Friday Finish in Seaside Cottage

Happy Friday Everyone!

I finished up a few sewing projects this week – can you believe it?   I was worried that this was turning into a baby blog, so I am happy to have some quilting done to show.

Actually, I can’t take all the credit, as my Mom did most of the sewing and I just tried to get them quilted and bound.  It took me a couple of days, as I haven’t figured out yet how to feed the baby and machine quilt at the same time!

The fabrics are from my Seaside Cottage line, which will be in stores shortly.  I couldn’t decide which fabric combination to use, so I decided to make a couple of toppers.

My favorite is probably the red and aqua

There is also a pink and green option:

and a grey and aqua option.

The pattern is my Diamond Diva pattern.  It’s a pattern that I have made several times, as they are quick and easy to make (much easier than they look), they require just a few fat quarters (which I always have lying around), and they are small enough that they are easy to decorate with (throw one on an end table, on a nightstand, over the back of a chair, etc).

I made this one a while ago using my Artful Home fabric.  It moves around my living room as needed.  I’ve made a few more too, but can’t seem to locate the pictures just right now.

Before I go, I have just a quick question  –  Do I get to count this as my first smile, or is 16 days old too early for a smile?  Everyone attributes those early smiles to things like gas, but he did seem pretty happy at the time.

So, does anyone remember when their babies first smiled?  (and btw – it won’t hurt my feelings if you tell me it is just way to early to be a real smile.  Either way, I had a good excuse to share this cute picture!)

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61 Responses to Friday Finish in Seaside Cottage

  1. Karen Stennes says:

    Of course it is a real smile! A happy mom makes for a happy baby! So excited for your new family! One can feel the joy in your pictures. Continue the fun! 🙂 (And I can’t remember my kids’ first smile – my baby is now 15 years old-his sisters are 21 and 19).

  2. ranette says:

    I think it counts as a smile or he could just be thinking “I love my mama”. Gorgeous pictures, table toppers and baby boy!

  3. Anne Allen says:

    oh – he is sooooo cute! I am so happy for you.

  4. Chris says:

    A smile!! For certain! And never worry about sharing the baby pictures–we love them! Babies and quilts will always go together. So happy for you and Joel.

  5. Joan says:

    Love the picture! And of course, he’s smiling. A real cutie!

  6. Mary Jo says:

    A real smile for sure. I can’t remember with my own kiddos but my grandchilden are close by and I’ve seen real smiles the first week. I mean really, does gas make you smile. I don’t think so. keep the baby pictures coming. Love them.

  7. Susan says:

    Of course that is a smile~!!!! He is just saying “Love my mama!!!!” He sure is a cutie!

  8. Sandy says:

    Yes, it is a real smile! Babies know when they are loved and secure, and that has to make them happy! He is beautiful! Congratulations!

  9. How could anyone look at that baby picture and not smile!

  10. Bari Jo says:

    Yes! That counts! It is never too early! You can tell he is happy and peaceful and loving life! He is such a beautiful baby! So glad you captured that in a photograph! And – bring on the baby blog – love quilts – BUT babies are even better!!! And when you combine the two … love it! So so so happy for you!!!!!! :O) Makes me teary every time I think of your journey and I praise God for His sweet blessing for you! Thank you for sharing pics! Don’t worry about the quilting… that can wait… these days pass all too quickly; just stop and savor each and every little moment like you are! We can wait for the patterns and reveals – you are doing what is the most important!!!!! Enjoy!

  11. mariajhmom says:

    Macy started smiling about that age and for the most part has smile ever since!

  12. roadsage1 says:

    Yes, it is absolutely a smile! And what a cute smile! And I’m impressed that you got any sewing done at all! I’d just be holding the baby and making silly little sounds to make him smile some more!

  13. Merri Jo says:

    Yes it’s a smile! Remember, all mothers get to think that their baby does everything better, earlier and faster than any other baby in the history of mankind – it’s your prerogative!!!

