    The pictures of you & your niece making Christmas goodies & the beautiful gingerbread house really bring home the spirit of Christmas.

    Enjoy the holidays with family & friends ~ Penny

  77. Joan Thelen says:

    Love your colors and patterns, iam looking forward to seeing more 2010

  78. Jolene says:

    Love the fabric. What a wonderful surprise when your weren’t expecting it yet. Merry Christmas and stay warm!

  79. Holly says:

    I love your new line of fabric, and would love to win the drawing! We had 20 inches of snow last week, and I’ll be flying thru Minneapolis on the 26th going to Omaha for my daughter’s wedding shower. Please have all the snow cleaned up for me!


  80. Marian B says:

    What a wonderful early Christmas present. I would love some of that fabric! Now I have to hop on over to that website to get the recipe for those Cute mice – hope I have all the ingredients. Have a Jolly CHristmas!

  81. Merry Christmas! What a wonderful way to celebrate with your niece. Would love to welcome some of your new fabric into my home. Take care during this winter storm!

    Happy Holidays!

  82. Di says:

    Have a Blessed Christmas from sunny South Australia. Love the colours of the fabrics, hope to win!

  83. Jan in Cody says:

    I’d love to win those fat quarters–gotta’ make one of those gorgeous table runners! Merry Christmas!

  84. Debra says:

    Love the fabric…I would for sure make that table runner! Have a Merry Christmas!

  85. Jean says:

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  86. Kate says:

    Your fabric looks divine!

    Hope you and your family have a happy and safe christmas, tummy aches and all!

  87. Junglewife says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous fabric! I would LOVE to win it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  88. Mary-Kay says:

    The fabric is beautiful! And those cookies look really tempting and delicious too.

  89. Sara says:

    Love your new fabric line…would love to win the fat quartersQ

    Am off to make those cookies!!!

  90. Michelle says:

    Beautiful fabrics! Best wishes for the Christmas season to you and your family, Heather!

  91. anna says:

    Please please let it be me…lovely fabric

  92. sandra says:

    Hi Heather…Feliz Navidad..!!!
    Que maravillosa manera de festejar..!!!
    Gracias por tu bondad…
    Me apuntas en el sorteo..??
    Muchas felicidades..!!!

  93. Beth Patrick says:

    how fun to receive all the fabrics on Christmas Eve!
    love the little mice cookies, tell Bella she is a marvelous cookie maker!
    enjoy your holidays with family and friends.
    keep your snow,, beautiful to look at but I like it from afar!
    Beth in Dallas

  94. Leslie Schmidt says:

    What a great auntie you are, Heather! Those are wonderful memories you’re creating with Bella.
    Your new fabric looks so happy!
    Merry Christmas.

  95. Darlis says:

    Your new fabric line is beautiful. Please enter me for a chance to win. Enjoy all your pictures. Have a great holiday. Merry Christmas.

  96. Joy P says:

    Love your new fabric line!

    It looks like you have gotten a very fun start to the holidays. Isn’t being an Auntie great. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  97. robin meyers says:

    would love to win that fabric. i’ve been eyeballing that livin’ large book for a while. need to order it and the fabric would be the perfect thing to go with it! merry christmas!

  98. Tiffany says:

    Fabric looks great! Would love to win some!

  99. Chris Davis says:

    The colors of the new fabric line cheer me up 🙂

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  100. Marjorie says:

    What fun to spend time with your niece!!
    Love yout new line..some of my favorite looks.

  101. Laura says:

    Can’t wait to see this in the quilt shop! Merry Christmas!

  102. Toby says:

    I just love that table runner! Clearly it needs to go on my “must sew” list. 🙂

    The mice are darling too.

  103. Anya says:

    Love those fabrics! Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas!

  104. Santell says:

    Love your new fabrics!! Love the projects you’ve made even more…

    Merry Christmas!!

  105. Southern Gal says:

    I love your new line of fabrics. MErry Christmas.

  106. Laurie C says:

    The new fabric line is gorgeous! So cheerful.
    Wishing you great moments this Christmas!

  107. stacey lyons says:

    I love the new line. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  108. Laurie in Iowa says:

    Those mice cookies are adorable. Your new fabric line is gorgeous. Merry Christmas!

  109. Janelle says:

    So, I’m not a quilter, but my mom is, so I still love looking at them. I am loving this fabric, and would love to win a fat quarter pack to make a small something with.

  110. Tina Williams says:

    Snow and cheery fabric all on the same day…how lucky! I seem to be in the only part of Kansas that hasn’t gotten any snow to speak of. Dreaming of a winter wonderland…
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  111. rebecca says:

    Way yummy fabric. I’d love to win!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  112. BethL says:

    What beautiful fabric and I love those mousie cookies!!! Too cute!! I’d love to win the FQ pack especially after finding out this morning that my elbow truly is broken after falling on the ice earlier in the week.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  113. Brenda says:

    This is gorgeous fabric!! Those fat quarters would be put to good use over here! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  114. Amy D says:

    I want to make ornaments with that fabric! It matches my Christmas tree! The mice are cute ..

  115. Christine Thomas says:

    Beautiful…just beautiful fabric. Please enter me.
    Merry Christmas to you, too. I love you blog and always anticipate your writing.
    I have a friend who was able to get out of Minneapolis this morning. It was a miracle.

