Little Things . . . .

I have been busy finishing up a lot of little projects – like the runner and topper I am going to share today.  They were both made for our master bedroom.


We have this long white dresser that needed some color.  It also needed some protection from all the things Joel likes to throw – I mean set – on the dresser.  White furniture seems to mark up so easy and runners are they perfect way to protect the finish.


I have trouble photographing in our house.  It always looks so much darker in the photos than it does in person.  This outside shot shows the colors a bit better:


The pattern can be found in my Angles with Ease book.  I have to admit that I like the original better (shown below).

DSC_3359 some adj best 600

I think if I would have totally mixed up my pieces, rather than laying two of the same print next to each other, it would have helped with the fact that I don’t have enough navy prints in my stash!  One more would have balanced it out a bit better.  Must add that to my shopping list . . .


My second project for today is this topper:


It’s from my Summer Stars pattern.  I actually prefer this one to the original topper shown below.  For me, scrappier is always better.

DSC_7744 adj

I always find it so interesting how different things look done up in different fabrics!

Please ignore my arm in this shot.  I am trying to hold the topper up to the window so you can see the quilting better.


I used an echo design in the star points.  I think it has a modern look that goes well with this modern color combination.  I love the little pebble quilting – though I do not like doing it.  This topper is quite small, so it’s the perfect thing for these small cream spaces.


I made the topper to go on this little table, though again my photo is so bad you can hardly see it!  (if anyone has any suggestions for shooting photos in a north facing room, please leave them in the comments!)


As you can see, the fabrics are the same as the ones I used in my  “Refresh” bed quilt (blog post here).  I am just loving this color combination!  More to come on that in a later post.


One more little thing – We had our family pictures done yesterday.  The photographer sent us a little sneak peak of this shot from our bedroom.  I would never have thought to pose us with a quilt for a family photo.  What fun!


Thanks for stopping in today!


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15 Responses to Little Things . . . .

  1. Misty says:

    I love the colors! The scrappy star looks fantastic!

  2. I just received your book and the ruler as a prize and excited to see more little projects I can make with it.

  3. Sue D says:

    Love the colors on your bed–they would fit into my room perfectly. Where did you get the beautiful green comforter? I love the grass green color but have never seen it in bedding. Did you make it? Also are the “tie” pillow shams in one of your books?

  4. treadlemusic says:

    Those color combos are so serene. I have no solution for photos in such rooms. I seem to have the same difficulty. For me, I must say, I love all your color choices and really don’t see the repeats as any kind of a problem. Your ability for pulling together fabrics and your patterns is just wonderful! Hugs……..

  5. Jane Wimmer says:

    Hi Heather! Again you have out done yourself. Great pictures!! Just thought I would share with you what we did on our dresser so that it wouldn’t get scratched by anything. We had a piece of glass cut to go the full length. It is vey easy to just clean it the window cleaner!!

  6. Oh such a happy, relaxing room! I love the greens too. Great family photo!

  7. Janet Adair says:

    Use the kind of lighting that photographers use and it should light up the whole room. You might try the lighting that people put outside to light up areas of their home. Don’t know how expensive they are but I would think it would be inexpensive.

  8. Sherri says:

    Perfect family picture! Of course it should have a quilt!

  9. Jane says:

    That family photo is the best! Merry Christmas to you & your sweet family!

  10. Gorgeous work! I love the hexagon topper’s quilting. The colors are some of my favorite right now. Can’t seem to buy enough aqua, lime, navy and gray! Your family photo is adorable too! Perfect with the quilt!

  11. Trudy L says:

    Heather your colors are GREAT. I love them & I look forward to you blogging your new ideas. A very Merry Christmas to you & your awesome family.

  12. Auntie Pami says:

    So pretty! I can’t believe how adorable Carter is! Hope you have a great holiday.

  13. adaisygarden says:

    It all looks beautiful! Love those colors. The quilt on the bed is gorgeous!

  14. Celia says:

    Hi Heather. Just found your blog, you have wonderful pictures! I think I have a table like your little blue one. Does the top fold down? the one I have is a colonial style with fruit or something painted on top and is maple. I was going to take it to the dump, but now I think I can put a coat of paint on it. I love turquoise too! Thanks for your inspiration!

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