Cyber Monday Sale

I usually skip all of the Black Friday shopping madness.  In fact, I much prefer staying home to waiting in long lines to get a deal.  How boring am I?  Now Cyber Monday is something I can get behind.  Shopping at home in my pjs?  Sounds like fun!

I don’t usually sell finished quilts, but a while back I decided to list some in our online store.  To my surprise, they were all sold out within about 36 hours!  I always like to keep the original designs from my book and pattern covers, but I have made many of my designs 2, 3, and even 4 times.  With space for quilts becoming an issue around here, I thought I would join in on the Cyber Monday fun and list a few more.  Some of you out there just might be looking for some Christmas gifts.  Here are just a couple of photos to tempt you . . . .

Sweet Dreams:



The Kitchen Collection Runner



Meadow Lane


Café Au’laite

Cafe Au'laite adjcrop

Oh Baby

DSC_6621 adj


DSC_8256 2


Candy Apple Blossoms


Tiddly Winks


Scraps and Stripes


Waiting for Spring


Double Takes 3



Diamond Diva


Here is the link to these quilts and the others listed on our site.

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6 Responses to Cyber Monday Sale

  1. heidik says:

    I just bought a runner! I’m looking forward to a post showing your house decorated for Christmas (hint, hint!).

  2. treadlemusic says:

    The prices are definitely on the low side (67×82 =appox $100-$140 in quilting alone!!). Realizing that you were provided with the supplies(?) it places an unrealistic value on your beautiful creations. Just sayin’……..

    • I am not usually provided with the supplies. If I am, the fabrics come from Moda or Henry Glass. I do my own machine quilting, so I am not paying someone else to do that. Many of these quilts have also served other purposes – pattern testing, class model, color option in a book, etc so I am getting multiple uses out of them and that also means I can sell them at a lower price. If I asked what they were actually worth, they would probably never sell!

      • treadlemusic says:

        I totally agree with your last statement!!! And there is a point at which some must go and everyone has been adequately “gifted”!………

      • I know! I just popped over to your blog and really enjoyed looking at your machine quilting. Are you doing all that on your Juki? It’s amazing!

      • treadlemusic says:

        I do part of it on the Juki (LOVE that machine!!!!!!) and part on a HQ Sweet Sixteen. I am totally hooked on manipulating the fabric under the machine and for the larger projects the SS is an awesome machine!!!! In the last few months I’ve started doing quilting for others ‘cuz I canNOT justify producing quilts just so I can “feed” my quilting addiction/obsession!!!! Although, I must get busy and make some new quilts as I’ve used the current ones for “trunk shows”/demos enough. I am totally hooked on FMQ!!!! Whether it’s the Juki or the SS! Hugs to you……getting some snow today?? The snow line thus far is Winona (sleet/slush) which is 35 miles North of us.

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