I Love Puppies

Happy New Year!

A little late –  I know.   It’s only day 17 and I am already behind!   January is just flying by and I am not getting nearly enough done.  I haven’t blogged for a month and a few of you have nicely emailed to find out if all is okay.    Everything is going fine, but I didn’t have any help with Carter over Christmas break and now the babysitter has been in Hawaii for 2 weeks (lucky girl!).  When she is here, it is the only time I get to be in the studio.  Carter has gotten too busy and bent on destruction to even bring him in the studio.  It is pretty cute when he tries to come in though.  He yells “Sew!,  Sew!,  Sew!” and immediately started emptying the cutting table of all the rulers.  I’m sure all the drawers in the sewing cabinet would be next.   Carter is napping now, so instead of answering emails and shipping orders like I usually do when he naps, I am getting a blog post done first!

I have something new to share that I started last summer.  It’s a fabric line for all the puppy loving little boys out there.

I%20LOVE%20PUPPIES%20Page%201B 500 image


The line is a nice mix of dots, geometric and puppy themed prints.   (The following images of the prints are taken from the sales card)

I%20LOVE%20PUPPIES%20Page%203 500

I%20LOVE%20PUPPIES%20Page%202 500

I%20LOVE%20PUPPIES%20Page%204 500

There is also a panel-type print that would work well as a focal print or a cute backing.

I%20LOVE%20PUPPIES%20Page%201 500

As soon as I get some strike-offs I will share those as well, as the sales card never quite does the fabric justice.  There is something about holding the actual fabric in your hand, that just brings everything it to life.

Henry Glass also had a free pattern designed for the line – to help give you an idea of how the line works up.  I love the little paw prints running across the quilt.  Nothing says puppy like paw prints across your floor (or quilt).

Puppies 1 500


The fabric line is hitting the ground with the sales reps this month – so shop owners – I hope you will ask your reps to see the sales card!  For all you non-shop owners, the fabric will be in stores this summer.  It always feels like a long wait, but it helps brighten this cold winter day to know that something fun is in the works for summer.




This line is in memory of our dog Daisy – and in hopes that Carter will love his own little puppy again some day soon.

daisy crop



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18 Responses to I Love Puppies

  1. Kris P says:

    Oh, I just love your new line. Thanks for coming up with great fabrics to use for little boy quilts. Girly color and prints are so easy to find, but the boy quilts always stump me! Congrats on another great fabric offering.

  2. Jean says:

    Another cute line of fabric! A great tribute to Daisy.

  3. Just too cute! Your collection will make some very adorable little boy quilts and pillows. I can’t wait for it’s release!!

  4. Bev says:

    Your new fabric line is just the cutest!! We are all dog lovers in this family and I will find a way to adapt these colors for my little granddaughter. Girls love puppies, too!! 😉

  5. mtngurl1 says:

    I absolutely love it. I grew up with a dog Daisy too! I cant wait to see it in my local quilt shop, I will forward your blog onto them. Thanks for awesome fabrics!

  6. Your new fabric line is adorable. I hope to purchase some this summer, even if I have to borrow a male grandchild for whom to make a quilt!

  7. Drue Turpin says:

    When I saw the title of your post, I thought you got a puppy! I felt so happy that you were ready to get another dog! I know how much Daisy was loved. But, the fabric is awesome! I “need” to make TWO baby quilts this year! So far we know my daughter-in-law is having a girl. Not sure yet about my daughter, we’ll find out some time in March. I have an awesome pattern, and this fabric is perfect!

  8. Mary Ann says:

    Oh this is the cutest and I know several little girls who adore their puppies! And the color ways don’t shriek boy, thanks,

  9. Carol says:

    Love this whole line and hope you will do up a few quilt kits.

  10. Carol Broughton says:

    I love dogs and I love this fabric! Will be watching for it this summer. There are lots of puppies ready for adoption at your local shelter whenever Carter is ready! Thanks for the blog post, I’ve missed you!

  11. treadlemusic says:

    Love the argyle, the dots, the puppies, the bones, the paw prints………ALL OF IT!!!!!! You are one creative artist!!!!!! Hugs………………..

  12. Debra Masek says:

    I am in total agreement that this line is great! I, too, am an avid puppy lover…I have 3 4-legged canines that share their house with me!!! It is often difficult to find fun fabric for little boys, so I am eager to get my hands on some of these puppy fabrics!!! Thanks!!

  13. Connie Strom says:

    Absolutely love the new line! Who doesn’t love cute puppies! I for sure will be getting some of this!

  14. Marsha Nelson says:

    Your new line is darling. We have 3 4 legged barkers at our house and love them all. You can’t replace the ones you loose, but you can learn to love another one.

  15. Like the new fabric, but don’t forget little girls like dogs also. Have never not had one in my whole 70 yrs, and regularly have 4 sharing the sewing room with me. Good luck.

  16. Diana Packech says:

    So sweet! What cute fabric & today has been two weeks since our little beagle child has not been with us & we miss her so much. They are wonderful friends & family members.
    Happy Winter!!

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