Garden Photos from Steamy MN

So how is the weather in your neck of the woods?  We are in the midst of a heat wave, with a heat index of 107 degrees.  Honestly, I don’t know how people who have this type of weather all of the time take it.  I’ve mostly been staying in the air-conditioned house, as I’m more conditioned to 5 degrees below zero than this.  Our temperature is actually {only} 94, but the humidity is unbelievable.  Several of our windows are covered in moisture and your camera lens fogs immediately upon being taken outside!  despite that, I did get a few pictures of my gardens that I was telling you about.  Have I mentioned before that I’m a wanna-be-gardener?  I really have no clue what I’m doing, but I really enjoy doing it ;-).

So, let’s start off with the front of the house.  I started with the gardens alongside the driveway and sidewalk.

We are tucked into the trees, so these areas are one of the few places that I get some nice sun to work with.

The sun worshippers really are my favorites, including these Shasta Daisies.  They are about four feet tall, so I’m pretty excited to have them doing so well.

Another new sun worshipper that I am trying out is Bee Balm.  It is already a favorite, with its bright colors and exotic flair.  I have it in this fuchsia color and red.

With my limited sunlight, I have often wondered if I could grow any vegetables.  This year I decided to try a few and see how it goes before I dedicate a large area to them.  I bought these two obelisks and planted peas on one and pole beans on the other.  So far I have gotten a handful of peas, but I am still waiting on the beans.  It’s hard to tell what the reason is, as everything in my garden seems to be two weeks behind what it usually is.  Our June was pretty cold, wet, and cloudy, but maybe things will catch-up with this heat.  With these results, I am still undecided on vegetables. . .

If you turn 180-degrees from the last picture, you go along the west side of the house, back toward the lake.  Here you will find another of my favorite perennials – Brunneria.  Isn’t she cute? It’s actually a spring bloomer, but I was pretty happy with how long it kept blooming.

Continuing along the west side of the house towards the lake, you come to one of my shade gardens.  I started the garden along the left because we couldn’t get the grass to grow.  That should have been my first clue!  I have struggled to get things to grow well here, but the hostas and ferns to pretty seem to be doing fine.

Here are a couple of other shade bloomers that are doing well (a miniature hosta and something else that I can’t remember the name of.)

My favorite shade bloomer in this garden right now, is this beautiful pink Hydrangea ~

I planted 10 Annabel Hydrangea last fall, around our detached shed (again, that area is all shade).  They have so many new varieties of hydrangea, but I still love the snowball flowers of the rather old-fashioned Annabel.

The back of the house has mostly shade gardens too.  Several years back, we had my brother (who is a landscape contractor and builder) put in the boulder walls and steps down to the lake.

My hostas along the boulder wall are almost ready to bloom.

The next year, I added this little garden along the steps, just to add a little more color.

My favorite plant in this garden is the moonbeam coreopsis.  It blooms profusely and doesn’t need any dead-heading or maintenance (so far).

I have lots of other favorites that I could share about, but I will save those for another time.  I also have two other little gardens that I haven’t shown, but they are so new that they don’t look like much.  Maybe when this starts blooming . . . .

In the meantime, I will continue to keep working on my gardens.  I have a few areas that aren’t doing well enough to make it into bloggy land, but I really enjoy working on them.  I don’t even mind pulling weeds and deadheading.  It really is yet another way to be creative, this time without a sewing machine!  So, I’m just wondering . . . how many of you are quilters and gardeners?

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44 Responses to Garden Photos from Steamy MN

  1. Vivian Oaks says:

    Beautiful flowers, and a beautiful yard….I’m jealous! 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    I was a gardener long before I was a quilter. I garden in Texas now and we are in our dormacy period. I was very impressed with how “finished” your gardens look….. so tidy with the mulch all the same. One thing, if your daylilies are taller than the beans and peas you might need a different frame arrangement to maximize the veggies….

