Preview of Little Quilts 4 Little Kids – Part 1

It’s that time of year again – Time to share what’s in the new book that I have been working on over the last 5 months or so.  I have been busy exploring a new territory – fun quilts for babies and little kids!  I shared a bit about my creative struggles  earlier this year, so a new subject matter was just what I needed to bring back a little of my quilting mojo. . .   It was really fun to work with fun kids fabrics, bright colors, and whimsical applique shapes.

I had several goals in mind with this book:

1.  Provide a range of styles from traditional to modern (though leaning a little bit more toward the modern).  I wanted motifs and colors schemes that would fit into any decor – and little kids rooms can be so fun!

2.  Provide a range of projects for many skill levels and time commitments.  Some of the projects are good for quick gifts and some of the projects have extra details for that really special little one.

3.  Most of all, I wanted designs that would grow with the baby – I was thinking from newborn up to kindergarten.  So, there are no rattles or ducks, no super soft baby colors, but things that kids will like right away and when they are 3, 4 and 5.


Now, onto the quilts . . . .

Because there are so many pictures to share, I am going to break this into two posts. First up, I am going to show the boy quilts (Stop back soon to see the post on the girl quilts.)

Here is the cover of the book again:

This quilt is called “Here Fishy, Fishy”.

I knew I had to have a fishy quilt in the book.  You may remember that my husband is a fishing fanatic.  He takes it the extra mile by talking about fishing in his sleep.  My favorite thing he has said in his sleep is – you guessed it – “Here Fishy, Fishy”.

That little saying was my inspiration for this quilt –  Along with my love of chevrons and anything with googly eyes.


My next quilt was inspired by all my little nephews who love cars.  They can turn anything into a road – so why not make them a quilt with a built-in road?

My nephew Ethan is testing the road for the photo shoot.  It actually kept him entertained for quite a while!

The pattern is called “Race Track”  and the fabric is Fox Trails by Riley Blake.


The next quilt is called “Oh Baby” and features my brother’s youngest –  Zachary (aka – “The Tornado”).  I really wanted to have kids in the photos of my book.  Joel thought I was crazy for wanting to attempt that because it is hard enough to get a good photo of a quilt, with all the lighting and settings just right.  Then add a kid to the mix and the challenges multiply!  I was really glad we tried, cause look how cuuuute this little tornado is!

This quilt features the kids name (obviously) and uses a charm pack.  There are also some girl options for this pattern that I will show in my next post.  The boy fabric shown is Ten Little Things by Jenn Ski for Moda fabrics.  I just love the owl fabric in the border!


Next up is Puppy Love, featuring Ethan’s little brother Abram.  He is about 4 months old in this picture and he came up with this pose all on his own!

This quilt was inspired by my Mom because she came up with the original design for this quilt.  She makes a quilt for each grand baby born in the family and this one was made for my brother’s middle boy Peyton.  Here is her version:

She used all flannels, so the quilt is super soft and snuggly.  For the book, I used a more current fabric line called Reunion by Sweetwater for Moda fabrics.

I tell ya, being a model is tough work!  I just wanted to show off my nephew again – and give you a close-up of the puppy details.  If only real dogs came with polka dot ears!


Next up is Building Blocks, modeled by my nephew Peyton.  As you can tell, he shares a room with his big brother and they are into dinosaurs.

When I saw this dinosaur print, I knew I needed to have it!  This quilt was designed with that concept in mind – when you find a perfect print that you just don’t want to cut up too much.  Then add a few 10″ squares or fat quarters in assorted colors, and you have this modern boy quilt.

Last up for the boys is “Ring Toss” (girl option shown also).  As you can see, I have run out of nephews to use for props . . . .

The quilt is quick and modern.  It features Layer Cakes or 10″ squares.  By the way, many of the quilts in the book use precuts.   When I started shopping for kid fabrics, I quickly realized that precuts are the way to buy fabric for these little quilts.  Otherwise you end up buying yardage or a fat quarter pack, and having enough left-overs for a full size quilt!

Here’s is a close-up of the boy version.  The featured fabric is called Summertime by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass.  I added a few additional prints from my stash, along with the solid grey background.

So  –  That is half of the quilts from the book.  I will show the others as soon as I have the post ready.

In the meantime, you can leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the book.  If you are trying to think of something to comment on, I am always curious to see which design is your favorite.  As a designer, it is fun to know what types of things people are attracted to.  You can also comment on your favorite boy fabric lines, or anything else fun that comes to mind!


To read part two of the preview, click here.



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195 Responses to Preview of Little Quilts 4 Little Kids – Part 1

  1. Linda Sandusky says:

    I have been waiting to see what designs you would create for your new book….it looks absolutely delightful. I have a new grandson & my husband is a fisherman (I’m a ‘fish widow’)!!! :-)) Thus, ‘Here Fishy, Fishy’ is my favorite. I am definitely going to need this book!!

  2. Jeannie hertz says:

    My favorite is the Ring Toss at the end. That could really go to college with a kid if it were big enough!

