I’ve got two finished quilts to share today.  One that is mine, one that is my Mom’s.  The pattern is called “Paperweights”.   Both were made during the pattern testing process for my “Angles With Ease 2” book.  Now that they are finished, they will head out on trunk shows and travel from shop to shop for the next year or so.  People often ask me what I do with all my quilts, and this how they all spend their first 1-2 years.  Eventually, I get them back to use in my own home.  So, before they fly off on their little tour of quilt shops, I snapped a few photos to share.


First up, my version using the fabric line “Tole Christmas” by Gina Martin (Moda fabrics)



The fabrics are beautiful, and I kind of wish the quilt had bigger pieces so I could show them off a little more.



The pattern calls for 14 Fat Quarters, 28 Fat Eghths, or 44 – 10″ Squares.  I had a Layer Cake, so I used that, along with a few teal fabrics from my stash so that I had enough prints without having to purchase another Layer Cake (just to get a few more squares.)  One of the nice things about the pattern is that I didn’t have to wait around for the yardage to be able to finish the quilt, because the border fabric is made from scraps from the Layer Cake – Perfect for those Layer Cakes that you have laying around, but don’t have any of the yardage to go with it.




I had fun quilting this one.  You can see the design a little better from the back –



I just did a little free-hand feather, then a couple swirls to get me into position to do the next feather and repeat.  It was easy and fun to do.



Mom’s version of the Paperweights quilt uses my fall fabric line, “Home for Harvest“.





075 copy


082 copy


You can find the pattern for this quilt here and a kit for the fall version here.




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6 Responses to Paperweights

  1. Sue Dee says:

    Both are so pretty. I just got my Triangler and Angles with Ease 2 book last week. I will begin China Doll…. except I need more fabric since I discovered you have so thoughtfully included additional sizes. Thank you for providing inspiration and tools to make the inspiration come true

  2. says:

    I do like both of them but your quilt has a taste of Christmas and it’s great…your quilting is what I’m striving to do…

  3. Diane says:

    Very nice quilt . Your quilting is phenomenal !!!

  4. Nicole says:

    I love both versions! Gorgeous fabrics and what a wonderful pattern.

  5. Monika says:

    I love the quilt, and your quilting on the first one is beautiful!

  6. Sue Dee says:

    Good afternoon, or whatever time it is that you find to read your posts. I am a great fan of your work, your blog, your family, etc. etc. I may be becoming a stalker. I retired about 5 years ago and during the down time after Christmas, I decided to go page by page through about 15 years of different magazine subscriptions in order to reduce that particular stash and I fell in love with your Lone Star Sensation and thus began my new journey into the world of Heather Mulder Peterson. Today I began to read your blog beginning in June 2008. I am thoroughly enjoying this journey. I pray God will continue to bless you, your family, and all your endeavors. Thank you for all you do.

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