Ripple Effect

We are back from our quick trip to Florida, thus the quiet blog for the last two weeks.  I still need to get to uploading those pictures, so in the meantime I will show you some projects that I worked on before I left. 

I have been in the process of taking down all my winter decorations and putting up some spring things.  I started with my mantel.

I have been adding in a lot more blue to my color scheme, in my effort to brighten up my main living space. 

I have been loving on this color for quite a while, but I have been searching for a few things to pull the blue into my color scheme.  So, I decided I needed to make a new runner for my coffee table.

The pattern is from my “On the Run” book that came out a few years ago.  It’s called The Ripple Effect.  It was inspired by all the ripple afghans my Great Grandma Anka used to make in the 70’s.  Anyone else remember that pattern?

Below is the original photo from the book


Neither runner worked very well in my living room, so I needed a third runner from this pattern.  Oh well, I love chevrons, so that’s okay.  (BTW – the fabric in the new runner is from my Artful Home collection.) 

See that pillow in the background?

It’s from Pier 1 and it’s just my colors.

 Another item that I found to pull in more blue is this rug from Company C.

Here is a better photo of it:

My last rug was over 10 years old and its black background was no longer black.  It was more “marbled”  –  which means it had been spilled on so many times and I could no longer get it clean.  It was definitely time for a new one!  Plus, it goes well with my Soulful Blossoms quilt and the other things in my kitchen.

Again, I had to add some more blue into this room as well.  Actually, this is my excuse to show you this sign again.  Many of you have asked where I found it.  I got it at Hobby Lobby several years ago.  I was there recently and they still had it, along with about 50 other really cute wall signs.  (I’m just warning you – it’s a dangerous store)

I have had fun “freshening” things up a bit. 

Next up, my dining room??


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29 Responses to Ripple Effect

  1. I love the blue accents! Very springy. Have a happy week!

  2. Taunja says:

    Thanks for the fresh photos that inspire us all to think spring! And yes, my Grandma Arlene did make those zig-zag afghans. She was always making them in varying colors for all her family members. What a good memory. What is the name/brand of the green wall paint in your kitchen? Looks terrific with the wood cabinets and with the black accents, of course!

  3. Looks beautiful -Heather…Lovin’ the blue accents too…Can’t wait to hear about your trip to Florida! One of these days, we would like to make a trip down there too. So I am always looking for insight on the sights and sounds and places to stay! Is’nt it funny how you can do up an old familiar pattern with some new fabrics and it just looks so fresh again! Love the runner…

  4. Candie says:

    Love the Ripple Effect table-runner, need to make it soon. I am also loving that same blue… need to go shopping soon! Thanks for inspiring us with your beautiful home.

  5. Patty F says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your Florida trip and seeing some new pregnancy photos. Your “blue” makeover is stunning! You have a great eye for decorating!

  6. Your home is so beautiful. I love your artful home fabric. I made a bag/purse out of it this weekend, using the Urban Slouch Bag pattern. It turned out really cute! I plan to blog about it tomorrow. I’ll come back and leave a link to that post, if you are interested.

  7. amber says:

    Ooh I love all your blue and your rug is so cute and I love your table runner. Such beautiful color choices as always!

  8. Karen says:

    You have such a beautiful home but I can’t get over the red frame on the mantel. Gorgeous!

  9. Martha says:

    Hi friend, congratulation, you have a beautiful home, I love you decoration.

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely quilt arts.

    Bye Martha

  10. says:

    beautiful touches. I just remarked yesterday that I would like a little blue in my kitchen for spring along with the red. The runners are so pretty. I have made two of those, but in new colors they would be so much fun.

  11. Susan Muller says:

    I love your decorating!! Would you come and decorate my house for spring? Love all your fabric too!!

  12. Christine Thomas says:

    This was fun. I actually “pinned” the kitchen. They will be great inspiration for when we redo our kitchen.

  13. AnnieO says:

    Blue is a color I never decorate with–not sure why, when I see how glorious that Tiffany tinged color looks in your house and quilts! I’ve just blogged about the four runners I’ve made from your On the Run book and have several more bookmarked–one of which is Ripple Effect!

  14. Kristi says:

    I love seeing photos of your beautiful home. The blue really does “pop.” I crocheted a ripple afghan once. It is green, gold, orange and brown, so you can guess how long ago I made it. It was my only attempt at crocheting and it took me 3 years to finish it!

  15. marsha nelson says:

    Blue just happens to be my favorite color and I love what you’ve done. Yes, and it looks like spring. Happy Easter.

  16. Mary Ann says:

    Love the changes you made. The color blue looks great with your other items.

  17. Tina Mcanamara says:

    I have a ripple afghan made by a family friend given to me for a wedding gift 30 years. Great afghan nice and warm and still in great condition. I love your home. I love how you decorate and how easily you can keep your main decorating colors and just add a new color to change things up. Wish I had that decorating knack.

  18. Tina Mcanamara says:

    Just read all your other comments. Are you on Piniterest. Love it, very addicting. Would love to see what inspires you.

  19. Julie Silcock says:

    Your home looks lovely – the sort of colours I want in my home. I’m hoping I can find some of your fabric in New Zealand – that table runner is very inspiring. Have a great Easter.

  20. NanaDoll says:

    absolutely spectacular colors!

  21. Tora Consolo says:

    Beautiful colors Anka, and, yes, I have seveal of those rile afghans from the 70’s my mother-in-law made dozens, and I love every single one of them.
    I also made the Baby Sophisticate sweater for my new little grandson. you can see it here: Such an adorable pattern, I think it will be my go-to sweater for baby boys.

  22. lanette hopkins says:

    I love your blog- so inspiring. I have searched for the rug on company c and cannot find it! Could you give me a link to it? Love your fabrics and quilts – I’ll check back often.

  23. Nancy Augustine says:

    Well, Heather, I remember the riple effect afghan well. My mother knit many of them -for in-laws, grandchildren, and anybody else. I have a blue and pink one that rests on my easy chair for easy snuggling at night. The new decorating looks great–can’t wait to see new designs with the cottage line coming out!!

  24. Barbara (WA) says:

    I am exploring your blog today and love the blue accents with the other colors, so inspiring! I ahve a question for you – what is the flooring in your kitchen? I am in the midst of trying to decide flooring and have wood cabinets rather than the so popular white cabinetry. I really liked how your floor looked with everything else. Thanks for any tips. I am a quilter and found your blog via other fabric/quilt blogs.

  25. Barbara (WA) says:

    Me again, I began looking through all your posts from the beginning and just got to one where you post about your flooring BUT Corsica shows up on Mannington as a “line” with several colors: Crushed Shell, Overcast, Cavern and Coral Reef. Yours looks to be Overcast, is that correct? And are they 16″ square? Thanks for any info.

  26. Melody says:

    I just repinned your kitchen on pinterest as inspiration. Can you tell me the name of the green paint color you used? Thanks!

    • Emily says:

      Hi I came across a pin that was your kitchen. I was wondering what is the type of wood and stain color on your cabinets they are beautiful. We are doing a kitchen and I am so over white! Thanks!

  27. Wynne Trowbridge says:

    Would love to know who made your cabinets. I live the doors. Thank you!

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