Day 3 of the HG Project Parade Blog Hop

Welcome back for Day 3 of HG Project Parade blog hop.  Today we have two more designers for you to go and visit!
Jacquelynne Steves of the Noble Wife at

 and Jill Finlay of  Jillily Studio at

Don’t forget to collect the clues from each designer to have a chance at the Grand Prize!
For those of you who are printing off copies of each designer’s pattern, Jill has designed a cover so you can keep all your projects from the blog hop neatly bundled together.
Click to download and print:  HGholidaycoverfinal

Henry Glass Project Parade schedule:

Day 1:
Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka’s Treasures at
Day 2:
Amy Hamberlin of Kati Cupcake at
Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt co at
Kari Ramsay of Fresh Cut Quilt Patterns at
Day 3:
Jacquelynne Steves of the Noble Wife at
Jill Finlay of  Jillily Studio at
Day 4:
Laurie Bird of Rose Cottage at
Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup at
Beth and Liz Hawkins of Lizzie B Creative at
Day 5:
Chelsea Anderson of Pink Fig Patterns at
Brenda Pinnick of Brenda Pinnick Designs at
Day 6:
Leanne Anderson of The Country Caboodle at
Dana Brooks of Lazy Daisy Cottage at


Day 7:
Janet Nesbitt and Pam Soliday of Buggy Barn at

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1 Response to Day 3 of the HG Project Parade Blog Hop

  1. Jill Finley says:

    You asked about hanging the snowflakes. I use monofilament thread and tie them at different lengths. To attach to ceiling, I use just a tiny piece of scotch tape. It is so little that it doesn’t bother the paint. But it can show up as shiny dots all over your ceiling, so the best thing I have ever done was in my last house, where the walls and ceilings were all painted a soft golden yellow. I used poster tack–the sticky removable putty was perfect because it came in yellow that just matched my ceiling! Just a small ball, less than the size of a pea would work. In this house, the ceilings are creamy white, and I have yet to find any poster tack in that color, so I am stuck with scotch tape.
    Hope that helps! I will post a tutorial on my blog this weekend. Thanks for everything.

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