Carter’s Baby Quilts

Carter’s baby quilts got started back when I was working on my Little Quilts 4 Little Kids book.  I didn’t put the quilts in the book because we kept his name a secret until he was born.  Without a deadline, his quilts didn’t get finished up in a very timely manner.  I have been anxious to finish them so I could get his room together.  Somehow, they just seemed to put the finishing touches on his room.  I will show you that in my next post, but for now, I will share the photos of the finished quilts.

First up, he had to have a puppy quilt.

The pattern is called Puppy Love and can be found in this book.

The feature fabrics are Woodland Tails by Sheri Berry.  I purchased them from Hawthorne Threads.  The rest are from my stash.

This quilt goes on the rocking chair in his room.  Right now it will probably be more for looks than use.   When he gets older, he might decide he wants to use it.  In the meantime, he loves his blankets with the silky edges so we are using them more.

His second baby quilt is the Here Fishy, Fishy quilt.  My Mom started this one when I needed the pattern tested for the kids book.

I had her hold off on finishing it because I wanted to add more fish to it (at his Daddy’s request.)

Here is a shot of the original – with only two fish.

I have to say, I love the one with more fish better.  I always hesitate to add that much applique to the projects in my books, because it scares people away from making the quilt.  In this case, I think it is totally worth it.

This quilt hangs over the crib in his room.

I love it!  I hope he will too someday.  I will have to start sharing my love of chevrons, googly eyes, and bright colors with him at an early age 😉

I’ll be back shortly to share the rest of the room . . . .

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27 Responses to Carter’s Baby Quilts

  1. Jean Ruter says:

    Looking good. He has lots of color to stimulate brain development! I too like the one with more fishes, though I am not an applique person.

  2. VickiT says:

    Awesome Heather! I LOVE them both. Yes to the added fish. I LOVE the starfish.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I love these quilts!! Such a beautiful burst of color and design. I’m sure Carter loves them already.

  4. rosa says:

    They are awesome and Carter looks so happy.Great job!!

  5. Melissa says:

    Your quilts turned out awesome. I am currently making one of the quilts from that same book as well for my friend. I will have to send you the blog link after I give it away, but I used a cowboy fat quarter bundle and it turned out awesome! Your patterns are great. I may have to try this one as well!

  6. Carmen says:

    They are both adorable, but I agree that the fishy quilt looks better with more fish. It is super cute!

  7. Bev says:

    These are awesome! And any excuse to see that precious baby is great with me! Look at that face! He is just adorable! Oh…and the quilts are too!
    Cheery wave from Bev

  8. Cathy K. says:

    What an awesome nursery with fantastic quilts!!!! Darling baby, too!

  9. Candie says:

    Thanks for the share. I love the quilts and have a friend who did her son’s room in a fish theme. I think I will make her little Liam this same quilt!

  10. Cindy says:

    The quilts are so cute! And the baby is too!!!

  11. Sandra says:

    Oh my goodness, he is adorable! I love what you have done with the nursery.

  12. Maria says:

    How many kids can say they had an orange crib? Lucky baby! I’m wondering how long it will be before he pulls the quilt off the wall.

  13. A Payne says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I love seeing Carter grow and the projects you work on.

  14. carol broughton says:

    Carter has the cutest baby room I have ever seen! His smile is contageous! Thank you for sharing the photos. I love that puppy quilt so much!

  15. Marsha Nelson says:

    The quilts just add so much to his room. I like the fish quilt with lots of fishies better. He’s sure to have his mothers love for color.

  16. ColleenM says:

    Beautiful quilts!

  17. gale says:

    Love the quilts. Carter is so cute though! He totally dresses up a quilt, doesn’t he.

  18. Sandy Evenson-Hagen says:

    Love the quilts! All are perfect for a little boy. The argyle pattern on the wall is really cute, too!
    Sandy in Northern MN

  19. Bari Jo says:

    These quilts are adorable and the nursery is SO cute! Your hubby has good quilting ideas! I loved the added fishies too! ;O) And, of course, that baby of yours is precious!

  20. Brenda says:

    Beautiful! First the baby, and then the quilts! 🙂

  21. Chris says:

    Such CUTE quilts!!! Love all the colors and Carter’s room is adorable. 🙂 I agree with adding the extra fish to the second quilt, really makes it look finished.

  22. I love the fishie quilt!! The extra fish just make it pop.

  23. Kathryn J Gagne says:

    Even though I’ve never commented before, I just had to and so first is Congratulations to you and hubby on little Carter…he is just precious. I love that you quilt & knit as I do too and the fishie quilt is cute, cute , cute. Great job!!!

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  26. Dori says:

    Is there a pattern for the fishy quilt?

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