  116. I love your snow picture. That would make a beautiful Christmas card!

    Your new fabric is gorgeous! Wonderful colors.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  117. Robyn Brown says:

    Love the fabric and the mice. Merry Christmas!

  118. Mary Jo says:

    What beautiful fabric!! So Cheery. I too am in MN and lots of children haven’t come home because of the snow storm. I’m hoping they can make it Christmas day. Love your little mice too. Thanks for all the great inspiration all year through. Merry Christmas. Mary Jo

  119. Shirley says:

    Love your new fabric line. The little mice were so cute too. Have a Merry Christmas!

  120. glenda says:

    Your house is so pretty! I love the little smidgens here and there in your photos. How much fun, getting your new fabric line on Christmas eve. I am so anxious to get some too. Love your little mice. How clever!
    Thanks for your reply to my note. I made some pretty cute slippers for my son.
    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

  121. Merry Christmas Heather,
    Those mice are the cutest goodie I’ve seen this year! Enjoy your snowy holiday.

  122. Jocelyn says:

    Oh Heather, the fabrics are so beautiful! So bright and cheery. Just right for Spring which is right around the corner, right?? Merry Christmas 🙂

  123. Dee says:

    I hope you enjoy your White Christmas. We’re only expecting rain. Your new fabric line is gorgeous and I’ve been waiting for it to appear in my local quilt store. Merry Christmas!

  124. Stephanie says:

    Delicious mice, gingerbread house, and fabric. Very cheery. Gorgeous snow photo. Stay warm and have a wonderful Christmas.

  125. Jackie says:

    What a wonderful Christmas post! Very cute mice, beautiful snow and wonderful fabric! Thank you for spreading some more Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy!!

  126. Sandi says:

    Merry Christmas! Those fabrics are so pretty!

  127. anne Dease says:

    Merry….very Merry. Thanks for a wonderful year of inspiration, and I look forward to a year of making LOTS of your quilts in 2010. thank for the chance to win that yummy fabric!!!

  128. Vicki says:

    That fabric is so gorgeous displayed just as it is. It’s even more beautiful in your quilts! Merry Christmas!

  129. Casey says:

    Merry Christmas to you! The fabrics look fabulous all together!

  130. Deb says:

    Absolutely wonderful!!!! What a great after-Christmas that will be for the winner! Hope it’s me! 🙂

  131. Sequana says:

    What a great way to start the New Year – with a beautiful FQ win! *S*

    Love those little meeses……..

  132. SueWis says:

    Beautiful fabrics! What a great way to start out the New Year!

  133. Michelle F. says:

    How exciting seeing all your fabric in that box. Those mice are too cute! I can’t decide what I would make with the fat quarters…probably nothing at first. I would need to play with them awhile before cutting into them! Have a Merry Christmas.

    Michelle F.

  134. Chris says:

    I almost passed out when I saw that beautiful pile of gorgeousness! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty! I cannot wait to get my hands on it all!

  135. Edna says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Heather! Thank you for the chance to be the lucky person getting your Wildflower Fat Quarter Collection. The collection is beautiful!

  136. Viv says:

    Merry Christmas Heather. The fabric looks super gorgeous all in a row like that.

    I love the cute little mice, and the gingerbread house is fantastic.

  137. Julie in WA says:

    Merry Christmas! Your new fabric line is just beautiful! It is especially nice to see the fabrics on the bolt, as I can see the scale of the prints.

  138. Sharon Appleton says:

    Merry Christmas. The Fabric looks lovely and so does the snow. We are having a white Christmas which is very rare but it is melting so not so pretty.

  139. mariajhmom says:

    What a fun Christmas gift!!! Does that let Joey off the hook???

  140. Linda L says:

    I really like your new line of fabric. They are so bright and pretty. Merry X-mas!

  141. Susan B says:

    Your fabric is beuatiful and your patterns make up beautiful quilted items. I have a soft spot for Gingerbread houses. I’ve been making simple houses for about 13 years and either invite my friends over to decorate or the young women I look after in Church. The houses are so much fun to bake, decorate and or course eat! Merry Christmas!

  142. Kathy says:

    Congrats on another beautiful line of fabric Heather! I hope you and your family have a very blessed and joyous holiday season.

  143. Claudia says:

    I would love to win those new fat quarters so that could make another quilt. Have a Merry Christmas.

  144. Wildflowers is just perfect. Thanks for the chance. And if I don’t win, then I will be searching all the lqs’s!
    Merry Christmas

  145. Linda says:

    What beautiful fabric. Thanks for the chance to win some. Merry, Merry Christmas!!!

  146. Gloria Lundblad says:

    What pretty fabric. I makes my heart sing.

  147. Tammy says:

    The new fabrics are beautiful!! Congrats on the new line!

  148. katevet says:

    Happy holidays! the colors are so lovely, I love them!

  149. Megan says:

    Congratulations on the new fabric line! Can’t wait to see it in the local shops.

  150. angie/sweetbabies00 says:

    Beautiful fabric and Bella is a lovely young lady.
    Merry Christmas.

  151. Danielle says:

    Merry Christmas! Awesome giveaway… love the new line!