  14. NancyHart says:

    Yep, it’s a smile! My grands both smiled at me the day they were born and the whole family agrees!! Keep the pictures coming, he is adorable!!

  15. Carolyn says:

    Of course that’s a smile. And what a beautiful baby, just like his mom and dad!

  16. Deb Praus says:

    My Father swears my first born smiled at him when she was just hours old! I don’t remember exactly when I thought she smiled but it was in that first month….so yes, I think he is smiling at you!

    I was afraid when I visited and saw the title the was not going to be a babe pic….so glad to see I was wrong! Keep the pics coming.

  17. Elaine says:

    FOR SURE he’s smiling at his mama!! He is absolutely beautiful! Melts your heart, I’m sure!! Keep the baby photos coming!!

  18. carol broughton says:

    Yes, that is definitely the smile of a happy little guy! He is adorable! Thank you for sharing the sweetest picture I’ve seen in a while! Love your new fabric line also. Will have to make a couple of those table toppers.

  19. Nancy in Utah says:

    Heather, After raising my two daughters and my two oldest grandsons all from birth, I remember their smiles very well. In my experience, the ‘gas bubble’ smiles usually happen when they are resting/ sleeping…that truly looks like a tiny honest to goodness smile to me. But then, I may be swayed by how adorable he looks, LOL. (It REALLY does look like a happy face though). Thanks so much for sharing. Big hugs…

  20. Nancy in Utah says:

    OOPS, meant to tell you how gorgeous your new fabric line is. Like you, I adore the red and aqua together, *sigh* beautiful. Absolutely love the table toppers. Hugs…

  21. Definitely a SMILE!
    Cute little toppers in your new fabric.

  22. Oh yeah, that’s a smile! And an adorable one at that! 🙂 Your table toppers are awesome, but that smile is a post stealer! 🙂

  23. Susan Smith says:

    Of course that is a smile!!!! So precious!! I remember when my oldest was 8 days old…..I just KNEW that he smiled and meant it!! Love your table toppers but that wee one steals the show!

  24. Dottie's Daughter says:

    Don’t worry about this turning into baby blog. We love the quilts, but baby pictures are the cherry on the sundae!

  25. Catherine L. says:

    Looks like a smile to me! lol And if it looks and feels like a smile to you, then it is.

  26. Maria says:

    I remember my little boy’s first smile. I was singing Puppy Love by Donny Osmond too him at the time! I think it was a smile, maybe he was trying to tell me to stop singing!! He’s 10 now.
    Your little boy is gorgeous.

  27. Sandra Davidson says:

    He is adorable and it sure looks like a smile to me. At seventy I forget exactly when everyone smiled but I am sure it was earlier then six weeks. The table toppers ar so cute and love the fabric. Blessings Sandra

  28. Kris says:

    My babies first smiles came at about 5-6 weeks. But they all do things at different paces. So it very well could have been! I can’t believe you are managing some sewing time! Good for you!!!
    He is absolutely perfect!!!

  29. Jandy says:

    For sure it counts as a smile, you even caught it on camera!! Just finished making the owl quilt from your new book and I am so happy with it. Thankyou so much for all your inspiring quilts in this book.

  30. Jocelyn says:

    YES it is a real smile 🙂

  31. Amanda says:

    Not too early at all! My little guy smiled in his sleep starting at 3 days, then for real on day 16 also, which just happened to be my first Mother’s Day. You’ve got a cutie pie! And I’m impressed you’re sewing already, my guy is 10 weeks today, and I’ve only dreamed of what I will make!

  32. Jennifer W says:

    Yes, real smile! Mine smiled when they were less than a month also. I think it’s part of who we are.

  33. Kathleen says:

    Looks like a real smile to me! What a handsome little boy.

  34. Ruth says:

    Smile for sure! I can’t wait to see him in a pic of that cute little blue/brown sweater you knitted for him.

