November 10th, 2014

Remember a couple blog posts back where I talked about enjoying fall?


Well it’s already over 😦    Beyond those windows it is a total white out.  There is about 12″ of fresh snow on the ground and the wind is howling at 20 mph.  This is really early folks.  I am going to need lots of quilting therapy to make it through winter if it starts this early #%*#$^@*!!!!


My therapy is starting today, as I work on this quilt.  I just took it off the quilting machine and I am auditioning several prints for binding.



The quilt is  based on a runner from my last book – On the Run Again.  You can see the runner below.  It was one of my favorite things from the book, so I knew I would want to make it into a quilt some day.

DSC_0063 adj 600

If you have the book, just make the blocks as directed and instead of cutting just blue half triangles, you will also need to cut some blue full triangles.



I also wanted to share a few pictures of the boys today.  Many of you have sweetly asked to see some pictures of them together.   Despite that being a really challenging task to get them to both cooperate, I actually have a couple to share today –

042 adj crop

These first two were taken when Max was only a few weeks old.



I took the next pictures last week, so Max is closer to 3 months old (already!)

DSC_3434 adj2

DSC_3378 adj head #2


DSC_3558 adj bw



And lastly – Our fall family photo.  I wish Carter would have smiled, and Max didn’t look so stressed, but such is picture taking with little kids.

Heather-1 crop

Speaking of boys, they are still napping, which means I have time to go back to my “therapy.”

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26 Responses to November 10th, 2014

  1. MaryAnn says:

    Your boys are absolutely adorable, and the quilt is pretty darn cute, too.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Love the pictures! And I love your fall table. Your little guys are so cute. As a Mom who has just graduated the last of my brood from college, enjoy every single minute. It may seem like the diapers and sleepless nights will never end, but believe me, it goes by WAY TOO FAST! Give them more hugs than you need to, because one day they will be “too big” for hugs and kisses 😦

  3. Lila Golden says:

    I enjoy seeing the pictures of the boys and also all your patterns. Just bought your last book. Love it

  4. Lisa Marie says:

    Such cute photos! I have your “On the Run Again” book and have recently finished making “Fresh Connections” using bright Halloween prints with a black background and lime green frames around the blocks. It came out great! I think it’s my new favorite table runner pattern.

  5. Carolyn says:

    Smiling or not, they are such beautiful little boys — what a lovely family photo.

  6. Chris says:

    Hi Heather,:)
    I just love seeing pictures of your boys and your beautiful family!! What a blessing God has given you. (I remember reading your testimony several years ago about trying to have children…what a beautiful way God has answered so many prayers. :)) I always enjoy seeing your “therapy” results. Your work is lovely and refreshing. Thanks for sharing….and I should get up from here and get to my “therapy” as well. 🙂 Blessings to you!! BTW I thought about you as I heard about the winter storm headed your way and across the north and mid west. We have 50 degree temps today, still feels like fall here.

  7. ColleenM says:

    Adorable pictures of your babies!
    I will be suffering along with you through another Minnesota winter. I spent 2 hrs 20minutes in the car to get to work this morning. Dreading the ride home:(

  8. Lori in NC says:

    I love the quilting designs on the new quilt. And I *love* the grumpy looks on the boys’ faces in that photo. It reminds me of one of my son’s first portraits – an hour at the studio, and we got *ONE* shot where he wasn’t actively crying; instead, he was puckered up, ready to scream. It’s still one of my favorite photos, ever. I hope you have fond memories of this photo, too.

  9. Karen Lange says:

    The quilts are all beautiful! I LOVE the pictures of your boys….they are growing so fast and are just adorable. Enjoy!

    Hugs, Karen L.

  10. Candie says:

    Beautiful therapy it is! I heard about the snow storm coming your way and thought of you. It will melt, right!? Here in Palmer Alaska we are very late, no snow on the ground and 42 degrees today, people say it’s ugly out but I have always loved the browns of pre-winter. Your boys are as cute as can be, thanks for sharing. Take care and keep up with the therapy!

  11. Linda says:

    That is a wonderful family picture! The quilt is beautiful and I love the runner…plus am drooling over the lovely windows surrounding a homey dining room. It’s till warm in southern Indiana today (60s) but will be cold soon…just not as snowy! Enjoy looking out those fantastic windows!

  12. Diane W says:

    Ready for a winter like last year?? Yikes, this is early. Here in the Pacific Northwest our trees sure have kept their leaves on way too long. (Been one of the prettiest falls) And expecting our first freeze tonite and maybe snow?!? Your boys are so cute!! Enjoy them, they grow up too fast.

  13. Sandie says:

    I loved your pictures of your boys! Believe me, they will grow up fast! I have two boys that are 46 and 50 now. I used to live in Minnesota, so I am acquainted with the weather there. ha
    Here in Arkansas it is 70 deg today, but will cool off considerably tomorrow. I loved the pictures from your new book. I think I like the Awesome Blossom the best, it has so many possibilities.

  14. Janice King says:

    Love the quilt! Just may have to try that. You have a beautiful family. Your boys will love having each other to grow up with.

  15. Marie Pearson says:

    Sweet pictures of your boys. In the cities, our accumulation isn’t too bad yet, but it’s way too early. Hmm. Can we afford to go to Florida in February?

  16. Sally Hurst says:

    My sympathies to you on an early start on a Minnesota winter. I was born and raised in Minnesota, and know how cold it can get! Love your family photos–such a photogenic family! Your quilts are stunning, too.

  17. kitty says:

    Such lovely pictures of your cute boys and your beautiful family!! The happy quilt you’ve made will certainly bring the sunshine in your room and in your heart that no snow will be able to tarnish

  18. Hildy says:

    Everything with Bonnie & Camille fabrics wins my heart but your quilt would win my heart with every fabrics it’s that gorgous!
    Your little boys are so cute together and one day they’ll laugh about the family picture where they look not so amused;-)

  19. Josn says:

    You have a beautiful family. The quilt is gorgeous and such pretty fabrics.

  20. Mardis Burns says:

    Your family is absolutley beautiful. And your quilting is beyond words. The quilting on this quilt you just displayed is wonderful. Sorry about the early snow. Was in Northern Wisconsin closing the cabin this last week. When the snow kept coming off and on, decided to just go home. None here yet. Have a blessed Thansgiving with your Family.

  21. lepowell says:

    I really enjoy watching those 2 little men grow! I have that book right by my chair and now going to take a look at those triangles. I like all of them and was deciding which would be my first to try.

  22. Marsha says:

    The pics of the boys are darling and will be even more fun as they grow older. Love the quilt you just finished. The pale blue polka dot is just so pretty with the other colors.

  23. Mary Ann says:

    Such a cute family picture! It’s real!

  24. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Carter’s adorable fuzzy “up-do”… or whatever you call it 😀 I miss having little boys 😀
    Love the runner-inspired-quilt.


  25. Julie T. says:

    You are a beautiful family!

  26. Marlene says:

    Such a pretty creation. It just pops out when y I u look at it.

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