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It’s amazing how quickly time flies between blog posts.  I have intentions to blog more or put something on Facebook, but I don’t get it done.  Everyday flies by and I barely get my work done, plus taking care of and playing with Carter.  I have been finishing up lots of quilts that I will get to share someday soon.   I have gotten two quilt tops machine quilted this week, one quilt top pieced, and the binding hand-stitched on another one, so progress is being made slowly but surely. 

In amongst all the busy work, I have found time for a little knitting and a little snowshoeing.  Both knitting projects are small – a hat for Carter and a cowl for me. 

The hat for Carter:


Ravelry link here with the details


This isn’t the best photo, but it’s the only one I have of him wearing the hat.

The cowl for me – once again, made out of one of my favorite yarns – Madeline Tosh DK.  I LOVE the colors.


Ravelry link and details hereDSC_1421

Sometimes, Minnesota is so pretty in the winter.  As I wash dishes, I look out the kitchen window and it’s beauty beckons me to come out and enjoy it.

iphone jan 29,13 111

 iphone jan 29,13 115

Snowshoeing even makes Daisy happy.  You can tell in the photo by the extra flop in her ears.

iphone jan 29,13 125


iphone jan 29,13 126

This last shot is for those of you who were picturing me with giant tennis rackets strapped to my feet. 

iphone jan 29,13 118

So what’s on your agenda for the weekend?

I am in the process of painting my studio and putting it back together.  (Yep, I definitely have spring fever.  It makes me want to paint everything in lighter, springy colors – but what a mess!)




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12 Responses to Everyday Life

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Can’t wait to see the studio when you are done painting it. I too like the winter especially when all the trees are covered in hoar frost. Little Carter is such a cute baby………….love his rosy cheeks.

  2. maria says:

    What a lovely home you have Heather 🙂 Little Carter is just adorable… so precious to make things for others that we love…especially when they are done by our own hands.

  3. Carol H Gore says:

    Love the colors. Especially your drapes. I to am ready to paint and change things up.

  4. Patty F says:

    I live in Arizona and although I don’t miss the everyday-ness of the grey , dreary winter days of the Midwest (where I grew up), there is something about the beauty of a snowfall, especially when you know you don’t HAVE to get out and drive in it! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. Carter looks so precious in his hat and so peaceful! And I love your cowl! You are amazing with all you accomplish. Am looking forward to see your studio outfitted in its new Spring color!

  5. rosa says:

    Great pics.I live in a snowless area and I`ve never seen so many snow together.Thanks for shairng your awesome photos!!

  6. Jean Ruter says:

    Your energy and productivity amaze me. If I could accomplish all that, I would be soooo happy!

  7. treadlemusic says:

    Our snow here (S.E. MN, 30 miles West of La Crosse, WI) is rapidly melting and rain is forecast for tonight through Sunday. The first Robin has been spotted so Spring is really close!!!! Love that little hat!!! Of course, your ‘model’ would make anything look adorable!! Hugs, Doreen

  8. Elsa says:

    Hermosas fotos y hermosos tejidos. El niño adorable!!!

  9. Fiona says:

    Such beautiful pictures. Right now I would swap rain everyday day for the past month for snow. I love your quilts and fabrics. Thank you for sharing….

  10. Catherine says:

    Love the snowy pictures, we are just being bombarded with fain here in the UK. The studio is going to look fantastic

  11. Marsha Nelson says:

    You really are getting a lot done. Thanks for sharing all your pictures.

  12. jan says:

    adorable and inspiring. Making the most of winter is the only way to survive winter. I finally invested in some GOOD boots! They keep my feet so cozy….. why did I wait so long? Thanks for sharing…. wishing I knew how to knit sometimes. janita

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