Sewing Room Tour

Before we start the tour, I would like to announce the winners from the last post.  The following 3 people were randomly chosen to win a set of the new patterns:

Anne Simonot – who commented at 9:50 am on 10/12

Frankie – who commented at 12:39 am on 10-13

Diane – who commented at 9:35 pm on 10/14

Please email your shipping addresses to me at and I will get your little package of goodies out right away!

The sewing room tour today was something I wanted to share – even though I have shared it in the past (Links to parts 1 and 2 will be listed at the end).  The sewing room belongs to my Dear Mother.  In the last few months, she has repainted it a soft aqua blue and given it a whole new look!  With that new look, she has made a new quilt to go on the focal wall.  That new quilt became one of the new patterns that I shared last week – Refresh.  Here it is on the focal wall in her sewing room –


Stepping back a bit, you can see what a nice grouping the quilt makes with the couch, the family pictures, and the ironing station.


Moving around the room clockwise, here is a better look at that ironing station.  This is seriously the most popular thing from that old post!  Everyone wants to know about the ironing station and where to get one.  It is custom-made, so it’s not possible to just go out and buy one.  Because it is custom-made, is has features like the slide out for the iron to sit on, so it’s not hogging valuable ironing space.  You can also pop the top off, and underneath that cushioned ironing top is a laminate counter top, so it can also be used as a cutting station.  If you are cutting out a large project, you can pull the ironing station out from the wall (it’s on wheels) and there is another pop-up that makes the ironing station about 3 times this size.


You can see the pop-up a little bit in this next picture (a shot from the old post.  It’s that black line on the back of the ironing station)

Continuing around the room, we have a bank of cabinets under the window.


To the left is another sewing station and the main cutting table.


Above the cutting table, the cabinets are open for “decorative purposes.”


The cutting table is nicely lit with the under the cabinet lighting


And continuing around, we have a closet and back to the quilt wall.


I also wanted to share a few of the cabinet ideas, as Mom is great at coming up with lots of great ideas for getting the most out of your sewing room.

Drawer Dividers to keep everything nicely organized –


A file drawer or two –


Instead of a Lazy-Susan in the corner, she has extra deep drawers that take advantage of all that under the cabinet storage.


There is a slide out drawer to stow her printer out of sight.


And – one of my favorite details:  Little pull outs on either side of the sewing station so that when you are working on a quilt, you have some extra space around you to lay out your pieces.


If you want to see more photos or see some of the fabric storage, you can go look at the old posts – Click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

After I did the first post on Mom’s sewing room, we got lots of emails asking for more details – sizes of everything, etc.  Mom found her drawings from the cabinet maker and has offered to share them.  Click here and here to download the drawings.

And for those of you who will ask – her paint color is 3/4 tint of Balmy Seas by Behr.  It’s a lovely color, don’t you think?


And perfect with her beautiful new quilt!   That’s all for now – I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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36 Responses to Sewing Room Tour

  1. Karen Lange says:

    Tell your Mom I’d like to move in to her sewing room! LOL. Looks like everything was well thought out when designing and building this beautiful room! Wonderful..

  2. Linda says:

    When I was redoing a room in our home into a sewing room, I modeled alot of it after your mom’s room. I LOVE my room. I wish I could’ve moved out some walls to make it bigger (more fabric storage?) but the layout is perfect for me. Thank you for showing us her updated room!

  3. How do you hang the quilts? The one in her room has no visible means of “support.” Really am loving that pattern…and the pretty new walls!

  4. Chookyblue says:

    wow your Mum’s room is great and so tidy……..not like mine at all…………..the quilt looks wonderful on the wall…………..

  5. Karen says:

    Wow! I especially love all the storage and the great divided drawers! Thanks for the tour and tell your mom I just Love the quilt and the new shade of paint… Awesome!

  6. Such a beautiful layout and so tidy! I love her ironing station too~!~ You are right about it’s many functions.. In my dreams I will think of this beautiful room. I have all the space in the world, but am using bits and pieces; desks, tables etc cobbled together! My dream would be a room like your moms!

  7. Dawn says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous sewing studio! So thoughtfully laid out and decorated. Sure wish I had that much room, though I would probably just fill it up with fabric. Love the new colors — looks like your love of aqua has rubbed off on your mom! (Or is it the other way around?) Thanks so much for the tour. What fun!

  8. Joan says:

    Beautiful sewing studio! Love the wall colour, the cabinets and such a great and efficient layout. Gorgeous quilt! Thank you for sharing. Congratulations to the winners!

