Knitting Update

Finally!  The book is turned into the printer.  All the editing is done and the proofs have been approved.  I spent the weekend recuperating and trying to give my brain a break!  Knitting always helps, which means it’s time for a knitting update. 

I already showed a quick peak at two finishes in my last post.  Both were little sweater vests for Carter.

First up, we have this blue one.  DSC_3998 adj

I love that it matches his eyes perfectly!  I warned him yesterday that he might get sick of wearing blue, because I will be buying (or making) him a LOT of blue things. I am going to take advantage of getting to put whatever I want to on him now. One of my quilting friends advised me to – she asked her teenage boy if she could knit him something. His response was – NEVER. Not even a little bit. He shut the door on that idea quickly and completely!   lol


The pattern was originally supposed to be a full sweater.  I really like vests on Carter – they aren’t quite so bulky and it’s a really easy change to make.


I think my favorite part is the buttons.  They seem to go well with that little-old man look that I seem to like.  Plus, they remind me of a suit coat that my dad had growing up.

You can find the rest of the details here.


For those of you who are regular readers, you already know I love cables.  I love that this next little sweater turns a mini cable into an owl!  You don’t really see if until you put the buttons on it –

Before buttons:


After Buttons:

DSC_3037 adj

See what I mean? 

I had trouble getting Carter still enough for a clear shot, but you can see the owl better on this one.


The pattern was really quick and easy – though again I made a few changes.  They were minor, but original pattern didn’t have the owls centered on the chest.  I also made it a bit bigger for Carter.  But, by the time I got it finished, it was almost too small for him.  When I don’t get my own things done, it doesn’t matter, so I have to remember this is not the case with Carter’s things!


You can find the rest of the details here.

I also finished up a project for myself.  

DSC_2790 crop


It went really fast, once I got the cowl right.  I originally cast on according to the pattern, but decided that the cowl was much bigger than I wanted.  I ended up taking out 4″ of width and 2″ of length. 


I like it much better now.  My other favorite details are the raglan sleeve, the inset panel, and the fact that it is offset just a bit.  I love balanced asymmetry. 


You can find the rest of my details here.  It was a fun, relaxing knit, so I highly recommend it!

All for now – time to work on some brochures for the new book!

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10 Responses to Knitting Update

  1. Pam C says:

    I had to go back and read what your blog was about. What a beautiful child! That is all I saw.

  2. HKnits says:

    such a cute baby! and those eyes…!!!

  3. Bari Jo says:

    Those eyes! He is such a beautiful baby! And your knitting is too! :O)

  4. What an adorable little fellow! Your friend is right~ have fun dressing him now, when he gets in school he will have definite likes. LOL Beautiful knitting!

  5. Marsha Nelson says:

    His eyes do match the adorable sweater. Love the owl sweater too. If he won’t wear the blue sweaters when he gets older, buy him sky blue shirts. Gotta take advantage of those peepers. Love your sweater too.

  6. Ruth B says:

    wow! your knitting is always amazing and so is Carter. how cute is that boy????

  7. Hattie says:

    I LOVE your photos and that little young man is absolutely adorable!!!!

  8. ColleenM says:

    Carter just keeps getting cuter and cuter:) Your knitting is fabulous! As far as knitting for a teenager…I don’t knit, I crochet and this winter I made scarves for Christmas gifts for my nieces. A friend of my sons’ wanted a scarf so I made one for him in a chunky grey heather. He loves it and since it is still so cold here in MN he is still wearing it! Now my second son wants one for next year:) With kids you never know:)

  9. Tina McNamara says:

    I love how you dress Carter as a “little old man”. He is adorable! What is your book about? Knitting, quilting? I’m pulling for a quilting book. 😉

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