  3. bowlby says:

    So hard to pick a favorite! I know the road quilt would be a big hit with my son!

  4. Karen says:

    I love “Race Track”-my husband, son and grandsons all love cars, trucks and motorcycles!. I also love “O Baby”. I also love that dinosaur print too! Enjoy all your patterns and fabric lines! Thanks!

  5. materialgirlquilts says:

    These are ALL gorgeous!!! I love the colors in the Building Blocks quilt. Great job, can’t wait to see part 2 🙂

  6. Linda says:


  7. marsha nelson says:

    All of the quilts are so darn cute. My favorites are Puppy Love and Race Track. I just can’t wait to see the little girl’s quilts too. Please don’t wait too long to show us.

  8. Ardis says:

    What a wonderful surprise in all of the quilts you teased us with on the first post! Being a grandmother and great aunt I would love to win a copy of the new book.

  9. emmy0525 says:

    I LOVE the fishy quilt! I also really like the car quilt, and I may need to make that for my little guy… he’ll be zooming cars around the room before we know it.

  10. Zoe says:

    I actually LOVE all of them but I think I like the dinosaur quilt because my youngest has loved dinosaurs since he was very small. He’d still love that quilt now at 8 years old do maybe it’s not too late for me to start making them? My youngest daughter would love the quilt with owls on. I like the doggy one too and the models are just gorgeous!!

  11. Beth says:

    I’m so excited to see this book! One of my nephews and his wife are expecting any day now and I have promised them a quilt as soon as we know the sex of the baby. I love the puppy and dinosaur quilt and can’t wait to see the girls versions. And I agree – precuts are wonderful!

  12. Deb W. says:

    Love Building Blocks and Puppy Love. I need to make another quilt for my second grandson. (Mom and Dad wanted a big quilt when he was born, so it would grow with him.)

  13. VickiT says:

    Oh my gosh! Those are all just adorable. I just adore that top quilt made for Ethan. Super cute with those little fishies on it.

  14. Diana L says:

    Well of course I love them all too but mygrandson is a car nut so I think he will need this one … It is my fav next to the ring toss, love the grey background fabric with the bright colors… Thanks

  15. Barb says:

    These are just the cutest quilts! My favorite is Race Track. My first grandchild – a boy – is due in June and this is the quilt I’m going to make for him. Perfect! By the way, your family has the most adorable kids.

  16. Susan C says:

    My favorite quilt has got to be Building Blocks and it’s all because of the picture!! You see, my twin grandsons share a room and it has a dinosaur motif too. I love the saying on the wall too! But I love all the quilts you showed and with two little boys to sew for, I could make several of the designs. I look forward to seeing the girl quilts because I also have a granddaughter to sew for.

  17. Dortha says:

    I am always looking for designs for kids quilts. This book looks veeery interesting. Loved the pictures.

  18. moneikquilts says:

    I just love the building blocks one. I can see so many fun focal prints being used for this one.
    All the quilts look great!

  19. deb says:

    I love the Puppy Love quilt. My “little” boy that will turn 21 this month would still like this quilt. I can’t wait to see the girl quilts.

  20. roadsage1 says:

    I love Here Fishy, Fishy and Ring Toss, but am waiting to see the girl options as I am going to become a great grandma in August and we found out that it’s a girl! I really need a copy of this book!

  21. moneikquilts says:

    I just love the building blocks one. I can see so many big focal prints being used. The quilts all look great and with a young child I know I would get lots of use out of the book.

  22. EvaLyn says:

    Oh, they’re so colorful! I like them all! I narrowed it down to two – Puppy Love and Here Fishy, Fishy.

  23. Nancy says:

    I love all your quilts but especially like the one using a charm pack!! Hope to find your book soon!

  24. Leslie J. says:

    As usual, they are all adorable. I’d have to say Oh Baby! and Building Blocks are my so far favorites, because they would highlight larger pieces of the adorable kids prints out there! Thanks so much for the chance!

  25. Cheryl Gamble says:

    I love them all, but especially Race Track. So many times with babies/toddlers, quilts are more of a play mat than bedding. Love that one. If I don’t win, I’ll definitely have to order your book so that I have ideas for baby gifts!

  26. Melinda K. says:

    All the quilts look great. I think I like the dinosaurs best. Can’t wait to see the girl quilts!

  27. Barbara says:

    I love the ring toss quilt expecially since it can be used for girl or boy. Very fun!

  28. DianeH says:

    I recently finished a baby quilt for my soon to be a new mom niece. Just found out baby is going to be a boy so I need to redo and make another quilt that’s not so girly. Would love a copy of this book – all adorable patterns.

  29. Cathy says:

    I love the Fishy quilt, the colors and especially the fish! Very cute. This is on my (long) list of quilts to make!

  30. Denise in PA says:

    Great quilts! Thanks so much for the chance to win the book! I have loved using Ann Kelle’s Urban Zoology for both boys and girls quilts!

