After all the Carter photos that I’ve been showing lately, I have been getting lots of nice comments about what a smiling, happy baby he is.

And he is, most of the time.

But, just in case you thought he was a smiling little angel all the time, here’s a few shots to keep it real.

Hopefully you don’t think too poorly of me, but I do find crying photos to be just a tad bit funny.  However, I don’t like the loud crying sound that accompanies them.

And this boy has some lungs, but we can save that for another time!

Have I mentioned that Minnesota is dressed in the most beautiful colors right now?

Just gorgeous, isn’t it?


It has put me in the mood to set out my fall decor – Including my fall quilts.

(Edit:  Many of you have asked about the quilts and fabrics so I have added the names of the quilts and some of the fabrics.)

Pattern:  Harvest Time



Emmy’s Autumn Runner from the book “Gifts For All Reasons

Seasonal Topper from the book “On the Run”.  Fabric:  Essense by Sandy Gervais for Moda


Maple Harvest from the book “Favorite Quilts from Anka’s Treasures“.
Autumn Days from the book “A Season of Change”.

Game Board from the Little Charmers 6 pattern.  Fabric:  Tranqulity by Sandy Gervais for Moda.

The Everyday Table Topper from the book “Charmed and Dangerous.”  The fabric is more cute stuff from Sandy Gervais, but I can’t remember the name of the fabric line.

I have been feeling pressure from Pinterest lately to redecorate my house.

Pinterest is full of pretty images of entire houses with aqua blue walls and lots of white woodwork – And though I love that look (in fact, I have some of it in my house.   My downstairs living room is aqua blue) –  putting out some of my fall stuff makes me feel like my house is okay for a little while longer.  I love the warm glow of fall colors and I’m just not sure how you decorate for fall with all those pastel colors. 

It makes me want to make new fall quilts, in some brighter colors.  Like using aqua blue with a great orange (see photo above).  It makes me in the mood to hunt for some fun, fall quilt fabric!  It’s always a treat to make a new fall quilt each year, even if it’s just a table runner.  Are any of you working with any great fall fabric lines?   Anyone else feeling pressure from Pinterest too?

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26 Responses to Fall

  1. He’s still a cutie! Although, I don’t envy you having to hear the crying. I don’t miss that at all! lol Your Fall colors are beautiful, inside and out. I do envy you that. Yes I get in the mood to make a Fall quilt; in fact I have one I could pull out and get done. It’s pretty much a scrappy quilt, so not using any of the new lines. Enjoy!

  2. Marsha Nelson says:

    He’s even cute when he’s crying but it’s nicer for you when he smiles. Your house is perfect the way it is. No pressure. I do have a pattern for a great fall quilt but I really need to concentrate on all of my ufos before I start anything else.

  3. Leah says:

    I have crying pictures of all four kids. It lets you remember them in every way. He is a sweetheart!

  4. treadlemusic says:

    Pinterest doesn’t push me but your post certainly does!!!! Fall colors are the best!!! And your little cutie is just that….even when expressing himself in such a definite manner!-D

  5. Kathy says:

    Love the pictures of the crying faces. You should name them or caption them. I’ll he is upset with his Facebook friends in the one photo. Would you share the info on your fall quilts please? I would love to buy the patterns. Thanks

  6. MarciaMarciaMarcia says:

    That’s the cutest crying baby ever! I agree about the blue with orange, and don’t forget to add some red! The candlestick red was perfect! About pinterest…..a blessing and a curse!

  7. Joan says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures of your fall quilts. So pretty! Carter is still a cutie even when he is crying.

  8. Candie says:

    OMGoodness, the first picture is absolutely priceless!

  9. carol broughton says:

    Carter is adorable even if he is crying, which I am sure is not very often! Your fall quilts are beautiful!

  10. bgdebord says:

    He is cute, even when crying. Love your fall quilts.

  11. El says:

    The crying pics make me laugh too – in a good way. 🙂 Like the smiling ones even more. And I have to say, I *love* how you have decorated your home!

  12. VickiT says:

    Oh my gosh Heather! There’s just something about a baby with a face like those that makes me smile because while they are usually very loud, they are adorable even with that crying. We now have one of our grandchildren living here with her parents so we have those moments like those in the pictures around our house now too. Alexia will be 8 months old in about 9 days and every single night about now actually, she has a grumpy period where she whines, not even close to a full blow cry at all so it’s tolerable and it isn’t something that is bad. And it takes a tiny bit of attention during those 3-4 hours she’s like that to make her laugh.

    Your son is just adorable. I really should post more so you know I’m still reading. I bet you are still in shock when you look at him and think OMG that is MY baby. I’m still so happy for you both.

  13. Donna S. says:

    One of my favorite pictures of my grandkids is with live bunnies for Easter. Grandson playing with them, granddaughter standing on very edge of frame crying with tears streaming down her face in a cute little dress.

  14. gale says:

    Wow, gorgeous pictures!! And no judging here-I think crying pics are funny too. I wish I’d taken more of them when mine were little. Now they are all teenagers and aren’t really very cute when they cry.

  15. Kim says:

    Love your pictures, and Carter’s crying pics are really cute too. What is the name of the pattern for the first quilt picture? The one with the pumpkin in the middle. Is it one of your patterns?

  16. Sheila H. says:

    I love your quilts and, of course, Carter. Is that pumpkin quilt in any of your books, or available in a pattern? It just said “make me” when I saw it…LOL.

  17. Melissa says:

    Your son is so adorable and I knew there was a reason that I am not letting myself onto Pinterest! I don’t need to feel anymore guilty for my current non-decorating situation. Can you tell me what fabric you used on the 2nd picture from the bottom’s table runner or placemat? I love it and I want that fabric! Thanks again.

  18. Tina McNamara says:

    I agree with “MarciaMarciaMarcia” Pinterest can be a blessing and a curse. I LOVE your house just the way it is. I would like to see more wide-angled shots of your home to see the overall view. Carter is so cute whether or not he is crying.

  19. Priscilla Mikkelson says:

    Heather, I Love your fall quilts. I haven’t quilted for a long time…. You truly inspire me! The “aqua” candle holders look great without candles…. Love that idea too. You are our pinterest! 🙂
    The crying photos are so sweet…you will be glad you captured those! Oh Minnesota…. It is my favorite time of year!:) can’t wait to see what Carter is for Halloween!

  20. SuzK says:

    I think we all have the crying photos…they are funny. My son would scrunch down in a corner of his crib and when he saw me he let it all out – he’d finally fall asleep there…too funny … and good blackmail when he was in his teens! (kidding)
    Love the quilts!

  21. Love the crying baby pictures. It does keep it real and I bet he’ll laugh at them when he gets older too. I wish I could feel in the mood for fall for decorating. I haven’t put out one thing yet because we’re still in the high 90’s (over 100 the last 2 days) and I’m just not feeling it yet. Usually by now I have my Halloween stuff out.

  22. Barbara (WA) says:

    The fabric in the second to last photo is probably “Fall Back in Time” (Sandy Gervais). It is from a few years ago but her current fabric lines are similar.

  23. ColleenM says:

    Beautiful quilts and once again adorable baby (even when crying!). Maybe he just doesn’t like saxophone music (I know I have a problem with it when my daughter is practicing – she’s in her first year!) 🙂

  24. Aaaaw – even when crying he is as cute as a button!! I love Fall. The colors and the decorations, but certainly not the mad weather…

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