Watson and Family Pics

Today I want to share a new sweater that I made in May.  I love the pattern and color of the yarn.  The pattern is Watson by Amy Miller.  I like it so much that I plan to make this cardigan again in different colors.



My photos aren’t great – but you can see the fun details.



It was really quick to make (which I appreciate), but with enough details to keep it interesting.



You can read about my mods on Ravelry here.



I ended up wearing it for our family pictures.  We took them a few weeks ago and I even wore one of the tops that I made under it.

Peterson-117 crop


Which leads me to our family photos.   Our new youth pastor at church and his wife are doing some photography and I wanted to give them some business.   They had done some photography for our niece and the pictures were really nice.  I so appreciate the support I got when I started my business, so I wanted to do the same.

Get ready for picture overload!

Peterson-100 aadj






Peterson-37 my edit2









As you can tell, I really love the candid ones 😉






I have so many more I could share, but I will wrap it up.  You all know that I love photography, so I will cherish these photos.  I know I will look back on them my entire life and remember when my guys were little, all their funny expressions, etc, etc.  I already miss them, and they aren’t even grown up yet!  Sniff, sniff.


If you live in the area and want to give them a try, here is the link to their Facebook page.  (For locals in the area, we have also had Laura Jill Photography and she does a wonderful job too.  Go check them out!)


One last shot – because I love this face!


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40 Responses to Watson and Family Pics

  1. Brita Pingry says:

    Adorable. That pretty much covers it 🙂

  2. Darlene B says:

    Heather: All your family pics just make me smile! What a blessing those two little boys are!

  3. Vicki in MN says:

    Those are just super wonderful family pictures!! Love the sweater too 🙂

  4. tina says:

    Your sweater is so beautiful! Great job!! And I have to tell you that your pictures are wonderful too! What a couple of cuties – I especially love the last two pictures. You have a lovely, lovely family!!!!

  5. Jocelyn says:

    Great pictures! I love the ones of the boys in the Radio Flyer! You are right, the time will pass so quickly. Cherish the moments.

  6. Shaun says:

    Your sweater is just beautiful. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your boys and these family pictures are wonderful!

  7. Bonnie Johnson says:

    What a Beautiful Family you have! I love your sweater too

  8. Paula W. says:

    Your sweater is beautiful.. And those pictures are wonderful. You have a beautiful family.

  9. Denny A. says:

    Very nice pictures- Heather Fun times….. and the photographer did a GREAT job!! The boys are just SO adorable….it is SO fun to get the pictures while they are growing up, it happens SO fast! Cherish every moment…. And the sweater is just beautiful!! Have a GREAT summer!!

  10. Joan M says:

    Your family pictures are beautiful! Love your sweater and the colour is so pretty!

  11. kitty says:

    Your sweater is gorgeous and it looks great on you! Such a pleasure to see all these pictures of your beautiful family! Your boys are adorable, so enjoy every minute with them to the full!!

  12. dawn at firstlightdesigns says:

    Those are the best candid family photos I have ever seen. What a talented photographer! Of course she had great material to work with. 😊

  13. Shirley says:

    How do you manage to get so much quilting and knitting done with two little boys? My two boys are all grown up and married, and I’m retired, and there’s no way I could ever get as much accomplished as you do. I’m so impressed!

    The photos are wonderful. Your boys are so cute and have so much personality. You are right to treasure these moments because they really do go by so fast.

  14. Candie says:

    Love ❤

  15. Deb Sinz says:

    I’m amazed at how much you accomplish with two small boys…..do you ever sleep??!!!
    And yes, the pictures are gorgeous and the sweater is beautiful!!!!

    Love your posts.

  16. Marie Pearson says:

    SUCH FABULOUS photos! These really capture what it is to have little kids… to have family. God bless.

  17. Mary Jean says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

    Sent from my iPad


  18. Patty Rhoades says:

    Your little boys are so cute! Nice pictures.

  19. Jean says:

    Love it, both sweater bad photo shoot!

  20. Janet says:

    No overload here, just the cutest pictures ever. Hoping to be a grandma soon!

  21. Marsha Nelson says:

    You have a darling family and your sweater is fabulous.

  22. Chris says:

    LOVE, LOVE,L.O.V.E. seeing these photos!! Beautiful boys!!! Your whole family beams with the joy of the Lord!! Thanks for sharing!!! (Your sweater and blouse are nice too. 🙂 You are pne talented lady!!)

  23. Chris says:

    “one” not pne…:)

  24. Mary Langford says:

    What fun and such good pictures!!

  25. Lin Stricker says:


  26. Diane says:

    I Love the sweater, Love seeing pics of your Family! You are Blessed !

  27. Claudia Voorhees says:

    All the pictures are just great ! Love your sweater….. knitting a sweater is on my list.(someday)

  28. Moya O'Keeffe says:

    Like you cardigan – alas don’t knit – at least not well. Your family photos are to be treasured, the boys grow up way too quickly.

  29. Ruthie says:

    Enjoy your precious family. They grow up so fast. Your cardigan is beautiful. I don’t know how you have time for it all.

  30. Tina McNamara says:

    I just love the sweater. You are so talented. The pictures are precious, they did a terrific job.

  31. Sue Dee says:

    Lovely, lovely sweater! Wonderful pictures of the family. Priceless!

  32. Melanie says:

    Your sweater and top are beautiful! I LOVE the Aqua color! It looks beautiful on you! Great job! AND!! … your family photos are a cherished treasure for sure! You will one day look back & remember all those smiles, giggles and the pure joy they have brought into yours and Joel’s lives! You have been blessed with a priceless gift! That of your children! 💖 Enjoy every single moment you have with them! Handsome little guys!! Your photographer did a wonderful job!! Thank you for sharing these photos with us! Have a wonderful day 😊

  33. Nancy Anne in the Finger Lakes says:

    Laughed out loud when I got to that last picture! Beautiful family. Love the sweater, too 😉

  34. Barbara Stratton says:

    Adorable pictures and a pretty sweater!

  35. Chookyblue says:

    nice cardy and the family pics are beautiful………….very precious…………

  36. ColleenM says:

    I know I say it every time but it’s true, Your kids are adorable and get cuter every time I see them:)

  37. Rose says:

    Hi Heather,
    I love your pics of your family! You have such a Beautiful Family! Enjoy them now because they grow up so fast. The days are long but the years are short. My grandsons are 16 and 20yrs. old and both of them are 6’3″. I am 5’0″ so I look up to them….lol.

  38. ncbev says:

    Love the pictures. Your boys are precious. That last picture is priceless! Enjoy every minute you can with those beautiful children.

  39. kshackabq says:

    Wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing them. Your boys are growing so fast! And your sweater is gorgeous too!!

  40. Ompompali says:

    Thank you very much for showing us your photos – they are gorgeous! Those two cuties of yours are wonderful and they look so happy, it’s a joy to watch them frolicking around with Mum and Dad! Greetings from Germany

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