Almost There . . .

 Hello Quilters – How are you?

Things are moving along smoothly here – as I am still managing to get a bunch of things finished.


As you can see, the studio is back together.  I chose to just lighten the yellow a little bit.  I almost painted the studio blue – which I know I would love – but I had just made those curtains a few months ago.  They were waiting in my to-do pile for about a year and a half and I really didn’t want to make new ones again.  I honestly don’t like making curtains, especially when they are lined with light blocking lining.  I guess I would rather repaint than make new curtains.

You can see the before color here – almost a cheddar color.  DSC_2798

It’s now a much lighter, softer, creamy yellow.  I like it most of the time – but I do find that it really changes with the different times of the day.


I am plugging away on my work deadlines.  The latest strike-offs for “Here Fishy, Fishy” arrived for their final critique.  Notes have been made and sent off for a few last changes.


Several additional quilts were finished for the new book.  In addition, I ended up getting most of my photography for the book done.  It’s always such a huge relief to have it done.  I hadn’t intended to do it last week, but the lighting outside was perfect.  It’s a good thing I did it though – as we had a blizzard warning yesterday and it’s bitterly cold today.


At least the sun is shining, which helps block out some of the sound that howling wind is making.  Can you believe last year, at this same time, there was green grass when I was photographing the book projects?  At this time last year we had no snow and the temps were in the 60’s.  It’s a good thing too, considering how many little kids were in the book. 

I did use one little kid in this years photos.  Bet ya can’t guess who?  My favorite prop ever 😉  

(No offense to all the other wonderful kids I’ve gotten to use as props).

DSC_3620 adj crop

Yep – Pretty delicious.  I wish you could hear the sound Daddy had to make to get him smiling for the pictures though.  It would have been a nice addition to my photo bloopers post.

I will be back in a few days.  I am going to be part of the Moda Favorite Notions blog posts.  I will be adding a few more details on my favorite notions here on my blog, in addition to what is posted on the Moda blog.

 For now, it’s back to editing. . . . .

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18 Responses to Almost There . . .

  1. Mary ann says:

    He is so adorable! And I am liking the peak of the quilt behind him too!

  2. Melissa says:

    I love the new “yellow” you painted your studio. It looks very similar to the “yellow” we used for the majority of the house. Your studio is just soooo amazing. I am very jealous. Hopefully, someday I can get mine looking like that! Your new prop is as handsome as ever. Wow is he growing up fast!

  3. Brenda says:

    I would love to know what color yellow this is? It is so hard to find the right color yellow. This looks perfect.

  4. Marcia M.M. Willey says:

    That baby boy! That face! Those bare feet! The yellow is great, too, but nothing beats your little guy

  5. Nancy says:

    I too would like to know the color yellow and what brand you used. Great prop too! He’s a cutey!

  6. Dortha Clemmons says:

    He is so cute. A good smile no matter what sound daddy had to make to get it.

  7. What a happy little ‘prop’. So hug-able! Love the light yellow too.

  8. Bev Bryan says:

    Look at those teeth! Two little teeth. Adorable!

  9. Jan says:

    I like this yellow much better than the “cheddar”~the curtains are what makes the room!

    Oh my goodness, how that quilt makes Carter’s eyes pop! Such a darling little guy!

    The snow is just beautiful. We never got more than 1/2” this year and that only stuck around for about an hour, so thank you for sharing yours with us!

  10. Chris says:

    Your studio is beautiful,I love the new yellow. (those aqua curtains are just perfect with the yellow, LOVE IT!!) Your newest “prop” is absolutely ADORABLE 🙂 such a happy little guy, just melts your heart. 🙂

  11. Ruth B says:

    What an adorable little prop Carter has become. He’ll help mom sell lots of books!

  12. Catherine says:

    I love the colour you have chosen for your room. And Carter is such a cutie!

  13. connandvansmom says:

    What gorgeous room. Beautiful baby. And i love the fishy fishy fabrics.

  14. adaisygarden says:

    What a beautiful room to create in! Love the curtains and the quilt draped over the chair. Great colors. You must go in everyday so excited to work there! Fun!

  15. Linda P says:

    What a cutie pie!!! Of course, I have enjoyed seeing all the little ones in your books and posts. You have a wonderful family!!!
    Yes, your room looks fresh and ready for sunshine!! Our room changes like that also.
    Can’t wait to see the new stuff, but I’m still enjoying some of the older things too *wink!! They don’t go out of style!

  16. F Flower says:

    Hi Heather ,

    Thanks for the inspiration that’s always in your blogs! Your son is just adorable too!

    I wanted to ask if you give trunk shows/demo’s to guilds? I am co-chair of the quilt guild in Cokato (not too far from you!) and I am looking for exciting speakers for next year. This would be any time from September 2013 through June of 2014. We have over 60 members in our guild, and I know we’d probably have near 100% turnout for you 🙂

    Please let me know if you’d be interested.

    Thanks so much! Kim Gannaway

  17. ncbev says:

    He is so cute! I came looking for pictures of him. Not that I don’t love to read your blog – I DO! But he is so cute!

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