  31. Rita says:

    What precious baby quilts! I would love to make a few of them!

  32. Tina Mcanamara says:

    Baby quilts are about the only type of quilt I can bring myself to give away. I think the car quilt is cute. My husband is in the automotive business. If I ever have a grandson this would be really cute to create.

  33. They are all absolutely adorable and I could see myself making every one! I really like ‘Race Track’, so that would have to be first. LOL I can’t wait to see the girly quilts! Thanks so much for the chance!

  34. Joyce says:

    My favorite is the Ring Toss. My niece is having a baby at the end of July this year, so I’m looking forward to making “Sydney” a new quilt!

  35. Patti Taylor says:

    Once again you have NOT disappointed. I can hardly wait to see what you have for the girls. If they are as cute as the boys there will be no way I can single one out as a favorite. Cute, cute, cute. This will be a must have book for sure!

  36. Cindy says:

    It’s really hard to choose a favorite! I love them all! I guess I’ll pick Ring Toss because I love the simplicity, but the fishy one is soooo adorable!

  37. Ranch Wife says:

    Darling! All of it! Just charming and one of those books that will fast become a favorite! I’m thinking I’ll need to make Puppy Love for our college girl – she will love it! Oh Baby! is sweet in the Ten Little Things line too. I have a big stash of Meadow Friends that will be perfect for your sweet patterns! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to put my name in the hat!

  38. Jocelyn says:

    I love Race Track. My boys always loved little cars and had so much fun making their own roads. Love the selection of children’s quilts.

  39. Gwen Roen says:

    LOVE the designs and my favorite is ring toss, what a great scrappy quilt that would make too.

    • A Betty says:

      I think I like Here Fishy Fishy the most- for today anyway. I may change my vote when I see the girl quilts. They are really fun little quilts.

  40. Miss Sherry says:

    Honestly, I did not see one quilt I did not like. I think the concept of the book is FABULOUS. Cute quilts for boys always seem to be lacking. Good job, once again. I have MANY of your other books. Guess I could say I am a fan!

  41. Amy says:

    I really like the Building Blocks pattern because it allows you to show off a children’s novelty print without cutting it up. However, Puppy Love and Race Track also caught my eye. Looking forward to seeing the girl quilts, too! Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. Kori says:

    Now this is right in my line of thinking! My daughter doesn’t like much girly stuff but I have three sons and never know what to do for them! I love something about each one of these quilts. I think my top two are Oh Baby and Building Blocks – depending on what fabric I would go with. Love these patterns!

  43. Koye Hendrix says:

    As usual you have come up with some wonderful quilts. I’m in love with all of them and will need to get a book for myself. I think my favorite is Puppy Love. I have two grandsons and these will be perfect for them.

  44. Amy Q says:

    Heather the quilts are great, my favorites are Race Track and Puppy love.
    I can hardly wait to get a hold of your book, as I have a new grandson, ( after 3 granddaughters)
    that would love one of these quilts!! You are so inspiring ! I wish you the best on your new arrival!!

  45. Lyn Smith says:

    I must admit I love them all as well. They look like nice easy non stressful patterns. Think Puppy Love is my favourite.

  46. Lisa Marie says:

    Oh my goodness, choosing a favorite would be really hard! The one with the dinosaurs is great because I often have big prints I want to feature but want to piece something that’s not boring, so this really fits the bill. And I love kid quilts with animals like the dog and the fish quilts. And little boys do love cars and trucks. Yeah, I can’t decide — I love them all! Also, your nephews are adorable! Sorry, I’m a little too excited about this.

  47. Denny Aleckson says:

    They are all beautiful-Heather, but my favorite is the Fishy-Fishy! I think there is some really cool fabric out there to use to make this one….I too like the idea of quilts that can be used for a few years as opposed to the baby- baby- ones… Can’t wait to see the girls quilts! Thanks for the chance to win a giveaway!

  48. Jaylene says:

    I love all of them, but I think I like Ring Toss the most. I buy lots of pre-cuts so I can get a little bit of every fabric in the line.

  49. Ring Toss!! Love it! I can’t wait to see the girl quilts since that’s what I have at home; a little girl. 🙂 thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Mary says:

    They are all wonderful, but I think my favorites are the fish one and the ring toss. I can’t wait to see your own little one get to model.

  51. Jan W says:

    It’s got to be Puppy Love for me! We have a new niece so I’ll look forward to seeing it in the ‘girl’ version!

  52. Janelle J says:

    I really like the ring toss. I love your colors and it would be nice bigger as well! Really liking the chevrons as well. I like the idea of not too baby since I have two little guys 3 1/2 and 4 months and it does go really fast!

  53. susan says:

    I love Here Fishy Fishy but have to say all are perfect for the little ones!

  54. Jennifer says:

    I’m loving each of those projects! Can’t wait to see more!

  55. Christina says:

    Race Track is my favorite! It would be perfect for my two boys!

  56. Rachelle says:

    I would love to have this book. My sister just had a baby girl and my nephew new baby is due in July. I love the dinosaur quilt!

