Red Loop

Another little project finished.


I am enjoying making little things lately – though I have mostly been a sweater maker in the past.  How nice to finish something in a couple of weeks instead of a couple of months.


You can see the stitch pattern easier in the flat shot.


I got the yarn last spring in Portland when we were there for quilt market.  I don’t remember the name of the shop, but the yarns there were beautiful.  This is hand dyed with little red metallic threads woven in.  It’s hard to capture with the camera – It’s much sparklier in  person.


You can find my Ravely link here.

The pattern is called Grey Loop

The yarn is by Knitted Wit – It’s called Bling.


Anyone else working on any fun cowls?  I am debating on what to start next?  I just finished the Herringbone cowl  and I am working on the Honey Cowl.  Everyone is probably far too busy thinking about Christmas to be thinking about knitting, but I like to have something with to work on during the all the family gatherings.  I just cannot sit around for two days with my hands idle!  Even with the good food and good company, I still need to have my project at hand 😉


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13 Responses to Red Loop

  1. Diane W says:

    Oh my! I was just thinking of making me a cowl. We’re having exceptionally cold weather this year, and I think I need one. I always have projects going….cant go a day without doing something extra. (Besides Sunday). My mom always taught us to do things “constructive”. I’m going to make that cowl…..

    • Diane W says:

      Ha….instead of this cowl, I’m making Hallett’;s Ledge sweater. I’ve actually knit it way up into the cables, and the yarn was too speckley, you couldnt see the pattern or what you were doing, so tore it all out. Now, Im making it with Elesebeth Lavolds silky wool in a lt blue. (I actually thought I was buying white…online, but it came lt blue) But, will get yarn for the cowl soon. Will try get the exact yarn you used…

  2. Wendy Collier says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Going to my favourite wool shop and getting started tonight!

  3. Bari Jo says:

    Beautiful! I have never made/worn a cowl – but I like the idea that it can’t fall off as easily! I have been crocheting and would love to learn to knit! Soon! I agree with you – I do like to keep my hands busy when there is down time – and I have a red crochet scarf as a work in progress and a baby blanket – both patterns mindless so I can visit and be part of things but still feel like I’m getting something done, too! Have a wonderful Christmas with your sweet family. I have really enjoyed your blog over the years and watching your sweet blessing grow is so much fun! I love quilting, etc. and enjoy all that I learn from you and you inspire me to knit someday – but I have to say the pictures of God’s blessing in your life of your sweet boy just touch me so! :O)

  4. Nancy Wilson says:

    Beautiful cowl! I’ve been searching for a pattern. Might give this a try. I too cannot sit & do nothing! Have you ever had anyone tell you you were rude by working on something at a gathering? I have had a couple comments….. Even when not looking at a pattern etc. oh well, maybe they’re just wishing they too had a project! Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Nancy,

      I haven’t had any comments yet, though it helps that I come from a family that understands such things. Even on Joel’s side – there are some that knit at gatherings too, so that also helps! Merry Christmas to you also.

  5. treadlemusic says:

    At a restaurant last week there were several smart Minnesotans with such……….more guys than gals!!!!!!!! The cowl is really a great idea…smarter than the long scarves that seem to be in the way! I still see to have quilty ideas swirling in my head, so that’s where I’ve been!!! Christmas blessings…………..

  6. Cathy G. says:

    That’s beautiful! I love to see your knit finishes! For the pattern, did you still use a size 8 needle or did you use a smaller one since the yarn is fingering weight? Thanks!

  7. Marsha Nelson says:

    The cowl is just beautiful. The red is so nice on you and the stitch is delicate.

  8. Laura says:

    Love your cowl! Knitting a scarf and adding beads (for the first time). Its very easy and an added pleasure! I too cannot sit still for long without having a project. Enjoy your holiday!

  9. Pat says:

    I too love this cowl and would like fingering weight and also would like to know what size needles you used. Love to see your family pictures, your son is a real cutie. I also would like to complement you on your success in the quilting world. I attended a lecture held in Brainerd when you were in college. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  10. says:

    Hi, I love the cowl and am trying to make it, but am only more confused each time I read the pattern at Grey Loop. Did you make eyelet rows 1 and 2 alternately or just row one over and over? Please help when you have time. Thank you. P.s. your knitting is amazing! And by the way, so is Carter. In fact he’s my favorite part of your blog.

    Sent from my iPad

  11. Marilyn Smith says:

    After I see what you (and others) knit, I want to get back with it. I knit ski sweaters as a teenager (with patterns in them). I lived in No. California in those days and spent my winters skiing. I also made my own clothes. After I married we moved to Palm Springs, CA. Not much need for all the wool clothes I had. But, the older I get, I seem to get cold easier and have also adjusted to the horrid summer heat.

    That cowl looks so pretty, just the kind of thing I need. I wonder if I can remember how to cast on and follow an intricate pattern.

    I am still knee deep in quilting which I dearly love and takes up most of my time. I have an APQS longarm which I am still learning to use.

    Hope that your Christmas was wonderful with Carter’s joy. Happy New Year! Love your blog and have been a follower for a couple of years!


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