  152. Andy says:

    What a great early Christmas gift for you to receive – and what beautiful fabric all lined up like that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. Ida13 says:

    I wish you a Marry Xmas and Happy New Year!
    Those fabrics are soooo cute! You are a genius.

  154. Jacquelyn says:

    Oohh you must have been SOOOOO excited. Here’s looking forward to making fabulous creations with your fabric line!!

  155. kathie says:

    how exciting that the fabric was delivered Christmas Eve. I LOVE those little mice , my DD’s would love making those I will print out that recipe. Your niece looks so serious, I think it is wonderful you spent time with her baking, wonderful memories she will have .
    I love that table runner and would make that, my DD would love that second quilt bet Iwill be making that too once I show her you post later today!
    Merry Christmas!
    enjoy your holidays

  156. Isn’t it a lot of fun not to expect anything in the mail and than to find something as beautiful as your wonderful new fabric line? I would love to find your FQ-package in my letter box ;-))
    Enjoy your holidays! Frauke from the South of Germany where it is windy and grey-greenish … so, enjoy the wonderful Winter Wonderland.
    Merry Christmas, everybody!

  157. Julia says:

    Hello Heather!
    May you have a wonderful Christmas with your family ~ enjoy the holidays!
    Cute – those mice are too sweet! And the gingerbread house is just perfect ~ Bella did a very good job (makes me wish I have had time for making one for me this year too…).
    Your new fabric is AWESOME! I just LOVE the fresh & sweet look of it (and I’m thrilled with the results of your sewing with them).
    Christmas Greetings from Germany,

  158. Jenn says:

    Your fabric is simply fabulous! I’ve said it before, but I doubt you get tired of hearing it:) Can’t wait to start playing with it

  159. Susan says:

    Cheerful fabric collection! Merry Christmas, enjoy your family! Susan

  160. Linda T says:

    What beautiful fabric! I would love to play with some! Count me in! Enjoy your snowstorm – I’m waiting for our snow yet here in Southern Ontario!

  161. Dawn Stephens says:

    Absolutely gorgeous fabric!! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  162. Anne says:

    Merry Christmas… so glad it is white for you. It is raining here in central Indiana. {major bummer} Love the mice, and would love a chance at the fabric!

  163. Shaun says:

    Merry Christmas from Oregon! I love the new fabric line and the quilts that you’ve shown done with it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  164. Francisca R. says:

    A very Merry Christmas from the Netherlands!
    In the white world in which we live now over here the fabrics look even more bright!
    I’ll try to make the mice too, they are lovely and I love the way you both work on the ginger bread house, a memory is born…..

    Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

  165. DOE says:

    Your whole post is just Christmas yummy.
    Fabric to drool over.
    And goodies to munch.
    Yes, very yummy.
    Merry Christmas from Michigan.

  166. AllenQuilts says:

    What treasured memories you are making with your niece! I know how special my memories of my favorite aunt and our times together are to me. Love that fabric!!

  167. Jolyn says:

    Southern Minnesnowta is getting our share of snow too! What fun it would be to win some cheery fabric like your new line to brighten the winter!!!

  168. Jana says:

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for a year of bloggy inspiration!

  169. Cory says:

    How exciting that you go your fabrics on Christmas Eve. They are gorgeous and I would love to win this give-away. Take care and God bless, Cory

  170. Alissa says:

    Merry Christmas, the new line looks fab!

  171. carol broughton says:

    The new fabrics are just gorgeous! I sure would love to win them and start on one of your projects. I think I have just about all of your books!

    Happy Holidays and wishing you love, joy and peace for 2010.

  172. Paula Wilmarth says:

    Love the new fabric line – so beautiful. The Christmas mice are adorable. Merry Christmas to all!

  173. Shirl says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    I am “wild” about your new Wildflowers fabric collection. It sure is beautiful!

  174. Randee says:

    Merry Christmas Heather. I love the mice! I would love to win a collection of your Wildflowers fabric collection. It sure is beautiful!

  175. Erica says:

    Merry Chirstmas! I can’t wait for Wildflowers to show up in the stores and I’d certainly love to win some too!!

  176. Jodi E says:

    That was a very nice Christmas eve delivery, how fun! I can’t wait for your new “wildflowers” fabric to come out, it is all my favorite colors!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  177. Alana says:

    Oooh, your fabric is bright and wonderful. What a great Christmas delivery! I’m anxious to see it in the stores! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  178. Danielle says:

    Love fabric – just in time to start wishing for spring. Merry Christmas!

  179. Dee Johnson says:

    Merry Christmas to you – what a fun arrival on Christmas Eve – love the chocolates and reds combined. Love, Love, Love Bella’s name – and her crafting.

  180. Edith says:

    Lovely, lovely mice and GORGEOUS fabric! Thanks for the opportunity to win, I would SO like to make the table topper. Happy Christmas!

  181. Connie says:

    What beautiful fabrics and and quilt patterns.
    Merry Christmas!

  182. Susan says:

    Wowee, that would definitely be a treat! Merry Christmas!

  183. Gladys says:

    Hola, Heather!!! Feliz Navidad!!! Espero que Jesús haya renacido la esperanza, la ilusión y el amor en vuestro corazón y en el de todos sus afectos! Espero que haya pasado una hermosa Noche Buena y que hoy esté disfrutando una Maravillosa Navidad! Repito que la nueva línea de tejidos es MARAVILLOSA y los colores MAGNÍFICOS!!! Ud. ha hecho grandes trabajos con ellas, por lo que no puedo perder la oportunidad de anotarme para tenerlas! Por favor, quiero participar! Que pasen unos días maravillosos! Un gran abrazo!

