Knitting Update

After all the promotion of the puppy fabric and quilts lately, it is fun to be able to post about something else!  I have been getting a little knitting done – mostly while I follow Carter around outside as he is exploring.  He doesn’t really like to sit still and play at something with me.  He prefers to go from one thing another, always so interested in what is around the next corner.  To keep from getting bored, I carry around a small knitting project and work on it here and there.  Sometimes it is only a row or two, but every little bit can build up when the projects are small.  I am focusing on enjoying these last few days with just the two of us and spending lots of time with him.  He has been in a really good mood, so I am really enjoying how happy he is.  (I think that molar that was bugging him is now all the way through.  What a difference that makes!)

The first knitting project I am going to share, is a sweater vest that I knit for Carter’s 2 year pictures.  I mentioned that he wouldn’t sit still or smile for the pictures, but you can check out the vest anyways.

Heather-11 crop


Heather-1 my adj and crop

Heather-16 crop and sharpen



In this post (and my last one), the professional shots were taken by Laura Jill Photograph.  (See her Facebook page here)


The pattern is Pembroke Vest, by Kirsten Kapur.

I have already made one of these for Carter (link here),   but he was really little and I used one of the other cable options.  I can hardly remember him being this small!

I have decided that I prefer the cable on the second Pembroke, so I am glad I changed that.


The yarn is Cascade’s Ultra Pima in the color tangerine.  The yarn is very soft and has a nice sheen to it.  My only complaint would be that it doesn’t bloom (not sure if that is the right word) and fill in the cables.  I feel like you see the individual stitches, rather than the cables.



I think you can see what I mean when you compare it to the yarn on the first one – I really don’t notice the individual stitches on the green one.


Once it is on Carter, I don’t really notice it all that much.  You mostly notice the punch of color!  Love that tangerine . .



If you need any more info, you can find my Ravelry link to the project here.  I’ll be back with a few new baby knits shortly. . . . well, depending on when this baby decides to make an appearance.



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15 Responses to Knitting Update

  1. nikki says:

    Is the tangerine a cotton? I feel like that’s how my cotton blends look…very defined stitches. But not in a bad way! I think you are over analyzing it- the vest and baby are too adorable!

  2. Marie Pearson says:

    I almost didn’t open this post since I’m not a knitter and I’m trying to cut down on my email time. I’m so glad I saw these wonderful pictures. Especially the first photo – stunning, beautiful, – a photo to treasure. You’re right – that tangerine color is so refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sue says:

    Lovely pictures, Carter is such a cutie, good luck!

  4. Patty Fowl says:

    The tangerine vest is really cute… and the model is even cuter! I believe, Carter is looking more like you in these pictures. Hope your last days of pregnancy are going well and that all goes well with delivery! Looking forward to your new bundle of joy! Thinking of you…

  5. Ruthie says:

    He looks like a little angel! So sweet. The sweaters are adorable, and I agree the punch of color looks great.

  6. shelley says:

    Really enjoy peeking in to see what you are working on. AMAZING how many changes when time feels so short! Enjoy these days, and am so happy for your family! It’s a good thing I don’t know how to knit. I don’t know where I would store the yarn.

  7. Janet says:

    I love, love, love your knitted items. My mom knitted, crocheted and did needlepoint and I unfortunately, didn’t learn from her before she passed. I quilt and make bags, and my mom never sewed. I have her items waiting in her hope chest for my grand babies in the future. She had medical issues and knew she might not see her great grand babies, so she made sure they would have something from her. I also have one of the cable knit sweaters she made my son to pass down. Your son is beautiful. I enjoy your blog.

  8. Marsha Nelson says:

    Darling pictures. Carter is so photogenic. I do love the tangerine. Take care of your self.

  9. ColleenM says:

    Your knitting is FANTASTIC! (both vests) Good luck with the delivery of your new angel.

  10. Joan says:

    Love the pictures of Carter and the gorgeous vest! Thank you for the link. Looking forward to the arrival of your little sweetie! Take care.

  11. Chris says:

    Oh these precious pictures of Carter make this Grammy of four boys smile. Thanks for sharing with us! And the vest is adorable!!

  12. Cindy Hagen says:

    Good luck and we’ll look forward to your next post (and pictures!) soon….

  13. Bari Jo says:

    Your work is amazing! One of these days, I’m going to learn to knit! :O) That vest is so cute on him!!!! Hope your new little one is here now! :O)

  14. Diana says:

    Your knitting is beautiful & so is your little guy. Love your blog posts. 🙂

  15. Rita Nichols says:

    Well smiling or not Carter is a handsome boy! Love the sweaters, love the pictures!

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