Playing Catch-Up

The last couple weeks have just flown by.  I had another 4 day retreat last week, so between packing, traveling and quilting, I had no time to get a blog post done on the new baby in the family, as promised.  I know some of our family and quilting friends have been waiting to see what the new little guy looks like.

Introducing Abram Michael, born October 28th, 2011 to my Sister and her husband.  Here he is on the first day, at about 4 hours old.  I think he is blowing us a kiss!



By the second day, his coloring is changing and he already looks older!  We happen to think he is pretty perfect.

The last time we gathered in the hospital was 8 months ago when this little guy was born.  I think it is so interesting to see the two “babies” side-by-side.  Wow, do they grow up fast!

Baby Abram is joined by an older sister and brother.  I didn’t have any luck getting their picture in the hospital, but I got this picture just three days later on Halloween.  As you can see, they are Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy.

In addition to showing off pictures of my new nephew, I also want to show of pictures of my other nieces and nephews.  Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year, only because I get to see all my little munchkins dressed up in their adorable costumes.  Aren’t they cute?

Not everyone here loves Halloween.  Little Zachary didn’t like being dressed up in a monkey suit.  He didn’t like the fact that it was too hard to crawl in the suit or that the banana wouldn’t come out of his pocket (it was a fake banana sewed into the pocket.)  Aw, look at that face!

That’s all for today.  Congrats to my sister and BIL on their newest addition!

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6 Responses to Playing Catch-Up

  1. Wonderful pics. It’s such a joyous occasion when a new baby arrives. I love the halloween costumes. All are very cute.

  2. Paula Stuplich says:

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Adorable baby. Beautiful nieces and nephews.
    Such a sad little monkey guy.

  3. Linda P. says:

    How beautiful and perfect is that little one!!! Loved the Halloween ones and especially the little monkey!! Welcome back, Heather!!

    • Stephani in TX says:

      Congratulations on the new little one in the family Heather. The photos of the new baby are precious as are the Halloween photos. Glad you get to see extended family for such important occasions.

  4. Kristen says:

    Congratulations on the new little one…my youngest brother’s name is Abram too…:) Not many of them around! 🙂 My “little brother” is now 26 years old and 6’5, a full foot taller than me…enjoy your Abram, they grow up way too fast!

  5. Amy says:

    Hi Heather,
    What a cute little guy. thanks for sharing with us! I just made a cookie with Raspberry Jam in the middle that was really, really good. The recipe is Land o “Best Ever Butter cookie”
    Just make a impression in the middle, spread in the jam, and bake. These are amazing cookies
    with just the icing too:)

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