Little Boys

I had one of my favorite days – ever – last week.  Max turned 5 months and I wanted to get some pictures of him.  I was trying to recreate a day that I had with Carter at this same age.  They are some of my favorite pictures and I will never forget Carter at that age, because of these photos.

Usually when I have a grand vision in my head and try to recreate it in pictures, I only get frustrated and mad.  The lighting is always bad and my pictures blurry.  But today my pictures turned out!  Get ready for little boy overload!














DSC_5610 bw



My kids have great Michelin man arms at this age.  I could just spend half the day tucking kisses into those little rolls.  And there are a lot of them.  It might take all day.








DSC_5573 crop

DSC_5498 crop


It wasn’t long before Carter wanted to join in the pictures too.









DSC_5711 crop

I love pictures.  I have a horrible memory, so I think that is why I love pictures and they are so special to me.  They help me remember (or at least think that I remember) a particular moment in time.   It always makes me sad to think I to think I am loosing my baby.  Even though each day brings fun new things as my children grow older, each day also brings them further away from this precious little baby.  These pictures will allow me to go back in time and remember.  In the future, I can look as these pictures, close my eyes and remember what they looked like, smelled like, felt like in my arms.  I can briefly go back in time and have a moment of that special time back.  Minus the midnight feedings and poopy diapers.  Thank you Nikon 😉


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29 Responses to Little Boys

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing! Such adorable little bosy and you captured him so well…just love the black and white. You are blessed!

  2. Dorian says:

    Awww, so very precious Heather. Your boys are just gorgeous.

  3. Colleen Gander says:

    I completely relate to your feeling of loss as babies grow into little boys and then bigger boys. My eyes filled with happy tears when I saw the picture of Max with Snuffie. Snuffie was a gift from my husband to me to symbolize our little “Snuggle-up-to-us” son. Shortly after that second Christmas, he took to Snuffie as his special toy for bedtime. It became so important, we had to purchase extras in case of loss. Growing up, Snuffie slept in his bed right up to university. He stayed here while my son studied but as soon as he moved on to his first job, Snuffie was packed up. When our son gave us the virtual tour of his new home, there was Snuffie’s snout, peaking out from his bedcovers. All this to say, enjoy those boys and keep those pictures in your heart and mind. From one mom to another, the time is short but you will always see the little boys in the men they will become some day.

  4. Jean says:

    These two will NOT be able to deny they are brother! They definitely came out of the same mold! You are so wise to take pictures; though it doesn’t seem like when in the midst of child rearing, it all goes way too fast.

  5. Sandy D says:

    So Cute.

  6. Marie says:

    Such treasures! Thank you for sharing! I love getting to watch your sweet boys grow up.

  7. Lila Golden says:

    It is so much fun as a Great Gramma to see the beautiful healthy looking little boys. Make me think of the days of my little boys. All 3 of them. all grown and with boys of their own. Thank you Heather for sharing your boys;

  8. Marsha Nelson says:

    Darling little boys. Thanks for sharing them.

  9. Susan S. says:

    Beautiful photos. Love the one of Max contemplating his belly button!

  10. Estrella says:

    Que guapos estan tus niños . Dan ganas de comérselos a besos , disfrútalos mucho saludos desde Sevilla España

  11. Frankie says:

    What wonderful photos! Your boys are both just adorable!

  12. Sheri says:

    Love, love, love!!!!!

  13. Linda says:

    Beautiful children/beautiful memories/beautiful photos.

  14. Mary Schettle says:

    Your boys are absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  15. Bonnie Johnson says:

    What Handsome little Boys!

  16. Peter and Carols Email says:

    I cannot have boy overload! Thank you for these photos. Your boys are so, so cute. I had two boys and have six grandsons….no girls…and I love it! Boys are the greatest! Carol in Texas

    Sent from my iPad


  17. Diane Maloney says:

    Soooo Precious !!! Enjoy !!!

  18. Karen says:

    ❤️ baby armpits! Haha!

  19. lepowell says:

    Yes, you certainly got some great shots!! Those little guys are incredibly cuuuute!! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Randi Mason says:

    They are absolutely precious! keep taking those photos!

  21. Barbaradangel says:

    Your baby is so cute Keep those cutie. Pie pics. You are so talented and love all your patterns Barb , ma

    From, Barbara Starbucks


  22. Jilna Hatton says:

    Those lovely little rolls of cuteness are just gorgeous. What a content looking baby.
    As a grandma myself, yes those days sure do fly. It seems like yesterday since I saw my 1st grandson born. What a privilege. And just a few days ago he announced they are expecting there 1st baby. Where does time go? Keep up the good work you put into your babies now and before you know it they’ll be men. Enjoy the journey. Yes I love photography too, so happy picture snapping with those beautiful boys.
    Love Jilna. Australia

  23. Therese Wescott says:

    Absolutely darling!!

  24. Mary Ann says:

    So so cute! And those sweet rolls, kisses, kisses for sure.

  25. susanmp14 says:

    Your boys are beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

  26. ColleenM says:

    Adorable. They get cuter every time I see pictures. Thanks for sharing, it brings back memories for me too, my boys are 20 and 19 now and time truly does fly by.

  27. Peggi says:

    Make sure you take videos, so you can remember their voices and mannerisms too!

    One day not so long ago, I was walking down the hall and I heard a man’s voice in my youngest son’s room (the “baby”, although he’s 14). I stopped and listened at his closed door, trying to figure out who the heck was in his room with him, when all of a sudden it hit me – it was him! I cried for an HOUR. I’ll never again hear his sweet boy voice again, except in the videos.

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