  184. arlette says:

    Merry Christmas!, lucky you’re having snow there, please enter me in the drawing, I love the colors!

  185. Patay says:

    Beautiful colorful fabric. You’ve done it again. Merry Christmas & Happy 2010! Would love to win the fabric and work on something new a fresh in 2010.

  186. Vicki says:

    Beautiful fabric! Merry Christmas:)

  187. Kathleen B says:

    Very Merry Christmas, Heather! Isn’t it wonderful to have a white Christmas? A true blessing. I love your new fabric line. It is indeed sparklingly cheerly on a cold winter night. Please include me in your fat quarter drawing. Noel…Kathy

  188. Karen Rabadan says:

    Love the fabric. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Hope you have a great holiday.

  189. Roseann says:

    Hi Heather, Just love the new line of wildflowers and the wonderful quilts made with them. It looked like you and your niece had tons of fun making the cute mice. Merry Christmas from Gallatin, NY..

  190. Bec Clarke says:

    That would be fabulous, I have your living large book to go with the fabric, hope I win.

  191. Jane Eilderts says:

    Love, love, love your new fabric line!! Can’t wait to try something from it!

  192. Cindy says:

    You should feel so proud – what a terrific fabric line. I sure would love the chance to make something with those beautiful colors!

  193. Karen44 says:

    I’ve been waiting to see your new line. Oh.. I could wosh a bit of our heat up your way.

  194. jcaroline says:

    I love your new Wildflowers fabric line and would love to win some. The quilts are so beautiful. I’ve just made two table toppers from your book — what fun. I can’t wait to make more!!

  195. Karen says:

    Beautiful fabric. Merry Christmas!!!

  196. Bonnie says:

    Love the fabric line. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  197. Katherine says:

    Merry Christmas, Heather.
    Please count me in – I love your new fabric line. The colors are amazing. The little mice are cute. My grandchildren would love making them.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  198. Twyla says:

    I love your new line, makes us feel like spring might be coming soon!!

  199. hannah says:

    The combo of the polka dots and floral is great. I like the fabric that looks like snowflakes with stems! Cute mouse idea, too!

  200. Those bolts of fabric lined up in your home are a sight to behold!!
    Isn’t it beautiful here in Minnesota this Christmas?

  201. Lisa says:

    Merry Christmas Heather!

    I bought your book Livin’ Large and I’ve made one of the patterns. I took it a totally different color direction than you had in the book, though. It would be fun to create one of your patterns using your fabric—maybe it would look like one of those in your book. Love your patterns and color choices!!

  202. Jeremy says:

    Nice new collection! When will it be in stores? Winning would be nice!

  203. Koye Hendrix says:

    I love this fabric. I need to start a quilt right away for a benefit auction in February. These fat quarters would make the right start to what I want to do.

    Merry Christmas. Koye

  204. Darlene B says:

    I would love to win this fabric. I just ordered Sizzlin’ Sixties and Livin’ Large and am anxiously awaiting their arrival at my front door!

  205. Christina D says:

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.
    The new fabric line is beautiful. I would love to win,
    thank you for the chance.
    Christina D

  206. Linda G O says:

    Hi-MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU…Oh please pick me–I just adore this fabric…….it is so cheerful–just for a Minnesota winter…..

  207. stampinwithbeth says:

    Happy holidays! Thanks for the opportunity to be entered in the drawing — I LOVE this new line and am hoarding quilt store gift cards until it arrives (and I can buy some)!

  208. Sharlene says:

    The fabric looks so cheerful-would be fun for a new project in 2010!

  209. I’m glad that is “officially” what Christmas is about because I feel really fat right now! Definitely have to go running right now. I really would love that charm pack. Those quilts and the runner are really calling my name! Merry Christmas!

  210. Love the fabric and would love to work with it.

  211. Karen says:

    Congratulations on you new fabric line. The fabrics look gorgeous.
    Merry Christmas. We enjoyed a very different Christmas to yours. We sat in the sunshine and decorated a tree outside for the presents. It was a very relaxing summery Christmas day.

  212. Monika says:

    The fabric is fabulous! The colors are so fun!

    Merry Christmas!

  213. Kim says:

    I LOVE your new line. Defently puts my mind into a warm happy place. Even in the midst of winter, spring in eternal!

  214. Melba says:

    I love your new line, please enter me!

  215. Janae says:

    Fun, fancy, and I must make something from this line!!! So cute!

  216. Rhonda says:

    Merry Christmas! i love this new line. i bought the Rebel Rose line and that quilt is one of my favorites, love the colors, patterns.

    thanx for the chance!

  217. Nancy E says:

    Beautiful winter scene! Your new fabrics are just so bright & cheery fabric. Love the quilts you have made so far! Merry Christmas!!!

  218. Shari says:

    Thanks for sharing great photos of your gorgeous fabrics and projects. Seems I’m not alone admiring the beauty. Would this be considered “fabric porn”.