  57. Brooke says:

    Congratulations on MANY wonderful designs! I look forward to seeing part two as well. I love them all- really I do- but I think my most favorite is ring toss for the versatility. It would be cute in any size in any colors!

  58. treadlemusic says:

    They are all great and I can see versions of each transitioning to college dorm quilts!!! “Ring Toss” is my definite fave!!!! Would love a copy of this book!!!!! Can’t wait to see the next installment……you have made many children very happy! Hugs, Doreen

  59. Sue says:

    My favorite is the one with the puppy dog. Maybe it’s that cute little model, too! But, I like the applique dog and I think little ones will be attracted to that, too.

  60. Mama Dub says:

    What a great book! I like all of the quilts but I really think I need to make the Race Track quilt for my 2 year old grandson. He would love it!

  61. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I love Ring Toss. It could be made into an adult size quilt quite easily! And Puppy Love is ADORABLE! The polka dot ears are too cute! Thanks for showing your projects and for including children in the photos. It makes the quilts come to life!

  62. Nancy L says:

    Not sure I can pick a favorite! Just wish this book had been available when I was making quilts for my grandsons the last several years!! Love all the bright colors you used, and gotta love the polka dot puppy ears!!

  63. Carol M says:

    Love them all but especially the Puppy Love. My first grandchild arrives tomorrow(C-section) and we are going to be blessed with another the end of November, What a great book!!

  64. Lynne says:

    Building blocks is my favorite. I like that the designs will grow with the baby.

  65. Carol says:

    I have five wonderful, but now all grown up, sons. Two of them actually had dinosaur quilts in brights – red, yellow, blue, and white and one backed with red dinosaur print and one with blue print. However, I think my favourite is Ring Toss maybe done in brights. A close second is Here Fishy, Fishy. Boys really are best, but I could be biased.

  66. Julielorene says:

    So many cute choices. And with one grand baby on the way & five others undernthevage of 5′ I could put this book to good use!

  67. Ruth B says:

    Cute quilts and cute kids!! Love the designs and colors – always love your use of color! Great job!!

  68. adbaylor says:

    I am not a quilter (yet?) but I love these! Your fabric choices are amazing and the quilts are so modern! I like the building blocks one the best.

  69. Zina (Z Any Mouse) says:

    Wow, Heather! You have outdone yourself, and I love all your designs. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I guess I like Race Track the most. It’s interactive, yet simple and very striking. Plus, I love cars!

  70. Sarah N says:

    I love ALL of the quilts – but I especially like Ring Toss. Thanks for sharing!

  71. Kaye M. says:

    There are so many cute designs its hard to pick just one, but I think my little grandson would like the Racetrack quilt best. He loves playing with cars and monster trucks!

  72. Mary Ann says:

    I loved the “Ring Toss” quilt with the grey background. I am see more grey in quilts which I really like. I also love anything Riley Blake!

  73. Kristy says:

    The past two years have blessed me with my first two grandchildren….both boys!!! I am loving the Race Track pattern……will need to make two. Ten Little Things is a perfect line of fabric for boys. Your baby is going to have some sweet cousins.

  74. Joan Bommen says:

    It is so hard to choose, but I like “Building Blocks” the best – I also have a fun large print in my stash and I’ve been waiting for a pattern that will show off the piece and add splashes of color in the blocks. Thanks for the preview – I can’t wait!

  75. darlene b says:

    I love them all, but Race Track brings back memories of my brother playing with hot wheels cars many years ago…he could keep himself occupied for hours. Maybe it ‘s because he had three older sisters and he didn’t want to play barbies with us!!

  76. Carol McKinney says:

    I would buy this book without seeing the little girl samples! I love all of your work and want to thank you for sharing your gift with those of us who love making quilts! I do need to make the “race track” quilt for a friend who is expecting!

  77. Julie Jacobsen says:

    I too love them all, but I have the fabric for Building Blocks, just had to have it at the time now I know what I am going to make with it. I have the animal print from “Central Park” so I will pick out some colors to go with that. Fishy,Fishy will for sure be one I will make too. Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to your next post.

  78. Margie F. says:

    I can’t decide between ‘Race Track’ and ‘Dinosaur’, but they’re ALL adorable. I can see myself making each one. Can’t wait to see the ‘girl’ quilts!

  79. Jane Wimmer says:

    Hi Heather! LOVE LOVE LOVE the book!!! Can’t wait to see the next posts. I will have to add this book to my library, as I want to get quilts made a head of time for baby gifts. Looking forward to seeing you this summer!!!

  80. Ann says:

    Good job! I hope things are going well for you! My favorite quilt show (so far!) is Ring Toss!

