The Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the HG Blog Hop!  I’m sure the grand prize winner won’t have to buy any fabric or patterns for at least a year!

The winners from my post will each receive a bundle of free patterns.

The randomly chosen winners are:

Kathi (of

Janice (who commented on 12-2-10 at 11:49 pm)

and Rebecca Merry (of

Just drop me an e-mail with your shipping address and I will get these in the mail asap.  (My e-mail is

And because I can’t do a post without pictures, I thought I’d share a few of my finished Christmas decorating – not that I really do much.  I’m still in the collecting stage, as each year I add a few more decorations.

A quilt and a wreath for the front door,

A little garland and another quilt greet you at the front door,

and yet another Christmas quilt right at the top of the stairs.  See that empty coffee table?  I think it needs a quilt too!

For those of you wondering how the latest remodel is coming, the fireplace is now finished and kicking out lots of heat.

This Christmas runner needs it’s binding before the Holiday company starts coming over!

This is the first year that I’ve been able to decorate with Christmas quilts made from one of my Christmas lines.  Kinda fun . . .   This quilt hangs in the office, which is connected to my studio.

This quilts makes a good tree skirt.  I have a tree skirt pieced, I just need to get it quilted.  (Then I’d like to do a tutorial on how I do the center hole in tree skirt)

That’s as far as I’ve gotten.  I realized, believe it or not, that I don’t have quite enough Christmas quilts.  What I need is some table runners, so I might work on that this week.  I could also use some stockings.  Might have to think about that too . . . . .

(The cast of quilts, in order of their appearance: 
Pinwheel Poinsettia, from the book “Calendar of Quilts”
Pretty in Pink, from the book “Livin’ Large”
Snails in the Sand, from the book “Favorite Quits from Anka’s Treasures)
Winter Seasonal Topper, from the book “On the Run”
Around the Corner, single pattern
The Everyday Table Topper, from the book “Charmed and Dangerous”
Sweet Pea and Diamond Diva, single patterns
Citrus Punch, from the book “The Sweet Life”
Diamond Diva, single pattern)

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Quilt pattern designer
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29 Responses to The Winners

  1. Jill Finley says:

    Very cute quilts, as always. And I love the snowflakes! Your neices and nephews did a great job! There is always more to do, isn’t there!

  2. Shelley C says:

    Everything looks so gorgeous!!! I really need to work on making quilts for myself. Seems once I get into a sewing mood, I gift everything to someone else and my house is sadly bare 😛
    Love your home; the simplicity of design and space…so open and inviting and clutter free!

  3. CBH says:

    I love the quilts!!! Such a great idea to put one at the front door. Thanks for sharing.

  4. karen says:

    Your house looks great, so homey and welcoming!!! love all of the quilts, and brave of you to hang one outside too!! Merry Christmas!!

  5. Barbara says:

    Congratulations to the winners. Love how you use your quilts for decorations.

  6. Sunnybec says:

    Your comment about needing some more table runners made me laugh…….I have just ordered “On The Run”….LOL. Linda

  7. Peggi says:

    I love your house. Sigh. I love the colors, the quilts, the decor, the awesome light you have, and that awesome studio…. Can I move in? When you’re ready to sell, call me….

  8. Yipppeeeee!!! Thanks sooo much!! Merry Christmas to ME!!!

  9. Laurie in Iowa says:

    Your Christmas decorations are beautiful. TFS

  10. Nancy says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! Merry Christmas to you!!! Heather, your home is absolutely beautiful. I recall some posts a while back when you were in the midst of remodeling and now look at your lovely home! It gives me hope, LOL…we are now in the midst of some light remodeling and won’t be finished until … well at least the end of January. I keep wondering why we started it when we did, *sigh*. Ah well, I’ll just keep reminding myself of your before and after posts. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your wonderful home with us. Merry Christmas!

  11. Darlene B says:

    Beautiful decorating! I actually have no Christmas quilts at all! So I’d better get busy. I have a question regarding your outdoor quilt – do you worry about it getting damaged from the snow/ice/rain that it is exposed to? I’d love to hang a quilt outside, but have always worried about this. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  12. AnnieO says:

    Congrats to the winners!

    Love all your Christmas quilts. I have yet to make one though I have made a couple of wallhangings and a poinsettia table runner. You have a gorgeous house.

  13. Diane says:

    You house is so beautiful. I am ashamed to say, I still have Halloween deocrations up! I’ve been so busy shopping and getting packages wrapped and ready to mail I haven’t gotten around to Christmas deocrating yet. I definitley need to make some Christmas quilts. I only have one that I made for my husband a few years ago so I had to laugh when you said you need to make more. 🙂 Thanks for the great pictures!

  14. Kathy says:

    What a beautiful house you have. Love all the pictures of your different quilts. I need to get busy make some to put in my farmhouse. Congrats to the 3 lucky winners. Merry Merry to you and yours

  15. Katherine says:

    Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. You have a gift for design and decorating. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Blessings……

  16. LaDonna says:

    Wow, your house looks great! I love your paint colors and how you have your quilts around. I need to do more small quilts! And that front porch is amazing!

  17. Debbie says:

    WOW!! What an inspiration! I am going to finish my Christmas quilt binding tonight! Beautiful home and I LOVE the quilts and the fabrics you have picked out!Thanks for sharing!
    Merry Christmas—–

  18. Darlis Johns says:

    Your home and your quilts and all your decorations are just gorgeous. Always enjoy seeing your pictures.
    Merry Christmas

  19. Bobette Davis says:

    Can I live in your house? I love it! You have decorated it so beautifully. It looks so cozy and inviting. I could just curl up in front of your fire right now.

  20. Amy D says:

    Your house looks so beautiful, and I know your view is gorgeous. (Even if it is snow)
    It looks so inviting. You have done a wonderful job.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  21. Cindy says:

    Love your house and all of your Christmas quilts. I’ve already rec’d GC to my favorite quilt shop and plan on buying your Christmas fabric and make some quilts throughout 2011 for decorating next year.

    Merry Christmas!

  22. DianeH says:

    Wow, absolutely beautiful! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  23. LoriD says:

    Your house is so pretty and festive!!

  24. Storm says:

    Beautiful quilts!

  25. Congrats to the winners and WOW! Beautiful decorating with quilts! You inspire me!

  26. Judith Hogan says:

    Your Christmas quilts look fabulous and what a beautiful house you have. There’s a very festive feeling there.

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  28. Doris says:

    I love the Diamond Diva pattern. Where can I get the directions?

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