  219. The fabric is beautiful! I hope you had a very merry Christmas.

  220. Marisa says:

    Your fabric looks so beautiful and cheerful lined up in your studio! I would love a chance to win a fat quarter pack! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  221. deb says:

    omg, your fabric line is beautiful. I would love to win.
    Also, love the pic of the snow and trees and the house, so pretty.
    Happy Holiday’s.

  222. Carolina says:

    What a start on Christmas for you! Amazing fabrics! Love them!
    Have a really Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  223. Sue says:

    Love seeing pics of your snow and your lake. We have a family cabin near Park Rapids on 3rd Crow Wing (yes, it’s a long way from my home in VA). Seeing your pics help me visualize our cabin in the other 3 seasons. Your new line of fabric is terrific, and thank you for the chance to win some.

  224. Bev says:

    I just discovered your blog and designs and fabric while looking for a table runner to make for my daughter and I love your fabric and designs!! Definitely want to use them for her!

  225. Diane Ruby says:

    Oh, Heather, that snow is so-o-o-o beautiful — I’m homesick. But talking to our relatives back in Minnesota and Iowa, they aren’t quite so thrilled — they’ve had to postpone Christmas for a couple of days — no one could get out! Your new fabric line is beautiful — I can think of lots of ways to use those fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Happy New Year!

  226. Leslie L says:

    Your new fabric is gorgeous and so are the quilts you’ve made out of it so far!

    Hope you had a nice Christmas & Happy New Year!

  227. Jessica says:

    Merry Christmas!! Here in Maine we almost 2 feet of snow two days before Christmas!! The new fabric line looks so bright and cheery……just the thing to brighten up a white winter. Happy New Year!

  228. Kate says:

    Hopefully the snow didn’t dim the joy of your Christmas. Those mice are adorable – mental note for next year’s Christmas baking list. Your fabric is beautiful – full of possibilities and fun!

  229. SewLindaAnn says:

    Congrats to the Livin Large winner, I had held out buying it until after the contest but luckily my local quilt shop has a few in stock. I love the paintings on canvas, they make great artwork to hang or use as table runners! You’re so very talented and I love your fabric line. I’m with you on the aqua and red, it’s still a favorite of mine at the moment. Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  230. Kim D. says:

    Yeah!!! I’m so excited.. Thank you Heather for the book.. I’ve sent you my address. Oh, I would love to win some of your gorgeous fabric to go along with the book. Have a very Happy New Year!!

  231. Amanda says:

    wow! what a time to get that package! a wonderful Christmas surprise.

    Enter me in the drawing for the fat quarters, please!

  232. LuAnn M says:

    Love the fabric!! Would love to make one of those fun quilts!

  233. Ginny Worden says:

    Cute mice. Thanks for the opportunity.

  234. Tammy Lewis says:

    What a beautiful line of fabric! I absolutely love it–I would have a hard time not cutting into it right away! I love your table runner, and I can’t wait to make it.

  235. Joyce says:

    Your fabric is beautiful….it gives me great inspiration and itching to get busy!!!! I am anxious to make table runners for next Christmas to give as gifts…I need to start right NOW…and finally avoid the last minute crunch I usually find myself in every year!!!! How’s that for a Christmas resolution, not waiting for new year…

  236. Pam E. - Las Vegas says:

    Love your new fabric line. I’d like to be entered in your drawing for the fat quarters.

  237. Nichole says:

    What a fun Christmas eve delivery! Congratulations on your new line – I love the colors! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  238. bev/Mo says:

    Your new fabric line is fabulous! I hope I win.
    Hope your holiday was wonderful.

  239. Trisha says:

    That is so cheerful and happy! I love it! It makes me dream of spring!

  240. Sharon says:

    I love the new fabric. It is nice to see something springy while we are digging out of the snow banks. I sure hope this is it for the winter.

  241. Amanda R. says:

    What a great Christmas Eve delivery!
    The new fabric is so bright and fun.
    I too, am enjoying a great MN winter snow.
    Thanks for the chance to get our hands on the new fabric.

  242. Sandie says:

    I would be thrilled to find the fat 1/4 pack in a package on my front porch, even if it isn’t quite Christmas anymore! What a great surprise for you. The mice are adorable, tell Bella she did a great job!

  243. Erica says:

    Hey, from another Minnesotan! Your line is beautiful… it makes me think of sunshine. I love your work…

    I have an aunt and uncle living on the same lake… wonder if you know them…

  244. Dru says:

    Your Wildflowers line is so pretty. Would love a chance to play with it myself. Thanks!

  245. Barbara says:

    Your new line is great. Such great colors! What I could do with it if I won, endless possiblities. Thank you for the chance to win and I hope you had a great Christmas with your family.

  246. Jewel says:

    How sweet of you to give away a bit of your lovely fabric. I adore the colors and can’t wait for it to be out so I can buy some… Hope your CHristmas was wonderful!

  247. Cathy Gaudet says:

    Love your fabrics. it is so wonderful to see flowers and bright colours in the winter.

  248. Eleanor says:

    What beautiful colors! I would love to make something with that fabric.

  249. Beth says:

    oh my I just LOVE you new fabric
    please add my name to the long list of hopefull winners
    hugs Beth

  250. Penny says:

    Merry Christmas Heather. I love, love, love your Wildflowers fabrics. They are happy colors. The mice are darling.