  81. Nancy J. in Utah says:

    I really love them all, but I must admit that “Puppy Love” has stolen my heart! I can imagine it in fun little girls fabrics too, with a bow around the puppy’s neck. I would love to win your new book for my niece, who joined her mother and me four years ago in our quilting journey. She has been secretly trying for a baby for a very long time (with her hubby’s help of course). Well, we just got the word a week ago that they are expecting a baby in early November. Thanks for a chance. Hugs…

  82. Jeanne Jones says:

    I am so excited over the quilts for boys. I have two grandsons and am always looking for “boy” quilt patterns. All of the quilts and fabrics are adorable.

  83. Connie Strom says:

    Love all theorists.Ring TOSS IS MY FAVORITE.I love all your patterns!!

  84. Sharon O'Reilly says:

    I love them all, your designs are a fresh approach to children’s quilts!

  85. Connie Strom says:

    Not sure what happened on previous post but it is supposed to say I love all the quilts.

  86. I love the ring toss- it’s awesome. All the quilts though are awesome. Can’t wait to see this book

  87. Ring Toss is my favorite pattern of the boy patterns! Would love to make that one in Reunion.

  88. Jennifer says:

    These are wonderful! Very excited about the quilt patterns for boys! It can be hard to find good patterns for boys! So glad you’ve got your quilt mojo back! Thank you for sharing your story, it is touching, and will help others more than you know!

  89. 4dreamsr says:

    Wonderful little boy quilts! It would be hard to choose a fav, but I would like ring toss for me.

  90. mariajhmom says:

    I bought you something to go with the Fishy quilt!

  91. Kristen Sanderson says:

    My favorite patterns are Ring Toss and Building Blocks. Great quilts, thanks for sharing.

  92. MaryLou Corrigan says:

    These are adorable! I especially like the doggie quilts.

  93. Cindy says:

    Heather…..I love them all….race track is my favorite. Can’t wait to see the rest. If I don’t win, I’ll be sure to put this on my wish list. Thank you!

  94. Melissa says:

    These are great designs! I really like them all, but Ring Toss is my favorite! Your nephews are adorable, too!

  95. Vanessa says:

    I like “Ring Toss” and love the colors in “Building Blocks”. I need to make a quilt for a girl by July so looking forward to the girl quilt pics….

  96. Kim Hartwig says:

    I love your quilt designs from your kids book. So many to choose from and they all look fairly easy to put together. I will have to get a copy as I have more grandchildren to make quilts for. Thanks for the preview.

  97. Shannon Slagle says:

    How fun are the designs in your new book! Can’t wait til it gets to the stores! The designs that will be hoping to be the first ones I make are: Race Track, Building Blocks and Ring Toss. Thanks for the sneak peak at the book. I wish fabric companies would do Charm packs for boys! Congrats on your upcoming lil “gift”!!

  98. Kelly O. says:

    I am in LOVE with Here Fishy, Fishy! I can’t help myself!
    Your patterns always reel me in! (I know I’m a dork!)

    But honestly you have some serious talent and my book collection by you is about to grow again!

  99. StampinKris says:

    I love the car quilt, and the fish one! I can’t decide which I like better. I love how the fishy tails extend into the outer border. Makes it look like they are ‘floating”. I have lots of nephews to make quilts for. Do you think the teenagers would go for these? Just kidding.

  100. Eileen says:

    I love them all but Building Blocks and Ross Toss are my favorites! I am anticipating my first grandchild in August so everything in your new book looks great to me!!

  101. marybeth says:

    Happy ! Happy Book!!!
    I love your stuff, have for years!

  102. Toni Anne says:

    I wish this book came out 13 yrs ago, when I was pregnant with my son. I started a kaleidoscope quilt for him, I could not find any cute boy fabrics. After a few blocks I hated the whole thing, I just recently threw it away (still can’t stand to look at the ugly fabric). He ended up with a very large blue and white log cabin quilt, I finished when he was about 14 mths old. Thanks so much for letting us peak at your new book. I just found out yesterday that my cousin is having a baby girl, your book would be perfect. ;-> Toni Anne

  103. Kristi says:

    All your quilts are wonderful but my favorite is Puppy Love. The puppy is so cute. I can’t wait to see the “girl quilts.” My niece is expecting her first baby in December and I would love to make her a baby quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  104. Terry Phelps says:

    I love Puppy Love and Ring Toss but all are great. How fun your book is and I need need a copy.

  105. Paula B. says:

    I love them all, but my favorite us ring toss!!!

  106. Gina M says:

    The quilts (and the nephews!) are all adorable, but my favorite has to be “Puppy Love”…our third grandson is scheduled to arrive in August and his wonderful Mom is a vet! It will be perfect for both of them!

  107. Denice says:

    They are all beautiful quilts. I’m so excited to see the quilts you are making for your new baby!!!!
    I have purchased some of your fabric designs from the quilt shop in Birds Island. Keep up the good work.

  108. Patty V. says:

    They are all fun quilts, but if I choose a favorite I’d have to go with Oh Baby or Builidng Blocks. Thanks for sharing your new book with us.

  109. Joan says:

    Love every quilt! Anxious to get my hands on this book. Congratulations!

  110. Becca Woods says:

    LOVE the fish one! Great work!

