Hallet’s Ledge

I am finally putting the last button on this cardigan.  I started it about 6 months ago.  Once I got going with it, the sweater went really fast.  I got slowed down waiting for JoAnns to get in enough buttons for me to finish it!  

Not that I was in a rush to finish it anything  –  I can’t wear it for a while anyways.  It looks relatively normal from the back –

It’s the front that has some issues

Okay, let me re-phrase that –

It’s my front that has issues – though it’s nothing that another 8 weeks or so won’t fix!  The front of the sweater itself is fine, but at 32 weeks, none of my regular clothes fit me.

It isn’t my first choice to show you these pictures of my bulging belly, but somehow showing this picture, just doesn’t cut it! 

The pattern is called Hallet’s Ledge, by Elinor Brown.  It’s a download from the Twist Collective  from Fall 2010, so I have been eying this pattern for a while.  It was a really easy pattern to memorize, yet interesting enough to keep me entertained.

The yarn is one of my favorites – Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold.  It has a subtle tweed that adds nice interest to the yarn, but it still shows the texture of the stitches.  It isn’t too itchy or bulky like some tweedy-wools are.  I have probably made 4 sweaters out of this yarn and they have all held up really well (and I am kinda picky about that)

You can find the Ravely link here.

I’ll be back soon with another blue knit – this one for the baby.

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17 Responses to Hallet’s Ledge

  1. Hattie says:

    Beautiful sweater and what a blessing that it doesn’t fit you in the front!!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog, and seeing your gorgeous quilts and sweaters. The best part is watching that beautiful bump grow.

  3. carol broughton says:

    What a beautiful sweater and the color is soothing. You are very talented!

  4. Anne Allen says:

    Love the sweater and the picture with the baby bump!

  5. roadsage1 says:

    The sweater is beautiful. All of your sweaters are beautiful! And it really doesn’t look that bad on the tummy!

  6. karen says:

    Great cardigan, I love the design…and it looks cute with the bump!

  7. Mary ann says:

    Such a happy time, waiting and creating…

  8. Ruth B says:

    Wow….gorgeous sweater. Cute baby bump too. You are an amazing knitter!!

  9. Mickaëla says:

    It’s very beautiful!
    Have a good day !

  10. Kathryn G says:

    your sweater creation is beautiful “baby bump” and all. can’t wait to see him with his sweater

  11. marsha nelson says:

    Another beautiful sweater and blue, my favorite color. You are looking good. It will be different for you to make a tiny sweater.

  12. fabriholic says:

    Gorgeous! Another ‘favorite’ for my Ravelry page.

  13. Teresa says:

    Your new sweater is gorgeous and you look absolutely adorable with your cute little tummy. Enjoy.

  14. glenda says:

    I love this sweater. And I love your “bulging belly”! You look so cute.

  15. janita says:

    all the sweaters you knit amaze me. yea for the beautiful growing bump!

  16. charlotte says:

    beautiful sweater. and who cares if it doesn’t fit in the front right now. think how beautiful it will fit when you are holding that sweet baby in your arms soon. your knitting skills are awesome.

  17. Rene' Sharp says:

    Simply stunning!! LOVE how this looks on you, preggie belly and all. You really are a knitting genius, I am totally inspired when I see one of your FO’s!

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