  251. Melanie says:

    Merry Christmas! Love that fabric. Hope the New Year brings you many happy days of sewing.

  252. LONA LONG says:

    The fabric looks happy and full of Spring.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Happy New Year.
    Lon a

  253. bevb says:

    Hi there,
    Good to see you today. As I view your posts, do you realize what an impact you are making on Bella? What a special aunty you are!
    And as I look at the fabric peeks–can’t wait to start on something!
    You are a blessing!

  254. Shirley says:

    Your new line is beautiful. Happy Holidays!!

  255. Sherri says:

    Hope you have the Merriest of Christmases! Thanks for the inspiration all year round! Bet it was fun to get that fabric right before Christmas! Your patterns saved the day again as I made a couple runners from On the Run just before Christmas…and I have a couple projects in mind from Livin Large to make soon!

  256. A Betty says:

    Wow I must be the very last person that can comment. The fabrics looks great- the reds are so pretty. Bet you won’t be able to resist making at least one item with a fabric called Isabella. Did you actually eat the mice?

  257. Connie G says:

    Beautiful fabric! Have a blessed holiday season.

  258. Deanna says:

    I am so happy I found your blog. It is so inspiring!

  259. SheilaC says:

    Hope you aren’t snowed in too badly!!

    I would love to make that table runner with the new fabric!!

    And those mouse treats are adorable!!!

    Merry, Merry!


  260. Tracy says:

    There is nothing better than seeing bolts of fabric all lined up like that…I would LOVE to win!

  261. Michele says:

    Love to see the fabric all lined up in a row. Beautiful job!!

  262. Rebecca Woods says:

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas Heather. Unfortunately I didnt see your post until after Christmas but am thinking I may just have to make some of the little mice with my daughter anyway. They are so cute. How gorgeous do all your bolts of Wildflowers in a row too. What a great Christmas present.

  263. Sam says:

    Christmas greetings from Albany, Western Australia, where it never snows and is very temperate. So many comments… must be because the fabrics are so lovely. Thanks for making this possible. Sandra (Sam)

  264. Joy says:

    I would love to win and make the runner.

  265. Jen says:

    Merry Christmas! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday with your family in all that beautiful snow! Hope 2010 is a great year for us all! Happy holidays!

  266. Pam says:

    I have always wanted a white Christmas but here in SC we never get one:( I just LOVE your new fabric line!! It is gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  267. maureen says:

    What a great Christmas gift, a truck at your door with bolts of fabric. I would have loved the truck at my door on Christmas Eve. I love the fabric line and would be delighted with a fat quarter pack!

  268. Shelly says:

    The Mice are too cute. Love the new line of fabric. I received a Nook for Christmas and have already made a cover using your Rebel Roses line-it is beautiful. Thank you for the colors and designs that you choose!

  269. Kimberly says:

    Beautiful fabric! Such pretty colors too! These would be nice to sew with now that we are heading into January and winter gets so long here in Wisconsin!

  270. Deb G says:

    Love the new fabric line! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  271. Robin Chapa says:

    Oh my goodness! Your fabric looks positively GORGEOUS all laid out like that! What a thrill it must be fore you to creat something like that and then see the finished product all stacked perfectly, waiting to be *messed with* 🙂 Congrats!

  272. Katie says:

    Beautiful fabric – can’t wait to see it in my local shop!

  273. Cindi says:

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends! I love your new fabric line. I’ll be watching for it at my local quilt store. It will make a perfect quilt during a typical dreary Northwest winter, it’s so bright and cheery!
    Have a happy, healthy 2010!!

  274. debbi says:

    Your new fabric is beautiful. I would love to win some

  275. kara says:

    I love your new fabric! My favorite are the little six-pointed flowers, they remind me of dandelion fluff and I just want to blow them!

  276. Alexandra Wellington says:

    I hope you have a lovely holiday season. The fabrics are so fresh and happy, gorgeous colours, congratulations. Good on you for nurturing the artistic instinct in a young one, that way someone can come behind and steal your fabric…..I have a couple of those in my life, very fun!!

  277. Kris S says:

    Your fabric is so bright and cheery. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  278. Kaye Mattson says:

    Your new fabrics look so cheerful! I’m looking out the window at 20 inches of new snow here in Nebraska so seeing your new fabrics is like alittle bit of spring time! Have a happy new year.

  279. Karen J says:

    I love your quilts and your knitting!
    You’re such an inspiration.
    Happy New Year!

  280. Tami Challe says:

    wow more beautiful fabric – and im getting more into piecing and want like all of your books too! though i usually find myself adding applique somewhere, somehow. if i win, i must pick a book and buy to make with it – it would be only fitting – at least thats my excuse!

    Tami C

  281. Kristan says:

    I’d love for fabric that gorgeous to show up on mydoor step. Thanks for all the great inspiration this past year!

  282. Donna says:

    Happy New Year! I love your new fabric line.

  283. Cathy M says:

    I LOVE those fabrics. I am especially in love with the green ones but love how they all coordinate. Very pretty.

  284. April says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh. It’s BEAUTIFUL!

  285. Alisa says:

    The fabric is beautiful, your snow looks lovely, the quilts are so gorgeous and your niece is cute! Your photos are fun to look at.