  111. Becky says:

    “Puppy Love” is my favorite….so cute! Would love to win a copy of your new book. Already have 3 grandbabies with more to come!

  112. LizA. says:

    Wow–lots of great quilts here. My favorite is definitely Puppy Love. And for the record, my Dalmatian does have “polka dot” ears…..

  113. Pam Wells says:

    I love the Peyton quilt made by your mom, I can’t wait to get the book and make this quilt.
    What fabric did your mom use?

  114. Deb A says:

    Actually I really like all of them, but think the Ring Toss might be my favorite! Would love to win a copy of the book so I could make one! Thanks!

  115. Deb Shetler says:

    They’re all terrific but Race Track is definitely my favorite. Would love to win the book. I’ve got several baby quilts I need to make in the near future and these would be great.

    Deb S.

  116. Diann Cornell says:

    My favorite is Puppy Love, but I can imagine making any of them for a baby gift.

  117. Tammy says:

    I must say I love all your quilts, but the puppy love is my favoirte having mostly boys in the family to quilt for and they are all dog lovers. And really I think it’s a cute wall hanging quilt too for a dog lover.

  118. Carmen says:

    I love these qulits. I really liked the dinosaur quilt.

  119. Linda says:

    I really love the dog quilt—all the fabrics are so cute….

  120. carol broughton says:

    Oh, I love the puppy quilt and must make it! I would love to make all of the quilts in your new book! They would be great for Project Linus and other kids’ charities!

  121. Dorian says:

    These are some great quilts! Can’t wait to see the girl ones. I am a more traditional quilter, with some modern weaved in, and I think these hit that spot too. Which makes it a fun book for both traditionalists and the modern sewer. Great job!!

  122. scrapperdeb says:

    They are all so very delightful! I think I’m drawn to Building Blocks because I just love the saying on the wall above it., and i like the Kate Spain giraffes.

  123. scrapperdeb says:

    oops, sorry….those aren’t the Central Park giraffes…..must get glasses updated! LOL!

  124. Pam Peterson says:

    I have to say that it’s the dinosaurs that get my vote for favorite. I’m not sure if it’s the warmth of the brown background or the cute dinosaurs or simply the fact that this quilt will feature a large, hard-to – cut – up fabric with a simple, modern twist! I guess it doesn’t matter – I just really like this one. Looking forward to seeing the ‘girl’ quilts!

  125. Barbara (WA) says:

    Having raised two sons, I love Race Track best (and so would they have as little boys)! I am a grandma-wanna-be but want to make baby quilts as gifts for all those grandbabies my friends are blessed with :o)

  126. Susan says:

    What great quilts … all of them! I think my favorite is Building Blocks but can see myself making each and every one. Thanks for the inspiration.

  127. Kayli says:

    Looks like its going to be a great book to have. I’m sure it was so fun to make and it is great to see boy quilts with no flowers.

  128. That ninch! says:

    What FUN!! I’d love to make ‘Building Blocks’ in Mod Tod by Sheri McCulley–and I don’t have any littlies to make a quilt for! 🙂 I also love the boy version of Ring Toss on the cool grey. Inspirational designs and colorways–thank you!

  129. Jennifer says:

    Omg – love, love, love this book already! Is is hard to find good patterns for boys and that will last a few years. My favorite is a toss up between oh baby and puppy love. Thanks for sharing and I cant wait to see the girl quilts!

  130. Kathy tyler says:

    Since we had twin boys last year I can’t wait to make Race Track and Puppy Love! Or maybe Oh Baby and Building Blocks. it’s hard to choose, they’re all so cute!

  131. Evie Gorecki says:

    My favorite quilt is the building blocks. you are right it is nice not to cut up a perfect print.

  132. martinmosaics says:

    My favorites are Oh Baby and Building Blocks! They all are terrific though. You did a terrific job with them as usual. I seem to have baby’s blooming all around me! Boys and Girls! And my children are college age! I have lots of time this summer and many to give to! 🙂

  133. Nicole J says:

    Oh my lanta! I NEED this book! I am pretty sure I would have to make one of each as I usually do with all your books. I really love the building blocks for those fun prints you can’t stand to cut up. My son looked at this with me and already said he needs race track. He’s four and drives his cars on anything that resembles a road and quilts are a favorite for him to find roads on. Nothing better than a quilt with a built in road! Can’t wait to see the girl options as I have an 18 month little girl and I’m sure I could make all of them up for her as well! You are going to keep me busy for awhile! :). It’s a good busy though! Nicely done once again, you never disappoint.

  134. AnnieO says:

    Really great designs, Heather, as usual! So glad your mojo came back full force with this new bundle to inspire you 🙂 Love Building Blocks and Ring Toss. I’m hoping to become a grandma in the next few years and could definitely see myself making any of these from your book!

  135. Kathy says:

    Such fun designs! I know my two little godsons would love to have. One is into cars and dinosaurs and the other takes after his dad, who loves to fish better than anything. They’re moving to a new house and these quilts would be lovely in the boy’s new rooms.

