Nursery Update and Virtual Baby Shower

It’s less than a week until my due date and time is moving very slowly!  I have tried to speed things up by walking, landscaping, gardening, helping Joel prune trees, eating spicy food, going for a bumpy boat ride, etc. but so far nothing has helped.  My SIL suggested castor oil, but I’m not desperate enough to try that yet.  I’m sure that some of you might have some good suggestions on what to try too – I’m sure I might get a chuckle out of some of them!   I think the baby is trying to help too by attempting to kick his way out, though I don’t think my ribs make a very good opening.

In the meantime, I am still working on the nursery.  It has been a slow process, mostly because I am picky when it comes to color, but also because I seem to pick detailed accents that just take a while to finish.

Remember the book ledges that we were making?  They are finished and up on the walls.

They are made from two pieces of 1x material.  The bottom piece is a 1″ x 2″.  The top piece is made from 1″ x 3″ material, which Joel notched to form a lip to keep the books on the shelves (Just in case we have a door slammer?).  All that “notching” was followed by lots of sanding, then priming and painting.

Next, I was going to attempt to slip cover a chair.  It’s a nice comfy chair that I found at HomeGoods, but it never quite was the right color (very dull green/brown plaid).  Here is the chair before:

I have been dragging my feet about doing the slip cover, as I HATE doing stuff like that.  So, after lots of procrastination, I opted to try dying the chair first.

Yes, you heard that right.  I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, as the current fabric wasn’t working out anyways.  So, I bought a weed sprayer, mixed up a batch of watery dye and sprayed the chair very lightly.  I used a gloved hand to rub the mixture into the fabric and into all the nooks and crannies of the chair.

Now, for the after:

Much better, don’t you think?  Can you believe I pulled it off?  I ended up doing two coats to get it just the right color and it dried nice and even.  I figured it would at least have a marbled look, but it really worked pretty well.  How lucky  . . . . .

From that picture you can see that I have done a decorative paint treatment on the wall.  I began by auditioning diamonds cut from colored paper on the wall.

Then I did the math to figure out how many diamonds would fit the space.  The first day I did the orange diamonds, then let them dry overnight.  I kept layering the colors, doing a little bit each day and allowing that layer to dry.  (so allow at least a week to do this).

Lastly, I taped and painted the brown lines.  If you try this, be prepared to go through lots of tape.  It took quite a while to mark and tape off the lines, then a few minutes to paint them.  The worst part was, the tape lied.

When I took the tape off, the dark paint had bled all over behind the tape.  (I had this issue while painting the diamonds too, but it wasn’t quite as noticeable with the lighter colors.)  I decided the easier thing to do was re tape the lines a little wider and paint them over.  I used Frog tape for the second go round and that worked a little better.  I still had lots of bleeding, so some of the lines were painted four times before they looked like this –

I am happy with the fun detail that it adds to the room, but found it to be a frustrating process!  Did I mention that I did two of these argyles?  There is another one on the other side of the window.

Another frustrating process was painting the furniture orange.  I have tried out every shade of orange spray paint at every hardware, craft store, and home improvement store in the area.  They are all either to bright or too dull.  So, I bought a quart of orange oil base paint and a sprayer.  Turns out they can’t get a very deep orange in oil base, so that didn’t work either.  I decided to give up and go back to the first orange that I tried.  Craziness, huh!   I recommend just sticking with cream or brown furniture.  Much easier.

(BTW – I used a mask for the painting so I didn’t inhale any fumes that would be harmful for the baby.  I did, however, feel like a really bad parent going into all those stores and buying cans of spray paint with this huge belly!)

I am also working on the baby’s quilts.  Here is a shot of his puppy quilt.

I haven’t quite finished it yet, because my arms have gotten too short to machine quilt it (which is a nice way of saying that my bump is too big to reach the handles on my quilting machine!)

So that is my progress so far.  Maybe someday I will have photos of the finished room!

One last thing – Henry Glass is having a virtual baby shower for me over on their blog.   Click here to join in on the fun and for a chance to win my new kids book and some fat quarters of my new fabric.

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42 Responses to Nursery Update and Virtual Baby Shower

  1. ~Michelle~ says:

    Ooh, avoid the castor oil. I read some nasty things about that stuff causing vomiting & dehydration, which is not what you want during labor!

