New Fabric Preview

Fall quilt market is right around the corner, so I can finally spill the beans on a few of the new things that I have been working.  I will be sharing them over the next few blog posts, starting with a new fabric line.  I did all the paintings last summer, so it is always a long wait until the strike-offs arrive.  Now that they are finally here, I get to show them to you.

My inspiration for the line came from the empty walls in my living room.  Sounds like a strange source of inspiration, doesn’t it?

Let me explain.  I had designed Artful Home to go in my living room.  After having those quilts out for a while, I got a little tired of the same quilts all the time.  I wanted something to rotate in my main living area, but this time, something a little brighter.  Something with a summery feel.  That got me started with the colors and prints, which eventually turned into the following fabrics – which I decided to call Summer House.

(By the way, I had ironed the strike-offs, but somehow the camera sees things that my eyes don’t!)

So, there you have it.  We are still in the process of doing color corrections on the strike-offs and the goods won’t hit stores until next January.  The line will be available for pre-orders at quilt market the end of this month, so this is when shops will get a chance to order it.

I have already started making a couple of things with my strike-offs, though I am having to fill in backgrounds, etc with some yardage from my previous lines.   More to come in another post . . . .

So, as usual, I am waiting for the day that the bolts show up at my doorstep.  Until that time, I am just curious to see which of the prints is your favorite.  I always appreciate your feedback, as it helps me determine which type of prints and colors the quilters are looking for.

Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by!

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71 Responses to New Fabric Preview

  1. Marsha Nelson says:

    OHHHHHH the green on blue and the blue on yellow are a must have. But, I need the white out line flowers on red too. And then some green and red. Great jog as always.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    I am drawn to the pinks and the blues. Such rich colors. I can see how you can coordinate with these beautiful fabric tones.

  3. I like the large scale floral and small flower print both on the left in all the colors. Nice bright colors to warm up a cool day.

  4. Johanna says:

    Those colors are wonderful! They are nice and bright but they don’t jump out and scream at you, if that makes any sense? I don’t think that I could pick a favorite, they all play together so well!

  5. Linda S says:

    I love all the pinks/reds, but am especially drawn to the blue with white outline flowers!!

  6. Jill Reynolds says:

    Love the pinks and blues! Lovely collection. Congratulations. 🙂

  7. rosa says:

    Those are just awesome!! I love them all . I pic:Green,brown,blue and red.

  8. ritainalaska says:

    gorgeous! love the grey/blue/green colorway … so much, it will be hard to wait ’til it comes out!

  9. Laura says:

    I love the pink with green paisley. My favorite color combination and design.

  10. Susan C says:

    I love them all but especially like the paisley print in all three color ways.

  11. Melissa says:

    I love the red / brown / yellow / green ones. They are so pretty and would look great in my living room / kitchen, which is painted yellow as well!

  12. treadlemusic says:

    That runner is so striking! The pink with the cocoa brown is stunning! Still in love with the pink/gray combo. Love the whole line!!! “Home run” for sure!!!! Hugs, D

  13. Robin says:

    I like the pinks and blues, they are different than what I have seen lately and they do look very bright and cheeful for the summer.

  14. Nancy says:

    I really like the pinks and blues. I continue to enjoy your little kids quilt book! Love all your updates with Carter!

  15. PatriciaShea says:

    They are just lovely both in colour pallette and combination of patterns – well done!!!

  16. Jan says:

    Bottom left, gray background with hot pink, yellow, white flowers!

  17. Nancy Augustine says:

    I really love the grey again and the reds are great! Especially the prints with the paisley in them. Saw the quilt pattern for Summer House on the Henry Glass site and have cut out fabric to work on it at quilt retreat.

  18. Candie says:

    I love them all but especially the oak leaves and paisley. Can’t wait to find them in a quilt shop near me!

  19. MarciaMarciaMarcia says:

    You did it again! It is fresh and beautiful! I really like the table runner; you always know just the right details to add!

  20. Nancy says:

    Great line of fabric, Heather! I love the whole line but my favorites are the blue/green, browns and grays. Can’t wait to purchase.

  21. Carol H Gore says:

    Oh wow, love them all but especially the greys,reds and blues! I need to start dreaming about new projects.

  22. Cindy says:

    I’m always looking to stock up on some good basics. I love the “parentheses” print in every color!

  23. Kate says:

    Beautiful. I absolutely love the table runner.

  24. Robin Chapa says:

    I LOVE these prints! Love!!! I am DYING to make a skirt out of the aqua paisley w/ the yellow…… oooooo yummy! I see box pleats and yellow satin ribbon…… I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  25. Ruth B says:

    Gorgeous! And that little dresden just couldn’t be any cuter!!

  26. Nancy in Utah says:

    Oh Heather! I love them all, but if I had to choose right now, my mood today would pick the brown with tiny red flowers and the aqua with tiny brown and yellow flowers…but that’s today, tomorrow my mood would be different, LOL. Hugs…

  27. HopeTN says:

    Beautiful fabrics! My favourite is the seventh one down on the left in the top photo. So many great prints in the bunch though.

  28. Dortha says:

    I like the colors you used in your table runner. It is so pretty.

  29. Michelle C says:

    I love the entire line especially the colors! It is gorgeous and will suit many different quilt designs!

  30. Monika says:

    I love the gray, yellow and aqua together! So pretty! I would love to see more of that color combo. My favorite print is the gray with the big red flower.

  31. Judy Werner says:

    Love the reds, yellows, blues, just depends on the time of the year………. all look great.