  136. Janice says:

    I love them all,but I guess I’d have to pick Fishy Fishy. I’m a sucker for a chevron too. I’m always impressed with your patterns; they’re easy enough to do, and complete in a reasonable length of time, but they’re challenging enough that it feels like you’re not talking down to us. You know what I mean? It’s more than just squares sewn together, and I really appreciate that!

  137. Cindi P. says:

    It is a toss up between fishy fishy and the car quilt. I could make the fishy fishy once for my husband even. Thanks for the chance to win!

  138. Kirsten Blake says:

    These are all so cute, however the fish quilt is hands down my favorite. Can’t wait to see the rest of your designs when the book comes out!

  139. Mary says:

    Loved the car and puppy quilts! I love to make baby quilts!

  140. Mary Ann says:

    Oh HeAther all these quilts are wonderful! But my two favorites are Ring Toss, you get to include so many fabrics and I especially like the gray backgrounds in these versions. And then Building Blocks, Its a very clever way to feature a print kids will love and the blocks add such pop! I will certainly have to have this book! Thanks for sharing the great photos and the boys are adorable!

  141. Nancy Augustine says:

    I really like Puppy Love as it will give me a chance to work on my hand applique. I have started working with wool applique and I can see doing the puppy in wools to give it texture. Can’t wait for the book!!

  142. Lorraine says:

    Heather, I love them all! My son would have loved the road quilt and the puppy quilt when he was little. Our Guild makes quilts for foster kids, and the dinosaur quilt would be easy enough to make for that project–especially with those beautiful large prints we don’t want to cut into little pieces.

  143. Jennifer W says:

    I really like the racetrack because I agree that it would get a lot of use. Just appealing to my 1st impression would be ring toss.

  144. Gale says:

    I just love the simplicity of Building Blocks and how it show off the dinosaur fabric. Puppy Love is also close and such cute little props you have. Looking forward to seeing your own little prop soon. Awesome Book!!!

  145. Carol says:

    OH BABY is my favorite. I think it will make a great “I spy” quilt. I really like all the patterns, Hard to pick just one. Thanks for the chance to win your book. Happy pushing and blessings on your growing family.

  146. Carol H Gore says:

    Love all your quilts in this new book. Can’t wait to see the quilts for girls. Never wanted to quilt until I saw your fabrics and quilts. Now I am dying to get started.

  147. Jane Eilderts says:

    I love them all but I think Ring Toss is my favorite!! Great job – can’t wait to see the girls versions! Jane

  148. Teri says:

    I think I like the last quilt best. I make a lot of baby quilts for a local hospital that gives them out to un-wed girls in need. I love that these patterns are bigger pieces so they will go together quickly. Thanks for another book to put on my list and for the offering. I can’t wait to see the other 5 patterns.

  149. cindy hagen says:

    The quilts are all just darling. I can hardly wait to see some in ‘girl’ colors!

  150. Pat says:

    Wow, hard to decide which is my fav. I like all of them. But if I had to choose one to make first, I guess it would be Race Track. But then, this weekend is fishing opener here in MN so maybe appropriate to make Here Fishy-Fishy. Of course it would be easier to make if I had the book.

  151. Jill Stickrod says:

    Puppy Love and Ring Toss are my favorites! Can’t wait to see the “girl” versions since I’ll be “instant” G-ma to 2 beautiful girls when my daughter marries their dad this summer.

  152. Jan says:

    I adore your blue and red version of Puppy Love. I love the boy version of Ring Toss as well. You have created several really cute things!

  153. Vic says:

    I love “Building Blocks” … it uses some of those great fabrics that you want to show off. It looks quick and easy. Cannot wait to add this to my ever growing stack of Anka’s Treasures books. I have a nice library of them 🙂 Collecting every one of them!

  154. Shelley says:

    I am in LOVE with these quilts! I want to make the all 🙂 Great work!

  155. Leanne Clare says:

    Love these quilts! Can’t wait to see the girl’s ones. Will add this to my library as soon as possible!

  156. I want to make charity quilts for kids, and want something with just a touch of appliqué to make them fun, your patterns are perfect for that.


  157. LeAnne L says:

    I really like your Race Track pattern. All little boys I know love anything to do with cars.

  158. Kathy says:

    Heather, I love every single one of them! If you make me choose just one favorite, it would have to be “Puppy Love”. That darling little puppy just makes me smile!

  159. Valerie says:

    Just love Here Fishy Fishy……and can’t wait to see the girly ones.

  160. Kelly says:

    I like Ring Toss, but if I were to make one for my grandson, it would have to be Oh Baby so that we could play I spy with it 🙂

  161. ColleenM says:

    I love the googly eyed fish but my favorite is you cute little nephew, the “tornado”. I have two sons (in high school now) that are exactly 13 months apart and they were two tornadoes back when they were that size:)

  162. Samantha K says:

    I would LOVE a copy of this book! I think Puppy Love is my favorite of the patterns, but they are all great!! I can’t wait to see the girl versions of them as well. I really like how you made the patterns for things they can grow into!!! I’m sure you were having a blast working on these quilts and getting more excited for that new baby to arrive!!