  2. ritainalaska says:

    baby will come when it’s ready to … so relax and enjoy these last days all to yourself. you won’t have days to your self again ’til you’re great grandma. baby’s room is lovely; looks like you’re pretty much all set!

  3. Donna says:

    I lack humorous tales of how to hurry a baby along. I do know the baby will come when the time is right! The nursery looks wonderful.

  4. El says:

    Tried everything, nothing has ever worked to hurry the baby along. . .so just enjoy your time – put your feet up and drink some tea! Love how the baby’s room is turning out, especially the orange and book ledges!

  5. jenny says:

    what a beautiful nursery! its really spectacular and those book shelves will be so used for sooo many years! we have alot of those books and read them countless times! no advice to hurry up the due date…quite the opposite…both my babies came unexpectedly 6 weeks early!! deep breaths…he will come in due time. happy blessings to you!

  6. Camille says:

    I swear by the stationary bike. Worked twice for me! I CANNOT wait to see this little man! I sent him something in the mail today, you may have to open it for him. Good heavens I’m excited for you. Also, the nursery looks absolutely amazing- YOU are absolutely amazing!

    Good luck!! You are going to do great.

  7. mariajhmom says:

    Macy says it looks like a nursery that should be on Pinterest! It’s so very cute.

  8. Mary says:

    Being an OB nurse, I have heard every idea. This little one will come when it is ready. You won’t be pregnant forever. The room looks fabulous and I love the argyle design. Great job on the chair too. I would not have thought to attempt that one.

  9. Cathy K. says:

    Love the nursery!!!! Beautiful colors!

  10. Bari Jo says:

    The nursery looks wonderful! I love every detail! What a great idea to put up the book racks and use that to decorate one wall with all those wonderful children’s books! I LOVE that idea! What a special place for your little guy!

  11. Rene' Sharp says:

    The nursery is looking so gorgeous, what a beautiful place for you, hubby and baby to spend time together! Right near the end of my first pregnancy I was suffering from umm urgh constipation and took some castor oil to try and help with the problem. I went into labor that night! Thinking of you 🙂

  12. Catherine L. says:

    Cute, cute, cute! My first was born 2 weeks after the due date. Not uncommon, I understand. Relaxing is really the best way. Walked before I came back and relaxed and then it happened. Watched something really funny before I went to bed with the last one. It seems longer once the due date is past. Just go about your day staying busy, it will happen when you least expect it.

  13. Rita says:

    If that little baby could see that beautiful nursery, he would be out in a flash!! So excited to see all those books, you can never start to read to them too early! The room is beautiful, well done!

  14. Theresa Kifer says:

    Goodness. I felt the same way. Tried the bumpy rides etc. She came exactly on her due date and not a moment before. Hang in there. I am guessing that is when your baby will arrive. You will be blessed to have the little guy and he will be blessed to have you two too. Sweet room!! You are going to have so much fun!

  15. Dorian says:

    What a lovely nursery Heather! I’m glad to see all those books too, it’s never too early for reading to baby! My 2 month old loves any book that has machinery in it….loaders, CATS, dump trucks.. 😀 Congrats again.

  16. Dorian says:

    Oh, I forgot! My MW told me, when I was wanting to move mother nature along ” What puts baby in, often gets baby out” 😉 if you get my meaning. LOL

  17. Claudia. says:

    I love your nursery and all the great colours! What a lucky little baby to grow up in this wonderful surrouding! (Next time you use masking tape, try this: paint over the inside edges with a little transparent acrylic (use a brush or your finger). This will seal the edges and there will be no bleeding of paint under the tape.) Greetings from Germany, Claudia.

  18. Diane says:

    Beautiful room. Love the diamonds to break the base color. If you ever use tape again I can give you a BIG hint……after taping(blocking the area you want to paint, first use a coat of the base(your project would have been blue wall color). That way any bleeding will be the wall color. Then paint over with the color you have chosen for the design. Have used that method on wood, dry wall and even cement.

  19. Pat says:

    Love your nursery and all the bright colors. What a neat idea-to spray paint a chair. It looks really good, much better than the original color. Hoping your little man will be here soon, looking forward to seeing him and his completed room.

  20. Crystal says:

    I love the paint technique and I LOVE that puppy quilt top!

  21. Wendy T. says:

    All of your hard work paid off. That nursery is the cutest thing ever!! Enjoy your “free” time now because in a few days it will all be over for a very long time. Best of luck to you with the birth of your little one.

