More Patchwork Posies

Here in Minnesota, we are settling into winter.  We haven’t had as much snow as we did last year at this time, so it has been nice to get a few extra weeks of fall.  The lake is threatening to freeze over.  In fact, it has frozen over three times, then the wind blows it open again.  I am grateful for a few more days of seeing the beautiful blue water, rather than a sheet of ice.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  We had four family get-togethers over the holiday weekend, which was fun, but not good for the waistline.  Time to break out the Thanksgiving pants!  In addition to all the get-togethers, Joel’s sister Andrea came over and we made Raspberry jam together.

We added a touch of lemon juice, just to brighten the jam a bit. 

It was a fun process, and not as hard as I thought it would be.  Now we have about 14 pints of jam, so I might be looking for ways to use jam, other than just breakfast.

On the quilting front, I am in the process of finishing up a bunch of things.   Several haven’t been photographed yet, but I do have one that I haven’t blogged yet.

It’s called Patchwork Posies and can be found in my Living Large 2 book (preview here and here).  It’s the perfect pattern for those of you who hate sewing triangles!

I love the combination of the royal blue and the aqua blue.  I wouldn’t have thought to put them together, but it’s so attractive.  I especially love the blue block second from the corner above and the one below.  The fabric is by a new Moda designer named Lily Ashbury.

The machine quilting is pretty simple.

I just did a loops over everything.

And just in case this post doesn’t have enough pictures, I’ll add a few more.  You know I love color options, so here are a few more version of this pattern.

(fabric:  the newest line from Mom and I called Whimsy)

Awww… now I miss fall!

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18 Responses to More Patchwork Posies

  1. Pat says:

    Love this pattern and the fabrics you chose. Have to have it.

  2. Just lovely! The pattern really works with the great fabrics you chose.
    Did you machine quilt this on a regular machine or using a long arm? I’m still working on my machine quilting and these quilts are beautifully done.

  3. Judy says:

    I love it and will have to find the pattern and do one, I have never found a pattern before this one that I liked using larger pieces.

  4. Diane says:

    Very pretty quilt. Last week I saw a baby seat cover made from some of your fabric. It was owned by the daughter of a friend of mine. I told her, “I know who designed that fabric!” It’s fun to see it used in cute ways.

  5. Elaine Morgan says:

    Great pattern! There are times when it’s nice to NOT have to deal with triangles! lol Just kind of mindless sewing – ahhhh. As for the raspberry jam – coffeecake and cookie recipes! But I like it best of toast, baking powder biscuits, and pancakes!

  6. marsha nelson says:

    Patchwork Posies is so cute. What a great way to showcase the fabric. Love the one on the tree. Please bring fall back. Oh well, it will come again. The raspberry jam looks so yummy. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. As always, thanks for sharing.

  7. carol T says:

    I love the pattern. I really like both versions. I have to go buy your book.

  8. Linda P. says:

    Mmmm!!! That raspberry jam looks yummy!!! If you don’t know what to do with it all – send it my way!! Love all the versions of the quilt, and looks like a great one to do in a hurry, and could be made up for anyone!!

  9. carol broughton says:

    Ok, this quilt pattern just jumped to the top of my list for my next project! I have your Living Large book and already made the “Simple Gifts” quilt, which went together beautifully- it’s a Christmas gift for a dear friend. I love your quilting! Thank you for being such an inspiration!
    P.S. How about some pictures of Daisy?

  10. Stephani in TX says:

    Great quilts Heather. I love your loopy quilting. H-m-m, maybe I can do that. That’s a lot of leaves on the ground!! Here in TX, the winds blow them away from my yard, but maybe there are not so many. Thanks for all the photo inspiration. Stephani in TX (

  11. AnnieO says:

    Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend–we had 20 for dinner and then two different groups for leftovers 🙂 It is my favorite holiday! No ice here in SoCalif, just lots of wind, which luckily has missed our area. The growers and farmers are very happy.

    Beautiful new design! The big blocks showcase all those wonderful fabrics and the patchwork portions give the jazz:) Congrats on another great quilt design.

  12. Donna S. says:

    Love this quilt!!

  13. Diana P says:

    Beautiful quilt!!! Here in central PA I so miss fall!!!

    • I have a wonderful recipe for shortbread thumbprint cookies with raspberry jam in the thumbprint. My family thinks they’re the best cookies in the world. Email me if you want the recipe.

  14. Annette K says:

    Thanks for sharing! I just found your blog when needing to learn how to sew inside corners! Thanks!

  15. Marge Davies says:

    Raspberry jam is wonderful over vanilla ice cream or use it to make a raspberry shake.

  16. VickiT says:

    I LOVE that first quilt in your post. GORGEOUS!

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