    • Thanks Susan – I just put out all new mulch, so I think this is the first time they have all matched. Good idea about the daylilies. I was thinking of switching them out for another orange lily that is more compact . . . They don’t flow very well with my other flowers, as they are almost 5 feet tall!

  3. Kelly says:

    Gorgeous! I love my house, but yours is so cute and quaint! I’d be in that lake every day! I have my Mom to thank for my love of gardening and sewing. Although after being her official weeder, I’m surprised I still find it so enjoyable 🙂 So I am a quilter and gardener too.

  4. Samantha K says:

    You are far from a wanna-be gardener. Your gardens all look beautiful and you knew the names of your plants! I give you kudos for that! The only plants I’d know the names of are hostas, lillies, daisies, and the hydrangea, mainly because they are the only plants growing at my house. I find my attempts to keep up with my vegetable garden are my break from being creative in the sewing room! And I go crazy if I’ve gone too long with out spending time doing either one. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gardens! Even in this crazy heat, all of your flowers look healthy!

  5. Kate Martin says:

    I love your Day Lillys! Everything is gorgeous. I quilt and garden, but lately been doing a lot more gardening than quilting. Thanks for the tour, I’ll be back. 🙂

  6. Lori says:

    You have a beautiful home! I love the colors of it and your gardens and setting are gorgeous as well. It’s about that hot here in Northern Illinois as well and I am so done with it already. Not my thing. I was a sewer since I was young but definitely a gardener before I was a quilter. I agree it’s another form for me of creative expression and a way to be outside since I work in an office with no windows all day. I think I’ll wait for this heatwave to pass before I try any gardening though. 😦

  7. Sherrill says:

    That is JUST NOT RIGHT to be living in such a picturesque setting!! NO FAIR!! HAHA Well, now you feel our pain..our 100+ temps have been around for 3 weeks now but even before that it was HOT, just not 100+ hot! Your gardens are gorgeous as is your entire yard & home.

  8. We just came home last night from yours&my little lake…. how about that lightening storm we had sunday night? I thought my little cabin was going to be a house boat and drift away while we slept… eek! it was very hot humid gray week…. your photos are gorgeous. wish we would have had time to pop over.. never got the boat in the lake! hi to all! see today’s post…

    • Yes, that lightening storm was something else. Joel ended up in the lake at about Midnight to rescue the dock panels from all the big waves. I watched from the window as the lightening would brighten the entire sky to almost daylight – and show me that Joel was still above water!

  9. Vic says:

    Gardener long, long before I was a quilter. I think I gardened from the time I could walk and didn’t make my first quilt until I was 12 or 13. Gardening is such a miracle. Those little tiny seeds popping through the soil, bursting with color and fragrance. Your home, gardens and choices are beautiful! Thanks for sharing …

  10. Karen Simpson says:

    I spent the month of June in northern Minnesota and although my relatives were not happy with the cool wet weather (because of the long cold winter) I was in heaven. I am one of those people who live with heat and humidity from April through October (Florida). I have been here for 54 years and have never gotten used to it. Another observation…Minnesota grass is so lovely. Ours is so coarse and does not invite anyone to sit on it. I found myself acting like a kid playing in the grass along the shore of Lake Bemidji.

    • Hi Karen – I noticed that when I was in Florida last February. It was not at all like the grass that I know here in Minnesota. I just assumed everyone had pretty much the same grass. Who knew there were so many varieties? I guess I should have known when a classmate of mine got a PHD in turf grass. With that many years of study, there had to be more to it 😉

  11. Amy says:

    Your flowers are so lovely. All your colors look wonderful together. I think you have a green thumb. I’m a quilter (newbie) and a gardener. I love flowering perennials! Can’t get enough of them.

  12. Pat says:

    Hi Heather,
    What a beautiful garden and home you have! I’m glad to hear that someone is getting summer, too bad about the humidity though….here in Washington we made up to a whopping 68 degrees.Hoping to be 80 by Saturday :)…I think he weather man is just teasing.