  9. Venice says:

    Makes me smile and want to sew. Love the whole layout and the quilt on the wall tops it off. A room that any quilter would love to spend time in.

  10. Shelor says:

    I can only dream of having a wonderful space like that. The layout is perfect and all that storage!:-)

  11. Carrie Bowman says:

    Thanks for the ideas Heather. Hopefully in the next year we are going to start building our last home. You know, the one that’s built for us and not the kids. This is a great step in helping to design a layout for MY room. Absolutely beautiful.

  12. Tonya says:

    Love this room! The colors, the storage, the thought process. Absolutely fabulous!

  13. connandvansmom says:

    What a beautiful sewing room. I am drooling over the storage and I love the wall color. So peaceful.

  14. Cathy says:

    I have serious sewing room envy! I’d be happy with the just the ironing station; must keep that in mind for my next sewing room. That and the wall color, which is gorgeous and the color and the new quilt go together so well.

  15. Shelly Barker says:

    The collection of the seam guides in the drawer made me laugh! I recently gathered all my sewing notions from a variety of tote bags and rooms and found that I have the same affection for seam guides and seam rippers!

  16. Pat says:

    What a beautiful sewing room! I love all the extra features such as the under cabinet lighting. It must be a pleasure for your Mom to sew in here.

  17. Ruth B says:

    Wow…I have serious sewing room envy. What a gorgeous room! And the quilt on the wall is perfect. Just perfect.

  18. Jean says:

    Room envy, serious case!

  19. Deb Anderson says:

    I love everything about this room. Organization and color are top of my list!.

  20. Bari Jo says:

    Beautiful room! Now we just need a picture of sweet baby in it and it’s perfect! ;oD

  21. Sue Benson says:

    OMG……..I’m speechless. Amazing room. Now can we see a photo of you & your mum sewing in it. Surely it doesn’t always look like this. I just moved my sewing into a spare room this weekend just gone. I’m over the moon to have my own sewing room but it looks nothing like this. Lol. Wish I could include a picture. I want your house Heather, your mums sewing room & oh, maybe your life. I’m very green with envy right now.

  22. Shelly says:

    That is an awesome room! I wanted to check out the fabric storage ideas but link for old posts 1 and 2 are the same.

  23. Jane says:

    B-e-a-u-tiful! This room looks to be about the size shape and specs of my living room…do you suppose the family would mind…..never mind. I’ll have to make due with the little basement room I have!

  24. Peggyinno says:

    I thought I was a very organized person, till I saw this room!!! I love all the thought and details that went into the designing. What great use of EVERY space available. I could go on and on! Love it and thanks so much for sharing!

  25. Karen H says:

    Wow, amazing, she is a very lucky girl!!! Thanks for the eye candy, we all can only hope to have something so well thought out!

  26. ColleenM says:

    OMG!! I didn’t see the original posts. Her studio is FANTASTIC! A girl can dream about something so wonderful:)

  27. Marsha Nelson says:

    Your mom’s room is so soothing and well organized. It really is beautiful.

  28. Jean says:

    Your Mom’s room is fantastic! Would love to have to have one like it.

  29. Anne Simonot says:

    I sent you my address twice earlier today, via my smart-phone, but it’s not showing up in my sent e-mails. If you haven’t received it, can you email me and let me know? I’m paranoid that it hasn’t gone through and you’ll give my prize to someone else… lol. Thanks!

  30. Denny Aleckson says:

    Beautiful! Heather…Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us! Mine is alot messier…YIKES!!! Maybe I need to take some organizational skills from you gals!!!! LOL!!! Love it!!

  31. Cathy says:

    I loved seeing inside your drawers at all your treasures! Nice job with a great color scheme going on!

  32. Pauline says:

    A dream room for sure…love the paint , the layout, the ironing station…everything is perfect…a studio I can only dream of. Absolutely love the quilt too!! How is she hanging the quilt with no visual hardware?

  33. Vickie says:

    Your mom’s room is so organized and beautiful. It has lots of room and great lighting too. Lighting is so important. Lots of great ideas and inspiration.

  34. Jennifer says:

    I have really enjoyed looking at your Mom’s sewing room. It looks PERFECT! I am getting ready to do a sewing room myself and I would love to use some of her ideas. (and my paint color is very similar) First of all, could you please tell me the height of her countertops where the sewing machine is located? Also, how high did she do her cutting table? Does the second sewing station have the sewing machine even with the countertop like your Mom’s? Thanks so much for your help!!!

  35. Schella says:

    I love the room. Im making my craft space in a spare bedroom that is used as a closet and a utility space. I like your ideas and will use some of them in my design. The quilt is beauitful!

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