Let It Snow QAL – Part 3

How is everyone doing today?  Do you have your cutting done for our project?   Today we are going to talk about the strip units.

The first step is making the strip units for the tree trunks.  There are 3 different sizes, each with a skinny brown center strip.  Because the strip is skinny, you will want to be as accurate as you can with your seam allowance.   If you are off a little, it may show as small pieces are always less forgiving.  I would suggest starting with the strip unit in Step 1, and if it measures 8″ from top to bottom, then you are ready to cut into sections and sew the strip units for Step 2 and 3.  If it isn’t 8″, take a closer look at your seam allowance to make sure it is an accurate 1/4″.



One other thing to watch is to cut each strip unit at the correct width.  As you can see, they are all a little different.



The next step is to make the strip units for the trees (Step 4 in the book).  This is the fun part – playing with all the cute fabrics and the sewing is very easy.  The main thing you need to pay attention to here, is to get one of each size strip in each strip unit – That way the strip units are all the correct size.  Arrange these strips so that the order is different in each strip unit.  This will really add to the scrappy look of the trees, but requires little work on your part.



The next step is to cut the tree units.  For this step, I like to use a small cutter.  It’s a 28mm cutter and it’s my favorite size to use for most of my cutting.  It’s very easy to maneuver and it’s easier to see the flat tops of the trees when cutting.  It’s important that this be accurate, or your tree points will be off.  (There are also a few more pictures on how to cut these triangles on page 3 of the book)



You will end up with 2 different size trees from this step.



If you have time, you can also do the first part of Step 5 (see the first 3 diagrams in Step 5).  This is how you make the tallest tree.  Just be sure to use a 2 1/2″ wide strip on the bottom of your trees.  Use the ruler to trim as shown.  Your tree should be 9 1/2″ tall.  The only other thing I can think of right now is just to mention that the angled edges of the trees are bias, so just be careful when pressing, etc so you don’t stretch them out.



That’s it for this week.  If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments.  Then be sure stop back and check the comments to see the answer to your question.   If any of you are on Instagram, please use the hashtag #letitsnowqal, so I can see your project!


Next time, we will talk about sewing the background triangles to the trees.  If you have never done this angle before, I will show lots of pictures.  After that, it just takes some practice to get the hang of it.  It’s a great skill to have, so hopefully you will enjoy learning about it.

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