Baby Showers

Hi Everyone!

Just thought I’d pop in for a quick Hi and to share a few pictures from a couple of baby showers.  Joel’s sisters and Mom threw a shower a few weeks ago for me.  I just had to show you the cake that they had made.  Look closely and you will see some feet and a little green bum.

Now check out the side version and you see it’s a little baby hiding under a quilt.  It’s that the cutest thing?  The quilt design was fashion after the argyle that I did in Carter’s room.  Remember?

The shower was outside,  where we took a 4 generation picture with Joel’s Mom and 98-year-old Grandma!  98 – Isn’t that amazing?

We received lots of great gifts – including some hand-made items from Joel’s sister.  She made a “hooter hider” and “peepee tepees” for me.  I was surprised at how many of the people didn’t know what a hooter hider was!  I will admit that I had never seen peepee tepees, but I now had 18 of them to help cut down on the occasion showers that happen while changing Carter’s diaper.

My Mom’s sisters threw a shower for me last Friday and there were two more great cakes (both made by my Aunt Sheri – Thanks Aunti She-She!).

The first was a chocolate truffle cake, cut and decorated to look like a baby buggy.  Too Cute!

The second was this great diaper cake, loaded with fun things for Carter.  It makes for an adorable center piece at the shower, yet practical because I get to take it home and use everything in it (unlike flowers that only last a few days). 

Carter is now 7 weeks old and growing like a weed! He is weighing in at 14 pounds and has grown 3″ in length.   As you can see, he is quite a bit bigger than the last time you saw him!

Over the last week he is getting on more of a sleeping schedule (knock on wood) and getting so much more interactive.  I love all the smiles and coos we are getting.

I even love his cute scowls!

I also love all the great people in our lives and the wonderful gifts that have been given to us over the last two months!  It has been quite overwhelming !!  Carter says Thanks!!!!

I better get back to my baby and my sewing – which is now a little more possible thanks to this shower gift – it’s called the Moby wrap.  It keeps my hands free to work, Carter seems to like it, and it usually results in a nice nap!

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23 Responses to Baby Showers

  1. marsha nelson says:

    The baby cake is just adorable and so are the others. Your 4 generation picture is such a precious thing to have to put in Carter’s scrap book. 98, wow! I love Carter’s pictures and his new expressions. This blog was just full of great things.

  2. Tina McNamara says:

    Heather, It was such fun to see all the shower cakes and baby pics. I have a 4 generation picture, also, and I’m so glad I do. I noticed the little striped sweater Carter has on . So cute.

  3. Bev says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh! That is the most adorable baby EVER! Look at that face! Thanks so much for sharing! It makes my heart happy to see your beautiful family and that little face will make me smile all day!

    Cheery wave from

  4. Karen says:

    Carter is beautiful! What a blessing to have four generations. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family.

  5. Adorable cakes! Love his little sweater too. Have a happy weekend!

  6. Mary says:

    How darling! I love the generation photo and that tooo cute cake!

  7. darlene b says:

    You look fabulous, Heather! What a great 4-generation picture…priceless!!

  8. Jenny says:

    My daughter loved her Moby! I was definitely able to do a lot more because of it. It was also a lifesaver when she was really upset and I couldn’t get her to stop crying. I’d pop her in and she’d usually settle down. If she wasn’t feeling well I’d walk her around in it and pat her bottom and that would sooth her. Or if I got tired of walking, I’d sit down on an exercise ball and gently bounce and it would have the same effect, but with much less effort for me. She got to love it so much that I’d be kicking myself every time I thought about leaving it at home, I’d invariably need it. Now she’s almost two and I miss the cuddling!

  9. Janelle says:

    In the picture of him sleeping in the car seat, he looks just like you! His skin is so beautiful and creamy…congratulations!

  10. Lee says:

    I love how you have all the appropriate tools around you in the last picture. Scissors. Check. Extra feet and bobbins. Check. Binkee. Check!

  11. Candie says:

    You must feel so lucky to have such wonderful family, all the way around! Glad you can still quilt so we’ll be rewarded with those pictures later on…

  12. Rose E. Glasses says:

    I love that you have your hair done! wow!

  13. ColleenM says:

    Carter gets more adorable with each picture! Enjoy.

  14. cindy hagen says:

    I’m so glad to see you all soooo happy. I am impressed by how you’re able to combine ‘work’ and Carter. And I must look marvelous!!

  15. Linda P says:

    I can’t express how happy I am for you both. Carter is one blessed little boy to be born into your family! He is perfect in every way – love those little lips and the slight peach fuzz on his precious face! Can’t believe how he’s grown – enjoy every second!! xo

  16. Mary Ann says:

    Carter is growing so fast! And thanks you for sharing the wonderful 4 generation photo what a special memory to add to his baby book. The last photo just made me smile, we sure need our fix to to keep on smiling and he’ll grow up knowing what makes Mama happy besides him and Daddy!

  17. Karen says:

    Love the Carter pictures! Keep them coming! I am so happy for you and Joel. Carter will be one well loved baby. BTW you look great! I have to tell you, my sister and I have been sewing our way through Little Quilts 4 Little Kids book – we love it! I have made Racetrack with Riley Blakes “Peak Hour” and appliqued number 1 on the cars for my Grandson’s first Birthday. My sister has made “Oh Baby” with Halloween print charms and it made a great Halloween quilt! My next project is “Puppy Love” & “Cutie Pie”, and my sisters is “Ring Toss”. Between the both of us we are making our way through the whole book! I also tried your tutorial on continous binding and it worked! Oh my goodness, it worked and my binding wasn’t a big mess! Thank you for the great tutorials!

  18. SuzK says:

    Carter is beautiful. Please continue sharing his photos with us. I love the sweater you made him, but it looks like he’s going to outgrow that in no time! Your shower cakes were super – what fun…and how lovely to have 4 generations in that photo. If I get to 98, I hope I look that good! That Moby is wonderful, wish they had those 31 years ago!

  19. felicity says:

    The baby carriage cake is a great idea, I love it and think I could pull it off. The baby bum cake is wonderful, but beyond my capabilities. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Breastfeeding cover is necessary to have for moms, who wish to breastfeed their kids at public places days and hooter hiders are popular nursing covers.

  21. My friend Dori and I had lunch this week and were just wondering if you’d had your baby yet. (We both quilted at Lake Beauty with you a few times.) He is so adorable! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the photos. I especially like the one where he’s sleeping while you sew. Ingenious! I think I need one of those for my dog as she gets very upset and jealous when I quilt and my hands are not on her.

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