Something Blue

It’s one of my favorite days of the year.  The ice is officially off the lake!

I left to teach a retreat last Friday afternoon, with the lakes fully iced over, and came home on Sunday to see the ice off the far side of the lake.  By this morning it had receded as far as the big island.  Now there is just a bit left by shore, which was when this picture was taken.  It’s isn’t very pretty, as now some rain is moving in, but it is one step closer to this:

Ah . . .  . summer!  The great thing is, the ice is off the lake about a month ahead of it’s usuall time, so we should be seeing summer early this summer.  In fact, the weather this winter has been crazy.   It was 76 degrees here yesterday!  (It is state basketball tournament time, so typically we have a big snowstorm right around this time)

Now, onto something blue – and I didn’t mean the lake – I finished my first baby sweater.

I chose a very simple sweater, as I didn’t want to put too much time into a newborn size sweater that may not get worn very much.  I had it finished in under a week, which is record time for me (considering I usually do adult size sweaters). 

I chose the pattern “Baby Sophisticate” by Linden Heflin.  I really like the simple details of the rolled collar and Raglan sleeves.   It has a bit of a little-old man look to me, but I have noticed that all the baby patterns that I have picked out have that look.  Kinda funny, considering I just publically teased Joel about dressing like an old man and now I am going to do the same to his son!

I made a little hat to match the sweater.  I love baby hats, so I may have to do a hat for each sweater I make.  (which may cause this baby to hate me, as kids don’t often like to wear hats).  The pattern is called “Leftover Sock Newborn Hat” and you can find the ravelry link here.  The little knot at th top is supposed look like a little umbilical cord.  I think it’s a cute little detail for a newborn hat.

The yarn is called Fantasy by Dark Horse Yarns. It’s super soft and cuddly – I wish you could feel it.  I bought it to match Joel’s eyes.  I’m hoping his genes are dominant in the eye department!

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15 Responses to Something Blue

  1. it is so adorable how you write about your husband and new baby. xoxo Jenni

  2. Christy Q says:

    This is adorable!! Love this and the color is fabulous! That will be one lucky baby and very cute to boot too!

  3. Nancy Anne says:

    LOL – It’s quite obvious you two are over the moon. I’m so enjoying your excitement and anticipation! And with the quilting goddesses on your side – nothing can go wrong! (Fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc, etc :o) ).

  4. Patti says:

    Very cute! I thought for a minute there that your hubby had talked you into knitting a plaid sweater for the baby! Ha!

  5. Nancy says:

    Oh Heather, it is perfect. So tiny and adorable…it also reminds me so much of a sweater set that a neighbor knitted for my first grandchild. My daughter was a teenage mom and we insisted that she finish school and college before she married. So we raised our beautiful grandson while she finished all her schooling and earned her nursing degree just shortly after her 18th birthday. BUT…she was somewhat shunned by folks in the neighborhood after they found out she was expecting and not getting married. So it was a very touching surprise when a neighbor from down the block brought a gift for my young, sad daughter to open and inside was a set almost identical with the exception that on the hat, she had knitted in the phrase, “I am special and oh so loved”. The same, kind, neighbor still always asks how our grandson, now 23 and in the Air Force, is doing. (She has 28 grandchildren of her own and we are both only 62 years old!!!)
    **I have the sweater set saved in hopes that our grandson will one day have a son of his own to pass this special gift onto.Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs…

  6. It is beautiful- Heather…I am sure it is just the first sweater set…of many more to come…nice things when they are babies…we get to dress them how we want! LOL! It gets a little trickier as they age!!! Hope your stll feeling okay! Enjoy this nice weather! Glad to see the ice is off on your lake!

  7. westcoastauntie says:

    I can just feel your joy and anticipation! Am so excited and happy for you both. Can’t wait to see a baby QUILT! How awesome that the lake is ice free already. I am in the only part of the country not enjoying warmer temps this winter. Washington state is pretty much normal…cold, wet, etc. Had hail and snow flurries today, which is late in the year for us. Could sure use some warmth and sunshine!

  8. Sherri says:

    The sweater and little hat are so gorgeous! Can’t wait to see some blue baby quilts, too!

  9. Pat says:

    What an adorable little sweater and hat. When are you going to show the baby quilts??

  10. Elaine says:

    Now we’re all waiting to see your little guy WEARING the sweater – hat and all! I was the guest at a wedding in St. Charles, IL this weekend and it was like JUNE! In the 80’s everyday! Unreal!

  11. Kathy says:

    I love your blue version of this sweater! I made this from a tan tweed and used a darker brown for a stripe in the hat. My version was for my son’s girlfriends brothers baby, not here yet, though (got that?)… They have a “camp” on Lake Champlain in VT, and I though it would make the perfect sweater for those chilly nights by the lake. I also purchased a pattern from the Ravelry site for babies older than about 6 months so I can continue to knit this adorable sweater as children grow. I used a worsted weight for my sweater. Did you have to change much for the Aran weight? I never know how to change things to adapt for different weight yarns (adding stitches, taking them away, etc)! You will have so much fun knitting for your son. They have such neat patterns for little boys nowadays!

  12. Marcia Willey says:

    Oh, my goodness, I love the pic of Joel and the sweater! I really can’t wait to see the little guy who will wear the sweater!

  13. Bari Jo says:

    I love your baby sweater and hat! So much fun to see you getting ready for the little guy! Can’t wait to see what else you knit and quilt and what his little room is going to look like! Love the little old man look – like father, like son! hee!

  14. samantha says:

    I just found your blog and LOVE it! I already have acouple of your books, so I’m sooo excited to get to see some of your other things. I love the little jacket and hat you made. I myself just leaned how to knit a month ago. I wanted to be able to make clothing for my 2 month old son (my first child). 🙂 Beautiful work!! Congratulations and blessings to you and your family!!!!

  15. susanramsey9 says:

    That sweater and hat is adorable, Heather!

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