Winner and Carter’s New Vest


Thanks for all the nice comments on the last post.  You guys always know how to brighten my day!  The winner of the fat quarter pack from the last post, selected by the random number generator is:

Rachel Hayes

Rachael – just email your shipping info to and I will get your fat quarter pack out right away!


For the rest of you – the fabric is available here.

Many of you have been asking for some new Carter pictures.  So – twist my arm . . .  I also have a vest I just finished for him – Yes, I actually finished something.  It feels like I am hardly getting any knitting done, but this one was quick.

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He is now 13 months.  These pictures make me happy and sad all at the same time.  I love that he is changing all the time – walking, saying new words, learning fun new things every day.  But my sappy little hearts says “Where did my baby go?”  I think he looks so grown up in this little outfit.  Can someone please pass the tissues?



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You can find the info on the pattern here.  It’s made using one of my all time favorite yarns – Silky Wool by Elsbeth Lavold.


Carter is waking up now, so I better go.  Have a great weekend!

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31 Responses to Winner and Carter’s New Vest

  1. He looks so handsome in his beautiful new vest! Watching them grow really does tug at a mama’s heartstrings.

  2. Kris says:

    Heather, Carter is SO, so cute!!! That little vest on him is adorable! I think he looks just like you!
    I can never find your fabrics near me. I love the colors and bright prints!
    XO Kris

  3. Congratulations Rachel. And what a wonderful little model you have.

  4. Candie says:

    Carter is suddenly a little boy! and such a little Joel! The vest is absolutely adorable on him. Thanks for sharing, I never get tired of seeing your blog…

  5. Sheri says:

    Priceless!!!! They grow up so fast. My baby is 34 and my youngest grandchild is 7. It seems as if my oldest child was born just a few years ago. Treasure this time in your life no matter what trials may await you.

  6. Mary Ann says:

    Congratulations Rachel! Carter is adorable, those eyes and blond hair!

  7. Donna P. says:

    Wow! What a beautiful child. I know, he is a boy but he is still beautiful.He is going to be a charmer. Love the vest; so cute.

  8. Carol M says:

    I think Carter has a promising career as a fashion model! Does he take direction well? It sure looks like he poses effortlessly! He is adorable and I love his litte outfit…he does look all grown up. My baby just turned 32 and my oldest 35. My grandson will be 7 next month and he keeps talking about when he turns “17”!! Time flies so take it all in now!!

  9. Cathy says:

    What a little cutie! You are right, they grow up fast. My baby is about to leave us for college. Don’t worry, you have plenty of time before that happens; I think you can get in a sweater or two.

  10. Gloria says:

    Carter is such a cutie, I think he really looks like his Daddy in photo #2.

  11. Rachel Hayes says:

    Adorable, adorable, adorable!! Treasure each day. Thanks for picking me for your fat quarters!! I am so excited!!!

  12. molek1943 says:

    Your son is so adorable!! Lovely little vest! I immediately copied the pattern for my grandson who will be one year old next tuesday. (Silky Wool happens to be my favorite too)

  13. Marsha Nelson says:

    I don’t knit at all so I am always amazed by your work. Carter is sooooo cute wearing the vest. Save those tears for when he goes to kindergarten. But you have lots of time left before that. Go in and look at his little hands while he’s sleeping. Chubby, little dimpled hands say he’s still a baby. I used to do that when my little kids were asleep and it still brings back wonderful memories.

  14. nanakaren62 says:

    *Hello, Heather and of course, Carter!

    First of all, the fabrics are beautiful! Love the colors and designs!

    Carter’s vest is wonderful! It will likely fit him for a while, but be prepared as it may be sooner than later that he needs a larger one. Although, I think he will be able to wear it a bit longer when worn unbuttoned. Your knitting is superb! I am also a knitter and a quilter. My projects in the past have included many sweaters, mittens, hats and scarves. But, the grandchildren are growing rapidly, the younger of the four being 9 and 11. The oldest two are 18.

    Take care and have a great weekend!

    Karen Lange *

  15. Deb Praus says:

    Love the vest and Carter is just too cute…you know…you could start thinking about a second one. Just a thought! lol

  16. rosa says:

    Carter is just adorable,,Congratulations to Rachel!

  17. Jean says:

    With the temps this week, Carter will be needing his vest. He is so cute!

  18. Noela says:

    He is a beautiful little boy, no wonder you are one proud Mummy. Hugs…..

  19. ColleenM says:

    Beautiful vest and what a big boy Carter is becoming. I understand the “heartstrings” reference. Enjoy him every day…It seems like just yesterday that my oldest was that size and we’ll be taking him off to college in about five weeks (tear).

  20. Alice says:

    What a cute boy you have and he does such a great job posing for pictures. He looks so handsome in his new vest.

  21. Janet Adair says:

    Carter is a beautiful baby. Those eyes are brilliant. Keep the pictures coming.
    The colors and designs of the materials are so pretty. You do a great job of coordinating them too.
    Keep quilting, I love it.

  22. Jane says:

    What a sweetie! Seeing those pics makes not winning okay!

  23. Barb Spurr says:

    Congratulations to Rachel on your lovely win!! The fabrics are wonderful. Love the pictures of little Carter!! And love the little vest…….so cute!!

  24. Denise in PA says:

    Oh, geeze, Heather, he just couldn’t be any cuter! And, that vest – so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing his photos. o:)

  25. Gale says:

    Thanks for the update on our little cutie Carter. Congratulation to the winner and to you as well on the awesome new fabric line.

  26. Sandra Davidson says:

    He is just so adorable and I love his vest. I know how you feel my grandson is six and I just want to stop time so he can’t get ant Enjoy him as much as you can. Blessins

  27. Karen says:

    They grow up so fast! You did a wonderful job on the sweater and he makes a perfect model! Thanks for sharing !

  28. anna says:

    He is the CUTEST little guy. How do you get anything done. I would just want to play with him all day. And…the vest is adorable. Especially on him.

  29. Hiras says:

    Adorable! If I we’re in your place, I would consider a towel than a tissue Heather. Very gesture and every changes that’s gonna happen to my little boy will put a tear in my eye. Just think of it when he’s full grown up. Nonetheless, like everyone else here say, damn Heather! He’s so CUTE!

  30. SuzK says:

    The vest is adorable and he is such a cutie!

  31. Sheri says:

    Love the fabric. Just wit until your baby is 34! Lol

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