  32. gale says:

    This is a beautiful line! The ones that catch my eye immediately are the yellow with the red flowers on the top row, the red and green paisley, both the blue and the green with the outlined flowers, the green with the blue plus signs, and the red with the pink flowers on the far right. But they are all gorgeous!!

  33. VickiT says:

    LOVE IT Heather! I really, really love the cream (or pale yellow/hard to tell on the computer) background with the teal/turquoise flowers. That’s my favorite of them all I think.
    Another beautiful fabric collection Heather.

  34. Sue says:

    My favorite colors are the blues/greens and grey. As always, great job!

  35. Paula says:

    Heather, it is a gorgeous line. They are all wonderful and beautifully coordinated. If I have to name a favorite, it would be the larger florals on the bottom row, one with grey background and the other with a white background. Look forward to seeing these in shops and to see what you create with them. Already like what you’ve shown.

  36. Lystra says:

    I love all the colors and can’t wait to see the quilts you make. Always love everything you do!

  37. charlotte says:

    I like the small flowers in all colorways. Love the browns for this time of year.

  38. Loving the aquas and limes! 😀

  39. kathie L says:

    It’s very hard to pick a favorite, bur the red flower within a hexagon is a very nice design.

  40. Sandra Davidson says:

    I love them all Heather, they are so bright and happy especially the limes and aqua but I am hard pressed to pick a favorite.

  41. Ellen Hammond says:

    love the greys with the blue!

  42. Bea says:

    I love ALL of them! The colors and prints are very nice!

  43. Sue Benson says:

    Love them all but especially the browns and reds and beige and green and aqua and……oops that’s them all. Love them all. Your sewing is impeccable.

  44. Four dogs and one quilter says:

    All of them are beautiful but I really like the blues, greens and greys.

  45. Deb Praus says:

    All of them…..probably my favorites so far. Next…..

  46. Sherri says:

    I love the reds, aquas and greens…it’s a beautiful collection!

  47. Noela says:

    I love them all but if I were to choose, I really like your large floral. The red, pink and aqua are my favourite colours. Will look for them in January.

  48. Pat says:

    Love the grays and also the reds.

  49. Dorian says:

    Another sweet line Heather! I really like the red and yellow with the different colored daisy type flowers. They are my favorite 🙂 Your table runner is great! Can’t wait to see what else you have made with your new line.

  50. Malinda says:

    They are really gorgeous all together, but I think my favorite is the cream/buttery yellow with the teal daisies. Bright and cheerful!

  51. Kelly O. says:

    this is your best line yet!!!
    i want it all!
    the bottom left grey print with large flowera is my fave!! I picture a whole cloth quilt with hand quilting along each flower petal!!! love it! bravo!

  52. Tressa says:

    I really like the blue with yellow fabrics.

  53. Patty V. says:

    they are all beautiful, but I’d say the yellow with the big blue flowers and the small pink flowers….very fresh and summery.

  54. Melanie says:


  55. busyquiltmom says:

    I love the gray prints on the left hand side. Very, very nice line!

  56. Kelsey says:

    What a beautiful line!! Love the mix of colors – especially grey and green 🙂

  57. Jeanna says:

    OH!! I love them! My sewing room is decorated in “Artful Home”. I see this new line with the browns and pinks in my family room… 🙂

  58. Sally says:

    I’m a long time “lurker” but first time commenter! I love the whole entire line, but especially the reds and blues! And the warmth of the browns is very nice also!

  59. Debbie says:

    Oh my goodness it’s hard to pick. It’s a lovely line! I”m liking the large scale floral on the brown background. That would look wonderful with my Fiesta. I’m also loving gray these days, especially paired with yellow. Good job.

  60. pam says:

    The whole line is just beautiful, Of course, my favorites are the small prints.

  61. Jennifer W says:

    I knew which one as soon as I saw them…the yellow one with blue flowers and read stripes. It is the foremost fabric in the yellow picture. It just pops out to me and makes me smile. They are all beautiful, yellow just always makes me happy. Thanks.

  62. Jennifer W says:

    By the way, I really can spell. I meant red stripes!!!

  63. Diane W says:

    I love it all! Such cheery colors and prints. I’m going to go look for some after the new year. Hafta have some!

  64. DebG says:

    I’m not usually a brown lover…but the two browns top left are my favorites!

  65. Laura says:

    Just gorgeous! Love the colors and the designs. And your baby is gorgeous too!! What a cutie pie he is 🙂

  66. Marie P. says:

    My favorites are the top far right and fourth from the right in the top row. I love the color and both are crisp and will blend easily with varied scales.

  67. Peggi says:

    Oooh, these are delicious! There’s a couple that are absolutely irresistible – I’ll be keeping my eyes open for them in my LQS.
    I’ve always been drawn to small prints, and I mean small, such as flowers that are half an inch big, maximum. However, lately I’ve been drawn to large scale prints (where the repeat is at least 18″) because I’m hooked on Florentine Fantasy quilts. I love your large-scale print (pic 8880), I’ll be measuring the repeat on that one, and I also love the solid-background-with-white-flowers print.
    I also like tone-on-tones and swirly (but not ornate) prints, especially if they’re combined.
    I was wondering if you’re contractually obligated to the red/brown/turquoise color scheme? Love the yellow addition, though!

    p.s. Thanks for posting those pictures of Carter; even though he’s crying they made me smile. I sure do miss those days.

  68. Amy says:

    I love your florals. The white background is my favorite and the surprise second is the pink paisley. Another lovely line!

  69. Beautiful. I absolutely love the table runner. Where is the pattern??

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