  13. Alyson says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos Heather! I started gardening and quilting about the same time four years ago. It is so fun to see what grows in other peoples yards but not mine.:) I need to get out and take some photos as well but my camera keeps fogging too! In Minnesota is it so fun to see everything bloom in the summer after so long waiting throughout the winter. Stay cool!

  14. Kaye M. says:

    Really enjoyed seeing the photos of your yard and gardens–they are beautiful! Last year we tried growing pole beans too. We got lots of vines and leaves going up our wooden frame but didn’t have any beans til very late in the season and they weren’t as good as our bush beans. Your coreopsis is very pretty, I started a bed of it for the first time this summer and I was thrilled to see it start blooming! I’m glad to hear that they are easy to take care of. I love hydrangeas too, the flowers are simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your lovely gardens. Its hot and steamy here in central Nebraska too!

  15. Sue says:

    Loved looking at your photos! Beautiful!!! I lived in MN for the first 21 years of my life. I call it God’s country! What lake it it?

  16. Peggi says:

    Thanks for posting such lovely pictures! I love your home, inside and out, and am very grateful that you are willing to share.

    I’m afraid I’m not much of a gardener. I try to keep up with the weeds, and I plant things that don’t need a lot of attention, but that’s about it. I’d much rather be quilting. Although I have to say I am curious about tomatoes… I don’t care much for them, but sometimes I wonder if I got some heirloom seeds and grew my own, would I change my mind? lol

  17. You’re obviously NOT a wannabe gardener, you’re the real thing! Your gardens are beautiful. I have a lot of shade in my yard as well, and need to figure out what to do with it. Thanks for the lovely ideas. xoxo

  18. marsha nelson says:

    I started sewing at a very early age and worked in the yard with my dad even earlier. I still walk around my yard once a day to see how things are going. I made my first quilt about 20 years ago and am still at it. Your yard and home are lovely. Everything looks so healthy and neat. Good job. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.

  19. Sheila says:

    I’m a quilter and a wannabe gardener too, although living in a condo now I don’t have much room. You’ve done a great job. I think it’s fun to try out the things we like without much investment if it doesn’t turn out as expected.

    Can I just say I love, love, love your house style/layout!!! Wow. And I would give up nearly all my fabric for that back yard and view.

  20. Tracie says:

    My husband’s degree is in nursery management and had his own landscape company before we were married, so he has trained me over the years. Like your home, ours is heavily shaded, so we have many of the same plants you photographed. We gave up on vegetables; our tomatoes wouldn’t start to ripen until just before the first freeze. Now I’m happy with my shady yard that says, “Come and sit a spell.” I actually spend more time gardening than quilting, because once the sun shines and the temperatures warm up, I’m so out of the house. I was born and raised in Minnesota, but I still don’t like the winters here…although, right now I’m pretty thankful for air conditioning!

  21. Katie says:

    Me, me! I am!

    Oh my. That’s the kind of weather we expect in North Carolina. I keep muttering about moving north again, but these days the weather doesn’t seem to be a sure thing. 🙂

  22. Shelly J says:

    Love your home and the vibrant pictures of your garden. I am a quilter but not a gardener. I am an admirer of flower gardens and can appeciate all the work that goes into them. That may be why most of my quilts have some type of floral fabric in them.

  23. Debbie says:

    I’m a wanna-be-gardener as well, thought not as talented as you. Your flowers are just beautiful and I have many of the same flowers in my sunny area at home. I’m currently in a temporary home due to flooding. This house has no perennials and I find I’m missing my flowers most of all right now. The yard is just not finished without the pop of color from all the blooms.

  24. Julie in WA says:

    I quilt/sew and I am a gardener, just like my mom! I love the legacy that is passed down from mother to daughter….except my daughter is not really interested in either one. Too bad.

  25. Jacquelynne says:

    I used to do a lot more gardening than I do now- I just don’t like being out in the heat and I always find a good excuse to stay in the air conditioning…
    You have a great garden, fabulous photos!

