Knitting Update

Hi Everyone ~

Thanks for all the nice comments about Carter!  We seem to be enjoying him more and more all the time.  His little personality is starting to show and he is always looking for someone to interact with him.  He did pretty well at the quilt retreat that I went to this past weekend.  He didn’t get scared of anyone and he napped really well.  It’s a good thing I brought my sewing machine after all!  I got all the blocks done for another “Galleria” quilt, which I hope to share soon.  In fact, I am teaching  that pattern at another retreat this weekend.   This is a working/teaching retreat for me and it will be my first time away from Carter.  I will be gone two nights, so right now that seems like a really long time.  I am trying not to think about it, as I fear that it will make me dread the retreat.  I teach at this retreat every year and I really enjoy everyone there, it’s just that I don’t want to leave Carter.  Last night he had a crying fit at Applebee’s and I am worried that that is what he will do the whole time I am gone!

Enough of my worries, it’s time for a knitting update.  I am way behind on sharing my knitting, so there will probably be an overload of knitting projects in the next couple months!

First up is a project that I finished last winter.  I never got to wear it, as I was too pregnant for it to fit.  Now nine months later, I could finally get some pictures to share.

The pattern is called Nautical Notes and can be found in Knitter’s Magazine, Spring 2011.

The design of this sweater is fun and different.  You start at the bottom of the sleeve, work your way up to the neck, make the neck opening, and then work your way down to the bottom of the other sleeve.  Stitches are then picked up along the yoke and worked in the round down the body of the sweater.  There is minimal seaming and you can try it on as you go for a nice fit.

I absolutely love the yarn from this project.  It’s called Provence and is made by Classic Elite Yarns.  It has the most beautiful sheen, which I don’t think is captured very well by these photos.  It has been really durable so far, so I am happy about that.  It is my pet peeve to wear something just a couple of time and have it pill or look worn so quickly, after all the work of knitting it.

 My Ravelry link can be found here.

My next project is called Homa.  The pattern is designed by Kristin TanDyke of Caterpillar Knits.

This pattern is constructed just like the previous sweater – going side-to-side with the yoke, then knitting the body in the round.

It went super fast.  I cast on the yoke on labor day weekend and had it finished by the end of the weekend.  I finished up the body of the sweater in just a few weeks.  I worked on it pretty much during my nursing time with Carter.  I usually got two rows done during each session.  I’m sure I could have done more, but we needed some cuddle and talking time too.  Carter also likes to hold onto my hand while he eats (and I’m sure that won’t last much longer), so we had to hold hands too.  (Now I am staring to sound like the movie Elf – “first we will hold hands, then we’ll eat sugar plums, and then we’ll cuddle!”)  But hey, with a little knitting and a little cuddling, it was my favorite times of the day!

There was no way I could do the yoke without more concentration.  It is full of counting and short-rows.  See that area by the arm?  That is all short rows.  I am not a huge fan of short rows, as I wish I could get them to look a little neater, but this pattern was good practice. 

This shot shows off the lace detail.  It was only a 6 row repeat, so it was really easy to memorize.  I really enjoyed it and I like the end results.  It has kind of a lacy-cabled look.

The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy.  The whole sweater only took two skeins and it blocked out really well.  The pattern calls for a much heavier yarn, so it was a bit of a risk.  I think it worked out fine.

You can find my Ravelry link here.

That’s all for now.  Carter is getting sick of the exersaucer, so I think it’s time for more cuddling 🙂


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13 Responses to Knitting Update

  1. Rene' Sharp says:

    Your FO’s blow me away every single time!!!! Heather these are absolutely STUNNING, and as per usual they fit you like a glove! Thanks for the inspiration, have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. Candie says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful sweaters, you are amazingly talented. Carter will be fine with your husband, and you will all be so happy when you reunite. Maybe you could record yourself talking with him so it can be played back if necessary? For me worrying about it was worse than doing it, I hope its the same for you…

  3. caityrosey says:

    I love the combination of lace and cables. Scrumptious. Now if there was just a little more naught to them I’d be all set.

  4. All the sweaters are so pretty! I have never been gone much from my boys either, but I do know that my husband has become much better with my son’s food allergies when he is the one that has to be totally responsible (except now he’s 10yo so it’s going along to deer camp for the weekend and I’m staying home). Plus, your husband sounds super capable and willing to help with everything so I’m sure they’ll be fine! (And extra bonus points if he especially is doing it on deer opener!)

  5. Marsha Nelson says:

    Love both of the sweaters. Is there anything you can’t do? Carter will be fine with daddy, so just relax and have some fun.

  6. Crystal says:

    Both of these sweaters are beautiful! Love the designs!!

  7. mariajhmom says:

    Look up Japanese Short rows on YouTube. They’re my new favorite and super easy.

  8. Megan Z. says:

    Your sweaters are just beautiful! I finished my first scarf this morning and am beginning a sweater I’ve had yarn for for several years (eeks!). Your posts are always so inspiring! Good luck this weekend!

  9. Denise Briggs says:

    I see each little stitch, I imagine the size of your knitting needles, I appreciate the focus to keep count of the chains and lace.

    I come back regularly, because I like your task oriented, focused talented personality, in everything you do. I respect your excellence.

    You enjoy being you and sharing your talents, while you are being a Mom and that is the best gift for Carter….have fun at your retreat.

  10. Lorraine says:

    Beautiful sweaters, Heather!! I can’t believe how much you accomplish and, also, how thin you are already. Do you have any healthy eating tips? Enjoy your cuddle time; before you know it, they graduate from high school!

  11. Julie Silcock says:

    Wow – I wouldn’t even attempt to knit those. Would happily wear them though. Great colours too.

  12. Heleen says:

    Love both sweaters! Especially the construction. Hope I can find a pattern like that around here. Looks very easy to do.

  13. Connie says:

    Your little Carter is one of the most photogenic babies I’ve ever seen. And those sweaters are beautiful too.

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