The Chair

Hi Everyone ~

I have had quite a few of you ask about why you can’t find Whimsy anywhere.  The reason is it hasn’t arrived yet!   I will keep you posted on when it arrives in stores.  I’ve also had quite a few of you ask about the chair with the Whimsy slip cover that was in my booth at quilt market.

Remember this one?

The question has been, where is the pattern?  The answer is, there isn’t one!  Probably not the answer you wanted, but the problem is that there isn’t really a way to put out a pattern like this and fit any chair that you might happen to pick up.  (BTW, this chair is from Pier 1).  Instead, I will show you a couple of pictures to show you how my Mom drafted her own pattern for this chair.

Here is her initial sketch, with measurements from the chair.

After getting all the exact measurements, she added a 1/2″ seam allowance and drafted the pattern onto scrap fabric.

Looks rather strange, doesn’t it?  Up close you will see where Mom has marked the grain lines and several points that will need to be lined up when sewing the L-shaped side with the looooong seat and back piece.  The arrow below shows where she has clipped into the fabric along a straight edge.  Those clips will allow that straight edge to make the corresponding curve shown.

This isn’t exactly a detailed tutorial, but let me just say that if none of that is clicking with you, you probably don’t want to make a slip cover.  After drafting that whole pattern, than you have to sew around those tight curves, and it’s a bit of a challenge. Especially this one.

To ensure that the whole process would work, Mom sewed the slip cover together with a very large stitch and fit it to the chair.  Once she was assured of a good fit, the large stitches were taken out and the pattern was then transferred onto the “good” fabric.  I machine quilted the “good” fabric first, layering it with batting and backing, just to give it some body.  I also worried it would wrinkle up when sat on and I though the machine quilting would help keep the wrinkling under control.  The chair cover is then fit to the chair and the bottom is just turned up and stitched with a 1/2″ hem.

So, there you have it.  A few pointers on how to make a simple slip cover.  I have to admit, that I would much rather make a quilt.  It’s so nice that a quilt doesn’t have to fit anything!  Wouldn’t you agree?  I surely do admire people who can make things like this, but I find it really challenging.  I would have never figured it out if it hadn’t been for Mom holding my hand.  I probably don’t have to ask you what you would rather make!













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11 Responses to The Chair

  1. Wow – it’s beautiful but you’re right – alot more work than I would want to do. Quilts only for me! (or purses)

  2. marsha nelson says:

    The things I like to do are quilting, making purses and making little girls dress’ (fancy and plain) or summer outfits and nightgowns. No slip covers please. The chair is great. Whooo Hoooo for your mom.

  3. 4dreamsr says:

    The chair is great! You & your mom are very talented. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. modernquilts says:

    I love this! What a great way to update a chair. The quilting on it is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Diane R. says:

    Thanks for sharing that. I would not be inclined to tackle a project like that, but I certainly admire the work and expertise that goes into it. What a beautiful result!

  6. Thank you for all the info! Did you or your Mom allow for shrinkage from quilting such as in the cutting of the pattern pieces or the backing and batting part (much like a quilt)?

  7. Anita says:

    When I was first “flirting” with the idea of making my first quilt, I talked to a friend who was an experienced quilter. I told her I could make custom-fit slipcovers but that didn’t seem to require the accuracy of quilting. She laughed at me! “If you can make a slipcover, you can make a quilt,” she said. And I think the reverse is true too! Love your chair.

  8. Susan says:

    I love that. It would be perfect for my chair in my sewing room….since it’s blah!

  9. bev says:

    As you already know, your Mom is amazing! It is hereditary, as you are too!

  10. Beverly Atkins says:

    I think I’ll bypass the slip covers! I love your fabric, I love your patterns and now I love your knitting. Just catching up on your posts and I love that little hat you made for your nephew! I belong to ravelry and I’m going to check out that pattern. Thanks for showing it!

  11. Jacquelynne says:

    It’s beautiful- but I bet if I tried to make one, it would just end up in my UFO pile!

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