Summer Stars and a Give-Away

The last of the new patterns is called Summer Stars

132852_ANK310 adj

As you can see, there are two size options in the pattern.  The larger of the two quilts is the same size as the large Harvest Time that I showed the other day, so these two quilts will be part of the rotation that hangs in my kitchen.  I decided to include a topper option too because I can always find a small table or nightstand where I can use one and they always seem to be popular amongst my pattern buyers.

DSC_8053 adj

The fabric line I used is called Marmalade – yet another Bonnie and Camille’s fabric line.  All three of the new patterns have featured one of their lines.  I used one of the coordinating solids from the line to really make the octagonal frame around the block stand out.


It’s one of my favorite things to do in my quilt patterns – use a contrasting fabric to show off a design element.  This design also features one of my other loves that you have been hearing about lately – geometric shapes – in this case, the octagon.

DSC_7950 adj

This quilt can be made out of several of your favorite precuts – charm squares, layer cakes or fat eighths.  You could also use Fat Quarters, but the quilt wouldn’t be nearly this scrappy.   (You will also need yardage of the background, green, and border fabric)

DSC_7752 adj

This pictures shows off the topper size.

DSC_7948 adj

And another close-up where the lighting isn’t so harsh –

DSC_7744 adj

I think this design needs a little explaining as far as construction goes.  It looks much more difficult than it is.

It is made using my Triangler ruler (though you could use any other kalidescope ruler with a flat top).   The background behind the star – which is the part that I think looks complicated, is simply made from a strip unit of cream and green strips.  It is then cut with the Triangler into triangles – See Number 1, circled below.   Those units are then sewn together with some colored triangles to form the unit circled in Number 2.  When you sew all of those units together, you get the small diamonds circled in Number 3, along with the hexagon border that frames the star.  There are no templates or complicating cutting instructions to cut all those different pieces.  So, do you see what I mean about it being easier than it looks?  The larger size quilt is constructed the same way.

DSC_7744 adj with numbers

As is tradition on my blog, I would like to give away the first copies of the new patterns to go out the door.  Just to refresh your memory, we have four new patterns:

132852_ANK308 adj  132852_ANK309 adj

harvest time final cover 600   132852_ANK310 adj

Just leave a comment to be entered to win.  I will leave the drawing open over the weekend and then select 3 winners that will each receive a set of the new patterns.

For those of you who have already ordered the new patters, you can still enter to win and I will just give you your choice of a different pattern from this page.   Also, for those who have already ordered (including shops), the paper patterns will ship out next Monday.

Have a great weekend!


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  187. amber says:

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    I live in Canada, but not sure if I would have a chance to win. I made 2 baby quilts for my twin great
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  206. Janice W says:

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  208. Lisa says:

    Wheeeee! Fantastic patterns. I couldn’t even pick a favorite, need them all, lol.

  209. buntyw says:

    My favourites are Refresh and Summer Stars!
    Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

  210. Susan says:

    Oh my what delicious patterns. thanks

  211. Cyndie Salvatore says:

    Your creativity sets you apart from other designers. And it just keeps emerging. Hope I win!

  212. Aileen says:

    I love your new patterns–especially the Refresh pattern! Thanks for sharing your talent with everyone!

  213. Pam Kenney says:

    I always love your patterns! And the fabrics and colors you chose really show off the patterns. I am amazed at all the great variations you come up with.

  214. Sandra in MKE says:

    Love the Moroccan Tiles, especially with black–they really sparkle 🙂

  215. Judy says:

    I love your new patterns and hope I win

  216. Gloria says:

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  218. Kathy Y says:

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  219. Judy W says:

    Heather — I must make the Summer Stars quilt! I have a place on my wall ready for it!

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    Have a great day.

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    Thanks for sharing your talents with us! And also for sharing your life! So much fun to read about your cute family!

  230. Julie Delaney says:

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  238. Diane says:

    Always love new patterns and ideas. Very pretty quilts. I have a huge stash of fabric I need to use up. I worked in a fabric store a few years back.

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  240. All beautiful! Refresh is my favorite though!

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  243. How pretty! I should be stitching instead of typing!
    Harvest Lane Cottage

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    Summer Stars is gorgeous!

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  251. Margie F. says:

    I think the ‘Refresh’ pattern is my favorite, but I love them all! Would love to win a set.

  252. Paula B says:

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  257. beth foust says:

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  258. Marlena says:

    Saw some of your Angles With Ease quilts today at my local quilt store, Sisters’ Scraps. It was so cool to see the quilts in person. Just beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway I would love the Refresh pattern!

  259. Jan says:

    Oh my gosh! I need that pattern so much. Love all your quilts done with Bonnie & Camille fabric especially. Pick me! 🙂

  260. Cathy says:

    Another beautiful color combination; you are just the best at what you do! Keep it up!

  261. Shari Stone says:

    Your patterns are so pretty and fun! Love them all!

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