  22. Paula Stuplich says:

    The nursery is beautiful. This is getting so exciting. Baby will come when the time is right. Enjoy this last bit of your pregnecy. Rest, you will be glad you did. HAPPY LABOR DAY!

  23. AnnieO says:

    Love the chair redo and the puppy quilt. That book wall is really great! Simple and effective, just like those argyle designs. Wow, that was dedication, redoing the brown sooo many times. Hope the baby comes on his due date and not too long after. All three of mine were born three days past the due date (which, of course, is just an estimated guess, lol). Really happy for you and Joel. Okay, popping over to the link!

  24. Leslie says:

    Love the nursery! Did you mix the dye for the chair, or would Ritz work? My dil has a sofa we might try this on.
    Although you’re anxious to have that little guy in your arms, enjoy these last few days with lots of “you” time, it’ll be the last you get for a looooonnnng time. Now, as Grandma, I have way too much “me” time.

    • I used Rit dye in the liquid form – very watered down. I think the thing that made it work so well is the fabric is cotton. I have tried dying synthetic fibers before and they don’t take the color, so you may want to consider that before you do the sofa. I experimented a little on the underside of the chair cushion first to see how it took the dye.

      • Linda P says:

        My grandma used to say – When the apple is ripe, it will fall from the tree. I sure enjoyed seeing photos of his room. I never did paint a design before, but my daughter did, and also said it was a pain in the neck, I think are different types tape to make it easier.
        I see you used the liquid Rit, but did you do anything to “set” it or just allow to dry in the sun? I think it’s very clever.

      • I did let it bake in the sun for a while, but I guess we will see what happens to it as it gets spilled on and spot cleaned. Who knows!

  25. Marilyn says:

    Heather – Remember – ‘maternity’ and ‘eternity’ rhyme; the former starts feeling it will last till the latter. LOL. Enjoy those gentle nudge and kicks; you’ll miss those even when you are cuddling your precious little one.

  26. Melissa says:

    Love the Nursery…just darling like the rest of your home. Thank you for sharing all of your creative ideas with us. Best of luck to you, my sis went into labor after a nice relaxing day at the spa and getting a manicure and pedicure. Prior to that she was working up a storm.

  27. Mary Ann says:

    Such a sweet face for your little guy! As everyone has said, he’ll be here when he’s ready and not a moment before! Enjoy these last few days or hours of quiet and nap a lot, you have a great distraction too, lots of new fabric.

  28. Julie says:

    Is it okay to say a boy’s nursery is beautiful? Cute? I love it! And what a clever (and successful!) experiment with the chair! It looks fabulous!

    My first son was two weeks overdue. TWO WEEKS! I jumped into the lake to cool down and went right into labor. Must’ve been the shock of the cold water… and the “apple was ripe”. ;D


  29. Your nursery is fabulous! I absolutely love the argyle on the wall. And that chair; LOVE it!!

  30. Next time you tape off to paint, tape off, then clear coat the edges with ModgePodge. That seals the tape edge and you will have no “bleeding”. Works every time. I painted for 15 years and learned by my mistakes.

  31. Jean says:

    Good things come to those who wait ! You both have waited a long time ,may God Bless you both and the beautiful child who will be here when he is ready !! I love you nursery and can’t believe you dyed that chair really great .

  32. Lovely nursery. The dyed chair is amazing. Who knew? Also love the book ledges. How did your husband hang them on the wall? God bless.

  33. Camille says:

    Okay, where’s this baby?? I can’t wait any longer!!

  34. kristyneczepuryk says:

    One book I don’t see in your library is “Moo Baa La La La” by Sandra Boynton. I HIGHLY recommend it! Almost as good as “Good Night Moon” and “Guess How Much I Love You”. 🙂 Beautiful nursery, btw.

  35. Ray Szymonek says:

    When you dyed the slip cover, how did you set the color? I want to dye white patio slip covers and do not want to have a color transfer problem when guests sit on the furniture. Your project looks amazing

    • I didn’t do anything to set the dye. I just sprayed it on and let it dry. I guess when I have to do my first spot cleaning, I will find out how color fast it is! It isn’t ideal, but it was either this or make the slip cover! So far, the dye has not let off on anything (but I didn’t put much dye on the fabric to begin with.)

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  38. nursery baby says:

    . There are five of us nursery keepers, and we provide assistance for youngsters until they are weaned, stable, and are living with their families.

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