  286. Vickie says:

    Love, love, love the fabric line, it’s like a promise of spring time. And the mice and their creators … oh my goodness. I hope you holidays were great! Have a wonderful new year!

  287. Bari Jo Moore says:

    Hi there! Thank you for the generous giveaway! Love the fabrics! (Love the cute mice cookies, too!) Hope your holidays were special! Happy New Year! Bari

  288. I sure would love to win. I really, really, like the new fabrics.

  289. Billie says:

    What a great tablerunner! And the fabric is so bright & cheery! (And I love the candy mice.) Thanks for sharing.

  290. Wendy B says:

    I love your bright and happy fabric line. I would love to make the table runner. Happy New year to you and your family.

  291. Jan says:

    What a gift to receive your fabric line on Christmas Eve!!!! It looks stunning lined up in a row, just waiting to be loved!

  292. Kimberly says:

    Thanks for the chance to win, happy holidays!

  293. Kim H says:

    Wonderful colorful fabric!! In Wisconsin we also got some of that snow, but it makes for such a pretty, White Christmas. Thanks for doing the fabric giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  294. Sandy R says:

    I love your new fabric line and would love to be the winner. Such beautiful colors! Happy Holidays.

  295. Tracy P says:

    The weather definately messed up my Christmas this year. Maybe these cheery fat quarters are just what I need to bring me out of my “funk”! Congrats on what looks like another fantastic line of fabric! I love it!

  296. patty says:

    Thanks for being so generous with your Christmas delivery! Looks like your niece was having fun making the mice, I made those one year as well. Happy Holidays!

  297. Patti Tappel says:

    Your fabric is beautiful. So are all the pictures you posted. Love the snow picture.
    I’d love to start my new year off with your fat quarters.
    Happy 2010!

  298. debbie says:

    I love this fabric line! I’ve been checking the fat quarter shop to see iff it was in stock yet. I don’t usually buy fat 1/4 packs but this is one I need. I would love to win this pack. May your 2010 be blessed.

  299. BethAnn says:

    Wow, this fabric is so bright! Love it.

  300. Jan S says:

    Love the fabric – can’t wait to get my hands on some 🙂

  301. Sue says:

    The new fabric is beautiful! It has me thinking Spring 🙂 Just got back from Chicago where we enjoyed some good snow. Here in Indy we got about 2 inches, but will not be around long. Love the Christmas mice-too cute.

  302. Judy Werner says:

    Let me dream, fabric or making goodies with the little one! Just received a wonderful 1935 Featherweight 221 for Christmas from my wonderful Hubby and would love for nothing better than for my first quilting project with it to be with your new line of fabrics. Merry Christmas & a Wonderful Blessed New Year!

  303. Leah Fernelius says:

    Oh my GOODNESS, that new line of fabric is right up my alley! I love the sassy brightness of the line and can’t wait to be able to snatch some up.

    Great job Heather and Happy New Year!


  304. KristyZ says:

    Well since it’s toolate to wish you a Merry Christmas, here’s to a great 2010…Happy New Year!

    Love the colors of your fabric, can’t wait for it to hit the stores. Thanks for a chance to win some.

  305. Melanie says:

    Wow! It’s beautiful! THanks for the giveaway!

  306. Linda says:

    Oh i do love your ine of fabric. It would be so nice to win it and make a quilt to give as a gift with the fabric. Ijust love your new line!!

    Linda in Calif.

  307. Liz Arbaugh says:

    Love the new fabric line. The mice and gingerbread house are just too darling, as is your little helper. Hope you had a great holiday.

  308. Kelly312 says:

    Absolutely love the new fabric. It makes me think of spring. We were blessed with lots of snow before and after Christmas here! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  309. Amy R says:

    Your fabric line is just beautiful! But even more beautiful is the memories you are creating with your niece! The best gift of all!

  310. Mary Durham says:

    Gorgeous fabric! I especially like the zigzag quilt and that table runner is awesome.
    What a lucky niece you have.
    Hope you had a great holiday. Would love to win the fabric!

  311. Chris Braun says:

    Merry Christmas! I love your new line of fabric and can’t wait to make something with it!

  312. di says:

    The new fabric is beautiful! Cheery for a great winter project!

    Hoping you had a Merry Christmas and Blessings for the New Year!

  313. Laura in AZ says:

    What gorgeous fabric! I would love to win a set of fat quarters.

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas and didn’t get too snowed in. I’m originally from North Dakota and most of my relatives are still in ND and MN, so I know how bad this past weekend was up there.

    Happy New Year!

  314. Doris says:

    That first quilt is to die for! Love it! We made gingerbread houses again this year with the little nephews, too fun!

  315. Kathy Earley says:

    I LOVE the new fabric line and would be so honored to receive some of it. I love your little mice candy and the gingerbread looks so fun.

    Here’s hoping you and your family had a very Blessed Christmas.

  316. Kathie L says:

    What bright, cheerful colors to start out the new year of sewing. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Kathie L from Allentown

  317. Francis C. Moore says:

    Love the new fabrics.

  318. Irma says:

    Just absolutely love your new fabrics and the bright colors. Sure hope I win, but then I’d have to decide whether to make one of the quilts or the table runner.

  319. jane from minot nd says:

    Love the new line and would love to win it.

  320. Julia says:

    Oh I love that fabric!! And your little mice were adorable! I didn’t think about putting them on a half an oreo! How cute was that!