  163. Irma M. says:

    They are all super cute, but I really like “Fishy, Fishy.” And I think my all-time favorite boy fabric is Pure by Sweetwater. My daughter isn’t even married yet, but we have a boy baby quilt made out of Pure for when she has a little boy. She did tell me, though, that if she had a couple girls, one of them would have to have a boy baby quilt. We also have a girl baby quilt. Ha! Ha!

  164. Bari Jo says:

    They are all so delightful! I think the puppy love is my favorite – but really – they are all wonderful and look like they would be fun to make! :O)

  165. Nancy Cohen says:

    Each one is cuter than the next! My favorite is “Puppy Love” because I’m a PugMom to two adorable pugs! We’re having a baby explosion in our neighborhood, plus you’re one of my favorite designers, so I will definitely be buying your new book!

  166. Ursula says:

    Would love a chance to win your new book. We just found out last night that we are going to be grandparents! I would make everyone of them .

  167. Kris says:

    Love this book and can’t wait to get it. I have 5 baby gifts to make this summer an these will be perfect. Four of the 5 are boys!!!! I love the race car quilt. It’s so perfect. Every little and big guys loves racing cars. Thanks for your great ideas. I have ALL your books.

  168. Naomi Bannister says:

    I like them all, but if I had to choose it would be either the fishy one or the road one.

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  170. Angela says:

    Great new book! I’ll be on the look-out for it! My favourite quilt is the Oh Baby one. It is so versatile for boys or girls or even older kids or adults. And I love that it can use charms and you get to see the whole fabric line. Thanks for the chance to win!

  171. Jodi Wyss says:

    Oh, I love “Race Track” Great design. The Riley Blake fabric is perfect for it!! You are so creative and your design are great. Oh Baby is another quilt that I think is is so great!! I would love to win!!

  172. I really love the Race Track pattern. Congratulations on another wonderful book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  173. Wendy T. says:

    I really like the one with the puppy. The cars with the road is a close second though.

  174. maripen says:

    My favorite from the boys quilts is Fishy, fishy!

  175. Linda in PA says:

    All the quilts are great! My son would have loved the race car quilt when he was little. He used to line up all his hot wheel vehicles and play with them for hours. Thanks for a chance to win a copy of your book.

  176. Monika says:

    I love the puppy quilt and the fish quilt! Great job on all the quilt designs!

  177. Karen says:

    Not sure how I missed this post — the boy quilts are awesome — I have to make that dinosaur one for my grandson Ethan — and put his initials in the separator blocks… Love it… Thanks so much!


  178. debbie siltala says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book. All of the quilts shown are sooo cute. It is hard to choose my favorite. I love the owl quilt, but the fishy one and the road one and the dinosar one is really cute…. thanks for the chance

  179. Charlene says:

    Great boy quilts, only boys-3 in my world . Love Oh Baby with Ten Little Things fabric, orange and blue is so great.

  180. robin says:

    The one that says Peyton is VERY cute!

  181. Zontziry says:

    I think my favorite is the building blocks quilt! I can easily see expanding that out for an adult-sized modern quilt. The fabrics used are so awesome!

  182. pam says:

    Oh my gosh! They are all so cute! I really love the ‘cutie pie’ that you made for Abi. So cute and colorful. My niece is having twins in October so I would have no problem finding two to make.

  183. Rachael says:

    I love them all! It’s too hard to pick a favorite!

  184. Robbie Meadows says:

    I’m loving the Puppy Love quilt. My mom liked them so much she sent me the link so I could see them too!

  185. Diane McFarlin says:

    I am so glad I came across your site. Your quilts are darling…and exactly what I love to make ~ anything for the grandkids is perfect!!!
    Thank you for sharing your talents!!!

  186. JO PRITCHARD says:

    My daughter in Germany sent your link to me here in England. We have just set up as a group of crafter, mostly beginners to patchwork, are making quilts for children undergoing treatment for cancer. Check it out! Your book will be so inspirational for us all. I only set it up a couple of weeks ago and we already have several lovely quilts ready to donate with lots more to come. I’ll make sure I follow you blog and good luck with your book… it’s great!

  187. Claudyne Hill says:

    I was looking for a simple but girly and showy quilt to make with my granddaughter. I know she’ll love choosing her favorite prints to do on the Addilyn version of the “Oh Baby” pattern.

  188. Christy says:

    Hi- I just love the book! I want to make a version of ring toss. Would you mind sharing the name of the solid gray background? I am just starting to use solids & it’s a bit intimidating!

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  192. Carol says:

    Love your quilts. Simple designs, with great colors and shapes. You obviously have a flare for fabric selection and colors. Would truly enjoy a copy of your upcoming book. Anxious to see the next half. Please put me on your mailing list.

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  194. Darlene says:


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