  35. kara says:

    Count it! With my baby, i said his early smile was my gift for being up all night feeding him.

  36. Ruth B says:

    Gorgeous projects as always…and the smile – real…very very real. Loves his mama.

  37. marsha nelson says:

    Yes, that sure is a smile from a very happy little boy. And there are so many more to come. Enjoy.

  38. Kelly O. says:

    gas smiles happen when they’re sleeping I think. He looks stimulated and sincerely happy!

  39. gale says:

    That is a gorgeous smile. I don’t care what anyone else says-they do smile and it’s not gas (and maybe it’s gas making them smile-I’ve seen that happen with adult males). Keep the baby pics coming! Babies and quilts go perfectly together so there’s no need to worry if you include him in all the quilty pics!

  40. Noela says:

    Love baby photos. Keep them coming. I think he is definitely smiling. Love your fabric and toppers also.

  41. Peggy says:

    Definitely smiling at his momma…we love to see your baby

  42. El says:

    That is definitely a smile! I love baby smiles!!
    I don’t know who came up with gas smiles – but I never believed for a minute that they are caused by gas.

  43. Linda T says:

    That’s a real smile for sure! One of my boys gave Grandma a real smile at 10 days. Scoop up those smiles – they’re adorable!

  44. Mary Ann says:

    Oh yes Heather that was a real smile!! Look how alert he is…………..such a beautiful baby!! Oh almost forgot……….love the table toppers you showed us. I will be on the lookout for your new fabric line!

  45. Judy says:

    That was a real smile and may I just say he looks a lot like his Daddy! Can’t believe you are getting any quilting done!

  46. Gertie Pye says:

    It certainly looks like a first smile – his eyes are smiling too! My second daughter in particular smiled with her eyes for a few weeks before she worked out how to make her mouth do the same thing.

  47. Tina McNamara says:

    Looks like a real smile tlo me. Cute as can be.

  48. Connie says:

    Of course, he’s smiling at his Mama. He is a beautiful baby!

  49. Mary Ann says:

    Happy, sweet boy, smiling at his Mama!

  50. Susan S says:

    Absolutely a smile. My oldest granddaughter laughed out loud at 3 weeks! Also, we love to see what you have been working on but will also expect regular update photos of Carter as well.

  51. SuzK says:

    I think very few smiles are gas – most are the real thing – look at his eyes – he’s smiling! What a sweetie!

  52. Miss Sherry says:

    I dont know whether it is a smile or not, but he made ME smile so I think that it counts. He is DARLING!!!!!!!!

  53. Dee says:

    That is a very content smile – his life is good.

  54. Giggles says:

    I smiled before leaving the hospital and my mom tried to say it was just gas. The nurse pointed out that adults don’t smile when they have gas, so why do we think babies are smiling when they have gas. It’s a smile.

  55. Beverly Atkins says:

    OH YES! It’s a smile! He is so precious. You are certainly blessed with this little one.

  56. Sheri says:

    My granddaughter smiled at me when she was three days old. She smiled several times in the next few days before I had to go home. Her mom saw and agreed that she was definitely smiling. It wasn’t gas.

  57. Candie says:

    I think he is happy you are his mama, so of course it’s a smile ❤

  58. Linda P says:

    I’d sure be counting it as a smile. He looks quite content and happy! Glad you’re back at it, but I wouldn’t blame you for just enjoying Carter as much as you can!! That time will fly by and you’ll wish you were back at this smile age! My daughter is 39 this year (in a few days) I wonder where that time went! Hugs to you all!!

  59. Jill Finley says:

    Oh Heather, congratulations, he is just beautiful! (Yes, a boy can be beautiful.) I am so happy for you. That sure looks like a smile to me, and I should know, since I had 7 of those little bundles. Enjoy every minute of it–it never gets old!

  60. Jayne Reuer says:

    I am sure it was a smile because he is blessed!

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