  321. Ann says:

    Your new line of fabric looks like a fun, happy line! What a nice unexpected gift that it was delivered to you Christmas Eve! Love the yarn stash behind the fabric! Cute mice!

    Best wishes for 2010! Keep up the good work!

  322. Jane Weston says:

    How wonderful to get all that fabric on Christmas Eve! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2010!!

  323. Melinda says:

    Am I too late to enter? Love the fabric.

  324. Carol says:

    Beautiful snowy trees. Would love to win the fabric and make that great runner…I have just the spot for it. Wishing you all good things in 2010

  325. Simone says:

    :o) Love the fabric designs you made. I just came over from Christine’s blog who is having a giveaway with your fabrics.
    Visiting your blog made me smile the whole time. How wonderful, the way your daughters work! Loverly Lebkuchhaus!!!
    Have a lovely day (o:
    Groetjes, Simone

  326. Rachel says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! 🙂

  327. Becky says:

    Love your new fabric line. I can’t wait to win the fat quarter pack and start making one of your fun designs!!!

  328. Deb Gilmore says:

    Heather, Your new fabric line is absolutely beautiful. I love to visit your web site – you do an awesome job!! Happy New Year!!!

  329. Kris Bair says:

    Oh I love the new fabric! When will it be available in stores? Merry Christmas and Happy New YEar

  330. Helle says:

    wau great fabrics and also the patterns.
    Great to see your celebrate the christmas at your home *smile*
    We also have a white christmas in Denmark.
    Happy new year from

  331. Kay says:

    I love your new fabric line. It is so bright & cheery & really brightens up these cold, snowy days. That was a fun surprise to receive on Christmas Eve.

  332. Shar says:

    I can think of oh so many things to make with your new line of fabrics. They are fabulous.

  333. Cindy B says:

    Oh to be so lucky to be snowed in with all that gorgeous fabric!! I love all the colors.

  334. Lyn Smith says:

    I think your new fabric line is beautiful, so bright & cheery. While we are cooking under the hot sun, downunder, you have that lovely snow scene.

  335. Pat Hall says:

    Oh Wowsa I see you have the just the right colors and designs for my next quilt!!
    so you just say the word I will send you my address. Love the fabrics I am a fabric nut whithout her shell. thanks HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and family from me and my family here in Ohio

  336. Lu says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Love the color of your new fabric line and all the interesting info on your site.

    Many blessings sent your way for the 2010!

  337. AnnieO says:

    What a beautiful new line—all bright and happy, perfect for spring! I’d love to win the fat quarters and hope I am not too late for the drawing. Happy New Year!

  338. Eileen says:

    What a beautiful collection to win!
    Happy New Year!

  339. Kathi says:

    This is a fresh and cute collection. I especially love the table runner you made. Do you have the pattern for that?

  340. Tracey J says:

    Do you have a winner yet?

    I LOVE that table runner! It’s my favorite of those patterns I think. A FQ pack would definitely help make it a reality.

    (Great mice too) 😉

  341. Sarah Vee says:

    Congrats on yet another beautiful fabric line! I love the limey green. And the brown. The mice are adorable! Thanks for a chance to win some of your fabric. Best Wishes for 2010.

  342. Nancy says:

    The picture of snow is beautiful – so peaceful! And your new line of fabrics are pretty! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  343. Sarah says:

    The fabric looks terrific!! Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy the snow, we had a white Christmas.

  344. Chris says:

    Oh that is just too too cute! I love everything you made with it and can think of lots of ways I would use a fat quater stack.

  345. dorothy says:

    congratulations on the new fabric line–such beautiful colors!

  346. Alathia says:

    I would love to be entered into the drawing for the cheerful and sassy fat quarters. They make me smile.

  347. Trisha says:

    I absolutely LOVE your new fabric line! Such happy fabric. Congrats!

  348. Sarah G. says:

    I love your new fabric line AND all the quilts you have made out of it! Beautiful.

  349. Cindy says:

    Can hardly wait to see the fabric in person at Lake Beauty in the spring! Or maybe sooner if I win-LOL!

  350. daisy Emmy Hovey says:

    Hello, just discovered your blog from the UCreate site. Hope it’s not too late to comment on your beautiful fabric, Wildflowers. I saw the quilt on UCreate and wanted to see how it was made and who designed it. Just wonderful to see all the bright and cheerful colors and patterns. I just love fabrics and new quilts. Have a great day, Daisy

  351. katie says:

    wow! what beautiful fabric!!! and your quilts are gorgeous!

  352. Jacalyn Frazier says:

    I was so surprised to see all the wonderful patterns that you used with the sane fabric that I fell in love with when I checked the “fat quarter” news letter last monday. And the funny thing is that my daughter called me just now to tell me to check this site out. She didn’t even know that I had chosen this fabric. I just retired so I am really excited about getting back into quilting. Thank you so much for posting this blog. I am going to add this to my favorites. Have a great day!

  353. Becky says:

    I absolutely love your new fabric. The quilts are simply gorgeous and that table runner would look great in my red dining room!

  354. Summer says:

    Your quilts are beautiful! Love the fabric!

  355. K'Lyn T says:

    The first quilt is my favorite and that fabric is perfect. You are so thoughtful to share.

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