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Happy Friday!

I thought I would start out today with the prettiest of my pictures that I have to share.  It’s a cake that I made over the weekend that I have been wanting to try.  While I am working in the studio everyday, I make the mistake of having the Food Channel playing on TV.  Episode after episode the hosts turn out beautiful things, while making lots of yummy noises. 

By the end of the day, I am craving all sorts of unhealthy things and feeling much hungrier than I should.  I’m not sure why I torture myself, but I continue to do it.  After seeing this recipe I printed it and saved it for occasion when I needed something to bring.  Last weekend we had a family meal and I got to try it out.  In the end, it looked really pretty, but didn’t taste quite as good as it looked.  (granted that is a pretty cake, so it’s “face” probably is writing checks that it’s “taste” can’t fully cash,  if you know what I mean)

That sums up my husband’s philosophy on those television shows – the food always look really good on camera, the host raves about them, but in the end, Mom’s is much better.  Maybe you guys can help us settle this debate.  Does anyone else agree with him?  We’ll put it to a vote.  (Maybe the issue is more that our Moms make some really good food, therefore we have high expectations?)

Just in case you want the info on the cake, here it is.   I love the idea of combining chocolate and coffee and the cake was good.  I just happen to like my Mom’s chocolate frosting recipe better 😉

So what else have I been up to lately?  I’ve just come home from two quilt retreats, so I have been doing lots of sewing, machine quilting, and binding.  Much of the work has been for an upcoming book, so I will show more on that later.  I start the photography next week, so I have been busy trying to hit my deadlines.

In the meantime I made a couple more things with Artful Home.  (I promise that I will soon move on and make some quilts from something else.  I am waiting for my Christmas line to arrive next month, so then I will switch to that!)

I started making blocks for my Diamond Diva pattern.

I decided I didn’t have time to complete the wall quilt, but there are two other smaller options in the pattern, as you can see here.

So, I used those blocks to make this:


and this:

 Now I have lots of leftover blocks, but at least I have two finished projects.

The runner works well on the island in my little kitchen. Plus, it works out nicely that the Keyholes quilt from my last picture is in the background, to kind of pull things together.

I’m still auditioning the little guy in various places.

These little accessories actually got me started on my love of dark turquoise.  I already loved red, but now I love them both together.

Funny how that happens.

I’m off to quilt another quilt that needs to be done by Sunday, so I better get crackin’. 

Have a great weekend!

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17 Responses to Artful Diva

  1. 4dreamsr says:

    Cute projects! Keep thinking how you said you added black at last minute. Not saying where or who, but saw a nice fabric line someone had used & there was nothing in it that read as a solid. Too, too busy. No where to rest your eye or focus. The line may have had a solid (?), but was not used in project. Looked really bad. Your black & use of it seems just right.

  2. Eileen says:

    I love the little star runner – is that pattern in one of your books or a stand alone pattern?

  3. Kathie L says:

    The best chocolate cake and icing recipe I’ve ever made is the one on Hershey’s Cocoa. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this new fabric. I love anything with black. I already know my favorite quilt shop has the pattern Diamond Diva so I will be buying that on my next visit to the shop. I will be looking forward to seeing your Christmas fabric and what you do with that.

  5. Sherri says:

    Love the runner and topper…I was going to ask about the pattern…but just noticed you replied in a previous comment…I didn’t realize this was a single pattern…I was going through all my books, lol! Anyway…I’m off to find somewhere to order the pattern…just love it!

  6. Nancy L says:

    The more I see Artful Home, the more I love it! I’m already making plans for it-I’ve been wanting to add blue to my kitchen and living room, and this will be perfect! Hope you had a great time quilting . . . I need some quilting time!

  7. Paula W. says:

    Beautiful projects! Your fabrics and patterns are wonderful. I enjoy looking at all of your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  8. AnnieO says:

    Artful home is gorgeous! Love the table topper.

    With those cooking shows, I always wonder who has to do all the cleanup 🙂 I’m not much of a cook–utilitarian only, I suppose–but a lot of those cooks use way too much onion, pepper, and hot spices for me. A wimp, that’s me!

    The cake stand is really cute! Love the beaded look of the trim.

  9. Denise (Denny) Aleckson says:

    Heather! Thank you for sharing your projects with us! I always look forward to seeing what your working on! I absolutely LOVE this new fabric line of yours… that aqua with the black in it is just the cats meow!!! Ha! Hoping the quilt shop close to me, (Quilters Parlour in Jenkins!) is going to carry it!!! Ha! I LOVE your little octagon piece too… can use that anywhere. The vase of tulips on it, just gives me spring fever! Can’t wait for my tulips to bloom, I wish they stayed in bloom all summer!! Again! Thanks much for sharing!!!

  10. Kristyne says:

    This post should have started with a “may cause excess salivation” warning … for both the food and the quilts!

  11. Margie says:

    I LOVE your patterns and color combos — always very classy looking. I can see just a bit of the rod used to hang the keyhole quilt on the wall; I really like the look of it. Is it a regular curtain rod, something made especially to hang quilts, or ?? I’m needing something that hugs the wall pretty close because of the location of where I want to hang my quilt and some of the curtain rod assemblies project out a little too far from the wall. Thanks!

    • Yes, it is a curtain rod – I just didn’t use the rod assembly that same with it. By using a nail and hooking the curtain rod on that, you don’t need to use the rod assembly kit and it stays nice and tight to the wall.

  12. marsha nelson says:

    The table topper is really great. Got to make one or a dozen. Your cake plate is wonderful. Is it an heirloom? As far as cooking goes, my mom was a great cook with lots of receipes. When I use them I think of her and they taste better than any fancy cooking show things they make.

  13. Kris Bair says:

    I love this fabric line – and am really really hoping my local fabric shop carries it! Can’t wait to see the new Christmas line – I have a table topper and a runner out of your last Christmas line which I absolutely love. Will you have kits available on your website for Artful Home?

  14. debgins says:

    As soon as I saw the picture of your cake, I thought “Barefoot Contessa”! I have tried many of her recipes and have not been disappointed. I haven’t tried that chocolate cake recipe, but have tried her box mix of her chocolate cake (and the coconut cupcakes) and in my opinion, they can’t be beat (except for the price!) My favorite recipes of hers are the shrimp scampi linguine, the chicken piccata, and the basil chicken hash. My family is always excited when I try out one of her recipes (but her show drives them crazy)!

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