  26. I, too, am a quilter and a gardener. I love your pictures — reminds me of many enjoyable summers while growing up in South Dakota! I’m now in Texas, where we struggle to keep plants alive at all through the summer, but we do get the up-side of amazing wildflowers growing just about everywhere from March to May. Those wildflowers inspire many of my quilts, including my latest applique project.

  27. Sarah Rothe says:

    Heather, I love your house and garden! We just don’t see houses of that style much in Australia, and I want one! Your garden is impressive. I am a quilter and my husband is the gardener. Whilst I do love my garden to look nice, I leave the work to him! Good luck with your gardening, I think you’re accomplished, not beginner at all. I can’t give any advice, our climates are so different! Our summers are very warm to hot (like your temps now), but not humid. I can’t stand humidity! Makes my hair curlier!

  28. Denise (Denny) Aleckson says:

    Love your yard and gardens, they are always evolving, as you will soon find out… it is so fun and rewarding to see the blooms of all your hard work, although I try to make all my gardens pretty much maintenance free…. so I can spend the time in the swing enjoying the beauty and solitude of them… and listening to the water fall. We also put in a water garden about 10 years ago now, and it is full of fish and beautiful water lilies, (The pink and red ones are my favorites!) I joke and tell everyone, that I could not afford lake shore, so I brought the lake shore to me!! Coffee in the garden, EARLY is the best part of the day! My husband says- I just trade one addiction for another, during the winter-I quilt and during the summer- I garden! I would’nt have it any other way! LOL! Thanks for the pics. Heather! By the way- I LOVE pole beans, especially the purple ones… so easy to see to pick! There is just something… about eating your OWN food!

  29. Heidi B says:

    I quilt and garden whenever I can. I enjoy looking at all the photos that you post. I think that the flower that you don’t know the name of is in the campanula family. It sure is a pretty bloomer. Thanks for writing your blog, always like to see what your working on next.

  30. Janelle J says:

    I’m a quilter trying to attempt gardening! Being a farmer’s daughter I used to view all gardening as work related, but I am liking it! We finally got our house re-sided and painted last year so now I am on to the yard! It’s so encouraging to see other gardens and yards like yours.
    On another note I live in Washington and our peas our doing great, but not beans or corn. My dad says it’s been good pea weather, but that’s about it. It’s been a pretty cool and wet start. We are finally getting a few random days in the 80’s!
    Good luck, and thanks for the inspiring pictures.

  31. Deb says:

    I love your yard and flower gardens! After seeing posts of beautiful quilts in a beautiful home inside, I didn’t expect anything less than beautiful gardens outside! It’s all lovely, and you’ve done a wonderful job!

  32. Rachel says:

    Your gardens are beautiful. It is humid and hot here also in East Tennessee. I hope to do more gardening when I retire. I am curious though…what kind of camera do you have? I am wanting to get a new camera for my quilt pictures on my blog. Your pictures are always so clear and beautiful.

  33. Kari says:

    How beautiful! That much put a smile on your face every time you see it.

  34. Deb A says:

    Watch the bee balm – I had it in my garden several years ago and it started to take over, nearly like a weed. We removed every piece of it, probably 4-5 years ago and here this spring pops up more of it randomly….almost like a noxious weed.

  35. Connie says:

    Your gardens are just beautiful. You’ve done a great job!

  36. Anne says:

    Hi Heather… your gardens. The best of summer, no? Just wanted to let you know that I just blogged about the ironing station that I copied from your Mom’s room. LOL Say hi to Joel.

  37. Susan Ramsey says:

    Your home and garden is gorgeous!

    Here in north Texas, we are used to temperatures in the triple digits, because we don’t have the high humidity, so while the outside temperature may be 105 degrees, the heat index is more like 102 degrees. The lack of humidity is what makes living here more bearable. I lived in Chicago and on Lake Michigan in Indiana for 18 years before moving here, and after living in Texas, I could never go back to that humidity!

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