A New Sweater

I know that some of you are waiting for the next post on the quilt along, but I wanted to do a post on something else in between.  For those of you doing the sew along, I will get to that post in a couple days.

In the meantime, I made a new sweater.  Last July.  Yes, that says July and I am just getting around to posting it now.   It’s been too cold to wear it and in July when I finished it, I was too pregnant to wear it, and then in August after having the baby, I was too . . . never mind to wear it.   But – it fits now, so here it is:

DSC_6141 crop

The pattern is Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu.  I loved making this.  It has enough going on to keep me interested, but not so hard that I had to be counting,  focusing, or thinking too hard while making it.


It’s an ingenious, seamless design.  You start on the sleeves and yoke, which is just a simple rectangle.  The pattern then transitions into the body where you use yarn overs to increase to create shape.  It is meant to be worn open like this –



I added some hook and eye closures so I could wear it pulled together in the front if I wanted, or open.  (I need to replace the black hooks with silver ones though so they blend in more).



The original pattern is much shorter and has a lot more increases – so it has more drape and flow.  This style doesn’t work very well on me, so I followed a couple changes that some other Ravelry users were posting. (photos borrowed from the designer)

I just couldn’t resist this back, and I figured there was a way to make the design work for me.  Isn’t that beautiful?


I did less increases, so the back of my sweater isn’t as beautiful/dramatic, but it still works.




I loved this yarn too.  It’s Euroflax Sportweight Linen Layers by Prism.  I purchased it here.  It is hand-dyed so it has beautiful color variations that don’t show up in my photos.  The yarn has great drape and I think it works well for this lacey pattern.


To see more details, you can find my Ravelry link here.

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10 Responses to A New Sweater

  1. Jean says:

    I like your version better than the fuller original version. Kudos for being able to figure out how to alter the pattern and have it work! I am not that brave nor skilled.

  2. Cathie Mitchell says:


  3. lepowell says:

    I adore and admire your work, Heather!! Just beautiful!

  4. It’s just beautiful, and the color and fit are perfect on you Heather. I love to knit, but have never had much luck knitting projects that end up fitting me–so I stick with scarves or afghans. I admire how you were able to not only have it fit you so well, but that you altered the pattern to your liking. Very talented! Jane

  5. Pam Wells says:

    I love the sweater. You are so talented.

  6. Debbie Wright says:

    That is beautiful!! You look great after having your baby. I love all of the pictures, especially the quilting ones.

  7. Kimberly Chaffee says:

    Heather, that is just a perfect color for you and you look fabulous wearing it. I envy the talent.

  8. Marsha Nelson says:

    Another beautiful sweater. The pattern is so lacy and the color is my favorite.

  9. Jana Richardson says:

    Simply gorgeous! Love the color and the style. You look great!

  10. Melissa Phelps-Utter says:


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